Night terrors

Chapter 5

Fourth victim: Control


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TITLE: Fourth victim: Control

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu.

SUMMARY: Set in the Pariah universe. When Kim makes cupcakes, it brings the crew the worse nightmares when they go to bed. What could possibly frighten this crew?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2654

(Around the time the others went to bed)

Shego was sitting on her and Kim’s bed. She was hiding the pain that her stomach was going through. She knew that the cupcakes were the reason for her stomach pain. She hoped that the others were suffering too because if she was the only going through such aches, she was going to be pissed. It would not be fair for only her to be in such agony after all.

She took a deep breath to hopefully ease the pain in her abdomen. Distracting her from the agony after a few moments, Kim crawled over to her from the other side of the bed and leaned against her back. The younger woman then rested her head on Shego’s shoulder.

“You okay, sweetie? You look greener than usual,” Kim commented.

“No, I’m fine,” Shego lied. Oh, how she wanted to tell her girlfriend that she those cupcakes were weapons of mass destruction, but that would crush the petite redhead. Yes, she could tease Kim, but she could not destroy her.

“Are you sure?” Kim asked curiously.

“I’m completely fine,” Shego insisted and decided to prove that and change the subject all at the same time.

The pale woman turned to face Kim and kissed the slim hero. Kim accepted the kiss and allowed Shego to push her back on the bed. Shego crawled over Kim. It seemed that she was not ready to go to sleep yet.

Shego was planning to do something distract the both of them, but then her stomach started acting up. The green-skinned woman groaned and fell to the side of the bed. She settled onto her pillow while trying her best to hide the fact that her stomach was killing her.

“Shego, are you sure you’re all right?” Kim asked suspiciously since usually when her girlfriend got things going, they continued until the end.

“Oh, yeah, perfectly fine,” Shego lied.

“Then why’d you stop?” Kim inquired as she rolled over on top of the older woman.

“I think I’m more tired than I first figured.”

“Really? That’s a first. Too tired to screw me into the ground, as you would say?”

“Yeah,” the pale woman answered. She really would like nothing more than to freak her Kimmie like it was the last thing that she would ever do, but her stomach was not feeling that idea at the moment. She would not be able to do anything with her stomach acting the way it was, except go to sleep.

“Wow,” Kim said in an amazed tone. “What if I’m on top tonight?” the redhead offered.

Shego considered that idea. It might not be bad, she thought. And then her stomach seemed to protest by tying itself in knots as far as she could tell. Okay, it would seem that she just needed to go to sleep before she ended up telling Kim about those damned cupcakes.

“I don’t think so,” Shego replied.

“What? If you can’t be on top, we can’t do it at all?” Kim inquired.

“Yeah,” Shego stated. Way to provide her with an excuse, Shego mentally thanked her girlfriend.

“That’s not fair,” the redhead complained.

“I’m not fair. ‘Night, Kimmie,” Shego said and she kissed Kim’s forehead.

Kim pouted, but did not get a chance to argue because Shego closed her eyes. The moss-hued female really just wanted to sleep through the agony that her stomach was in. She figured that she would make things up to Kim when her stomach felt better.


She was an entertaining thing, like her little sister, except different from her little sister. There was something about her. It was probably that she was so full of herself while being too cool for the rest of the world. Her little sister was full of herself too, but she never acted stoic like this one did. It was an intriguing thing that made her love to get on the blonde’s nerves.

It was hard to get under the blonde’s skin, but she was there. She had damn near taken up residency under the genius’ flesh. She liked watching the blonde lose it, especially when it was because of her. But, the blonde also kind of bothered her.

The damn smart aleck always had a response for her. She could not stump the blonde and even if she did, the four-eyed female merely reacted in a manner that she would. The blonde attacked physically when verbal assaults fell through. She was a harpy, just like her evil twin proclaimed her to be. And just like the evil twin, she loved getting on the blonde’s nerves. The only drawback was the blonde liked to return the favor. Still, she could not help herself. She had to start with the genius.

“Hey, why don’t you make me some lunch,” Shego called to Trin, who was sitting at her dining room table with a book in front of her.

“Hey, why don’t you make yourself,” Trin replied.

“You know, I can force you to make it.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

“You think I won’t come over there and shove that book up your ass to make you make me lunch?” Shego inquired.

“I’d like to see you try. I’ll make you eat this book before I make you lunch,” Trin commented.

The green-skinned woman smirked. It would seem that she was going to have to shove that book up Trin’s ass. It would be fun, especially once she beat the blonde and forced her to make lunch.

Shego marched over to Trin and slashed at her without warning. The blonde moved back to avoid being clawed, but Shego cut right through her book like scissors through a thin sheet of paper. Shego did not stop there and thought that she might be able to overwhelm the blonde quickly, therefore avoiding any of those calculated counterattacks the younger woman liked to pull out of her bag.

Trin slipped out of the chair that she was sitting in and used it as a barrier between her and Shego. The former thief growled and cut through the chair because she knew that it would piss Trin off. After all, the blonde would probably mate with her precious furniture if she could.

“What the? Do you know how much this set cost?” Trin huffed as expected and she tossed the chair aside. Her lovely dining room set, shattered because the green pest had broken one of the chairs.

“Do you think I give a damn?” Shego countered.

The blonde pulled off her glasses. It would seem that she was now going to take things seriously. She was dressed in her usual clothes because she had just been minding her business before Shego showed up, bothering her. She obviously had not expected a fight since she was wearing a button-down pink shirt with a matching skirt.

Trin hiked her skirt up some and put her hands up, despite the fact that she was not dressed for a fight. Shego smirked. If she could find it in herself to like Trin, she would like the fact that the blonde was always up for a fight. It did not matter what time of day or where they were. It was amazing that she could fight just about anywhere and still manage to keep that air of sophistication about her.

Shego leaped at the blonde and engaged her with powerful slash moves. Trin kept her hands up and blocked whatever Shego came at her with as usual. Fighting with Trin was probably something that kept her sane after going straight, Shego considered.

Although Trin was like Kim, there were some key differences. Trin was not a goody-goody first of all. She was down for trouble if it came up, which was something that Shego could appreciate.

The most important thing was that Trin was not soft when she fought, even if it was sparring match. Kim was careful when they sparred. The redhead always seemed to be trying to avoid hurting someone. Trin was looking to cause some pain and Shego was down for that. She wanted the fight to mean something. She wanted to be able to take away a lesson and pain helped one remember one mistakes. The evil twins seemed to understand and appreciate that.

“Why don’t you just give up and make me lunch before I ruin more of your precious dining set,” Shego teased while continuing her attack.

“You already ruined it. It’s not a set anymore,” Trin pointed out.

“So, what are you going to run out and buy another one? We both know you bleed money and if you object, I’ll prove it right now,” Shego remarked.

The green-skinned woman went after Trin’s head, but the blonde woman ducked. Shego was now wide open for a brief second, which was all one of the evil twins ever needed. Trin cut into Shego’s abdomen with quick and precise hits that caused the former thief to back away.

“If anybody around here bleeds green, I’m willing to bet it’s you,” Trin commented as she tried to keep coming at Shego while the older woman was off balance.

“Shit,” Shego silently cursed while steadying her legs to make sure that Trin did not take her down. There was no way in hell that she was going to lose to the irksome blonde.

The moss-hued woman blocked some rather powerful blows from the blonde. She always thought that Trin was too strong for someone of her build. The blonde looked too much like a model for her taste to hold so much strength, but that power was there and she used that force well.

Trin went back on the defensive as Shego tried to get control again, but it would seem that she was not going to have that. She knew that the blue-eyed female was just trying to set her up because that was how Trin fought. She could practically hear Trin calculating in her mind and she needed to figure out what it was that the blonde was going to do before Trin ended up doing it.

Shego was not swift enough, though. Before she knew it, the blonde had two fingers at her neck. It was a taunt, but Shego had lost the match. Trin was just letting her know that she could have, if she felt like it, killed Shego.

“I think I win,” Trin whispered with a taunting smirk on her face that made her look so wicked and, well, sexy.

“So what?” Shego huffed.

“But, maybe I’ll give you lunch anyway.”

Shego wondered what the blonde meant by that, but was answered before she could ask the question. Trin leaned in and kissed Shego. The pale woman was stunned only for a moment because then she thought about how good it felt to be kissed by Trin. The good feeling soon met up with another feeling that Shego was partial to, rough.

Trin grabbed Shego by the back of the head and kissed Shego as if she was making a statement, namely that she was in control of what was happening. It was a way that Kim would never act. While Kim was a dominate personality with almost everyone else on the planet, she could not be that way with Shego because the pale woman resisted better than the rest of the world. Shego thrived on struggle with Kim more often than not, just like she thrived on bugging Trin.

“Should you be doing that?” Shego asked as they pulled away for a breath.

“Don’t ask questions when you know you want it,” Trin replied and she reached for Shego’s shirt.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“You know, you’re right. I shouldn’t be the one doing this. You should do it. So, take off your shirt,” Trin said.

“What the hell makes you think I’ll do what you say?”

“Because I could kill you if I felt like it. Now, stop asking stupid questions and take your clothes off,” Trin ordered.

“Listen, blondie—”

“Keep it up and I’ll spank you before we get to what we need to get to,” Trin threatened.

“What about Kim and Tatsu?” Shego asked.

“They’ll never know unless you tell one of them. I’m pretty sure we can keep this a secret between the two of us…or less if you don’t start stripping now,” the blonde answered.

Shego thought on it. She doubted that Trin would say anything to Kim and if she could get away with a crime, she usually committed it. The main reason that she did most things was because she knew that she would not get caught. Kim would never find out and she had to admit that Trin was quite the sight.

The blonde had shapely legs, an ass that begged to be touched, and she had abundant cleavage. She was attractive and Shego would not mind having a little escapade with such a sexy creature. Trin did inspire lust and right now she could sate the lust that was rising in Shego.

The pale woman pulled off her shirt while Trin just watched with stern blue eyes. Shego stripped and actually awaited more orders. Trin came in for another kiss, but first told Shego that she could not touch her until commanded to. Shego complied while Trin backed her up onto the table. Apparently, they were going to ruin the set further while trying not to ruin their relationships and their lives.

Shego awoke with a start and practically choked on air as she regained consciousness. What the hell was that, her mind demanded to know. She frantically looked around the room to make sure that she was in bed. She was and then she turned to make sure that she was lying next to the right Possible. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that everything was right in her world.

Her heart finally calmed down once she saw Kim, who was curled up against her side. Okay, okay, okay, so that other thing was just a horrible, horrible nightmare. That was good to know, although it disturbed her that her mind could come up with such a terrible dream.

There was no way in hell that she would ever think to touch Trin like that or let Trin touch her. She did not look at Trin in that manner. Yes, the blonde was an attractive young woman, but there was something about her that made Shego just want to pester her and nothing more. The blonde sort of reminded Shego of her younger brothers, but she was not as stupid as they were.

Besides, even if she did not look at Trin as sort of a younger sibling, she would never cheat on Kimmie, especially with her sister. She had almost lost Kim to Drakken’s bumbling machines and that had hurt and scared her enough. She knew from that moment on that she would never do anything to lose Kim. She would love, cherish, and protect the little redhead. Nothing would ever come between them, especially not that bothersome blonde.

Also, she knew that Trin would never do something like that. Trin would never do something that could hurt Kim or Tatsu for that matter. Even though Trin cared for very little in the world, Kim and Tatsu were at the top of the list of things that owned places in her heart. And it was something that Shego could understand.

Shego put her arm around Kim’s shoulder and pulled the redhead closer to her. She never wanted to lose the little hero, especially from some stupid action on her part. She loved Kim and no moment of lust would ever take Kim from. Her whole life traded for a moment was pure foolishness and she was no fool.

Next time: what thoughts does Kim fall victim to?

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