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Chapter 1

All work and no play


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TITLE: All work and no play

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Kim is a hero, an author, and a painter who can do anything, except get a date. That probably explains why Bonnie gives her a card to an escort service.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: This is an AU. I’m talking really AU. So, if that’s not your deal, you might wanna make a speedy getaway now.

This is also Kigo…come on, I’m sure you knew that.

Words: 3431

Bonnie was at yet another party. She supposed she liked the gatherings because she enjoyed mingling with people. She liked social gatherings and mixing with different kind of folks, as long as they were the “right kind” of people. Her life seemed to be made up of parties when she was not working. She had to attend parties not just because of her work, but also because of her boyfriend’s occupation.

Bonnie was a dancer and she had to attend fundraisers, parties, and galas of all types either to promote a new show, to hook in producers, or any other number of things. She did not mind that. She understood it to be part of her job if she wanted to continue to have work, which she did because she enjoyed dancing. She tended to drag her boyfriend and best friend to any parties that she had to go to because her boyfriend dragged her to all of his parties, which he also had plenty of because he was an artist; their shared best friend was just stuck in the middle. They believed that she needed to get out more often anyway.

“Babe, have you seen her yet?” Josh asked as he came over to Bonnie.

“No, you know how she is with time,” Bonnie answered.

Bonnie and Josh were trying to keep an eye out for their mutual best friend, who they had learned did not seem to understand time too well. She was almost always late to any of the functions that they attended. She also had the bad habit of showing up dressed like a bum, which Bonnie suspected was an artist thing because Josh used to do the same thing. She was there to make sure that Josh left the house looking presentable if they had to go out, but no one was there to make sure that their best friend looked presentable.

Personally, Bonnie would have gone to their friend’s house and made sure that she wore something appropriate, but she was almost never home. See, she got out plenty, but not to the right places in Bonnie’s all important opinion. She was going to get that girl some sophisticated culture, even if it killed her.

“How long do we have to stay here?” Josh asked curiously as he looked around. It was not really his scene, not that he minded being there. It was a formal party, though and he had been all but forced into a tuxedo; the threat of no sex for a month was actually force in his opinion. He could have resisted gunpoint a lot better than no sex.

“Through out the night. Go mingle, baby. You might get a commission or two,” Bonnie suggested.

Josh did not argue that. He walked off to go mix with the other people in attendance. He had no problem with chatting with people and getting to know folks; it was fairly easy for him. He was an easy person to get along with and it did not take long for people he had just met were introducing him to other partygoers as if they had known him for years. It was a good skill for someone like him to have because it helped sell paintings.

Bonnie went to mix with everyone also. She was used to all the parties and took to it like a fish to water. Her fellow dancers came around and introduced her to new people that they believed she needed to know. She held conversations with several “need to know” people while keeping an eye out for her missing friend.

When her friend finally showed up, it was not hard to miss her. All Bonnie had to do was turn to where she noticed any shocked expressions in a fairly large group. She followed any gawking and it led her right to her best friend, Kim Possible.

“Only her,” Bonnie sighed as she noticed what Kim was wearing.

Kim had shown up to a very formal event in jeans and a pink tank-top; it was actually expected of her by her friends. Once upon a time, Kim had been very fashion conscience, but that time seemed so long ago; it was actually only two years ago. After leaving behind the peer pressure of high school, Kim let go of fashion and picked up other hobbies that seemed to mean a lot more to her than clothing ever did. She spent most of her money on her hobbies now rather than searching for top of the line apparel.

“Kim, I dig it when you were these pants,” Josh commented as he approached the redhead.

“Don’t encourage her. Why the hell do you show up everywhere looking like a hobo, even though you know it’s going to be a formal affair?” Bonnie demanded to know as she joined the pair.

Kim did not respond. She looked around; it certainly was a formal affair. She had suspected as much, but she did not have the time to change into a dress. She had come to the party right after a mission and what she was wearing at the moment was the best that she could do. If she had gone home to change, she would not have bothered to leave to go the party.

“It was this or I was just going to go to bed,” Kim answered with a shrug.

“I can understand that one,” Josh commented with a laugh.

Bonnie frowned. She disliked that Kim and Josh were so alike now. It used to be that she and Kim were alike, which made their friendship a very rocky one and people used to think that they were more enemies or rivals rather than friends. But, Kim had changed so much since they graduated high school and got out on their own. She was like a whole new person, but they were still friends.

“Stop encouraging her,” Bonnie told her boyfriend.

“What?” Josh pretended that he did not know what the dancer was going on about. He gave her a small smile with the hope that it would get him out of trouble.

“Kim, did you at least bring someone with you?” Bonnie asked.

Kim shook her head and her friend/rival pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. What was she going to do with Kim? She wanted to “civilize” Kim like she had done with Josh. She was trying to break them both of their bohemian lifestyles that seemed to come along with being an artist. She also thought that Kim needed to do some normal things.

Kim ran around doing her “hero thing” like always and it seemed to make her miss out on regular things that people their age did, like date. The redhead never had a date when they went to parties, formal or otherwise. She always just showed up looking like a bum and allowing Josh to drag her around to meet people that would hopefully buy some of their work.

“What am I supposed to do with you two? Really, just what the hell?” Bonnie wondered out loud.

“It’s all right, babe. Let it go,” Josh said and then he turned his attention to Kim. “Kim, I have this guy you really need to meet. He saw the work you did on that beach scene and he is dying to have you do one for him. He was practically begging me to introduce him to you,” he explained.

“No, no, no. She’s coming with me. I’ve got a dancer that she needs to meet,” Bonnie said.

“Money or sex, Kimmie?” Josh inquired.

Bonnie frowned again because of the way that her boyfriend had phrased the options. Kim was obviously going to go with him because money was what paid the bills and brought the paint that they would probably mount if they could. As expected, Kim went off with Josh and Bonnie went back to talking with dancers and such.

The redhead and the bleached blonde worked the room in their own way. Josh was smooth and charming while Kim was respectful and knowledgeable on all sorts of things. They talked galleries with people until someone recognized Kim and brought up the young lady’s other occupations.

“Oh, my goodness, you are the famous Kim Possible,” a woman gasped as she stared at the redhead.

“Um…okay,” Kim answered. She would not categorize herself as “famous,” but if that was what the woman wanted to say, she would not correct her.

“I’ve read all of your books. You’re amazing,” the woman said in awe of the slender hero.

“Thank you,” Kim said graciously.

“Can I have your autograph?” the woman requested.

Kim was not sure what to answer. She did not often get requests for her autographs, but she had no problem with taking the time to put her signature to something. But, she did not have a pen or a piece of paper, but that did not stop her fan, who quickly secured both items.

“Look at how popular you are,” Josh teased Kim as she managed to get away from a few other people that wanted her autograph when they found out that she was an author of several popular books.

Kim had five books under her belt. She wrote three non-fiction accounts of her adventures and two fictional accounts. The non-fictional books were brought up more than fictional, but the fictional books were more popular. People tended to not believe her non-fictional and seemed to buy those editions to publicly scoff at her and call her a liar. Of course, she had defenders of her works too and they argued with the nay-sayers. She tended to ignore any debates, unless she was on some show where they wanted to ask her about the books. She would simply say the books were in the non-fictional section for a reason and the fictional ones were put where they needed to be for a reason.

“You need to be trying to pick someone up while you’re getting so much attention,” Bonnie told Kim as she rejoined the artists.

“I’m not going to pick up someone that wants my autograph,” Kim argued. The last thing she wanted to do was date a fan of hers. That would probably the definition of “awk-weird” for her.

“I can see your point. Here, I got this for you.” Bonnie handed the redhead a card.

“What’s this?” Kim asked as she looked down at the business card.

The chocolate-eyed female looked around to make sure that no one around was paying them any mind. She then leaned over and whispered what the card was for to Kim. The redhead looked aghast when she heard what the card was.

“Care to let me in on the secret?” Josh inquired; he wanted to know because of the face that the redhead made.

“Bonnie, I’m not going to use this card,” Kim objected while trying to push the embarrassing piece of paper back into her friend’s hand, but the tanned female was not trying to take it back.

“Why not? You need to. Whether you use it for a night on the town or on the next party, you’d better use that card,” Bonnie ordered.

“I’m not gonna use it. I’m not going to pay some guy to accompany me to a party. I don’t even like guys,” Kim said.

“No, really?” Bonnie said sarcastically. She had only known Kim since the first grade, so of course she knew that the redhead was a lesbian.

“Okay, so what you’re trying to tell me is—” Kim did not even get to finish her sentence because her best friend cut her off.

“Yes, they cater to people such as yourself. So, use the fucking card,” Bonnie commanded in a low tone.

“I’m not—”

“You’d better or I swear you’re going to regret it,” Bonnie threatened the redhead.

Kim just nodded; out of the trio, it was a bit clear that Bonnie was in charge. In the past, Kim probably would have argued with Bonnie until they were just not going to speak to each other for a few days, but lately, Kim did not even bother to waste the energy. Sometimes, Bonnie missed the long arguments, but she liked winning, so it balanced out.

The slender hero put the card in her back pocket and even though she had no intention of using it. It was for an escort service. Kim did not think that she was so desperate that she needed to ever hire a date.

Shego sat down at a bar known as The Triple S. It was late at night or early in the morning, depending on who one asked. She was nursing a drink and flirting a bit with the muscle-head bartender. He was a handsome guy; he obviously took great pride in his appearance and she could understand that. Considering the fact that he probably had ferrets burrowing in his head, all he had left were his looks.

The green-skinned woman glanced around the empty bar. To her right was the bar owner. He was an old gentleman and he tended to just sit in the corner when she was in the bar, but it was because she was usually there close to closing time. He often walked around and mingled with his patrons when the bar had people in it. He liked making sure everything was all right in his place and he understood that if it atmosphere was friendly and comfortable, people would come back.

Shego then glanced to the left of her and noticed a lone girl in the corner; it was Kim. The redhead was at booth and watching the television in the bar. She seemed to into whatever was on, Shego noted. She wondered why the girl was in a bar watching the television, though.

“Hey, Senior,” Shego called to the bar owner.

“What do you want, girl?” Senor Senior Senior inquired in a bit of a huff.

He did not like Shego too much and she was not totally sure why. After all, there were so many reasons to dislike her, so she wondered which one or ones it was that he chose to hate her for. She suspected his reasons were because she liked flirting with his dimwit son and he knew how she made her money. He needed to just relax in her opinion; it was not like she was doing anything with his moronic offspring. He did not make enough money for her to do anything with him.

“What’s her deal?” Shego asked while pointing to Kim.

“Oh, her. I believe that she comes in every now and then because she likes to watch the soccer matches here,” Senor Senior Senior answered.

“Why not just watch them at home?” the pale woman wondered out loud.

“I do not believe she has a television at home,” he replied.

Senor did not know much about Kim, except that she was a big time soccer fan, which he could understand. He spoke to her on occasion when she came in and he was in a walking around mood. He often asked why a pretty young lady such as herself was alone in a bar and she would only say that she wanted to catch the match. He did not bother her when she was in the bar most of the time because she really seemed to only want to watch the match. She brought drinks while she was there, so he did not mind; although he was amused that she always brought soda.

“No TV?” Shego inquired in disbelief. She did not think that people lived without televisions nowadays. Having no television was like having no phone or indoor plumbing to her and the last time she checked they were well out of the nineteenth century.

“No, no television,” he replied.

Shego glanced back over to the redhead again. She watched the girl for a moment and then turned back to the bar. She tapped the wooden countertop with her glass to get the Neanderthal’s attention.

“What?” Junior inquired.

“I want to buy that girl a drink. What’s she drinking?” Shego asked. She felt like doing something and the kid was there, so maybe something could turn out to be pleasurable.

“I don’t know. Ask my father. He took her order, like he always does,” Junior informed her.

“Senior,” the pale woman practically snorted.

“Leave the kid alone. She’s a good girl and she always wants to watch her game. She even buys drinks while she’s here instead of just sitting there watching my TV like other idiots would. So, leave her alone,” Senor Senior Senior replied.

“You can’t tell me who I can and can’t buy a drink for, old man,” Shego retorted.

“Leave the kid alone,” he repeated.

“Fuck it. Junior, give me another shot,” the curvaceous woman ordered.

The muscular young man did not argue, especially since his father did not object to the order. Junior poured the drink and handed it to Shego. She took the drink and laid down the money for it on the bar.

She strolled over to Kim and put the drink down on the table. The redhead glanced at the drink and then she glanced at the person that brought the drink over. She then turned her attention back to the soccer game.

“I’d take a thanks or at the least a smile for my trouble,” Shego commented.

Kim did not respond. She remained watching her match without giving Shego a second glance. She just wanted to watch her game and she planned on doing just that, even if others seemed to think differently.

“You’re too cute to be a bitch, so you shouldn’t act that way,” Shego remarked with an amused look on her face.

“Look, I just want to watch my game. That’s it,” Kim stated with a frustrated sigh. She wanted to relax after spending all of that time at the party being yelled at by Bonnie. The fact that Bonnie thought that she was so pitiful that she needed that card was bugging her too. She really did not want to be bothered, or hit on; it was hard for her to tell the difference now.

“You can do that. It seems like it would be a better idea if you watched it at home,” Shego commented.

“Where I watch the game is my business,” the redhead pointed out.

“All right, you got me there, cutie. I’ll let you go, enjoy the drink,” the pale woman said. Usually, she would have cut into the little brat for being so snide with her, but she was the one that was intruding.

“I don’t drink,” Kim replied.

“You don’t drink when you’re in a bar?” Shego inquired in disbelief. The redheaded kid was rather weird, but she was cute, so that made things all right.

“I’m not old enough,” Kim answered while trying to control her emotions. God, she really just wanted to watch the football match and call it a night.

“Try it anyway and you should be a bit more polite when people buy you drinks, Princess,” Shego said and then she walked back to the bar.

Kim pushed the alcoholic drink away from her and turned her attention back to the television. Shego noticed that the girl had shunned her drink and decided not to think of the little redhead anymore. She would excuse the disrespect just because she did not feel like having to deal with the old man huffing at her for beating the piss out of one of his customers.

Besides, it had been a good night for Shego, so she was in a giving mood. She finished off her drink and made a comment to Junior that made the bartender’s father frown. She gave the old man a suggestive smirk as she exited the bar. She wanted to tell Senor Senior Senior that he did not have to worry about her with Junior since she was half-certain that the narcissistic young man was gay.

She cast a linger look at the girl in the corner and saw that she was still into her game. That certainly was one weird kid. Ah well, she had better things to do with her time than to worry about some strange redhead that did not have a television set at home. It probably would have been nice to have some fun with the spirited punk, though.

Next time: Kim uses the card and you might be able to guess who answers her call.

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