The Beast, Without

Chapter 7



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TITLE: Secrets

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I also don’t own the dragon eyes.

SUMMARY: Sequel to the Beast Within. Kim is still trying to get the hang of her dragon powers while former members of WEE seem to be plotting against her. Is she ready for them?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: I would like to thank Silver Snow Wolf for his idea that appears in this chapter and through out the rest of the story. He is now known as “Benikoushaku.”

Words: 4446

DNAmy and Professor Dementor escaped from one WEE lair to another one. They set themselves up in another lab, which they needed. Dementor was now trying to get DNAmy to share her research, which she was not interested in doing. He was attempting to get her to share because he noted that she had escaped with her computer, but had left the dragon behind. He knew that she had something serious and he wanted to know what it was.

“Look, we have to work together, so show me what you have!” Dementor pointed out in his own special, loud way.

“It’s nothing you can help with,” DNAmy replied in a rather clipped manner. She was rather proud of her work now that she had gotten it and she was not interested in showing it to such a meanie like Dementor.

“How do you know that?” he inquired in an offended tone.

“It’s too complex for you,” she answered with a teasing smile and that got to him.

“Too complex for me!” he hollered in outrage. How could something be to complex for him? He was a genius after all!

“Yes, it is,” she practically chirped.

“I’ll have you know I’m twice the scientist you’ll ever be!” he declared, shaking his fist at her. “After all, I’m the one that figured out how to get that creature out of her in the first place!” he reminded her with pride.

DNAmy rolled her eyes. “No, you didn’t. You used existing technology in a different way to that,” she countered.

“No, I didn’t!” he insisted. The woman was infuriating! He could not wait to get away from her, but first, he really wanted to catch a glimpse of her research on the dragon.

“Yes, you did. You used the idea that came with shutting superpowers off and just adjusted the idea to pull her powers out of her,” DNAmy explained, clearly making fun of him from her tone alone. She would admit to herself that it was an amazing thing for him to figure out how to yank a power out of someone like he did with Kim, but he had not done something that seemed totally impossible like she had.

Dementor frowned; it would seem that she had it figured out quite right. Now, she had figured him out, but he had no idea how she did what she did. She had the upper hand, which caused her to smile.

“Well, just make sure you pull your weight around here,” he ordered her.

“I will,” she chimed in with a grin. She felt really good about herself because she had figured out the dragon. She would definitely be able to do most of her part of the plan. There was one problem, which she would bring up after doing what she could. There was always a chance that Dementor might be useful after that and then she would talk with him because she was not going to be the one to go against the plan.

“How you feeling, Princess?” Shego asked with concern as she entered their bedroom.

Kim was lying in the bed. She had just gotten discharged from the hospital that morning. Shego had taken her from the hospital in a wheelchair, even though the redhead swore that she could walk. Shego just was not listening to that.

“Still a little tired,” Kim answered honestly; well, somewhat honestly. She was really exhausted. Her muscles still ached a bit, but she did not feel dizzy at all and she did not have any urges to throw-up. She did not feel sick, only very tired.

“I’m sure you’ll get better in a couple of days,” Shego replied while leaning down to kiss the side of Kim’s head. She also put down a tray with some lunch on it for her ailing Princess. The lunch was light, a grill cheese sandwich and some soup with ginger ale.

“I wish you’d let me get up,” the redhead commented, not sounding whiny, only frustrated. She felt fine for the most part and she wanted to get up and do something, after a nap anyway.

“I will. When you feel like your usual self. Right now, you’re tired and you need to rest up. So, just relax and be happy that you’re getting waited on because you know for damn sure this isn’t going to happen again,” the pale woman remarked with a half-smile.

Kim nodded a bit. She probably should live it up while she had the chance because Shego more than likely would never again baby her like she was doing at the moment. Still, she kind of felt like an invalid, which she did not like very much. She was sure that Shego would feel the same if they switched places; she did not consider how she would be acting like Shego if they were to switch.

“Eat up. It’ll help you get better,” the pale woman said in soft tone.

“I know,” Kim replied with a sigh. “Will you stay in here with me while I eat?” she requested, looking rather hopeful.

Shego nodded and settled onto the bed next to Kim, which caused the redhead to smile. Kim seemed to be happy just when Shego was around, even if she was making Kim stay in bed. Shego was overjoyed to just be around Kim too, but she was not showing it as much as Kim. She was trying to keep her cool, but she was extremely pleased that Kim was all right.

In fact, while Kim was eating, Shego snuggled herself into Kim’s side. The redhead did not mind the contact; she liked it a great deal. She was not sure why she was so happy, but it felt like she had not seen Shego in days, which she knew was the case because of her coma, but she actually felt like she had not seen Shego. It was like they had been apart for days, not like she had been sleeping for days.

Kim had her lunch in silence, but they did not need to talk anyway. They were quite all right with being close to each other. When the olive-eyed female was done, Shego took the tray away and put the dishes in the sink. She would have done the dishes right then and there, but she was rather happy with being next to Kim and wanted to go right back to her space on the bed.

The redhead smiled when Shego came back into the room only seconds after leaving. She got back in the bed and that time pulled Kim to her. Kim did not resist and rested against the green-skinned woman. They both sighed, content sounds.

“So, are you going to fill me in about this dragon thing yet?” Kim asked. She was curious about why everyone had been so interested about the dragon when she got sick. She also wanted to know what happened to the dragon, how it escaped her body, and how it returned.

“The best I can tell you so far is that Dementor figured out a way to take the dragon out of your body. He did it when you and Ron charged into the room that he was in,” Shego answered.

“He took the dragon out of me?” Kim looked as confused as she sounded. How did he pull something like the dragon out of her body?

“We don’t know how he did it yet, but you can see it happening on the recordings you and Ron have for your mission. Once he took the dragon out, he hooked up with DNAmy, probably to copy the dragon or something,” Shego continued.

“Wait, he stole the dragon out of me and then teamed up with DNAmy? Since when do they work together?” None of it was making any sense to Kim, which made her on the same page with everyone else that knew about what happened.

“I don’t know.”

“Could she really copy the dragon?” the redhead asked curiously.

“Doctor Director doesn’t seem to think so, but she was pretty surprised that they could even pull the dragon out of you, so hell if I know. They were keeping the dragon in some kind of force field, but as soon as the thing was broken, it ran right back to you,” the pale woman finished the tale.

“So, is that why I got sick, because they took the dragon out of me?” Kim inquired.

“Yeah, that seems to be the case. I mean, you got better really quick after the dragon got back to you.”

“Well…what if they try it again?” Kim actually sounded a bit scared on that one. She had been put in a coma without the dragon and might have even died without it and it had been stolen from her so easily. So, what if it happened again?

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to let them even try. Besides, now that you know about it, I’d like to think you’ll be a bit more careful,” Shego commented with a small smile. She did think that her mate should fret over something that was the past and she certainly would not allow it to happen again. No one was going to take her Princess from her.

“That’s true,” Kim conceded. “I probably would’ve been paying more attention if I knew it was possible to yank the dragon out of me in the first place. I mean, I’ve always had it and the idea of being able to take it out of me without me knowing is like someone being able to steal my blood without me knowing, even though I’m wide awake and standing right there,” the redhead explained.

Shego nodded a bit, showing that she understood. They were quiet for a while, just snuggling up close. They were happy to feel the other breathing against them. Their presences were so soothing for each other and they just wanted to enjoy that.

“Hey, Princess,” Shego said after a few moments of silence.

“Hmm?” Kim replied, sounding as if she was actually close to falling asleep, which she was.

“I love you,” Shego declared out of the blue. It was not the first time that she had said such a thing, but she had never said it so randomly. It was then that Kim realized just how much she frightened Shego from her stint in the hospital.

“I love you too,” Kim replied sincerely while putting her arms around the raven-haired woman. She pushed her up, it took a lot of her strength, and kissed Shego on the cheek. She then practically fell back against Shego.

The plasma-user decided to end the conversation with that since it was clear that Kim was exhausted. She just held the redhead and caressed her shoulder. Kim eventually fell asleep, which Shego thought was good. Kim needed to rest up.

Doctor Director had found one file in the Global Justice archives about a person having the entire dragon inside of her. It was a hundred years old and she could only hope that it contained some kind of information to give her a better understanding of the dragon and if it was possible that for DNAmy to copy the dragon if that was the plan. She also hoped to find some clue as to how Dementor was able to remove the dragon from Kim’s body.

The file was dusty and not even stored on the computer. It almost amazed Doctor Director. She was shocked that she had found it at all. She was pleased to see that it was a thick file, so she suspected that it was very detailed, or at least she hoped so. She returned to her office and flopped down at her desk to begin reading.

She flipped open the file and was shocked to see the name of the person that had the dragon inside of her a hundred years ago. What the hell were the odds, she wondered. The person who once held the dragon: Miriam Possible, also known as Mim Possible. Why in the hell had she not heard about it?!

She immediately began reading the file while making plans to ask James Possible why the hell he had never bothered to share the information that his ancestor had a dragon inside of her. It would have been important information to know when they were worrying about Kim ripping the town apart.

She stayed up for more than a day reading through the file and also looking up references about what was mentioned in the file. By the end of it, she could understand why James might not want to mention Mim Possible, but it still would have been nice to know that there had been a dragon-carrier in their family before Kim. She could understand why James was so concerned about the dragon being inside of Kim though thanks to the file. Still, it left her with no further idea if the dragon could be copied or not or the nature of the beast as far as how it was so easily removed from Kim’s body. She supposed that she was going to have to dredge up old family stories from Mister Possible, but first, she needed to get some sleep.

After a couple of hours of sleep, Doctor Director called up Doctor James Possible. He was working, which she expected since it was the middle of the morning; she was probably the only person in Middleton with random hours. Most people liked order while she just preferred to keep busy and keep watch, to make sure nothing went wrong. James was free to talk for a few minutes; it sounded like the people that he was working with were having a heated “nerd argument.” They were barking at each other over engineering problems that they were having.

“Doctor Possible, I was hoping if I could meet with you sometime today,” Doctor Director informed him.

“Um…all right,” he answered. “You know my hours, so whenever’s good for you,” he replied nonchalantly.

“All right, so I’m going to come by your house about an hour after you get off work,” she informed him. She was not interested in talking about the dragon over the phone.

The call was disconnected after that, which was good because James had to go get into the nerd argument anyway. Doctor Director did not want to discuss the dragon over the phone because she was being very cautious, to the extent that she was probably paranoid. She was already thinking like Shego because of Dementor and DNAmy were working together; she was starting to think that WEE might not really be gone.

If WEE was still alive, there was a chance that there would be bugs somewhere, or worse than that; there would be spies around. She considered that WEE was still working because there was no other reason for Dementor and DNAmy to work together, especially since they should not know about the dragon inside of Kim. It was a well kept secret within GJ were only authorized staff knew about a dragon actually being inside of Kim. Everyone else just thought that her powers were regular powers like everyone else’s. The only person outside of those authorized that would know there was a creature inside of Kim was Gemini, her worthless twin brother.

Gemini had seen the dragon on two occasions, the first one made him crave having Kim under his control, which was why he got to see it a second time. The fool had thought he could suppress the dragon like any other power, but he found out differently. He probably would not have even known that the dragon was dwelling inside of Kim if only he did not have the dragon eye. So, he might possibly be in on whatever Dementor and DNAmy were cooking since he knew that the dragon was there. He was more than likely the one that told them about it.

Doctor Director decided to call the prison that her brother was being held at. She wanted to make sure that he was still locked down completely in his ultra-secure cell, which he was. He was also still not allowed to communicate with the outside world and was isolated from the other prison popular at all times. He was under twenty-four surveillance to make sure he did not use his dragon eye to aid in some kind of escape, even though his cell was supposed to be escape-proof; when Shego was told that, she remarked “just like the Titanic was unsinkable.” Either way, Gemini was being watched like a hawk and had not done anything suspicious. His sister was not totally buying that, but she did not have any proof to link him to anything yet other than flimsy circumstances, so she had to let it go.

Doctor Director met with James Possible. Ann noted that she was invited in on the discussion, not by the leader of GJ, but her husband did call her in. Doctor Director did not object because she had a feeling he would tell Ann what they talked about anyway; they were just a very close couple. There were no secrets between them.

“Doctor Possible,” Doctor Director started, but he held up his hand to stop her.

“Come on, we’re not on the clock. Call me James,” he reminded her. They were all close enough to where he thought that he should not have to tell her to call him by his first name when he was not working.

“Right, James. I was looking up some information on the dragon and found something very interesting,” Doctor Director continued on.

“Like?” he asked in a perplexed tone.

“Like the fact that one of your ancestors had the dragon inside of her and you neglected to mention it at all,” the boss pointed out. As far as she knew, Mim Possible was the only other case of someone having a dragon inside of her and he had completely failed to mention that in all of the time that they had been dealing with Kim, even though he could be holding some important information.

“Oh.” James nodded. He obviously knew what she was talking about now.

“What do you mean ‘oh’?” Ann asked in disbelief. He knew information about the dragon all that time and all he could say was “oh”? She felt compelled to wring his neck, but she would wait. He might have some good explanation about why he never said anything about it.

“Are you going to say anything about that or what?” Doctor Director asked the rocket scientist. She sounded polite, but she was a bit tense because she would like something beyond “oh.”

“I don’t know much about my aunt Mim. She wasn’t really the type that people in the family talked about since she abandoned her teammates and possibly switched sides. There was a chance that she might’ve even killed one of her teammates. We don’t really want to acknowledge a murderer and a traitor in the family,” he pointed out.

“Murderer and traitor?” Ann echoed. She apparently had not heard anything about that either. Her tone prompted her husband to say more on the matter.

“The story goes that she and some other GJ agents were fighting against some enemies and they were ambushed. Something happened with Mim to where she turned against her teammates, destroyed everything around them, maybe killing a teammate depending on who’s telling the story, and then she disappeared. That’s pretty much all I know. I didn’t even know it was a dragon inside of her until we figured out one was in Kim. Whenever I heard about Mim, whatever gave her power was called a demon,” he explained. Even when they figured out that the dragon was inside of Kim, it took him a while to figure out that was what Mim carried within her.

“So, you actually don’t know anything about the dragon that was in her?” Doctor Director asked. She was a bit disappointed. She wished that he had known more, even if it meant that he had been withholding information from them. But, it would seem that he really did not have anything to add to what they knew.

“I just knew it was there and I only figured that out from Kim. I was told that the demon in her was powerful and that was it. Maybe you want to talk to my mother about it. Mim was my father’s aunt after all,” James answered. He was not too sure if his mother would have much to offer either. He was pretty sure that no one really wanted to talk about Mim when his father was growing up for him to have information to share with his mother. Even if he did, there was no real assurance that his mother had taken it seriously enough to retain that information.

“Your mother? Now, I have to go around bugging retired agents,” Doctor Director sighed. She hated bothering people who were not involved with the organization, even if they used to be. She saw it as butting into some well-deserved resting time.

“Like I said, she might know something, but she might just know what I know. Are you trying to find out about the dragon now because of Kim’s sickness?” James inquired.

“Yes. I think it’s about time that we make a better effort to know things about this thing. I mean, the fact that someone could just pull the dragon out of her is beyond bizarre. We need more than science to help us out with this one,” Doctor Director pointed out. They needed much more than what scientists and doctors had been giving them over the years, which was basically nothing. She was starting to wonder how they even managed to put the dragon to sleep.

“That’s true,” the Possible couple agreed.

“All right, now I’ve got to go fly to Florida. This week just gets better and better,” the leader of GJ muttered. At least Kim was alive and out of the hospital, she thought. That was about the only bright spot so far.

“Why not just call?” James asked curiously.

“I’m not trusting any communications lines at the moment,” she answered.

“And why is that?” Ann inquired. Had the town been infiltrated? Was something much larger going on?

“It’s really complicated,” Doctor Director replied. It was that and she really did not want to worry the Possibles that WEE might still be operating and that Gemini might be after Kim once again. She would like to save them that stress, especially Ann since she had underlying terrors of her own thanks to Gemini.

“Anything you need us for?” James asked. He and Ann were ready to do more than their fair share all of the time. Even the boys were ready to help out, if it meant that they could send things into orbit or blow something up.

“No, this was it. I’ll go see your mother and see if she’s got any information that might help. You’ll get copies of the information once I get back. Let’s keep this one to ourselves for the moment,” Doctor Director replied.

“Should we tell Kimmie?” Ann more wondered aloud than anything else.

“I’m going to handle the start of it. If she calls you and wants to talk about it, do it in person and we might even want to secure a location,” the boss answered, although she doubted that anyone could bug the Possible residence or Kim’s apartment considering how deeply Shego’s paranoia ran; the green-skinned woman had personally installed top of the line security systems, so no one could get in the homes without being invited in. The twins often beefed the systems up when they were bored. An ant probably would not get into their house or Kim’s apartment thanks to the twins.

“Are you sure?” the couple asked.

Doctor Director decided to just check and see if the house was secure. She flipped up her eye-patch and scanned the house with her dragon eye. Everything looked clean to her eye, so she strongly felt that the place was secure.

“You guys can talk here,” Doctor Director replied while putting her eye-patch down.

The couple nodded and Doctor Director took her leave. She was going to have to contact James’ mother, who was a retired GJ agent, and then she was going to have to fly to Florida to speak with the woman. But, before that, she decided to go to Kim’s apartment and drop off something.

“Don’t you ever go away?” Shego groaned as she answered the door and the leader of GJ was standing in front of her.

“Shut up. Where’s Kim?” Doctor Director inquired.

“I’ve still got her ass in bed. What do you want with her?” the pale woman demanded to know.

“I need to give her something, but since she’s probably going to read it with you, I’ll just give it to you,” Doctor Director answered. Just like with the doctors Possible, she knew that there were no secrets between Kim and Shego. So, she handed over a thick file to the green-skinned woman.

“What’s this?” Shego asked curiously while looking down at the folder.

“Just read it. If you have any questions, don’t ask me over a communications line. Just wait for me to come back.”

“Where are you going now?”

“I’ve got to take a trip. It’s time to stop fooling around with this dragon thing,” Doctor Director stated.

Shego shrugged because she did not know what the boss was going on about. Doctor Director walked off and Shego shut the door. She went into the back of the condo and laid down in the bed with Kim.

“What’s that you got?” Kim asked when she noticed the thick bundle in her lover’s hands.

“Something that Doctor Director dropped off. She wants you to read it,” Shego answered.

“And she gave it to you?”

“She knew you’d show me anyway. It’s a little weird because she knows we’ll keep classified crap classified, even from each other because we understand the nature of what we do. I’m guessing this thing is something that you just won’t be able to keep to yourself,” Shego commented.

“Well, let’s see what it is,” Kim said in an eager voice.

Shego nodded. She rested the folder on her lap before she opened. When she did open it, the first thing that hit them was whom the file was on. The file was on Miriam Possible.

Next time: learning more about the first dragon-user, Mim Possible.

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