The Beast, Without

Chapter 9



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TITLE: Imitation

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I also don’t own the dragon eyes.

SUMMARY: Sequel to the Beast Within. Kim is still trying to get the hang of her dragon powers while former members of WEE seem to be plotting against her. Is she ready for them?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4057

Kim was happy. She was finally being let out of bed by her “roommate.” Shego felt like the petite redhead was well enough to be up and about, but there were conditions to that, like they were not going to do any sparring, which Kim really wanted to do. Shego felt like it was too soon for such activity; she told Kim that they had to wait a few more days for a physical activity that might put some strain on her. But, they could go out on a date, which was good enough for Kim.

They were all set to go when they were contacted by Doctor Director, who invited them to be involved in a think-tank about the dragon. Shego sighed; she was really sick of the dragon and wished that it was possible for the irksome thing to just go jump in a lake or something. Kim accepted, even though she did not know what they were supposed to be doing. Shego went too, more to keep an eye on Kim than anything else. The pale woman was glad that Doctor Director was starting to take things seriously since they now knew that the dragon could be used to harm Kim in a way that no one had ever thought of before.

The point of the meeting was just to throw out any ideas on the dragon and for everyone to knock around the plausibility of the idea, how to approach it or how to defend against it. Everyone was told to keep an open mind, maybe even think like little kids and consider that everything could be possible. It was a way to prepare for anything that could come at them involving the creature inside of Kim.

The first of such meetings did not last long as a red-alert came in and everyone had to rush to their proper places. Doctor Director could not believe what the report that she was seeing. There was an attack on the prison that her brother was being held in and the attack was being done by a dragon-user. A dragon-user that looked suspiciously like the failed villainess AdrenaLynn.

“Dispatch agents to that location immediately,” Doctor Director ordered and she began to list the agents that she wanted on the mission. She could not believe it, but it seemed that everything that happened with Kim was to more than likely break Gemini out of prison. Wow, they had gone through a lot of trouble for her worthless twin, she thought bitterly, especially since they had almost killed Kim for such an endeavor.

Shego was listed in the agents that the boss wanted in the area immediately to halt the break out. Shego did not argue that, especially since Doctor Director did not dispatch Kim. They both felt that she needed a bit more rest before running out and using her powers, even though she did not like that idea much. Kim wanted to help.

“You’ll be a great help if you go home and don’t do anything strenuous,” Shego remarked, speaking to Kim as they both walked toward her jet.

“I can help with this problem. I do have the original model inside of me, after all,” Kim stated. She knew what the red-alert was all about; everyone knew and most people were working to make sure Gemini did not get free. Sure, life without WEE was not perfect and peaceful, but it was still tons better than with WEE back in its old form.

“You also almost died last week, so just stay here and keep out of trouble, for me. Okay, Princess?” Shego practically pled.

Kim sucked her teeth. Why did Shego have to say for her? Of course she would do it for her. She sighed and agreed that she would stay behind and keep out of trouble. Shego smiled a bit and hugged Kim for agreeing with her.

“This isn’t even going to be that exciting. You know AdrenaLynn is a pushover and I doubt her having a dragon knock-off makes up for the fact that she’s a total idiot,” the pale woman remarked.

The younger agent laughed a bit. “I guess,” she replied. AdrenaLynn was a pushover, but she still wanted to be a part of a red-alert mission. Those were the most exciting and high-profile missions.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Shego said and she gave Kim a kiss as a farewell, which Kim returned.

The redhead then watched her lover leave for a rare red-alert mission. A red-alert mission called for GJ to actually go out into the open and fight along side known authorities because of a great threat, which Gemini was. If Gemini managed to escape prison, it was easy to deduce that he would start his terrorist organization of WEE all over again. He would probably be worse than before considering how bitter he was about his imprisonment. They could not let him get away, especially if he was behind AdrenaLynn having dragon powers suddenly. It meant that he had people working for him that could make even the most incompetent villain deadly without any physical weapon.

AdrenaLynn cackled as she used her newly granted powers to blow back a row of police cars, causing them to explode as the flame-like power came into contact with them. She was surrounded by a dragon aura, like Kim usually was on the rare occasions that she used her full power. The synthetic dragon was black, standing on two legs, and its eyes blazing bright scarlet. It stood a little over ten feet tall with AdrenaLynn in its belly, just like Kim was with her dragon.

She was keeping the police and other authorities at bay while regular, uniformed WEE henchmen were storming the prison. Gemini was in his cell, but he could hear and see thanks to his dragon eye what was going on outside. He laughed.

“Yes, show those fools my power. Show them the fate that awaits them all when I get out of here. Show my sister what’s in store for her and her band of goody-goodies,” Gemini said, speaking to the air in a haughty tone.

WEE would come back out into the open once he was out, Gemini had planned for that. It had not died with his absence, but it had gone underground and he was still pulling the strings. He had been the one that got Dementor to build the device to pull the dragon out of Kim all for his plan of having DNAmy copying the creature and WEE would have an army of dragon-users. He had seen the dragon deeply when Kim had captured him and that was why he was able to provide Dementor with a great deal of information to get him what he needed to build the machine. He would take over the world with his plan once he got out of prison, which he could see was inevitable since nothing was stopping AdrenaLynn and she was giving his men the perfect cover. The dragon that DNAmy created was amazing, he thought.

“This is so freaky!” AdrenaLynn hollered, enjoying all of her newly granted power. She was already considering that she might just take over WEE when she was done with everything. Maybe she would let Gemini serve her drinks or something when it was all said and done.

AdrenaLynn unleashed another wave of the swirling, flame-like projectile. The charcoal-colored power ripped through fighter jets that were now overhead. The pilots bailed out as their planes as the machines eroded into dust within seconds of being touched by the projectiles from AdrenaLynn. The blonde female cackled loudly; the dragon around her seemed to do the same, but in more of a growling tone.

While AdrenaLynn was holding off everyone, the henchmen had infiltrated the prison that Gemini was locked in. They were battling with the guards, but they had advanced weapons and the guards were no match for them. The henchmen mowed down the prison officers pretty much, wounding most of them and even some of the inmates that did not take cover. They were close to their boss’ cell when they ran into some pretty hard resistance.

“Nice of you guys to come to the prison. No transportation fee,” Shego remarked with a nearly demonic smirk on her face. She was standing right outside of the cell with her hands flared.

“Get her!” Gemini hollered through the door. “Destroy her, painfully!” he screamed. He had plans for Shego since she was a traitor to his organization and pretty much one of the main reason that he was in his current situation, but he figured that killing her now would be just as good as torturing her again for ages to come. He just wanted her out of his hair, as painfully as possible.

The henchmen moved to obey the order from Gemini, but they found that Shego was no easy win, not that they expected her to be. The fact that they were in narrow corridor did not help because it meant that they could not come at her all at once. While they were fighting with her, more GJ agents arrived in the hall and began fighting with the WEE henchmen.

“No!” Gemini roared in a fury. There was no way that he was going to allow his plan to fall apart after the really hard work was done, namely the part about replicating the dragon. He was especially not going to allow that fire-bitch be his undoing once again either.

He went to his bed and pushed a small button that was on the frame underneath his mattress. It looked like it was a part of the bed and he was able to send Morse code messages to his minions on the outside world with it. It was still his only means of communication, but he knew that he would be able to get through to someone reliable, which was usually Dementor.

Dementor received the message that Shego and other GJ agents were trying to prevent the henchmen from removing Gemini from his cell and getting him away. The short scientist had the solution for that. He ordered AdrenaLynn through a communication device that she should go assist the henchmen in freeing their leader. He would hold off the police and others with weapons of his own. Dementor did not have a dragon in him because he did not trust DNAmy’s results or Monkey Fist’s magic and there was also his problem with mixing science with magic, so he was going to hold off the police with good old, reliable robots.

AdrenaLynn did not argue because Dementor included the fact that Shego was in the prison. She knew that whoever crushed Shego would be rewarded greatly by Gemini, which was fine by her, even though she was still considering that she might take over the whole operation with her new powers. Still, she turned her attention to the prison and used the dragon’s hand to tear the walls down. As soon as she caught sight of Shego, she let loose the black flame-like projectile and came very close to hitting the green-skinned woman. Shego turned her attention to the blonde while the projectile connected with the WEE henchmen.

“Your aim is still crap,” Shego remarked, speaking to AdrenaLynn.

“I’ll get you yet!” the blonde roared, throwing more of the projectile.

Shego had a lot of experience dodging such flames by someone who knew what they were doing with the dragon a lot better than AdrenaLynn did, so she had no problem getting out of the way. AdrenaLynn snorted in frustration while the synthetic dragon roared in anger before they both began flinging black fire in Shego’s direction, attempting to hit the plasma-user. They only got more upset as they failed.

The green-skinned GJ agent continued dodging the power and glancing at what the flames hit to get an idea as to what kind of damage AdrenaLynn and her fake dragon could do. She was knocking down walls pretty good, so Shego figured that she did not want the flames to hit her.

AdrenaLynn did not let up on Shego, but after some moments, she was starting to tire out. Shego noticed that the flames were starting to come slower than when the blonde started out. She wondered if the was a kink in the fake armor. She decided to find out.

Shego charged up and flung a plasma blast directly at AdrenaLynn, who saw it coming before it was even launched, but she still panicked. She put her arms up to act as a defense, forgetting that she had the aura around her. The green plasma splashed against the onyx-colored shield and dispersed, but Shego noticed a curious thing that never happened with Kim’s aura; a small opening appeared in the shield for about a second.

“Hmm…I guess the original is the best,” Shego remarked to herself. There was no way that one plasma blast would have done anything to Kim’s dragon armor.

The pale woman charged up a bit more while moving out of the way of more flames from AdrenaLynn and her dragon. She dipped out of the way of one projectile and then countered the attack. She let loose a continuous blast, which AdrenaLynn did not try to block like before because she now remembered the dragon armor. The blonde laughed loudly when the thick plasma blast connected and she remained unharmed.

Things stopped seeming so funny to AdrenaLynn when the blast broke through the dragon aura and connected with her. It actually blew her back, through a wall that she had broken open; her aura vanished when the hit sent her flying. Shego smirked in triumph.

“A carbon copy of my Kimmie you are not,” Shego commented since she had not even broken a sweat. If her Kimmie was anything like that, she actually would not be with the darling little redhead.

“What the hell just happened?” AdrenaLynn wondered aloud as she landed on a police car. She growled in a fit of rage and forced the dragon back out. She then ripped herself from her landing space and charged back at that green bitch.

Shego snorted in anger, to the point where one might have expected smoke to come out of her nose, when she saw AdrenaLynn coming back for more. She glanced over to the cell to make sure that Gemini was still locked up, but there were holes in the walls anyway. There were more people coming, GJ agents and henchmen, all looking to do something with Gemini, either keeping him in or breaking him out. She had to make a decision on who to attack and she decided on the mastermind of the whole problem. She owed him anyway. Owed him deeply.

Shego threw a plasma blast at Gemini as he was trying to leave, which he dodged thanks to his damnable dragon eye. Before she could try to hit him again, AdrenaLynn was on her and hitting her with the flame-like projectile. Shego yelped when it landed, but found that it did not do much damage. She turned her attention to the blonde and smirked at her.

“You are so dead,” Shego stated in an amused tone because it was clear that her powers were waning. It was probably taking a toll on AdrenaLynn to use such strong powers that she had only just gotten days ago.

“What?” the blonde hollered in disbelief when she saw that Shego actually pretty much all right.

AdrenaLynn let loose another projectile, which Shego was able to just block with her plasma-covered forearms. The blonde was starting to breathe hard and sweat was collecting on her forehead. She was getting tired, but she was certain that she could murder Shego before she stopped to take a break. She was super-powerful, after all.

“You don’t even know what you’re doing with that thing,” the raven-haired GJ agent declared as she let loose another plasma blast.

The blonde dragon-wielder moved to counter Shego’s projectile with her own. They had a little tug-of-war, trying to overpower each other in the middle of a war zone. The dragon around the villainess roared loudly and Shego grunted as she charged even more, putting all her strength into the stream of plasma. AdrenaLynn screamed with her dragon, trying to combat against the power that Shego was pressing her with. And then suddenly, the emerald energy force collided with AdrenaLynn.

The blonde was blown back, not just out of the prison, but over the police cars and several miles beyond them. She landed in a field and fell unconscious, her body smoking from the hit and her dragon aura was totally gone.

“Yeah, nothing like my princess,” Shego remarked with disgust in her voice and she was about to turn her attention to Gemini to see if he was being properly restrained and not getting away.

All of the GJ agents were trying there best to keep Gemini back and they were also holding off the WEE henchmen. Shego was about to join in, but she was hit by something that felt like she was slapped with a tank. She flew down the hall that she was standing in and fell through a wall.

“What the hell was that?” Shego wondered while shaking her head to fight off the headache that was trying to work its way into her brain thanks to that hit.

“That was just me,” a voice answered.

Shego turned her attention to the owner of the voice. “Fukushima,” she said with distain when she caught sight of who it was that hit her.

“Good to see you again,” Fukushima commented in almost polite tone. “Do you like the new me?” he inquired.

Shego frowned as she got a look at the “new” Fukushima. He was surrounded by a black dragon aura too. She was now starting to wonder just how many dragons DNAmy was able to make and how many they managed to get into WEE agents. It did not matter, she told herself. She could take them all on; after all, she fought with the original three times a week before Kim’s illness and she could fight Kim to a draw almost all of the time now. No novice dragon-user was going to get the better of her.

“You look like an idiot, but then again, you always looked stupid to me,” Shego remarked as she climbed to her feet. She planned to unleash a new form of Hell on Fukushima considering he was the one that kidnapped her and Kim’s mother, giving them to that sadistic bastard Gemini. He was going to pray for death when she was done with him.

“I’m not the fool that sided with the losing team,” he commented coolly.

“Funny, you look like losers to me,” she retorted.

“Say it to my face.”

“With pleasure.”

Shego flared her powers, plasma crawling all the way up her shoulders. The energy danced off her like flares from the sun. He had never seen anything like it, but he was not worried. He took her on with no problem; Shego did not care.

The pale woman managed to crack through his dragon aura in no time with her power, which surprised him, punching through it with her flaming fist. She was not done with him, though. She had a lot of rage pinned up inside of her directed right at him. She dashed at him, arm fully blazing with her plasma as if the limb itself was completely bathed in emerald fire. She growled and he disappeared into a shadow; apparently, he still had his powers along with the dragon.

“Damn it!” Shego hollered in a fury that he was gone. “Come on out, you little rodent, so I can fry you!” she demanded in a rage.

Fukushima attempted to come in behind her from a shadow in the wall. She hit him with a swift, flaming kick to the face. He was stunned, both from the blow and the fact that she could suddenly ignite her legs since he had never seen her do such a thing, but he got to escape through a shadow. She growled again like a mad dog. The next shadow that he came out, she was going to grab him and slam his damned skull into some concrete and she probably would not stop after the first time. Hell, she might not stop at all.

While waiting for Fukushima, Shego had to fight some WEE henchmen that were in her way as far as she was concerned. Fukushima tried to take advantage of her distraction and came back out while she was fighting the henchmen. He tried to hit her with the dragon fire, but she managed to dodge and she countered the move with her own plasma. She missed him as he saw the move coming and vanished into a shadow.

“Damn the dragon eyes,” Shego cursed because she knew that Fukushima could see her moves coming because of that power. Still, she was going to get her hands on him and wring his neck, maybe even melt through his neck.

Shego remained alert and the next shadow that Fukushima came out, he was in for a surprise. She caught him by the shirt and punched him right in the face with a highly plasma-charged fist. He was so surprised by it that he did not even know what to do and Shego just kept hitting him as hard as she could. It felt so good and she just wanted to break his whole skull for what he had done, for who he delivered her and Kim’s mother to, for the memories that they both suffered from thanks to him. Breaking his skull would not even be enough for her.

The green-skinned woman was so into working Fukushima out that she noticed a fraction too late that she was being attacked. Shego was almost hit by more black flames and not from Fukushima or AdrenaLynn. She did not have to duck or dodge, though. She was saved by an all too familiar red-orange swirling flame.

“You do know I’m not thanking you for that,” Shego said as she turned to see Kim dispatching another WEE agent with a dragon aura.

“I’m just hoping it keeps you from being too mad at me for coming along,” the redhead replied with a bit of a smile.

“Does the boss know you’re here?” Shego inquired while tossing away an unconscious and bloody Fukushima; she did have bigger fish to fry. She was going to kick Betty’s ass if she did know that Kim was out and about because that meant that she gave the little redhead her blessing to run into this mess. If Betty did not know, Shego might have to dime her out to get Kim in trouble and punished for her to learn that she needed to listen.

“I was hoping we could keep this a secret,” Kim answered, making sure to keep her smile on her face with the hope that she looked cute and would get her lover to not say anything. “And I can be of some help. I mean, I don’t want Gemini to get out any more than you do,” she pointed out. She wanted to kick the crap out of him just as much as her love wanted to also.

“I’ve got it under control,” Shego stated soundly.

Kim shrugged and she was about to respond, but something caught her attention and Shego’s attention. They looked up in the sky and could not believe their eyes. There was a flock of dragon-users coming toward them. The sky all the way to the horizon was black with dragons.

“Do you still have it under control?” Kim asked with a smirk, kind of bragging with her expression.

“You’re so going to hate me when we get out of this mess and I get you back home,” the green-skinned woman replied while flaring her hands even more. They were in for one hell of a battle, but they were going to get through because she was going to teach her Princess to not disobey orders after being seriously ill.

Next time: one hell of a battle.

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