Night terrors

Chapter 7

The aftermath: The morning after


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TITLE: The aftermath: The morning after

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu.

SUMMARY: Set in the Pariah universe. When Kim makes cupcakes, it brings the crew the worse nightmares when they go to bed. What could possibly frighten this crew?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 1569

The crew was gathering in the dining room of the evil twins for their usual breakfast. Shego really did not want to be near the dining room, but she was hungry after such a weary night. As they got together, Shin accidentally brushed against Tatsu and an outsider might have thought that he pulled a knife on from the way she reacted.

“Don’t ever fucking touch me!” Tatsu ordered Shin as she grabbed him by the collar of his pajama shirt and slammed him against the wall.

“What the fuck is your problem?” he demanded to know. He was not in the mood to put up with any flighty shit that morning.

“Just don’t touch me,” she commanded him in a menacing tone while releasing him and then throwing herself into one of the dining room chairs. She glanced at Kim, who immediately looked away.

“Shego, are you going to sit down or just stare at the fucking chairs?” Shin inquired as he moved by her to sit down too. Shego was just staring at the chairs around the table.

“Yeah, why don’t you just sit down?” Trin suggested.

“Why don’t you mind your own goddamn business?” Shego countered.

“Don’t tell me what to fucking do!” the blonde retorted.

“Go to hell!” Shego replied.

“Fuck you!”

“Not in this lifetime, bitch,” the green-skinned woman said.

“I damn sure wouldn’t want to,” Trin replied.

“Then get the fuck out of my face.”

“Make me,” Trin growled.

“With pleasure,” Shego replied as she ignited her hands.

The other three saw that they were about to have a serious fight on their hands, so they all moved to either prevent it or just not get hurt in the process. Kim was the only one that made it to Trin and Shego. Shin accidentally touched Tatsu again and she pounced on him.

“What the hell did I just say!” Tatsu hollered as she took a swing at the young man, which he took offense too. He did not hesitate in countering and they were suddenly locked in a battle.

“You two,” Kim said to Trin and Shego. The redhead had not noticed the other fight yet.

“Back off, Kim. I’ve got to whip her ass,” Shego said.

“In your fucking dreams. I’m about to plant you in this fucking hardwood,” Trin stated.

Kim would have tried to be more of a peacemaker, but Shin pushed Tatsu and the mechanic knocked into Kim. The redhead freaked when she saw who it was that hit her and her body automatically attacked because of her panic. Tatsu was stunned, but she blocked just in time. But, there was also Shin to deal with.

Without Kim in the way, Trin and Shego went at each other with a vengeance. Breakfast that morning was a battle royal when the two fights merged after a few accidental hits between the five of them. They did not know why they were fighting each other, but they were not about to stop.

“Okay, just what the hell was that all about?” Shin inquired as the group settled in the living room.

They were all sporting some heavy bandages and bruises, but at least they had gotten it all out of their systems. Whatever “it all” was because they really had no idea why the others were coming at them. They just knew about their individual experiences.

Shin was laid out on the sofa while the two couples were occupying the armchairs opposite each other. Kim was sitting on Shego’s lap while Tatsu was sitting in Trin’s lap. Everyone was looking back and forth between them all. Had they really just lost it over some dreams?

“Hey, let’s not all answer at once,” Shin said sarcastically.

“Hey, maybe we don’t want to talk about it, nut-boy,” Shego replied.

“Oh, a double insult. That’s why I like you,” he commented.

“Shut up,” the green-skinned woman huffed. Usually, she would have been all for going back and forth with him, but at the moment, she was not looking to put up with anything irksome.

“Look, guys, we just went seriously ape-shit on each other. I’d really like to know why, so I can get us to do it again next month,” he remarked.

“Shin, shut up,” Trin said.

“Fine, am I the one that’s going to have to say it?” Shin asked.

“Say it and then shut up,” the blonde replied.

“Kimmie, sweetie, no more baking for you,” Shin informed the girl and there were mumbles of agreement on that one.

“Why not?” the redhead inquired.

“Because I had just about the freakiest fucking nightmare imaginable last night after eating one of your cupcakes,” he answered.

“You weren’t the only one,” Shego muttered.

“Did we all have nightmares?” Kim wondered aloud.

“Really bad ones,” Trin commented while staring at Shego.

“The worst,” Shego concurred while eyeing Trin.

The pair wondered if they had had similar nightmares. Trin decided to take a gamble and suggest that they talk about it, but when they were alone, which they did not want to be, so they were never going to get around to talking about it. The group all looked at each other.

“Should we all just talk about it?” Kim offered.

“Let’s just get one thing straight. I hate you,” Shego said to Trin in a dead serious tone.

“The feeling is very mutual,” Trin promised in the same tone.

“Good,” the emerald-eyed woman said.

“And just in case anyone here forgets it, I’m very gay,” Shin announced. “I’ve never wanted a woman and never will.”

Tatsu breathed a sigh of relief. The other ladies looked at Shin and wondered what made him think that any of them doubted his sexuality. He seemed to celebrate that he was gay after all.

“And I love you,” Kim said to Shego and embraced her. Shego returned the embrace, although she was curious as to what Kim had dreamed to make her say that. After all, Shego knew what she had dreamed and she felt like declaring her love for Kim.

“So, let me see if I got this right. We fought each there because Shego and Trin hate each other, I’m gay, and Kim loves Shego. If that’s the case, why don’t we kick each other’s ass everyday?” Shin pondered aloud.

“Because Kim doesn’t bake everyday,” Tatsu commented.

“Right, so definitely no more baking for you, young lady. Or at least let’s find you a lab rat until your stuff is ready for human consumption,” Shin said and then he felt the need to be naughty. “Not that any of your ladies care about what you eat,” he added.

“Please, like you care what goes into your body,” Trin countered.

Shin laughed a bit, but he actually felt better. He felt reassured of his sexuality while being around the four women, especially after coming out of a fight with them. He did not feel an attraction to any of them. So, his nightmare was just that. The others were feeling the same.

Tatsu was able to remind herself that Shin was…well, Shin. She would not sleep with him on a bet. She was happy to be with Trin and she wanted to always be with Trin. She wrapped her arms around the blonde and settled against her.

Trin thought about how she hated Shego. She was certain that it was a new type of hate, but it did not come along with a sexual attraction to the green-skinned woman. It might actually be a sibling rivalry because Shego was older than she was, she considered. But, even if it was what the dream tried to suggest, she would never do that. She would never do something that had the potential to hurt Kim or Tatsu. Kim was her little sister and she had to look out for the redhead. And Tatsu was her beloved, simple as that.

Shego could relate to what was going on in Trin’s mind. Maybe she was starting to look at Trin as a younger sibling. Someone that she could tease, order around, and things like that. Trin was someone that offered her some form of entertainment that never crossed that line of sexual behavior. And she also related to that fact that even if what she felt for Trin was what the dream suggested, she certainly would never do it. She had almost lost Kim once and knew how terrible that felt and that was before they were lovers. Now that she had Kim, she was never going to let her go and she would never provide Kim with an excuse to leave.

Kim kind of wondered where her dream came from as she looked at Tatsu. Yes, she sometimes wondered why her sister settled down with the mechanic, but she never felt like she wanted Tatsu just because Trin had her. Tatsu was a good friend, but that was all. Kim was happy with Shego, very happy.

So, it seemed that even though the dreams unsettled them all, they were calming down. Everything seemed to be all right and working its way back to normal. But, they sure were never going to eat anything baked by Kim again, especially if she made the goods on her own. It just caused too many problems.

End…for now.

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