The Beast, Without

Chapter 8



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TITLE: Confusion

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I also don’t own the dragon eyes.

SUMMARY: Sequel to the Beast Within. Kim is still trying to get the hang of her dragon powers while former members of WEE seem to be plotting against her. Is she ready for them?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 5326

“Wow, so you’re not as unique as everyone tried to make you out to be,” Shego remarked, speaking to Kim.

The pair were in their bedroom, lounging in their bed. They were reading through a file that Doctor Director had left them with. They had been curious about the packet at first, but after just reading a couple of pages it was pretty clear why she gave it up. It was also clear why she thought Kim would share the information with Shego no matter what.

“Ha, ha, ha,” Kim replied dryly. Obviously, she did not share her lover’s humor in the situation.

“I wonder why she took so long to give this one up,” Shego commented. She figured that something like the file would have been read and reread hundreds of times while Kim was an infant and then handed over to the redhead as soon as she could read. But, obviously, she was wrong.

“I wonder why I never heard of Mim,” Kim commented. They were looking at a file on one of her ancestors, Miriam Possible. Apparently, a hundred years ago, her ancestor had also had a dragon inside of her.

Shego did not have answer for that one. They went back to reading and learned about Mim with the dragon. She seemed to have all of the powers that Kim had, but she was not encouraged to use them for the same reason that Kim had been discouraged from using her powers. And it seemed that just like when Kim was younger, Mim’s dragon used to freak out when she got emotional, which was horrible when they were both toddlers. With Mim, they had to make sure that she was calm all the time while with Kim, they had figured out how to put the dragon asleep.

The file did not tell them much about the dragon that was inside of Mim and whatever it did tell them, they had already seen in Kim. There were all kinds of theories loaded into the folder about the dragon. They seemed to think that Mim might actually be possessed by the creature just from some of the ways that she behaved when it manifested itself. They were not sure what to make of any of her powers either, even the dragon eyes was a mystery to them hundred years ago. They did not know what to make of the flame-like power since it actually did not burn things; Kim had figured out slightly that that power sort of did whatever the user wanted it to do, so if she wanted it to burn things, it could. She typically used it to immobilize or stun enemies.

The most information that they learned was about Mim herself. They seemed to have a lot of hope and faith in her to be a great agent. She seemed to have a great attitude and wonderful work ethic. It seemed that she believed that she could do anything, much like her descendent. She seemed to want to do a lot of good in the world, much like her descendents, but it would seem that something went horribly wrong.

Mim had been a field agent with GJ and had quite a few missions under her belt when things went south for her. It seemed like she was on her way to be a great agent, but then there was one mission that she apparently just went insane and that ended her whole career. The mission seemed simple enough; four agents had to go and scope out an illegal weapons’ manufacture deep in some woods. It was a pretty dangerous mission just because of the nature of their enemy; apparently, they were going after some high-powered bad guys of their day.

The dragon came out after her team was ambushed after a mysterious fog covered the area. Mim ended up leveling an entire forest area along with a secret weapons’ facility. When it was all said and done, the enemies got away and a GJ agent by the name of Jonathan Stoppable lay dead with deep claw marks in his chest, claw marks that GJ attributed to a certain dragon-user because they knew the dragon had talons and also that she could sprout claws on her own hands. He was Mim’s main partner on GJ missions. Mim vanished too; it was assumed that she went off with the enemies since she had aided in their escape thanks to the distraction of great destruction caused by her. She was never seen or heard from again, even though GJ searched for her, hoping to bring her to justice and make her pay for her crimes.

“Wait, I’m related to a murderer and a traitor?” Kim said in disbelief. She had been led to believe that her whole family was full of upstanding citizens. So, it was rather hard to swallow that Mim could do such things, even though it might explain why she had never heard of Mim.

“Hey, every family has a black sheep,” Shego commented as if it was no big deal. She did think that every family had members that stood out, either in a bad way or a good way.

“I don’t believe it. I mean, everything in the file reports that she was stellar agent and then suddenly one day she flips sides, kills an agent, her partner in fact, and then leaves with the bad guys out of the blue? It doesn’t make sense,” Kim argued in a skeptical voice. The story was just too wild. She could not imagine any situation where she would kill an agent, especially Ron, and then run off with the bad guys. It just would not happen.

“Sometimes people just snap,” Shego riposted, even though she knew that her lover would not accept that.

“Possibles don’t just snap,” Kim replied vehemently.

“Um…Pumpkin, you snapped twice,” the pale woman pointed out. It was not a particularly sensitive subject with Kim and she would talk about it if it was brought up, but most people tried not to talk about it.

“Well, they were doing stuff to you…and then they kidnapped you and my mom,” the redhead stated, hesitating only when because she was bringing up what happened to her beloved and her mother. She believed what happened with her was justified. WEE had taken Shego from her and tortured the plasma-user twice and they had kidnapped her mother and to that day, she still was not totally sure what they did to her mother because her mother refused to speak on it. She had not killed anyone either or switched sides like the file was claiming Mim did, so she did not think that Mim would have flipped like they said if she had not.

“Either way, you snapped. Maybe something got to Mim. You don’t know. You weren’t there and you weren’t in her head,” Shego countered calmly.

Kim sighed, admitting defeat to that argument because she had not been there and she did not know what might have happened with Mim. “I still don’t buy it,” the younger agent stated.

The green-skinned woman did not continue the argument, mostly because she did not think that Kim needed to be worked up at the moment. Kim was still recovering from being without the dragon and Shego was still taking care of her, babying her as Kim saw it. Shego just wanted to make sure Kim was in top shape and then they could get back to their normal lives. They were both looking forward to getting back to their normal lives.

Doctor Director arrived in Florida and went directly to the house of James Possible’s mother. She was welcomed warmly and offered the infamous lemon squares of Kimberly Possible; Kim was named after her grandmother. Doctor Director took the offered snacks because she did not want to offend the retired agent. They sat down in the living room.

“This is a cozy place you have here,” Doctor Director commented while looking around the apartment from her space on the sofa.

“It’s good for one person. Plus, the most excitement that happens here is shuffleboard,” the retired agent remarked with a delighted smile.

“I’d think someone like you would miss the action,” Doctor Director said honestly. She imagined that if she retired, she would miss everything that happened with her job, so she assumed that others were like that, especially people that were as good as Kimberly was.

“I like my old age more. I like that I’m still alive to see my grandkids grow up. That beats action any day of the week,” the older woman stated earnestly.

“I’m sure it does. It’s not something I can relate to, though.”

“It’s not too late for you to get married and have some kids,” Kimberly pointed out. “But, you’re married to work.”

“That I am.”

“So, what’s the nature of this visit? I know you didn’t come here to just check up on an old, retired agent,” Kimberly stated.

“Some crazy things have been happening lately and it all has to do with that dragon inside of your granddaughter.”

“I thought she had that under control.”

“Well, she’s got it under control to the point where she’s not going to go on a rampage and kill us all, but she’s got a long way to go as far as total control goes. But, I’m trying to get a better idea of the dragon and hopefully get her a better idea of the dragon. Going through the archives, I found only one other case that happened to be…” Doctor Director purposely trailed off.

“Mim Possible,” Kimberly filled in the blank.

“Indeed. I find it odd that neither you nor your son brought that up when we found out about the dragon inside of Kim,” Doctor Director said plainly, making sure that her tone was even and not accusing in any manner.

“There was no reason to. You managed to put the dragon to sleep and we didn’t have to worry about it anymore. The one inside of Mim…well, you know how that went if you read the file,” Kimberly replied with a slight shrug for lack of a better thing to do.

“Can you tell me more than what’s in the file? Surely, you have to know more. She was your husband’s aunt and he was your best friend through out your life,” Doctor Director pointed out. Someone had to be able to tell her something.

“She was my husband’s aunt and yes, I knew him my whole life, but by the time I was born and my husband was around, she had already vanished. They didn’t talk much about her, only whispered things. They sometimes argued about what happened and why she vanished. Some didn’t want to believe that she’d kill Jonathan, not with the way she felt about that man. Others just thought the demon took over her and made her do those terrible things. Everyone knew that the nature of that demon, or dragon, whatever you want to call it. It was pure evil and it made her do those things,” Kimberly stated what was the best of her knowledge. She and her husband had been young after all and no one was going to talk about things too much about Mim around them.

“I don’t know about that much. From what we’ve seen, the dragon is destructive, but I don’t think it would make an agent go off to the other side,” the brown-haired woman commented. From what she could tell with Kim, the dragon did not do too much thinking when it took over to the point where it might consider joining the side of evil. The dragon seemed more like an animal when it took over, like a blood-crazed shark, just looking to tear anything apart. But, there was always the chance that the dragon differed from person to person. Maybe Mim’s dragon was different from Kim’s, but she might never know if she could not get some more information on things.

“You might be on to something, but you don’t know much about the dragon either,” Kimberly pointed out, simply stating a fact and not looking to be smug about things.

“Touché. I need information on this dragon and what I’m getting is a bit disheartening,” Doctor Director commented. She was really hoping to find out that Kim would be fine and she would not have to worry about the young agent anymore as far as the dragon went, but that did not seem to be the way things were going. What was going to happen if someone else got their hands on the creature? What then?

“You shouldn’t worry. Kim has a strong will. She controls the dragon, not the other way around,” the grandmother commented, pride sneaking into her voice. Her grandkids were amazing little things and she was proud of all of them, but Kim especially for being able to overcome that demon inside of her.

“I’m not worried about her controlling the dragon.”

“Then what are you worried about?” the retired agent inquired curiously.

“The dragon getting into the wrong hands.”

“What do you mean?”

“Recently, a mad scientist by the name of Dementor managed to pull the dragon out of Kim. He had it in his possession for several days and it’s possible that he and a geneticist by the name of DNAmy were trying to copy the dragon. I want to know if it’s possible to do such a thing. I’m being told it’s not and I’d like to believe that because I know the dragon isn’t a living, physical being like the rest of us. But, I’m still incredulous that they even managed to pull the thing out of her. I mean, we thought that the dragon was something separate from Kim and everything, but to pull it out seems close to fantastic,” Doctor Director explained her anxiety toward the dragon.

“Well, Betty dear,” Kimberly said, purposely being informal. “You of all people should know that everything is possible in this world we live in. So, instead of thinking that it’s not possible to copy the dragon, you really need to start thinking about how you would do it if you wanted to. Or better still, how your villains would do it if they wanted to. As far as the makeup of the dragon, maybe you should start asking Kim since it is keeping house in her body. I noticed back when I was there that Kim is usually the only person you guys don’t consult and the dragon is in her,” Kimberly pointed out.

Doctor Director nodded in agreement and understanding; she was glad that she had made the trip now, even if she was not getting the information that she wanted. Kim was the last person that they ever talked to about the dragon because they figured that she was just going to quote what the creature told her and they were not interested in believing a creature that had nearly killed them the last time it was totally awake and in control. Then, there was the fact that GJ seemed to lose their imagination when it came to the dragon. They did not go out on limbs when it came to the creature, they limited themselves to thinking things were not possible, and they never came up with some new or seemingly farfetched way to study the dragon. They needed to breathe new life into a twenty-year-old project.

“You’re right,” the leader of GJ agreed.

“I only wish I could be more help. Kim’s not in any danger, is she?” Kimberly inquired, obviously concerned for her granddaughter. If things were bad enough, she certainly would waste no time in going back to Middleton to help out.

“Not if they’re trying to copy the dragon. If they didn’t make it though, they might try to take it again. I’m sure they’ll find it a lot harder a second time since she’s aware of what happened now. I doubt they’ll be able to get near her now,” Doctor Director answered.

“That’s good to know. Contact me if you need my help.”

“You know I will,” Doctor Director replied.

The leader of GJ left in a flash. Now, she needed to get back to Middleton and tell her people to start thinking outside of the box. A staff full of geniuses and no one was creative anymore. Maybe she should start hiring mad scientists, she considered; too bad they always inevitably tried to take over the world or something crazy like that.

“Are you done yet?” Dementor asked DNAmy with a huff. They still were not getting along quite well and it did not help that they did not have anyone around to distract them. Dementor also did not have any more parts in the plan to act as a distraction while DNAmy still had things to do.

“I am done, as you can see,” the round woman remarked while motioning to the left of her. She was focusing on her computer, but she was directing his attention to a container near her. Inside of the container there was red blob floating in midair it seemed and then it formed a face that looked very much like a dragon.

“That’s it?” he asked in disbelief. For some reason, he thought that it would be bigger, but then he remembered the size of the original dragon, which was bigger than what Amy had created, but it was still about the size of an iguana.

“That’s it,” she answered.

“Well, then, let’s get the first subject in here then!” he hollered with a triumphant look on his face, which the ebony-haired female did not acknowledge. She thought that he was acting as if he had done something big when she felt like she had the really hard job. Finding a way to replicate the dragon was just about her greatest achievement.

“That won’t do us any good,” DNAmy pointed out, shooting down his idea. She was starting to enjoy getting to him, mostly because she knew that he did not respect her and he needed to in her opinion. After all, she had found a way make a synthetic version of a creature that did not seem to be alive like every other living being, but it was alive in some manner of speaking anyway. She actually still did not totally understand the dragon, but she was not going to say that out loud and hardly wanted to admit it in her mind since she felt like she won. She had copied the dragon, after all.

“What? Why not?” he yelled again for no reason other than it was the way that he typically spoke.

“Do you remember that the dragon was inside of that girl?” she asked, talking to him as if he was a moron.

“Of course I remember. I was the one that pulled it out of her, after all!” he answered, getting outraged that she was speaking with him as if he was an idiot. If anything, she was the dumb one around there in his opinion considering how long it took her to do her part of the plan while he was able to do his part lightning fast. He did not seem to take into consideration that he had deep details on what he needed to do while her orders were rather vague, only giving an outline of what she needed to do, not how to go about it.

“Well, we’ve got no way to put this dragon into someone like that,” she informed him. The plan seemed to skip over that important fact by offering nothing in regards to it. They needed to get her synthetic dragon into a person and force-feeding it to a volunteer would not help.

“What do you mean?” he shouted in disbelief. They had made it so far and now they were stuck on something that should not be so hard. It did not sound so hard anyway. He had pulled the thing out of someone, so surely they could put it into another person.

“This dragon is different from hers. I wasn’t able to totally copy that dragon because there was something weird about it. I mean, it seemed like a regular power once I started looking at it, but there was something about it, like it had a mind or something. This dragon doesn’t,” she tried her best to explain.

DNAmy was still a bit baffled by the dragon, even though she had managed to copy it. She did not think that she had made a good copy, though. She liked to think that she could have done a better job if she had been able to spend more time studying the original creature. Damn that traitorous Shego for interfering. She would have had such a good, though frustrating time, trying to figure out the dragon completely and what exactly it was all about. She would have loved to make a perfect replica of that odd and fascinating creature.

She had come to some quick conclusions about the original dragon, but they had only confused her further about the creature. She believed that the dragon was like any other power, which explained why Dementor had been able to pull the dragon out of Kim with established, but modified technology that was used to halt powers. There was more to what Dementor did than what she was chalking it up to, but he had been able to get a hold of the dragon because a few WEE scientists had figured out how to latch onto powers and disconnect them, so to speak, to prevent people from using them. He had used that concept and specific instructions to pull out the dragon.

There was still something weird about the dragon, even if it seemed like a regular power. Like she said, it seemed to have a mind of some kind, a consciousness, which she could not replicate in her own creation, so she was starting to think that it was not something that the dragon was created with, which was only bizarre since she knew through a report that it was supposed to be a separate entity than the person that it was living inside. So, it had to be born in someway, right? She just was not sure what to make of it all.

The report was actually kind of vague on the dragon being a separate entity in regards to the host that it was inside. It seemed to be certain that the dragon was different from the host, but it could not explain what the dragon was to make it different from the host. It also did not explain how the dragon got into the girl that it lived in.

She also did not understand how the dragon was supposed to be inside of the person. She did not know how to get it inside of a person either. The dragon that she created would not move if she let it out of the container; it would not know to move because it could not think. Even if it could move, if it went into a body, it would just end up in the person’s lungs or stomach, which she knew was not supposed to be the case. The dragon was supposed to be something that settled through the body, especially near the heart or in the brain according to the report. She did not know how they were going to pull that off at the moment and Dementor was not offering up anything to help.

“This would take some kind of magic,” DNAmy muttered and then she got an idea. “I’ll be right back,” she informed the short scientist and got up to walk off.

“Wait, where are you going?” he called to her.

“I need to make a phone call,” she replied.

“This is no time to be speaking to your girlfriends!” he pointed out. DNAmy only rolled her eyes and continued on.

“You again,” Shego groaned as she opened the door to the apartment to find Doctor Director waiting outside.

“I need to talk to Kim,” Doctor Director informed the forever-cranky woman, at least in her opinion anyway.

“Whatever. You know she’s upset about that file you gave her,” Shego commented as the boss stepped in and she shut the door behind the brown-haired woman.

“Sometimes the truth hurts. I thought it might help her and she deserves to know her family history, especially if that family member had a dragon inside of her to,” Doctor Director answered plainly.

“Yeah, well, she thinks you’re implying that she’s going to freak out and maybe kill someone.”

“I wasn’t implying that. I was hoping that the file helped her.”

Shego did not say anything to that and they both went into the back. Kim was not surprised by Doctor Director’s presence. She wished that the boss would not see her while she was being forced to stay in bed, even though she felt a lot better. Shego just wanted to be sure that Kim was in top condition when she finally did let the redhead out of the bed.

“Agent Possible, I want to talk to you about the dragon,” Doctor Director stated bluntly.

“What about it?” Kim asked in a suspicious tone. She had already taken the file on Mim to heart and she thought that Doctor Director was going to watch her with extra-caution to make sure she did not kill anyone or to make sure she did not betray them.

“I went to speak with your grandmother about your ancestor. I was hoping that she could tell me more about the dragon than we know. It’s becoming obvious that we’ve gotten lazy when it comes to trying to figure it out, mostly because it’s either been asleep for most of your life or you control it rather well when you use it. So, it’s not on our radar as much as it should be, but now it’s on the bad guys’ radar and who knows what they might do with the knowledge of it. So, we need to solve this mystery. So, tell me everything that you know about the dragon that we haven’t listened to or taken into account,” Doctor Director more requested than ordered.

“You think this will help?” Kim asked in a puzzled tone. She really was not used to people asking her about the dragon, so it was a bit of a shock for the leader to ask about it. Most of the scientists that knew about the creature seemed to fancy themselves experts that did not need to talk to the redhead while most other people either did not know about it or did not want to know about it.

“It won’t hurt. The more we know about the dragon, the better an idea we can get of how bad guys might use it. Also, in case maybe one of your own descendents is born with a dragon inside of them or anyone else is born with a dragon in them, we’d have this information on file to help them,” Doctor Director replied. “We’ve got to stop treating this as if it’s impossible in happening again or it can’t be used against you or us or anything like that.”

Kim nodded to show that she understood and agreed with that. She went into the things that she knew about the dragon, but it was nothing too deep. She really did not understand the nature of the creature and it was not much of a help when she communicated with it through mediation. She just knew that it was there inside of her, apparently she needed it in there too if her recent illness was any indication of things, and it was kind of the source of all of her powers, even though she could use them when it was not inside of her; it just took a lot out of her. It did not do her any harm and stayed sleeping most of the time now, even if she lost her cool for the most part. But, she did not know what the dragon was exactly, just like always. No one seemed to know what the dragon was exactly and Doctor Director thought that was the most important piece of information that they could have on the creature. They needed to know just what the dragon was and she was going to get people on that right away.

Doctor Director was also going to get people trying to figure out how Dementor had yanked the dragon out of Kim in the first place. She wanted people to start thinking on what they would do if they wanted to copy the dragon. She wanted people to start thinking about everything to get ready for whatever Dementor and DNAmy might have had a chance to do.

(New day)

DNAmy and Dementor were ignoring each other. They were waiting for a couple of other people and while they were going that, they were trying not to get on each other’s nerves. They were sick of each other’s presences, though.

“Hey, anybody around here or what? This place is freaky!” a voice called. They knew that voice.

“Oy, not her too,” Dementor sighed, a tired and annoyed sound. He did not know that she was a part of the plan too. Things were just getting more and more irksome.

AdrenaLynn entered the room with a sinister grin on her face. Dementor rolled his eyes while DNAmy turned and greeted her with a smile. AdrenaLynn looked rather eager, the scientists noted. It was rare to come across such a happy, little guinea pig.

“Let’s get this thing going,” AdrenaLynn cheered, still grinning like mad.

“We need one more person to show up and then everything should come together,” DNAmy informed the blonde. She was actually just as happy as AdrenaLynn because she wanted to see if the plan was going to work. It seemed just too incredible to be real.

“I’m here,” Monkey Fist said while stepping out of the shadows and surprising everyone. He was the one person that they were waiting for.

“Did you bring the book?” DNAmy asked the mutant curiously.

“I’ve got the book. This should be a piece of cake,” Monkey Fist answered while holding up the tome that he had searched for to help them achieve their goal.

“Are we sure that it’s a good idea to mix science and magic?” Dementor wondered aloud. In all the years that he had worked with the WEE organization, they had never tried such a thing because they were not sure of the consequences. Well, and the scientists hated magic anyway since it seemed like a mockery of their disciplines and magic-users hated the scientists because they acted so condescending.

“There’s no other way to do this,” DNAmy pointed out. She was open to trying anything, whether it was mixing science and magic or anything else. She just wanted to see if they would succeed.

“Is this the dragon?” AdrenaLynn inquired, looking into the container that DNAmy was housing her creation in.

“Yup, that’s it. Monty’s gonna be the one that puts it in your body and you’ll be able to do everything that you saw that girl do on the video,” DNAmy answered.

“Freaky!” AdrenaLynn jubilantly cheered. She had volunteered for the mission just to be able to do what Kim Possible was able to do. She wanted to take that GJ agent out because Kim and Ron had ruined her first caper on her own after the fall of WEE. So, first, she would finish the plan and then she would show Kim Possible a thing or two with her very own dragon.

Next time: AdrenaLynn gets a dragon. That has to be the very definition of freaky.

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