Night terrors

Chapter 6

Final victim: Envy


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TITLE: Final victim: Envy

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu.

SUMMARY: Set in the Pariah universe. When Kim makes cupcakes, it brings the crew the worse nightmares when they go to bed. What could possibly frighten this crew?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2381

(Around the time Shego fell asleep)

Kim was resting on top of Shego, who had fallen asleep rather quickly. The redhead guessed that her girlfriend was not kidding about being exhausted. She leaned up and kissed the sleeping form underneath her while snuggling into Shego’s warm body.

And then suddenly Kim’s stomach rumbled. A jolt of pain shot through her and she fell to the side of her lover. She groaned in a low tone and put her arms around her middle.

“Oh, man,” Kim silently complained. She might have to ask for help the next time that she baked. Sure, the cupcakes had not tasted so bad to her, but the baked goods seemed to be doing a number on her stomach now.

She closed her eyes for a moment and wished that the pain would go away. She silently promised that she would never bake again without someone’s help if only the agony would stop. She took a deep breath and soon the ache subsided. She exhaled slowly and was thankful when the pain ceased completely. She guessed that she might as well go to sleep if her stomach was going to start acting up.

She curled up next to Shego’s side and rested her head against Shego’s shoulder instead of on her pillow. She closed her eyes and hoped that sleep came easily. She did not want to have to go through another ping of anguish from the stomach problems.


She supposed that it was just that she wanted whatever her sister had. She had always been like that. She had learned to be very observant because of her desire to have what her sister had or what her sister wanted. She had to be observant.

So, from when she was little, she used to watch her sister when they were offered things. She wanted to know which one her big sister was going to go for because she was going to take that one since Trin always gave her first pick. She had to know which one Trin wanted because she figured that was the better one.

She did not see anything wrong with her taking the one that Trin wanted since it was better. She knew that her big sister would want her to have the best. She just never wanted Trin to know that she went for the one that she knew her big sister wanted. She never even questioned why her sister wanted the thing. She just took it because she figured that her big sister always went for the best. And because of that, she was now curious.

What made Tatsu the best? After all, Trin had picked her out of who knew how many women. So, there had to be something that made Tatsu the best and Kim wanted to figure that out. So, she observed the ice-blue eyed mechanic and believed that she would figure it out.

Tatsu was working on Trin’s car. She was wearing her usual work clothes of a black jumpsuit and a white tee-shirt underneath. Well, Kim was willing to bet that it was not Tatsu’s sense of fashion that made her the best.

Kim wondered why her big sister allowed Tatsu to dress as she did. Her big sister was always so fashion conscious. She usually refused to go out in public with Shin unless he was dressed semi-formally. Sometimes Trin would not even go outside with her unless she was dressed a certain way, but that was not so with Tatsu.

Trin would go outside with Tatsu if the mechanic was in her work clothes. If they had a date, Trin would let Tatsu wear something that was casual at best. She would go out with Tatsu if the mechanic had on torn clothing as if it was nothing. If anyone else tried that with Trin, she would dismiss the person and refuse to go anywhere. So, Tatsu was obviously special and more than likely the best. But, why?

Well, Tatsu knew a lot about cars and mechanics and Trin respected an intelligent mind. The weird thing was that Trin did not even care about cars or mechanics. The closest thing Trin had done mechanic wise was operate a toaster. Trin would sooner buy a new machine than to fix one. So, what Tatsu knew did not seem to factor in.

But, it could not be what Tatsu did not know because that just would not make any sense. Trin was not a fan of ignorance and while Tatsu did not graduate high school, it did not mean she was stupid. It should have meant that it would make things a little difficult for her to break into Trin’s world, but not only did she enter Trin’s world, but she was now the blonde’s beloved. She was a most precious treasure to Trin. Why?

Maybe it was because Tatsu was quiet. She did not see why that would be it, though. Her big sister was one for conversation as long it was about something that interested her. So, the fact that Tatsu did not offer up any quality discussions should have meant that she was not the best. But, since the couple had been together for so long, Tatsu had to be the best. Trin had chosen her, after all.

Just about the only thing that did make sense with Tatsu being the best was that she was a fighter. But, Tatsu was a different type of fighter. They were martial artists with style while the mechanic was a street fighter, a brawler. Tatsu won fights through sheer brute force, whether her own or picking up a weapon. When Tatsu won a fight, it was never pretty.

So, what made her the best? Kim was not sure, but that old feeling was creeping into her. She wanted what Trin had because Trin always had the best. But, could she have the mechanic? It could plausibly do so much damage. She just had to have the best thing. She was used to it from when she was little.

In order to figure out why Tatsu was the best, she decided to go in for a closer inspection. She got up from her spot on the ground where she had been watching the mechanic. She approached Tatsu, who was elbow deep in the engine of the abused automobile.

“Yeah, Trin-clone?” Tatsu asked when Kim was within a few feet of her. Kim was a bit surprised that Tatsu noticed her approach.

“Why do you have to call me that? Do you need to remind yourself that I’m her little sister?” the redhead inquired.

“No,” Tatsu answered bluntly.

“Then why do you do it?”

“It’s just what you are,” the mechanic replied simply.

“Do you look at me like her then? I mean, if I’m her clone, doesn’t that make me the same as her?” the hero pointed out.

Tatsu graced her with a glance, but that was about it. She thought that she might have gotten to the mechanic because of the subtle gesture. Tatsu was more about subtlety anyway. It was a curious quality.

“You do look at me, don’t you?” Kim asked over Tatsu’s shoulder.

The redhead was at the mechanic’s back. Her mouth was questionably close to Tatsu’s ear. The blue-eyed female could feel Kim’s hot breath on her skin and she glanced at the young hero again.

“I’m going to take that as a ‘yes.’ So, you do look at me. You like what you see don’t you?” Kim practically purred in Tatsu’s ear.

“I don’t think I’m the one checking people out,” Tatsu replied.

“You already admitted to looking at me.”

“Never said that.”

“Oh, so now you’re going to be coy?” Kim asked and she noticed something rare happen. Tatsu cracked a very small smile. The redhead took that as a good sign and moved on to touching the blue-eyed woman. She put her hand on Tatsu’s arm.

“You assume a lot,” Tatsu replied while turning to look at the redhead for a few seconds.

“Am I wrong?”

The mechanic did not answer again. She did turn her attention to Kim completely now. Kim knew that she was not wrong and that was why Tatsu turned to look at her. Tatsu was a strange creature that liked to keep her thoughts to herself, but it seemed like she let herself be known if the person knew what to look for.

“Do you know what you’re getting at?” Tatsu inquired.

“I do. Do you know what I’m getting at?” Kim countered.

“And our girls?”

“Aren’t here. You don’t have to talk about it after.”

Tatsu seemed to consider that one. “Why are you interested?”

“What does it matter? You want to give me a go and I want to do the same. Isn’t that enough?” Kim pointed out.

Tatsu curled her mouth up as she seemed to consider the proposal. She turned back to the car and then back to Kim. She then surprised the redhead by leaning in for a kiss. She cupped Kim’s face with shockingly clean hands. Another shock was how the kiss felt.

Tatsu’s kiss was gentle. Kim had actually expected as much and kissed Tatsu back. The mechanic lifted Kim up with an ease that Kim was familiar with since Shego could lift her without a problem too. Tatsu took Kim into her garage without breaking the kiss.

“Stop me if you want to,” the mechanic said as she put Kim down on a shelf.

“I don’t want you to,” Kim replied.

Tatsu nodded. The redhead knew that Tatsu was very considerate, even though she did not look it and sometimes it did not seem fit. So, she knew that if she had second thoughts on what they were doing, she could tell Tatsu. She was not going to have second thoughts, though. She needed to know why Tatsu was the best and she wanted the mechanic because that was what she was.

Tatsu went back to kissing Kim’s mouth with a lovely tenderness. Kim busied herself by trying to get Tatsu out of the jumpsuit. She worked it enough to where the top half fell to Tatsu’s waist and now she had to get the mechanic out of her tee-shirt.

Tatsu pulled away for a moment and relieved Kim of her own shirt. Kim then pulled off Tatsu’s tee-shirt. They then stared at each other for a moment.

Maybe she had found what made Tatsu the best, Kim considered. Tatsu was built something like a lion. Her arms showed power and her torso was cut with a tight pack of abs. She just looked as strong as she was. Kim wondered why Tatsu liked to hide her build. She was always wearing a jumpsuit and at least one tee-shirt.

It could not be because Tatsu was shy because she was not that. Tatsu was just low-key and laidback. She wore a bunch of clothes, but if she was taken out of them, she would not cover herself. So, why hide what she had?

Tatsu did not give her much of a chance to think on that. The mechanic attacked her neck with an overzealous mouth, which caused Kim to moan. The redhead felt hands exploring her curiously, but forcefully and they also caused her to moan. Tatsu seemed to have a magic touch.

Kim tried to keep her wits about her as things continued on. She needed to get Tatsu out of that jumpsuit completely, so they could get to things. She pushed the jumpsuit down as far as she could without getting off of the shelf and Tatsu took care of the rest. Once the mechanic stepped out of her jumpsuit, she pulled off Kim’s pants. She would finally find out why Tatsu was the best, Kim concluded.

Kim’s eyes shot open as if she had been hit with a bolt of lightning. She was panting and she sat up in bed to get her bearings together. She rubbed her face as she realized that she where she was supposed to be.

Her heart began to calm down as she realized that it was all just a dream. That was good. She could not believe that she had dreamed such a thing, though. Not only had she cheated on Shego in the dream, but with her sister’s love. Did that mean that she was a bad person? She hoped not.

Well, it was not like she had done that in real life. She would never think to do such a thing in real life. She never even looked at Tatsu like that and she seriously doubted that Tatsu ever looked at her like that.

She did wonder if she was still like when she was little, though. Back when she was a small child, she had often assumed that whatever her sister took was the better choice. She often used to trade with Trin because she assumed that Trin got the better thing, whether it was ice cream or bikes. It did not matter what; she just wanted what her big sister had.

But, she did not think that with their lovers, she assured herself. First off, she would never think to compare people like she did objects when it came to her believing that Trin always chose the best. Second off, even if she still thought like that, it did not even apply to their love lives as they had not gone after the same people. It was not like Trin could pick between Shego and Tatsu and just happened to choose Tatsu. So, that made the whole thought process invalid anyway.

What made the whole thing stupid was that she loved Shego and she knew that. She would not trade Shego in for all the world. Shego made her feel special and loved. She wanted to return those feelings because Shego was special to her.

Kim settled back in next to Shego, noting that pale woman’s arm was around her shoulder. She put her head back on Shego’s shoulder and kissed the sleeping woman. She was never going to let Shego go.

Next time: These guys all have to see each other in the morning for breakfast. It isn’t going to be pretty.

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