The Beast, Without

Chapter 3

Missing in action


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TITLE: Missing in action

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I also don’t own the dragon eyes.

SUMMARY: Sequel to the Beast Within. Kim is still trying to get the hang of her dragon powers while former members of WEE seem to be plotting against her. Is she ready for them?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3590

Kim felt a little dizzy. She supposed that it was a good thing that she was seated on a plane, which was taking her and Ron back to Middleton. Ron looked at her with a curious expression on his face.

“K.P, you feeling okay?” he asked. She looked a bit pale to him. He would have assumed that she was just motion sick or something like that, but such a thing had never happened before. As far as he knew, his best friend never got sick.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she answered, her voice sounded weak.

“You don’t look so good,” he commented and Rufus popped out of his pocket to take a look. The bald rodent had to agree with Ron.

“Not good,” Rufus squeaked.

“I’m fine. I think I just need something to eat or something,” she replied. She did look a little pale. Her throat was a little dry and she was a bit hot. She thought that she might have overexerted herself in fighting with all of Dementor’s minions, especially since he was working with a whole rain forest against them as well as robots, although she had never overexerted herself before.

“Yeah, something to eat would be nice,” Ron agreed and he pulled out a ration packet. He cracked it open and bite into one of the energy bars. He made a face as he swallowed. “Yeah, something edible to eat,” he groaned.

Rufus started eating the ration bar for Ron. The blonde young man sighed and sat back, expecting to see his partner pull out her own ration pack and eat something since it was her idea. Kim leaned back too and closed her eyes, not bothering to reach for something to nibble on. It was then that she realized something. Something was wrong with her.

“Ron,” Kim said in a calm voice. She did not want to alarm him, especially since they were in a small area with nowhere to go.

“Yeah, what’s up?” he replied.

“I don’t feel the dragon anymore,” she informed him.

“What do you mean?” he asked curiously.

“I mean, I think the dragon’s gone,” she answered.

“Um…how is the dragon gone? Where would it go? Doesn’t it like need you to live or something like that?” he inquired, looking just as confused as he sounded.

“I don’t know where it went,” she replied. It was not like the dragon was supposed to be able to leave her body. As far as she understood, the dragon did need her to live.

“Should we backtrack for it?” he offered.

“It’s not like it’s a lost book or something like that. I didn’t drop a whole dragon or anything. Besides, if I did, I think we would have noticed that,” she remarked. She was doing an amazing job with keeping her cool, which was keeping Ron came, even though he thought it was a bit weird that she was not freaking out about losing something that he guessed gave her the power that she had or something like that.

Ron nodded; she had a point. “Well, maybe that’s why you don’t look so good,” he proposed.

“I don’t know. I mean, I don’t feel any different really. I’ll report it to Doctor Director when we get in, but I don’t really know what to do about it. I don’t even know what happened to it,” she explained.

Ron nodded again; he supposed that made sense. They really could not do anything about the dragon being gone, even though they did not understand it. They did not know that the dragon could even leave Kim. She had been under the impression that not only did the dragon need her to stay alive, but also that the dragon was a part of her in someway. No one would explain what that way was, but she was pretty sure that the dragon was part of her. So, losing the dragon in such a weird way was just like her losing a lung. Where would she even begin to undergo searching for such an item if it was gone and she had not noticed until too late?

But, she did not feel too terrible with the dragon being gone. Even the dizzy spell passed after a few minutes. Her color returned to her for the most part and her throat settled itself. She decided to try her powers just to see if those were still there and found that her eyes were still the same as always. She held her hand up and made a small burst her flame. She even manifested just a little bit of her dragon aura. She did not try the wings because there was not enough space in the area that they were sitting in. Everything seemed fine. Maybe she did not really lose the dragon, she told herself, but she could feel that it was gone.

Kim and Ron were sitting in same dreary room that they were always trapped in while waiting for their debriefing. Ron leaned down and banged his head against the table because of the boredom. Kim was impatiently tapping her thumb against the table. They both wanted to get out of there, especially since they knew that they had a good yelling coming at them. After all, they had actually failed the mission and they were willing to bet that they made a bunch of mistakes that led to that occurrence.

Doctor Director entered the room and the pair rose to attention. She had her usual bundle of papers, which she put down. She split the pile in two and the pair of agents noticed that the splits were not nearly as large as they had been in the past. They thought that was weird, especially since they had failed to apprehend Professor Dementor.

“At ease, agents,” Doctor Director said as she sat down.

The duo followed suit, sitting back in their seats. They continued to eye the piles, wondering if maybe there was more or that they might just be reassigned. Ron would not mind being reassigned, but he knew that Kim would have a problem with it. Kim loved being a field agent, after all.

“This was an odd mission,” Doctor Director commented.

“Duh,” Ron muttered, which earned him a glare. He eep-ed and decided to not add any more color commentary at the moment.

“There was a lot of fighting, which you two did well on. You tried your best to make it through everything as quickly as possible, knowing that time was of the essence. The one problem I have is that you two charged into that room, hoping to catch Dementor,” Doctor Director said.

“What was wrong with that?” Kim asked. How else were they supposed to get into the room, especially when they felt like they were working against the clock?

“You went in there without thinking and it appeared that it might have been a trap,” the brown-haired woman answered.

“But, it wasn’t,” Ron pointed out. Nothing happened when they went into that room, after all.

“It could have been. Maybe it even was, but it did not work, which is lucky for you two since Dementor’s things don’t usually malfunction. We’re trying to track him to find where he might have gone, so for the moment, you two are dismissed,” Doctor Director told the team.

“That’s it?” Ron asked in disbelief. That had to be the shortest debrief that they had ever gone through.

“That’s it. Unless you two have more that you wish to add,” Doctor Director replied.

“I do have one thing I need to report, even though it’s in the written report,” Kim volunteered.

“Is this about the dragon?” the boss inquired.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s gone,” the redhead answered. She could not feel its presence at all anymore and she knew that it was not sleeping. She could just tell that it was gone.

“I’ll start looking into it. Do you know the exact moment you ceased to feel the dragon inside of you?”

“No, I mean, not with all of the fighting and everything going on. I didn’t even think about it until we were halfway here,” the redhead explained. There was so much going on that she did not have time to think about the dragon until later on.

“I’ll look into it. How do you feel?” the leader asked curiously. She was doing a good job at hiding some concern that she felt for the olive-eyed agent. She doubted that it was a good thing for something that had been with Kim all of her life to suddenly be gone from her body, but she noticed that Kim did not seem bothered by it.

“I feel fine,” Kim assured the brunette. She was being very honest and sincere. She felt totally fine, aside for the fact that she could tell part of her was missing.

“Good. If that changes, let me know. Other than that, here are your files and you two are dismissed,” Doctor Director repeated while pushing the two piles to the youngsters.

The pair collected their files and exited the room. They went to their homes, like they always did after missions. They hoped that they were going home to beautiful women like before since their girls had gotten called out too. Kim was sad to discover that she was going to be alone for at least the night because Shego was not there. She hoped that changed by tomorrow.

Kim groaned. She was lying in bed and sunlight was invading the room. She did not want to get up yet; she preferred getting up when the alarm clock went off. She reached down; her hand had been resting by her head. She planned to pull the covers over her head, but her hand hit something delightful when it touched the cover. Her hand hit Shego’s body.

“Shego,” Kim whispered with a smile as she snuggled up closer to the body next to her. She did not even need to open her eyes to know that it was Shego or when she was too far on the older female. She just knew, like always.

“Hey, princess,” Shego muttered as she wrapped her arm around Kim’s shoulder.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up,” the redhead commented.

“It’s okay. I’m going to fall right back to sleep in a second,” Shego answered honestly. She just had to get Kim situated against her in the most comfortable way and then she would be right back out.

Kim only smiled a bit, amused by that answer. They were both going to go back to sleep once Shego got Kim exactly how she wanted her. They ended up with Kim’s head on Shego’s shoulder and Shego had her leg thrown over Kim’s waist. Shego buried her head in Kim’s fiery mane and they went back to sleep. The alarm never sounded, meaning Shego got to it before she lay down to sleep when she had come in.

Kim did wake up first, but she had no intention of moving. She enjoyed just being close to the pale woman in her arms, especially since she had not seen Shego when she came in last night and she had slept through Shego coming in. So, she just smiled while cuddling up to her “roommate.”

Shego felt the weight against her shifting and moving slightly. She smiled to herself and just let the redhead work against her. It was the best way to get woken up in her opinion, short of Kim actually getting her started in the morning anyway. So, she just reveled in the feel of the younger agent for a few moments before she was fully awake and ready to do much more.

“Princess,” Shego whispered as she opened her eyes.

“Yeah?” Kim asked.

“We don’t have any stupid appointments or anything today, right?”

“Nope. The day is totally ours,” Kim answered.

Shego smirked. “That’s what I like to hear.”

Kim could guess what was coming next. Shego moved quickly and pinned Kim underneath her; even if the move was not so predictable, the redhead would have seen it coming. Shego knew that, but appreciated that Kim let her have control of the delicate operation.

Shego leaned in for a kiss, a surprisingly gentle one. It would seem that the day’s encounter was not going to be totally raw and mindless, which meant that Shego was going to end up thinking for a while before they actually got to anything. Kim hoped that the thinking did not last too long when the green-skinned woman started it.

After a long, deep kiss, Shego did pull away. She looked into Kim’s olive eyes that were sprinkled with golden flakes. She smiled at the sight and then seemed to realize that there was something different about her lover. She could not figure out exactly what it was, but she was willing to bet that that stupid lizard had something to do with it.

Ah, she hated that overgrown gecko living inside of Kim. She was willing to bet that the annoying creature was in there right now watching them like the pervert it was. She knew that Kim claimed the dragon slept most of the time and never watched them when they were together, but she really did not believe that. It was not that she thought that Kim was purposely lying to her, but she doubted that Kim could pay attention to the dragon all of the time and there was also the fact that Kim had not been totally aware of the dragon until recently compared to how long the creature had been inside of her, namely all of her life. Shego thought that Kim could not always figure out what the dragon was doing just yet, especially since she still had some trouble even controlling the powers granted to her by having that freeloading serpent in her body.

“Shego, are you going to keep going or is this the part where I steal your spot?” Kim remarked.

“Hmm?” Shego asked. It was obvious that she was letting the idea of the dragon possibly watching them bother her.

“I’m taking over,” Kim declared; it was the only way for them to get to where they both wanted to be as soon as possible.

“Like hell you are,” Shego replied and she made sure to keep the redhead pinned where she was.

“You know, you don’t have to worry about the dragon watching us,” Kim said.

“Why? The lazy, good-for-nothing toad is asleep?”

“Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s gone,” the younger woman answered honestly.

“Gone?” Shego echoed. She surprisingly did not like the sound of that, even though she had always wished that the stupid thing would get out of her lover. “I thought it needed you to live.”

“Well, that’s what I thought too, but I’m pretty sure that it’s gone,” she repeated. Kim was actually kind of happy that the dragon was gone because it meant that she could be with Shego without the awkward moments where Shego halted everything that they were doing to contemplate if they were giving the dragon an x-rated show or not.

“…Is that okay?” Shego asked in a concerned tone. As far as she knew, Kim had been born with that dragon inside of her and she doubted that it was a good thing for something that had been inside of the redhead all of her life to just be gone.

“I feel fine. Powers still work too,” Kim answered and to prove her point, she changed her eyes to total gold.

“Hey! Don’t do that!” Shego ordered. Out of all of the dragon powers, the eyes bothered her the most. She had no idea what Kim might be seeing when she used the dragon eyes full force and she really did not want Kim to look at her with the fully powered dragon eyes. It felt like such a violation.

“Okay, okay.” Kim returned her eyes to the usual color and she laughed a bit. She could understand why the complete dragon eyes bothered Shego; sometimes, she did not even know what to make of what she was seeing when she used them. She had actually seen the future once with the eyes and it freaked her out completely; it was not really that she saw the future, but her eyes fed her brain a large amount of information and her brain used it to come to the only possible conclusion of what would happen, so it was like seeing the future because she knew what was going to happen before it happened. She really needed to learn how to control everything that was involved with her dragon powers. All Doctor Director could help her with was the eyes.

“So, what happened? Where’d the dragon go? When did it leave?” Shego inquired curiously.

“I don’t really know. I mean, there was a lot of fighting and everything, so I didn’t really notice what was going on.”

“And you’re fine?” the green-skinned woman asked to be sure. She reached out and lovingly caressed the younger agent’s cheek.

“I’m totally fine. So, are we going to get this going or am I going to have to flip you?” Kim asked to get them back on task.

“You flip me and we’ll be doing something sweaty and hot, but it won’t feel as good,” Shego replied.

The redhead smiled and Shego did get to work. She still worked tentatively, thinking that the dragon might still be in there and watching. Kim decided to take charge halfway through everything, which started a controversy of its own. Shego hated when Kim challenged her while they were in bed, so they started fighting over control of everything, but they did not actually fight.

By the end of it, they both sporting bruises and love bites. They had scratches on them too. It was a common occurrence since they both had had some rather sharp nails, claws really. They were breathing hard and eyeing each other with determination in their gazes. Sometimes, they considered that it was not a good thing for rivals to be lovers too.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson as soon as I get my second wind,” Shego commented.

“By then, I’ll already be teaching you a thing or two,” Kim replied.

“The hell you will.”

The pair did spend most of the day in bed. They did get up to fix some food and they watched a movie together. Shego did ask about Kim being sure that the dragon was gone again and Kim did confirm it once more. Shego then wanted to make sure that Kim was totally fine, which Kim tried to assure the green-skinned woman of, but Shego did not buy it until Kim proved that she was fine. She proved it by attacking Shego and the day ended the same way that it started.

(New day)

Kim had been feeling a little sick for the past couple of days. She did not think anything of it, even though she had never been sick before. She had called her mother when the feeling first began and her mother told her that she might just be getting the flu, although Ann could not recall a time that her daughter was sick either. She gave Kim some advice on what to do and told Kim to call if things got worse over the next few days. Kim considered that she was going to have to call her mother again.

It started out with some coughing and a slight headache, but now it worked its way into a huge headache followed by trouble breathing, nausea, muscle aches, and more coughing. Shego joked that Kim was pregnant, which the redhead did not find too funny since she was genuinely sick. But, she did have Shego to be her nurse, which made her feel just a little better.

Shego made sure that Kim stayed in bed and she brought the redhead anything that she might need. There was tea, soup, disgusting cough syrup, and cuddling if she behaved herself. Kim would not mind being sick since Shego was being her nurse, but there was the whole being sick thing involved. And being sick was horrible, terrible, she would not wish it on anyone.

Kim groaned. “Ah, I got to throw up again,” she muttered.

She had to crawl out of bed if she wanted to get to the bathroom. And she really needed to make it to the bathroom because she had already vomited in the trashcan more times than recommended. She hiccupped and knew that she needed to get moving. She forced herself out of bed and dashed to the bathroom. She let loose so loudly that Shego could hear her and she was in the kitchen.

“Pumpkin, you okay?” Shego called. When there was no answer, she called again, but there was no response. “Pumpkin?”

Shego went to the back since she was not getting any answers. She glanced into the bedroom and saw that Kim was not in the bed. She proceeded to the bathroom, which had the door shut. She knocked on the door and called for Kim once more. Kim did not answer still.

“Princess, I’m coming in!” Shego shouted because the silence was making her nervous. She pushed open the door and gasped. “Princess!” she screamed. Kim was lying on the bathroom floor, unconscious.

Next time: what is wrong with Kim?

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