The Beast, Without

Chapter 2



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TITLE: Interrupted

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I also don’t own the dragon eyes.

SUMMARY: Sequel to the Beast Within. Kim is still trying to get the hang of her dragon powers while former members of WEE seem to be plotting against her. Is she ready for them?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3776

Shego and Kim were snuggled up close in their full-size bed together; they liked the full-size because it pretty much forced them to be close. It was a good way to avoid going to bed angry with each other because they knew that they were going to be touching almost no matter what once they lay down, so they settled any small disagreements that might come up between them to avoid having all of that tension in the bed. It worked pretty well because neither of them wanted to sleep on the couch for the night or anything like that.

The alarm to their clock went off because they had both been too preoccupied last night to remember to turn the blasted thing off. Shego reached over to the nightstand, groping for the irksome device with her eyes closed and her back to the clock anyway. Once she finally got a hand on it, she yanked out of the wall and flung it carelessly across the bedroom.

“That was unnecessary,” Kim commented in a mumble. She was awake, but she still had her eyes closed.

“That thing being on was unnecessary,” Shego replied, grumbling as she spoke, showing that she was a bit cranky with the clock having the nerve to go off.

The redhead did not bother to argue and just pressed herself against Shego more so than she was already doing. The action made Shego open one eye to look at Kim, who was trying to go back to sleep it seemed. The pale woman was no longer in favor of that plan.

“Hey, Kimmie,” Shego said as if she had a secret to tell.


“Think fast.”

Kim wondered what in the world Shego was going on about, but she did not get the chance to make an inquiry to find out. But then again, she did not need to ask questions a second later. Shego leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, which she returned as soon as the contact was made. She should have seen that one coming, Kim commented mentally.

Whenever they were apart for a time thanks to their missions, upon their return there was a few days almost feral behavior. They always missed each other, were glad the other was back, and definitely hated knowing that they were going to be separated again as soon as another mission popped up. Shego took the separations worse than Kim did, mainly due to the fact that she slept better and longer when she was with the petite redhead. She could relax more when Kim was around. She often found it difficult to keep still when Kim was away on missions. And when she was away on missions, well, Shego did not even sleep and more often than not she found herself thinking about the mission second and getting back to Kim first.

Kim did not have the trouble sleeping like Shego did, but she often thought more about getting back to the raven-haired woman than the mission that she was on. When things were quiet or still, she would wonder what Shego was doing and if she was all right, not that she ever thought something bad would happen to Shego while she was alone. She would long to be near the pale woman to the point she got fidgety the more time that they were apart.

The kiss that the pair was sharing grew hotter than the plasma that Shego produced very quickly. There was groping and scratching going on already, which was why they often thought that their behavior was rather wild those first couple of days when they got back together. What most would find strange was that Kim preferred it when they were like that because Shego never took time to stop and think.

Whenever they were having a “romantic” encounter, namely taking time to be sweet and tender with each other rather than acting on pure emotion and instinct, Shego always had time to think. With time to think, she always got to wondering if that pervy, annoying lizard that was inside of Kim was awake and possibly watching them. The green-skinned woman had no desire to put on a show for the dragon and it often took a few minutes for Kim to assure her that the dragon was not watching them. Such things never happened when they were both running on sheer desire and need.

They fooled around for most of the morning before Kim remembered that she had a doctor’s appointment that she needed to get to. If her memory served her correctly, Shego had one too. They needed to get out of bed.

“Shego,” Kim said while biting back a hiss as the pale woman suckled her throat.

“What?” Shego asked, not bothering to lift her mouth from its task.

“We’ve got to get to the main building in…” Kim paused to check her watch. “Fifteen minutes for our appointments.”

“Damn it, I forgot all about that,” Shego admitted with a bit of an attitude. She really did not want to get up anytime soon.

“I can see there were other things on your mind,” the redhead remarked in a light tone.

“Fine, we’ll pick this up when we get back in.”

Kim did not argue that and they had to hurry to get ready. It was hard to stay focused considering the fact that they took a shower together to save time. Their eyes and minds wandered as they were getting dressed too. They already knew that their minds were going to be wandering for the rest of the day until they could return to what they wanted to do.

They parted ways when they got to the main building. Shego had an appointment with the doctor for a check-up, which was required of all GJ agents. Field agents typically saw a doctor every four months just to make sure that everything was all right and there were no underlying problems or sleeping injuries that might try to creep up on the agents while they were out.

Shego had to undergo a number of tests and examinations. The doctor liked to make sure that her abnormal body temperature was not actually killing her. They liked to keep up with her powers too because she had developed even higher levels of power since becoming a GJ agent, which had to do with her sparring with Kim as often as possible and also being allowed into Kim’s special training area when the redhead was not around. No one wanted Shego to one day melt because of her powers or something like that, mostly because Doctor Director did not want that and no one wanted to upset the boss.

The fire-starter thought that it was all too much for her. Her powers had never harmed her before and she doubted that they were going to start as she got better at using them. Still, she went to the doctor because Kim would have forced her to go anyway or she would have had to hear Doctor Director’s mouth until she did make it to the doctor.

Kim was used to all of the tests and things that she had to go through. She had been a scientific curiosity for as long as she could remember anyway. As far as she was concerned, things had not changed, even though the reason that she was being studied had. Ever since she used the dragon to rescue her mother and Shego, it became common knowledge that she was not “normal” like most of the organization believed. They were stunned to find that she had powers that did not register in any of the tests that they did and no one could really explain it, although Shego noted that everyone and his mother had a theory about Kim and her dragon. Everyone that did not matter anyway.

“Hey, Mom.” Kim smiled as the neurosurgeon entered the room while she was waiting for them to do yet another MRI on her.

“Hey, Kimmie,” Ann replied as she sat down. She did not conduct any of the tests or things on Kim, but she did oversee most of them to make sure the doctors and scientists did not get beside themselves, which they would do if she was not around.

“Any chance of me getting out of here early?” the younger redhead inquired with a hopeful smile.

“I’ll see what I can do. Anxious to get back to your ‘roommate’?” Ann asked with a teasing expression on her face. She thought it was amusing that Kim and Shego called each other “roommates” when it was so clear that they were girlfriends; it was not like they even tried to hide the fact that they were dating. There was no reason to hide the fact, so no one really understood why they did not just call each other “girlfriends.”

Kim only looked away while doing her best not to blush. She was very, very eager to get back to Shego. She wished that she could just get a regular check-up like every other field agent and have everyone take her word that the dragon was not trying to take over her body or whatever they thought was going on. It did not help matters that her hormones were raging out of control thanks to what they had done all morning.

“Could I just please get out early?” Kim asked again, practically begging now.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Ann repeated.

Kim nodded and the day proceeded as usual. Halfway through everything, Shego showed up, rubbing a bandaged area of her arm where she had blood taken. She detested getting blood taken since the blasted woman doing it seemed to be blind and could never find a vein the first time out…or the second time for that matter. Shego had been stuck a record of five times that go around. She was thankful that she did not have to do that again until next year.

She watched Kim go through everything that she had to while trying to be annoyed with the fact that Kim was not ready to go. It was hard to be irked at the moment though, because the thing at the forefront of her mind was that morning and what she planned to do when they go home. She was mostly hot and bothered, but there was some annoyance that things were not going fast enough too.

When everything was said and done, Shego grabbed Kim, practically yanking the redhead’s arm off, and they set off for their apartment. It did not cross either of their minds to go out since they were outside. There would be time to go on dates later, they told themselves. Right now, they just wanted some privacy in their own home. Unfortunately, they were held up.

“Hey, Possible!” they had a very familiar voice scream. A voice that they really did not want to hear at the moment.

“Damn it,” both Kim and Shego cursed and then they came up with the same idea. “Let’s just ignore her,” they informed each other. The couple continued on their way, only to find that Bonnie was not interested in being ignored, not that she ever was.

“Where do you think you’re going, Possible?” Bonnie demanded to know as she landed in front of them. She had leaped from all the way across the street to block their path.

“Bonnie, we’re really in a hurry,” Kim said, trying her best not to sound too eager or Bonnie would just be a pest even longer if she knew that the couple was trying to get somewhere.

“She doesn’t have time to whip your ass today,” Shego stated. She had never met a more persistent creature than Bonnie. The cat-girl refused to accept that her powers were no match for Kim and right now, it was just annoying. They had better things to do than deal with Bonnie and her raging jealousy.

“You stay out of it, you turncoat,” Bonnie barked at Shego.

“I’m surprised you know what a turncoat is,” the green-skinned woman remarked and she was telling the truth.

Bonnie never did strike Shego as a smart one, especially since she kept making the same bonehead move of challenging Kim to a fight whenever their paths happened to cross. No one could beat Kim in a battle and Bonnie needed to accept that, especially with her transformation powers. The tanned woman needed to accept that along with getting all of the great things that cats possessed, she had their weaknesses too, which made her powers kind of bland.

“This between me and Possible. Now step aside,” Bonnie ordered while making a sweeping gesture with her hand.

“Usually, I would be all for watching Pumpkin wail on you like there’s no tomorrow, but it tends to take more time than I’m willing to give up right now. So…” Shego let loose a plasma wave with one hand that threw Bonnie, who was caught by surprise, back across the street. The tanned female screeched like a cat all the way over there. She lost consciousness as she impacted a building.

“Shego,” Kim sighed. She thought that was being much too rough with Bonnie, even though she knew that the cat-girl was fine.

“Come on, before she wakes up,” Shego replied while pulling Kim off in the direction of their home. The redhead did not argue with that.

(New day)

An annoying, yet familiar beeping sound took Kim and Shego from their sleep. They groaned as they started reaching on their nightstands for the Global Justice-issued communication devices. They both picked up what they thought was their own device and answered.

“What’s the sitch, Wade?” Kim grumbled.

“Yo,” Shego pretty much grunted.

“Shego, do you think you could put Kim on?” Wade requested. He was on screen for the device that Shego was holding, which turned out to be Kim’s and not hers.

“Miss Possible, if you could get Shego on the line,” Doctor Director commented. Shego was the only agent that the boss was not totally formal with. It probably had something to do with the fact that Shego got on her nerves like no other agent ever.

“Oops,” the couple muttered as they realized that they had grabbed the wrong ones. It was a common occurrence when they were contacted early in the morning and they did not bother to look when answering calls. If they bothered to open their eyes, Kim would have noticed that she was holding a green device just like Shego would have noticed that she had a sky blue one if she had looked.

The pair passed each other the proper communication units. Kim at least had the decency to try to wake up and give Wade her undivided attention. Wade was Kim and Ron’s mission dispatcher as well as their connection to the home base when they were out on missions. He was not a full fledge agent yet because of his age, but with the work that he was being trained to do, he was allowed to have input in missions regularly since he was not in any direct danger and he proved competent enough to not put any agents in danger. Besides, Kim and Ron were very comfortable with Wade and trusted him just as well as they trusted each other. It was doubtful that they would have such a connection with any other dispatcher.

Shego got her missions directly from the boss herself for the simple fact that Shego would not listen to anyone else. She was not particularly respectful even when she was dealing with the leader, but Doctor Director tolerated her better than most people. She supposed that she tolerated Shego because she knew that the rotten attitude was mostly a front or a way to keep irksome people away from her.

The pair listened for a couple of minutes before disconnecting the communications. They turned to each other and sighed. They knew what the other was going to say, but they spoke anyway.

“I got a mission,” they both reported.

“Well then, I guess we need to get dressed then,” Kim commented with a smile.

“I don’t want to get dressed. I just want to sleep,” the pale woman complained. They had had a late night last night after going to a movie, dinner, a club, and then coming home to cap off the evening with a couple of hours of coupling before falling to sleep three hours ago.

“Sleep when you get back. Come on,” Kim urged.

“I hate you and your energy,” Shego grumbled.

“Oh, like you’re not going to be up once you get out and get going.”

“That’s not the point. The point is that I don’t want to get out and get going.”

“Well, you have to. That’s our jobs. Now, get up and let’s go,” Kim said and then she slapped Shego soundly on the rump.

“Hey!” Shego practically squealed. “You don’t do that!”

“But, you do it all the time to me,” the redhead pointed out.

“It’s really cute when I do, though,” Shego remarked.

“Not to me,” Kim replied with a pout.

Shego laughed and they finally got out of bed. They showered and got dressed in their mission gear. They parted ways at the door, kissing each other as a farewell. Shego would get briefed on her mission at the main building while Kim had to meet up with Ron and they would be briefed on their mission en route.

Kim and Ron were dropped off by a GJ jet at the base of a mountain range. If they got too close it would have alerted the villain that they were going after, so the pair had to climb the rest of the way, which Ron as not too happy about. They started climbing anyway with Kim in the lead to spot any security or detection devices thanks to her dragon eye powers. She could control the dragon eye to a certain extent, but like all of her other dragon powers, she could not completely figure out the dragon eyes. She did use that power involuntarily, though more often than not since it never went away. She could enhance it though, to detect certain things, like what she was looking for now.

The climb up was being monitored very carefully, even though the duo did not know it. They were expected. They were actually welcomed because one of them was wanted. Of course, they did not know that.

As the two made it to the top of the mountain hideaway, they were greeted by giant dogs. It would not have been so weird if the mutants dogs were not huge dachshund. Kim could not believe what she was seeing.

“We’re being attacked by giant wiener dogs?” Ron asked curiously, just to be sure. He considered that he might be hallucinating since he had drank some diablo sauce on the way over; there was nothing better to, so he and Rufus had a sauce drinking contest.

“It does look that way,” Kim replied as three dogs charged over to them, making sure to display their large, pointy teeth that got Ron’s attention.

“Ah, nice doggy!” Ron hollered while running away, hoping to shake the beast.

Kim rolled her eyes and just went to work on the canines. She let loose her dragon’s fire; the swirling, red-orange flame-like projectile erupted from her hand. She was still a bit iffy about using the power because she feared that she might kill someone with it, even though she had yet to even critically injure someone with it. The dogs ran off after they were struck by the power.

Kim and Ron then burst into the hideout since they figured that they were known; somebody had to hear those dogs. They were greeted by more mutated animals once they stepped inside and also monster plants. They both could not believe that they were being attacked by giant wiener dogs, killer thorn vines, and a bunch of other things they did not even know what they were.

“What in the world is this thing?!” Ron hollered while trying to kick a two-foot high pile of moss off his foot. He was pretty sure that the gross thing was trying to eat his leg.

“What the hell is this!” Kim huffed while tearing through vines that were as thick as her arm. They were trying to wrap around her.

The monster-sized animals kept coming too. The duo continued on fighting, but the mutants did not seem to stop coming. They made their way deeper into the hideout, just hoping that things they were doing did not count as mistakes.

Professor Dementor watched on his monitors, specifically watching Kim. She was an amazing creature, he silently admitted. Well, it was not really her, he corrected himself. He could not wait for her to make it to him. He just hoped that she was as distracted as she seemed to be because he knew that if she was paying just a little bit of attention to anything that was not attacking her, then she would discover his plot with those talented eyes of her. He would find out sooner enough as she and her partner were drawing closer to him.

Kim and Ron were coming closer to Dementor and they ran right into the room that he was in without paying any mind to the archway that they passed through to enter, even though there was a weird flash of light when Kim went through. They did think that it was odd that Dementor was laughing as they came in and then the archway that they had gone through suddenly released itself from the wall and condensed itself down into a small canister, which then shot off through the roof.

“What’s going on?” Ron wondered loud.

“Thank you, Miss Possible for everything. I appreciate the help. Now, so long and goodbye!” Professor Dementor shouted as he started a jetpack that he was wearing and rocketed off without a fight.

“What is going on!” Ron hollered in a confused tone.

“I think we just failed the mission,” Kim commented, sounding rather incredulous.

“But, he didn’t even do anything,” Ron pointed out. He was pretty sure that Dementor had not done anything anyway. He looked at Kim. “This is going to go down as one huge mark on our record, isn’t it?” he asked and all she could do was nod.

Next time: Kim realizes something is missing and then she starts feeling sick.

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