The Beast, Without

Chapter 10

Tip the scales


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TITLE: Tip the scales

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I also don’t own the dragon eyes.

SUMMARY: Sequel to the Beast Within. Kim is still trying to get the hang of her dragon powers while former members of WEE seem to be plotting against her. Is she ready for them?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Thanks to Silver Snow Wolf (now know as Benikoushaku) for the idea that appears in this chapter.

Words: 3527

Shego, Kim, and a butt load of GJ agents were in for one wild ride, and they probably were not going to live to tell about it. They were about to fight an army of dragon-users. Sure, the dragons were sub-par at best in Shego’s opinion considering the fact that she had taken down two of them with ease, but the sheer numbers that they were up against and all of those people would be using dragon powers; it just was not a good day to be a GJ agent.

“Stay close to me,” Shego ordered Kim. The command was given because she knew that the redhead was not up to full strength yet, even though she wanted to come in and play the hero.

“I don’t need you keeping an eye on me. I’m fine,” Kim argued, sounding a bit insulted because of the order. She could take care of herself after all.

“You and I both know you’re not a hundred percent yet,” the pale woman pointed out. Kim had almost died last week, after all. She did not care if Kim had a hundred dragons inside of her; no one bounced back from near-death that quickly.

“I’m still good enough to take on these pretenders to the throne,” the redhead remarked with a confident smirk.

“Fine, but you better not die on me. If you do, remember I will see you in Hell,” Shego commented quite seriously.

Kim gulped because to the sound of her lover’s voice; there was an edge there that she never heard. She knew it was because Shego was concerned for her safety and wellbeing, but there was still something unnerving about it. It was almost like if she did die and go to Hell, being there would only be the start of her trouble and Shego finding her would be the real meaning of Hell.

They stayed close to each other when the dragon-users began to land and the battle-royal began. It was not something that they did on purpose; it just seemed to be an unconscious notion to be nearby in case one of them needed the other. They would be able to get to each other quickly if something went wrong and their subconscious minds kept them close to each other because of that.

The battle quickly took on the characteristics of a slaughter, even with the GJ agents using their special powers to combat the dragon-users. Sure, they were using sub-par dragons in comparison to what Kim could do with hers, but there were still hundreds of them. When it was all said and done, GJ might not be as secret as it once was; there was going to be a hell of a lot of covering up when the encounter was over and that was not counting the fact that the bad guys might actually win.

“Reinforcements might be nice,” Shego remarked into her communication unit while firing streams of plasma blasts all around. She was rather accurate in hitting people, but many of them were still fresh enough to where her blasts were not penetrating their dragon auras.

“I’m working on it!” Doctor Director replied through the communication link with a huff. Why did she get Shego a direct line to her? Was she a glutton for annoyance?

“Could you work a little faster? They’re just coming like damn ants!” Shego reported. It was practically a swarm of dragons coming at them.

“Just make sure my brother doesn’t get away,” the boss pointed out, almost as if she was angry with the green-skinned agent. She was making it clear that she would be very heated if her twin managed to make it out of everything and escape.

Shego turned her attention to the prison cell and noticed that the big fish was gone. “Damn it! Kim, find that one-eyed bastard Gemini!” the pale woman commanded because she wanted him worse than anybody in her opinion.

“I’m on it,” Kim answered, even though she had her hands full, so to speak.

The redhead was using both of her hands and had the dragon out to throw projectiles at all of the enemies all around. She scanned the battlefield, her eyes completely golden, to find the one person that they definitely did not want to get away. She easily spotted him and went after him, taking off with her wings.

While in the air, Kim was a big target with her dragon aura surrounding her. It was like a huge, bright red target in the air and WEE agents did not hesitate in firing at her. Luckily for her, her aura was strong and protected her from all of the other dragon-users attempting to bring her down. She fired back, but focused on catching up to Gemini before he escaped and caused more trouble than he already had, considering the fact that he had turned a prison into a war zone was already quite the achievement.

Kim did not seem to notice, but sweat was starting to gather on her forehead as she pressed on. She let loose a projectile in Gemini’s direction as he was fleeing toward a car. She also hit the car for good measure to make sure he could not escape in it. Out of the corner of her eye, she knew that more blasts were coming her way, but she thought that she would be able to take them.

She was really surprised when a blast actually went through her aura; it was the first time that something like that happened to her. It connected with her shoulder, which caused her to hiss in pain and send her plummeting since it turned her in midair. She caught herself before she hit the ground, but Shego noticed the hit.

“Damn it, I knew she wasn’t a hundred percent,” Shego cursed as she decided to make her way over to Kim before something happened to the redhead. She would never be able to live with herself if Kim was seriously injured out there, even though it would be Kim’s fault for not listening in the first place.

The pale woman dashed off in Kim’s direction, having to let loose plasma blasts in almost every direction as she did so. Kim was still going after Gemini, who was still attempting to get away. Kim was not going to let that happen, she silently promised herself. She would not let a mad man like him get away.

The dragon around Kim roared before spitting fire from its mouth in Gemini’s direction. He moved out of the way just in time while Kim had to dodge all sorts of enemy fire coming her way. She did not relent with him and fired on him with the dragon while she used her hands to counter the attacks coming her way.

Still, with all of the fire that was out there from the WEE agents and even the GJ agents, along with other authorities, Kim found herself hit yet again. She figured out that blasts were piercing her aura because she was getting tired. She never got tired so quickly in all of her life. She guessed that Shego was right; damn, she was going to never hear the end of it, unless of course, she died and went to Heaven. Knowing Shego, she would just break into Heaven though, and she still would never hear the end of it.

Kim figured that her best bet would be to land; that way she would at least not be a bright red airborne mark. She could still be able to keep an eye on Gemini, who was suddenly armed and marching toward her. He had his eye-patch flipped up to make full use of his dragon eye and he began firing at her. Kim dodged and countered with her own projectile. She was starting to breathe harder with every flame that she threw and every shot that she dodged. She was beginning to take some hits, just unable to get out of the way fast enough, even though she knew that they were coming. Some were making it through her dragon shield.

“Damn it, Princess, didn’t I tell you that you weren’t ready for this mess?” Shego barked as she made her way over to Kim to have the redhead’s back.

“No one’s ready for this mess!” Kim pointed out in her own defense. GJ agents were dropping left and right, being overwhelmed by WEE’s dragon-users.

“You got me there,” Shego remarked because it was the truth. They were getting their asses handed to them, even with fresh bodies arriving every couple of minutes.

Kim kept her eye on Gemini, who was still battling back and forth with her. Shego watched her back for her to make sure no one else got a chance to tag the redhead. Suddenly, though, Shego heard Kim cough in pain and she turned around to see what was going on. Kim was on her knees, coughing still, blood dripping off her shoulder.

“Pumpkin, talk to me,” Shego said while falling to Kim’s side, easily forgetting that they were in the middle of the most intense battle of their lives.

“I’m fine. I think I wore myself out using the dragon so much so soon,” Kim admitted while trying to catch her breath.

“You’re shot,” Shego noticed thanks to the blood coming out of her lover.

Kim did not say anything to that because she was shot in the shoulder. Shego turned her attention to the person responsible for her wounded love. A fire of hatred blazed in her emerald eyes hotter than her plasma could ever imagine. Gemini actually gulped because his dragon eye told him something rather frightening; he was looking at his death.

“You want out of prison so badly, buddy boy? Fine, when I’m done with you, you’ll be able to go wherever the wind take you!” Shego declared as she flared up in a way that he had never seen.

Gemini could not believe his eyes, the regular one or the dragon one, as he watched what Shego was able to do with her powers thanks to two years of sparring with Kim and other exercises. She set her entire body ablaze with emerald fire; the plasma even danced off of her hair. The jade flame crackled and flared off of her just like energy from a star. She looked like she had risen out of the deepest pits of Hell and was blessed with unholy, unfathomable green energy. He gulped again.

“You might want to start running because I can tell you now, bullets melt before they touch me when I’m like this, so the gun doesn’t do you much good and the dragon eye is going to be giving you a little headache in about a minute anyway. You’re going to be at my mercy and considering our past, you can imagine, I don’t have any,” Shego stated with a deep, almost animalistic growl. After everything that he had done to her and everything that he had put her lover through, she would love nothing more than to wipe his entire existence off the face of the Earth with her bare hands.

A lone bead of sweat ran down Gemini’s cheek while a chill ran up his spine as he bore witness to her amazing power. She was right about the dragon eye, but he was not going to trust her on the bullets thing, even though his golden eye was telling him that a bullet would probably evaporate long before it touched her. He opened fire anyway.

“Bad choice,” the green-skinned woman said in a deadly tone.

Shego shot over to Gemini, not even looking to give him a chance to get away. She sliced through his gun with more ease than a sharpened sword through tissue. He gasped in fear and fell back in an attempt to escape. Just as she was about to tear into him like never before, he clutched his dragon eye, having a sensory overload thanks to using the power for too long, which she knew would happen. He actually passed out from the pain and fear of what he knew she was going to do before she got a chance to do it, which disappointed her of course.

“Damn it!” Shego screamed aloud in fury. She wanted her revenge against him. She wanted revenge for the nightmares that she had, for the nightmares that Ann had, and even for the nightmares that Kim sometimes had knowing what she was capable of it she got angry enough. Then there was the fact that his minions had almost killed Kim to make dragon knock-offs. Everything that was happening now was all his fault and she wanted him to feel physically what they felt, but it was impossible and pointless if the bastard was unconscious.

She then remembered that she was currently in a war zone with her lover, who was wounded. She went back to Kim’s side, finding the redhead still trying to defend herself, even though it was wiping her out to use her powers. Shego attacked any and everyone near Kim.

“I’ll get you out of this, Princess,” Shego promised sincerely and in a gentle tone.

“I know,” Kim said with confidence.

Shego made sure to keep the enemies away from them, but now, she was starting to wear out. Hey, it was hard work keeping her whole body plasma-charged like it was, but it was necessary with all of the dragon-users still crawling about and kicking GJ agents’ asses. Shego was not going to let her and Kim be in that number of fallen agents, but her charge was winding down.

“Betty, where the hell is the backup?” Shego demanded to know in her communication unit.

“They’re there!” Doctor Director hollered in response. She was aware that things were not going well considering she had surveillance of the whole battle.

“They’re getting their asses kicked with everyone else then!” the pale woman pointed out. The backup was worthless if they were suffering the same fate as the people they were coming in to rescue.

“I can see that!” the boss retorted. She was sick of Shego pointing out the obvious all the damn time, especially at such a critical point.

“Then do something about it!” the green-skinned woman shouted.

“I’m trying!” Doctor Director replied in a very heated tone. It was not like she was just sitting back, drinking coffee, and watching her organization getting beaten, bruised, and killed. She was sending in bodies, weapons, and trying to come up with all sorts of plans, but those manufactured dragon-users were still tearing into her personnel.

“Damn it,” Shego said once again. She was pretty sure that was the thousandth time that she said that in that hour alone.

Shego and Kim pressed on, firing on enemies. Sure, they were dropping people considering the fact that the new dragon-users had inferior dragons and they tired easily, but it was still hundreds of them and more arriving every minute. It was as if DNAmy had made a dragon to put into every WEE agent in existence. What did she have a dragon assembly line or something, Shego wondered. Kim was ready to pass out, having hit her limit a long time ago, but continuing on because she could not leave her lover to fight alone. Shego’s plasma charge was starting to vanish over parts of her body; she was starting to have trouble holding up one arm from throwing so much plasma.

“We are so damned screwed,” Shego muttered as she glanced up in the sky to see more black dragons landing. It seemed like GJ was about to be wiped out.

And then the strangest thing happened, and for that day it had a lot of things to top to be the strangest. A column of blood red swirling flames rained down onto the battlefield, taking out dozens of dragon-users in one hit. Shego wondered what was going on and looked in the sky to locate what was the source of fire, which happened to be a dark crimson dragon. Even though she knew that it was not Kim, she did have to glance behind her to make sure. Kim was crouched on the ground, breathing like she had just participated in a triathlon contest.

“Um…Doctor Director, are you seeing this?” Shego asked in her comm. unit. She sounded beyond baffled by what was going on.

“The new dragon? Yes. That’s not Kim by any chance, is it?” Doctor Director inquired curiously, trying her best not to sound confused because she knew the new dragon was not Kim. It was not the right color. Still, she had to be sure, just like Shego.

“No, Kim’s behind me, lucky to be conscious and alive by my good graces,” Shego replied.

The new dragon continued attacking, taking out waves of the black dragons. It was incredible to see. The enemies turned their attention to the newcomer and focused their energy on halting that problem. The blood-colored dragon was not affected by anything coming at it and continued its attack on the WEE dragon-users.

The GJ agents seemed to be revitalized by the overwhelming appearance of a dragon that was on their side that was not Kim. They were just glad for the help and suddenly things did not seem so hopeless anymore as the blood-colored dragon took down enemies by the dozens. Shego turned to look at Kim.

“You ready to get back into this thing?” the green-skinned woman inquired with a cocky smirk.

“Can’t let them do all the work,” Kim replied with an expression similar to her lover’s.

“Don’t think that let’s you off the hook, though.”

“Oh, man,” the younger agent groaned.

Shego pulled Kim to her feet and they went back to battling with WEE. The crimson dragon carried on, even though GJ was making a comeback. The WEE dragon-users were now the ones dropping like flies, some of them from plain exhaustion and others from attacks from GJ agents. It seemed that a lot of the WEE agents were using the dragons for too long.

By the end of the battle, Kim was back on the ground, tired out of her mind. Shego was right next to her, breathing just as hard. Every WEE dragon-users was now in the dirt, either unconscious because of they were unaccustomed to the dragons or from wounds inflicted upon them in the fighting. A lot of GJ agents were on the ground too.

“Kimmie, where’s Gemini?” Shego inquired while wiping sweat off of her forehead.

Kim took a look around the battlefield, silently praying that Gemini had not gotten away. She started chuckling as she spotted him. She managed to lift her arm and point off to the right. Shego turned to see Gemini being cuffed by some guy in a suit; she did not know what agency he was with, but as long as he was arresting Gemini, she was all right with it. Shego had mixed feelings about it. She was happy seeing that Gemini had not gotten away and would be locked back up, but she really wanted to tear his face off with her bare claws.

Kim looked around the area now scanning for the crimson dragon. It was still there, about to take off from what she could see. She knew that she had to act quickly if she wanted to know exactly who that was.

“Wait!” Kim shouted as she pushed herself up from the ground and ran off toward the dragon.

“Shego, follow Kim and find out who the hell that is with that dragon,” Doctor Director ordered.

Shego sighed and trotted off after her lover. The dragon turned its attention to Kim as she came over. The redhead stopped as soon as she was standing before the blood-colored dragon. She had to catch her breath.

Kim actually did not know what she wanted to say, but she did not have to say anything. The dragon aura disappeared and she got to see who was wielding such precise powers. She could not believe her eyes, but then again, neither could the dragon-user.

“You’re Mim Possible,” Kim said. The shocking thing was that the woman looked just like the picture in her file, which was a hundred years old. She was over a hundred years old, but she looked like she was in her mid-twenties.

“And you look a lot like me,” the redheaded woman remarked with a smile.

Shego just stared; well, she also listened to Doctor Director, who was barking orders in her ear. Apparently, she and Kim were going to have to bring Mim in. She hoped that it was as easy as the boss was trying to make it seem. Well, she was going to try the easy way and see if it worked.

“Hey, Mim, I’m being told you have to come with us to GJ HQ,” Shego informed the redheaded woman, who just continued to smile. Shego was not sure what to make of that expression.

Next time: the end.

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