There for You

Chapter 3

Time to play


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TITLE: Time to play

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Kim is a hero, an author, and a painter who can do anything, except get a date. That probably explains why Bonnie gives her a card to an escort service.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3875

Kim groaned as she woke up from a heavy sleep, which was very unlike her. She was typically a light-sleeper, but since last night was not a typically night, she could understand why she had not had a typical sleep. She supposed that it had not been such a bad thing to use that card, although it was going to cost her.

“I can’t believe I did that,” Kim muttered.

“You can’t believe you did what?” Shego asked and Kim turned to look at her with an expression of complete and utter shock.

“You’re still here?” the redhead inquired in a surprise tone. She figured that Shego would have skipped out since she fell asleep.

“Of course. I told you, you got me for the night. It’s still night,” the pale woman answered while pointing out the window. It was not good business to leave a client after the person fell asleep because if the client woke up and noticed that she was gone before the time was up, she might not get another call from that client.

“So it is,” the slender hero mumbled as she looked outside.

“So, you ready to play some more?” Shego inquired with an almost evil smirk.

“I might be played out,” Kim replied with a yawn. She was not used to so much activity in one night going on in a bed.

“Nonsense,” the green-skinned female commented while reaching over and grabbing the redhead. She did not have to reach far because Kim’s bed was not wide at all. She crawled on top of the younger female.

“Why are you doing this? Why didn’t you just cut out while I was asleep?” Kim asked.

“Do you have something against good sex? I’d say you’re frigid, but I know that isn’t true considering how you acted not even an hour ago. So, what’s your problem?” Shego inquired in a curious tone.

“Um…” Kim did not have an answer really. She supposed that she was just against the idea of paying someone to have sex with her. It just did not seem right to her. It did not help matters that it was illegal too.

“Just lie back and let me work, Princess,” Shego remarked.

That was the problem there, Kim realized. She was just a job for Shego. It did not help ease her loneliness. If anything it made her feel more alone and pathetic. She had wasted money on something that had not really done anything for her except put someone in her bed for the night. It was not fulfilling and as she thought about it, it took all of the fun out of what was going on.

“What’s wrong, Princess?” Shego asked. She could see that the girl was having issues with something and she did not want that. All she wanted was for the redhead to focus on her and the wild ride that she was going to take Kim on again.

“Nothing,” Kim lied.

“Something. It’s all right, you know. I’m here for you,” the pale woman said.

Kim looked skeptical on that; she bet that it was something Shego said to all of her clients. Shego began working to get that look out of Kim’s olive eyes. She wanted Kim to believe that she was there for her and everything was all right. She reminded Kim about the great walk that they had had and how comfortable they were with each other, which seemed to help Kim.

The redhead began participating in what Shego started. They kissed while limbs intertwined and Shego could tell from the kiss that Kim was feeling more comfortable with everything. It was good being with Kim and she was willing to bet that the kid would give her a call again.

Shego left the loft apartment to go home when the sun began to rise. She was very confident that she had left the client totally satisfied and she fully expected to get a call from the girl again. Amazingly enough, that did not happen. She did not hear from Kim again.

(New day)

Kim groaned and turned her attention away from her computer screen. She rubbed her eyes; she was sick of looking at the screen. She was sick of writing, even if it did pay the bills.

“If only I could do some painting,” she muttered.

The redhead still had not been hit by her muse yet when it came to her painting. She suspected that her muse abandoned her long ago considering the crap that she had been putting together. She could barely look at her desk anymore when it came to painting. She was so frustrated with it.

Her writing was not helping. She was not the greatest story teller on the planet; she knew that. She was pretty good at telling an account of something that actually happened to her, but fictionalizing it was a bit difficult for her. It would be nice if people only wanted to read about her real adventures, but they liked the embellished ones just as much and at the moment, she was trying to over-exaggerate some of her last adventures and she was not having much luck at it.

Kim had trouble making things up for her stories because she hardly knew what was unbelievable anymore. She had been doing the so-called impossible for so many years, she had no clue what was outrageous anymore. It really was not as hard as she thought it was because what was mundane to her was beyond bizarre for most people, which was why they read her books.

“I need a break,” Kim decided.

The slender hero threw on some street clothes and her sneakers. She walked outside and traveled the short distance to the Triple S. She figured that she might be able to catch a soccer match; the Seniors had cable in their bar and they got a channel that showed football all day long. It was tempting to make Kim go out and buy a television with some cable, but she supposed that it would be a waste when she could always just go to the Triple S and watch games to her heart’s content.

The tavern was not crowded considering that it was only the early afternoon. Kim greeted Senor Senior Senior and his son with polite smiles. They returned the greetings with waves toward her.

“I’ll get you a drink,” the old man said to Kim.

“Thank you, sir,” she replied while going to the perfect booth to view the large television.

“You know England and Germany are playing today,” Senor Senior Senior informed Kim as he sat a large glass of cola in front of her.

“Really? Now or later?” she asked in a very interested voice.

“Later, much later. If you are still here, we can watch it together,” he proposed in a friendly manner.

“All right, sir. Thanks so much for the soda.”

“No need to thank me. Enjoy your match,” he said.

She gave him that bright smile of hers again. He continued to bring her soda through out the day when she was out and she just quietly watched her matches. He genuinely liked the kid because she was a good kid as far as he could tell, so every now and then, he gave her a free drink or free fries. She was the only customer that he had ever done such a thing for.

The redhead remained where she was, watching a game and sipping her soda, as more customers began coming in. She was not usually around the Triple S when it was popping with people looking to unwind after a long day’s work or things of that nature. Her very strange hours kept her moving about, so she did not often see just how crowded the place got.

“Hey, what’s this shit?” a guy huffed when he noticed what was on television, namely soccer.

“Yo, turn to a real game,” another guy shouted and as they were going to change the channel, Kim spoke up.

“Leave it,” the redhead ordered.

“Shut up. We’re not watching no shitty soccer game,” the first guy informed her.

“I was here first,” Kim stated.

“Who gives a fuck,” the second male countered.

“Don’t change the channel,” the young woman commanded.

“Shut the hell up,” a third guy said.

The noise from that one side of the bar attracted the attention of other patrons. One of the people that noticed the commotion was a certain green-skinned call girl. She looked over to see what those apes were going on about and caught sight of who was at the center of the controversy, the adorable redhead.

“The kid’s got balls,” Shego thought because Kim was barking at some rather large guys over a soccer game as if they were little kids.

She smiled a bit because she was amused and impressed with the girl. That kid was really something else. She then turned her attention to Senor Senior Senior.

“Hey, old man, you don’t come to her defense when a gang of fuck-heads are harassing her, but if I go near her, you act like it’s a crime,” Shego commented.

“Well, they are many paying customers,” the old man replied with a shrug.

“You are quite the dick,” Shego stated as if it was a fact.

“I’m surprised she’s still here actually,” the bar owner commented. He thought that Kim would have left hours ago and then returned later on that night, but it seemed that he had been wrong.

“So the hell what? You’re just going to let them fuck her over and turn from her game?” she inquired.

“They are paying customers,” he repeated.

Shego frowned; for some reason, she was very pissed about that. The girl was not bothering anyone and she really just wanted to sit there and watch some football. The guys needed to just leave her alone, but they did not. They continued yelling at her and fighting with her over control of the television. Kim did not back down.

The pale woman watched the scene for a while, just to see how Kim would handle everything. The redhead maintained her composer, but she did not back down from the argument. The guys were riling her up, though. Shego just found herself entranced with the kid as she fought and fought with the group, which was growing by the minute. By the time Kim lost the battle, she had been hollering at close to twenty dudes.

The olive-eyed hero frowned as they changed from her match. She was tempted to just beat the crap out of all of them, but that would not be the right way to solve the problem, she told herself. So, she fumed for a moment. She was going to finish her soda and then go back home. She had work that she needed to get to anyway.

“That was quite the show, Princess,” Shego commented as she seemed to appear behind Kim.

“What the hell?” the redhead nearly jumped out of her skin. She could not recall the last time that someone had managed to sneak up on her.

“That’s a fine greeting for a friend,” the pale woman said with a smirk.

“You’re not my friend,” Kim replied.

“Wow, a person that gives you an orgasm isn’t your friend? It must be hard to make it on your friendship list,” Shego remarked, still smirking like a demon.

“What do you want?” Kim inquired.

“You don’t seem to like me much,” the moss-hued female commented.

“No,” Kim sighed. “Look, I’m really sorry for being rude to you, again,” the slim hero apologized.

“It’s quite all right. You’re too cute for me to get really mad at. So, how come you haven’t called me? I thought we had a good time,” Shego said while reaching out and caressing Kim’s cheek.

“I can’t afford it,” the redhead muttered.

It was the truth. She just could not afford to call Shego again. She thought about it, she really did. It had been a fantastic night and it stayed on her mind ever since it took place. At the moment, she could not afford a repeat. She did not really have the time for it anyway; or that was what she told herself whenever the temptation to call was weighing down on her.

She also told herself that it was not the answer to her loneliness to fight the temptation in calling. Hiring a companion was a temporary cure to anything bothering her and she did not think that was good for her. Thoughts like that kept her money in her pocket, which was where she believed it needed to be.

“Oh, that is too bad,” Shego said. She supposed that it made sense that an artsy kid like Kim seemed to be could not afford her services often.

“Yeah,” Kim mumbled.

“So, what are you going to do now that you can’t watch your little game?” the green-skinned woman inquired.

“I don’t know. Go home and stare at my computer for the rest of the night, I guess,” the redhead answered.

“Whoa, swinging night,” Shego remarked sarcastically. “How about you come to my house? I’ve got cable and everything.”

“What?” Kim asked in disbelief.

Shego could not believe what she said either, but she never backed down once she put something out there. Because of that attitude, she typically did not speak so impulsively, but there she was. So, she made her offer once again.

“Come on, I’ve got snacks too,” the raven-haired woman offered with a surprisingly warm smile.

Kim rubbed her head. She probably should get home; that story was not going to write itself after all. But, man, the story was getting on her nerves. She just wanted to relax a bit and she would like to see how the match ended.

“I’ll watch the match and then I’ll get out of your hair,” Kim promised.

“Oh, I hoping you would get in my hair,” Shego remarked and then she noticed the younger female shift uncomfortably. “Or, you could just watch the match and leave unmolested,” the pale woman stated.

“I won’t be annoying or rude,” the redhead vowed.

“Well, that is good to know,” Shego quipped with a smile.

Kim wondered what she was getting herself into since she was leaving with a smart-mouth prostitute it would seem. She left with Shego anyway; she really wanted to see the match. The green-skinned female did not live too far from the bar, but it was a world away from Kim from the look of the place.

“Swank,” Kim muttered as they went into the building. There was a doorman and everything.

“Impressed?” Shego asked when she noticed the girl looking around.

Kim did not respond and they went up to Shego’s apartment. The slim hero was amazed once again when she entered the place. The floors were tiled to look like black marble. There was a bar in the corner, a flat screen television on the wall, a leather sofa, and a huge entertainment set. Kim’s jaw would have hit the floor if it was possible.

“Make your comfortable, kid,” Shego said.

Kim nodded and she went to sit on the sofa. Shego turned on the television for her and the redhead found the channel that had her match on it. She folded her legs underneath her and quietly watched the game. Shego quietly watched her guest.

The pale woman could not believe how incredibly cute she really thought the girl was. There was something about the kid, mostly the fact that she seemed a bit off. She was obviously not a regular kid and that seemed to catch Shego better than wiggling worms caught fish. She eventually sat down with Kim to see what the big deal was about soccer. She carried snacks with her.

“Want some?” Shego offered the girl some popcorn.

“Please and thank you,” Kim replied while taking a hand full of popcorn.

Shego smiled a bit; it was a fond expression. She was not used to dealing with someone so polite and it was a nice change. She turned her attention to the television and watched the game. As she expected, the match bored her. She just was not into sports. But, it was fascinating watching Kim watch the game.

Kim was a composed fan. She watched the game more like a movie, but it was clear when she was cheering or when she liked a move. The girl leaned forward whenever her team charged toward the goal or whenever the opposing team took a shot at her team’s goal. Her eyes widened with hope whenever her team had a kick at the goal. Her mouth opened ever so slightly whenever someone made an impressive move. Shego learned all of this in one half of football.

“I’m going to order up some dinner. You want anything special?” Shego asked her guest.

Kim only shook her head; she was actually declining on dinner altogether. She was not looking to impose on the woman who was nice enough to let her watch her match. So, she was shocked when she was given a box of Chinese food.

“What the?” Kim said in a shocked tone as the food landed in her lap.

“You said you didn’t want anything special, right?” Shego asked.

“Oh, thank you very much,” Kim said.

“You sure are a polite little princess if given the chance,” the pale woman commented.

“I’m really sorry about how rude I was to you. Sometimes, I just let things get to me,” the redhead tried to explain.

“It’s cool. I understand. What’s with you and soccer anyway?” Shego asked curiously.

“It’s just my sport. Some people like baseball, some like basketball, some football, and all the others. I like soccer,” the girl answered with a shrug.

The moss-hued female accepted that because it made sense. She and Kim ate their dinner while a new match came on. Kim got wrapped in that game while Shego busied herself with watching her guest.

Once Shego was done with her food, she decided that she was bored. She understood that her guest would just zone out on soccer all night, which she was not for at all. With such a cute guest there was only one thing on her mind, but she knew that the kid was apprehensive about things. Maybe she could loosen the girl up, she considered.

“You want a drink?” the hostess offered.

“No thanks. I’m not old enough,” Kim said.

“So, you’re not going to drink because it’s illegal is what you’re telling me?” Shego asked in a bit of a skeptical tone.

“That’s right,” the redhead answered.

“Okay, so you don’t drink because it’s illegal, but you called me that night and what, thought that this was Nevada?” Shego inquired.

“No…” Kim was not sure how to explain that illegal action.

“Let me get you a drink.”

“Root beer if you have any,” Kim requested.

Shego laughed a bit and agreed. Sure, she could get the kid a root beer and maybe a little something more. She prepared the drink and gave it to Kim. The redhead only needed to sip it to find that she did not like it.

“You spiked the drink,” Kim accused Shego.

“I just wanted to broaden your horizons. You don’t like it?” the pale woman inquired.

“Not really.”

“Then I’ll get you a regular root beer. Hang tight.”

Kim looked skeptical on that, but the next drink that she had tasted fine. She finished it and continued paying attention to her game. Shego sighed; she really just wanted to get the kid in her bed and she was going to have her way.

Shego practically pounced on Kim out of the blue; well, it was out of the blue as far as the little hero was concerned. The raven-haired woman started a kiss while Kim tried to protest what was going on. The redhead also tried to push Shego off of her, which caused Shego to stop.

“What’s wrong, Princess?” the green-skinned woman asked in a confused tone. She had never met someone so reluctant to sleep with her.

“I’m not here for this,” Kim answered.

“But, you want it,” Shego stated.

“No, I want to go home.”

“You know, you are just about the most perplexing kid I have ever met. Why don’t you want to do this?” Shego asked.

Kim looked away, but Shego was not going to have that. She gently demanded her answer once more. She wanted to know why the kid did not want to sleep with her. It was not like they had a bad experience before.

“I can’t afford it,” the redhead whispered while continuing to look away.

Shego smiled a bit as if she was amused and started caressing Kim’s right side. The younger woman wondered what was so funny since it looked like her host was laughing at her mentally. She could not afford another night with Shego.

“You’re a guest in my home. This one’s on me,” the emerald-eyed female commented.

“What?” Kim seemed as if she did not understand.

“Tonight, we’re just a host and her guest, capping off the evening.”

Kim seemed skeptical on that, but she did not object when Shego began kissing her again. Kim could not help it; she liked the attention. She liked being wanted; hey, she was only human.

Shego practically plundered Kim’s mouth with her tongue and her gentle caress quickly became more fervent. She then hooked Kim’s legs around her waist, so that she could lift the redhead up. She made sure to keep up the deep kiss and carried Kim toward her bedroom. She hoped that the kid was open-minded.

Shego’s bedroom was decorated black, just like her living room. She had some toys lying around her room, like a few pairs of handcuffs. She doubted that Kim would go for the cuffs; she could just tell that about the kid considering how stubborn she was about everything else.

“So, Princess, you up for a little fun?” Shego asked as she lowered the redhead to the bed.

“Fun?” Kim echoed.

“I’ve got quite a few things around here for us to play with. Want to play with me?” Shego asked with a twisted smile.

“Play with you? Like what?” Kim inquired with some curiosity, but also some confusion. She did not associate the word “play” with anything adult really, so she did not know what her hostess might have had in mind.

“All sorts of things. Play with me, Princess,” Shego requested in a seductive whispered and she placed a small peck on her guest’s lips.

Kim hesitated because she did not know what Shego was talking about. The pale woman leaned down and began kissing Kim’s neck while repeating her request over and over again. Kim ended up nodding her agreement and Shego smirked against that soft, peach flesh. They were going to get to play and she was going to make sure that it was fun.

Next time: Kim and Shego get closer and they attend a party together. The catch is that Kim has to pay for it.

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