Night terrors

Chapter 3

Second victim: The past


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TITLE: Second victim: The past

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters…except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu.

SUMMARY: Set in the Pariah universe. When Kim makes cupcakes, it brings the crew the worse nightmares when they go to bed. What could possibly frighten this crew?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2381

(Around the time that Shin retired to bed)

Tatsu yawned as she walked over to her side of Trin’s bed. She pulled back the dark pink comforter and settled her head on pink pillow. She then groaned because a pain shot through her stomach.

“Baby, you okay?” Trin asked as she joined the mechanic in the bed and saw her lover’s face of agony.

“Fine,” Tatsu lied through gritted teeth as she put her hands on her stomach. It felt like a rabid dog was tearing at insides.

“What’s wrong?” the blonde inquired in a low, understanding tone while leaning over her girlfriend.

“My stomach. I think your sister poisoned us,” Tatsu replied.

“Probably, but it wasn’t done on purpose,” Trin stated and she put her hand on her lover’s stomach. She began to massage her beloved’s troubled tummy while Tatsu moved her hands and just let the blonde do what she was doing.

“Still,” Tatsu complained.

“I know, but she didn’t mean to do it. She just wants to learn how to bake for some reason.”

“You should teach her before she kills us.”

“She wants to do it on her own and I have to respect that. You should know that. Just try to go to sleep,” Trin said and she leaned over to kiss the ailing mechanic.

Tatsu nodded and decided to do just that. Trin’s touch was comforting and soothing, so it did make her fall sleep as quickly and easily as possible, even though Tatsu was certain that she had been poisoned. She held Trin’s hand to her stomach, even as she fell into a dream world.


He was such an asshole, she thought. But, he was an athletic asshole. He was built like a swimmer, which he happened to be doing at the moment. It was just the two of them by a pool and he was doing laps while she was resting in a lounge chair, watching him. She was watching him like she was a shark and he was a wounded fish. And he seemed rather oblivious to it all, probably because he never considered that she looked at him like that.

She had heard things about him from the streets racers whose cars she usually worked when she took the time out of her life to listen to them as they went on about things. Some of the things that she recollected them saying did not seem to fit. They claimed that he was gentle when requested to be such, even though nothing about him that confirmed that. He liked facing lovers to ease any nervousness that they might have. She had no idea that he could be considerate toward someone else since he seemed to think that the world revolved around him, which she supposed that she blamed on her blonde bombshell since Trin babied him when she was not looking to beat his head in.

But, she digressed. She did not care about him being gentle or easing any anxious feeling. She was not feeling very nervous about things, but she was on the verge of feeling guilt and she doubted that there was any way for him to ease that away. She was looking at him, her lover’s evil twin, like he was the best looking male creature that she had ever seen. Maybe it was just that she missed men.

She was fairly certain that she did not want a relationship from the muscular young man in the pool. She got everything that she needed from a relationship from her blonde bombshell. He could not offer her anything that Trin did not already supply. Well, except for maybe one thing.

Was she really looking to do such a thing? It could cost her the most meaningful relationship that she had ever had in her life and even if she got away with it, she doubted that she would ever be the same. After all, she did not particularly like him.

Yes, she understood why he had issues with her and she respected that. She thought that it was nice that sometimes he tried to get along with her. She was even willing to bet that if something happened to her, he would be there to help. Hell, if he needed her help, she probably would help him. But, still, they had not gotten off on the right foot and it was taking a lot of time for her to get to the point where she might like him.

Nevertheless, she knew that she did not have to like him to do what was on her mind. She just wondered if she would be able to live with herself because she was going to be cheating on her blonde bombshell. Not only was she thinking about cheating on Trin, but she was considering it with Trin’s evil twin just because he had a damn nice body and he was, well, a he.

Did she really miss men so much so that she was considering doing such a thing with him? She supposed so because her eyes never left him as he continued swimming. Then, he hopped out of the pool and gave her a better look at the magnificent body that he had a bad habit of hiding under really bad clothes, or if Trin got hold of him, really good clothes.

His tanned body was gleaming because of the water and the sunshine hitting him. He pushed his hair out of his face. The movement of his arms gave her a good look at his perfect chest. He had muscular cuts all over his torso. His pecs were fantastic and his abs were memorizing. He had the body of a statue, like a work of art, and she could see how he managed to pick up so many guys. He probably just flashed them his chest and guys probably just leaped into bed with him with grins on their faces.

“You’re looking at me mighty hard, serpent,” he teased her. “You look like you want to do something to me.”

“Maybe I do,” she replied with a smirk to give him an idea of what was on her mind.

He seemed to get what she was implying. He had undoubtedly seen such looks before from both sexes. “How do you know I want you to do something to me?” he asked, still seeming to be teasing.

“Because I know you like to have fun,” she answered quite seriously.

“Well, you got me there,” he conceded as he grabbed his towel and began drying off.

“So,” she said.

“So?” he asked as if he did not know what she was talking about.

“Let’s have some fun.”

“How do you know I won’t tell on you?” he inquired with a taunting smile.

“Because you like having little secrets too,” she replied calmly.

“You think you know me so well?” he asked.

“I think I know you want to see what the hype is all about with women,” she answered and he laughed a little bit.

She knew that he was curious and she knew that because sometimes Trin expressed that she was curious. The evil twins thought alike in so many ways. Neither of them knew what it was like to be on the other side and sometimes he was caught eying women like he would eye unknown chemicals, curiously and studiously. He just wanted to understand the appeal and nature of the creature.

“Well, maybe I am just a tiny bit curious,” he admitted with an amused smile.

“I figured as much. So…” she said.

He stared at her for a moment before dropping his towel and stalking over to her. He joined her in the lounge chair, looming over her. He seemed to consider things for a moment, but she leaned up to kiss him and stop any thinking that he might be doing. She did need him to think about anything. He kissed her back.

It was nothing like kissing Trin, she noted. There was no spark to it. There was no connection to it. It was just lustful and demanding. It was base, nothing like the sweet embraces that she shared with her beloved, but that did not stop her. She had not expected it to be like when she was with Trin anyway.

She reached up to feel the strong body above her. She felt his back and found it to be just as muscular as his chest. She ran her palms over as much of him as she could possibly touch. He felt so good and masculine. Maybe she did miss that feel.

She noticed that he was starting to touch her, however shyly he was doing it. He was in foreign territory after all. She leaned into his touch to let him know that he was doing fine. He understood the meaning and continued on, moving his hand to her bikini top and kneading the flesh that it housed.

His hands were bigger than Trin’s, something in her mind noted, but they were not as tender. She did not care about tender at the moment. She just wanted the lust. Dirty, nasty, filthy, hard lust. So, she grabbed his hand and forced him to touch her harder.

“What are you doing?” he asked. It seemed that he did not enjoy being made to do something. She expected as much from a guy that liked everything to go the way he wanted it to.

“Taking control,” she answered.

“That’s not fun,” he replied.

“For me it is.”

He frowned a bit and then she forced him to sit up. She crawled out from underneath him and stood up. He looked at her, maybe he thought that the fun was over. She turned back to him and pushed him back, so that he was lying in the chair now. She smirked at him like a demon.

“This isn’t fun,” he complained.

“It is for me,” she replied as she crawled on top of him. She straddled his narrow waist.

“Well, what about me?” he whined slightly.

“What about you?” she asked as she leaned down for a rough kiss.

He seemed to be caught by surprise, but he recovered. She untied the straps of her top, but he pulled it away. He only touched her with his hands again and did not make any comments that she used to hear when she had boyfriends. He did not say anything about her being soft, or the perfect size, or sometimes hurtful things, like she was too small or something like that. He probably did not know to say anything and she did not mind that. She did not need to hear anything from him and she did not like to hear things from most guys anyway.

She broke the kiss to remove his swim trucks. As she did so, she wondered if she was seriously going to go through with what they had lined up. Was she willing to chance that he would not tell her beloved? Was she willing to believe that her highly intelligent blonde bombshell would not figure it out? Was she willing to risk everything that had meaning to her just for a bit of fun? Maybe she was as stupid as the rest of the world assumed.

She was about to show him what he was missing out on it, despite all of those thoughts clouding her mind. She flung his shorts somewhere behind her and then removed the bottom half of her swimsuit. She returned to her seat on top of him and proceeded to probably ruin her life. He gasped, his mouth forming an “o” as if he could not believe it and she was right with him on that thought.

Tatsu’s eyes shot open and she looked around in a panic to see where the hell she was. She calmed down when she saw that Trin was sleeping next to her and she felt the small, soft hand still pressed against her unsettled stomach. She breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that she was sleeping next to her beloved.

“Must’ve been a nightmare,” the mechanic concluded.

Of course it had to be a nightmare, her brain told her. First off, she would never even consider sleeping with Shin for any reason, especially just because he was a guy. Sure, she still looked at men and thought about things, but there was no way in hell that she would ever touch Shin. She would never touch any man because she was with Trin and she would never jeopardize what she had with Trin for any reason, but especially not to sleep with Shin.

The very thought of Shin touching her intimately made her want to throw up; maybe that was having a little help from the poisonous cupcake that she had eaten earlier. Either way, she felt sick. She eased out of bed and went to the bathroom. She washed her face with some very cold water and stared at herself in the mirror for a very long time.

It was like she was asking herself if she would ever sleep with a guy just because he was a guy. She refused to believe that she would. A moment of fun that would cost her a lifetime of love and happiness? Fuck, she was not that stupid, she promised herself. She was definitely not that stupid.

She made her way out of the bathroom and back to the bedroom after she was certain that she was not going to be sick. She eased back into the bed and settled back onto her pillow. She pulled Trin back to her and put the blonde’s hand back on her abdomen; it was just really comforting. She looked down at her lover.

No, she definitely would never cheat on this woman, Tatsu told herself. She might look at guys, but the only person that she would ever sleep with again was Trin. She loved the blonde and the blonde loved her in return and she would cherish that well after the day that she died. Nothing would take her away from the caring blonde, especially not a certain anatomical feature. To hell with that.

Next time: what eats away at Trin’s mind?

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