Night terrors

Chapter 2

First victim: Curiosity


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TITLE: First victim: Curiosity

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters…except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu.

SUMMARY: Set in the Pariah universe. When Kim makes cupcakes, it brings the crew the worse nightmares when they go to bed. What could possibly frighten this crew?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2305

Shin yawned as he approached his bed, getting ready for a good night’s sleep. He was dressed in his pajamas of just some light blue cotton pants and a matching sleeveless tee-shirt. He was about to jump into bed when his stomach started rumbling. He groaned and held his abdomen.

“Damn those cupcakes,” he complained in a low voice.

He knew that eating Kim’s cooking, baking, just anything to do with the kitchen was near suicide. Hell, he barely trusted her to make lemonade. If only she did not look so bad cute and hopeful when she made things, but she did and it made him feel obligated to eat. Not to mention, his evil twin would crack his skull if he did not eat whatever it was Kim was presenting them with.

He rubbed his stomach and even dared think to go wake the harpy to rub his stomach for him just because she was the one that made him eat the cupcake. Okay, she had not really made him do anything considering he would not have been able to say “no” to Kim when she asked them to try her baking, even if he had been joking. She was just too damn adorable.

Shin eased into bed once his stomach settled down a bit. He lay on his back and pulled his black blanket up to his chin. He was out in no time, despite the fact that he was sure that he had been poisoned. With luck, he would get to see the morning.


Why did she always have to wear those house clothes, he wondered. There were tiny shorts that revealed the bottom of her round, tempting ass. Then, the pink camisole with thin straps that barely stayed on her shoulders and showed her ample bosom to anyone that was around to see. He was the only one that was around to see and she more than likely was dressed that way because she did not know that he was looking. He was not supposed to be looking.

He always wondered if maybe, just maybe, he was the way that he was because he would never be able to have the one thing that he wanted. The one thing being what was spread out on their couch as if she was poured into those clothes like milk. She was so certain of herself and she was certain that not only was she a lesbian, but in love with a brooding mechanic. She was the perfect woman that was always in front of his face, but out of his reach.

Was he jealous that she belonged to a high school dropout now? A dropout that got to have her in every freaky way that came to mind, but she probably did not know how to cherish her as she should be? Maybe that was why he did not really like Tatsu.

He was not sure why, but he just could not understand why the shrew loved Tatsu as much as she did. She was nowhere near the harpy’s intellectual equal. She could not offer up any sort of conversation about anything that mattered to the irksome blonde. What good was she? He could not figure it out. Was he not a better companion for the shrew compared to Tatsu?

That last question had often been on his mind when the couple had first come together. He always figured that the question entered his mind because he looked at Trin as his and his alone, even if she was not a sexual partner. She was still his evil twin. They were supposed to be a duo together forever, but then she had to go and bring Tatsu into the mix. But, what if that was not really the reason he did not like Tatsu? What if it was because he wanted her perfect woman in the same way that she got to have that flawless creature?

The question of him wanting the shrew was troubling. If he really did want her, it would mean that his whole life was a lie. But, who would not want such a lovely creature? Her long, slender legs stretched out like beams from the moon. Her creamy skin always seemed to beg for attention from someone that could savor and appreciate the taste of her. Her supple lips that he could still remember touching his own as if he had been kissed by the heavens themselves, they still called to him like a voice in darkness. Did he want that all like any other sane being would? Could he have that all? He was about to find out, even if it might cost him his life.

Shin marched over to their sofa where Trin was resting, reading a book. He leaned down and gently plucked her glasses off of her face. She turned her attention to him because of that and looked at him with those lovely blue eyes of hers that most people on the planet swore were the eyes of the devil.

Maybe she would have been an angel if the world had treated her better, he considered as he reached down a hand to caress her soft cheek. She had the face of an angel, the feel of an angel. She could have been his angel.

“You want something, Shin?” Trin asked.

“You,” he answered as if he just realized it.

Before she could ask the question, which was going to be “me?” he leaned down and kissed her. His fear was that she was going to slap him…and that was if he was lucky. After all, he was kissing a woman that had no problem pulling knives on him and beating him until he was unconscious. But, she did not hit him and the best thing was that she did not pull away from him.

Shin almost smiled against those soft, divine lips. Touching her lips had to be like touching a warm cloud, he thought. No other person’s lips felt like hers. It was like the very definition of beautiful.

Shin debated with saying something or not. What if he opened his mouth and she came to her senses? He needed to give her a chance, though. He needed to give her every chance there was to back out of the situation.

“Can you put the book down?” he requested.

“I suppose,” she answered with a bit of a smile as she put the book down. He put her glasses down on the book.

“Good,” he whispered and then he leaned in for another kiss.

Trin returned the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. He reached out to touch some part of her gorgeous body, which he already knew in vague detail. He wanted to know more, though. He wanted to know what Tatsu knew.

He started out slowly, just inching up the covering that she was wearing. He caressed her sides and her flat tummy. He was not surprised to find that she did not have any abs to speak of; she did not have any the last time that he caressed her stomach so many years ago. Too many years ago in his opinion. He was going to make the most of it now.

He broke the delicious kiss that they were engaged in to remove her camisole. She practically splashed out of the cloth and he watched the whole thing occur as if it totally fascination. It was like nothing that he had ever seen before and he had to touch what he had just released.

The chocolate-eyed male went in for another kiss while quietly noting that she was just as good at kissing as he remembered. His hands moved on their own accord to touch her freshly exposed skin. She felt like silk.

“You’re so soft,” he whispered.

“I know,” she seemed to brag. He expected that of her.

Trin removed his shirt while their kiss was broken. He moved his mouth from hers to see if the rest of her was so scrumptious. As he tasted her neck, he thought about how he was coming as close as he had been to actually being with Trin. The last time, he had stopped before he could truly be with her. He had chalked it up to being gay, but maybe he had just been scared back then to be with the perfect woman. Well, he was not going to be scared anymore if she was willing to go all the way with him. And she certainly seemed willing.

Shin worked his way up onto the sofa, causing Trin to lie down on her back. His mouth never left her body as they moved to recline on the couch. His lips moved further down with the intent to suckle her as if it was the last thing that he would ever do. She began moaning, loudly, just as he knew that she always did. He felt proud of himself that he could make her react like Tatsu did.

“More,” Trin requested in a breath.

“You don’t even have to ask,” Shin boasted.

He continued to feast on her and he moved to relieve her of her shorts. She arched into his touch, practically begging him for more. He believed that he would oblige. He would finally make her his. He would claim her as his perfect woman and all would be right in the world.

“You’re a little overdressed,” Trin commented with a taunting smirk.

He was in agreement since he was the only in clothes now. He went to take off his own shorts. He was finally going to do what he was almost certain that he always wanted to do. He was going to have Trin all to himself. She would be his again and they could go on like they always did. He leaned down and pressed forward. Trin called out in ecstasy.

Shin shot up in his bed, breathing as if he had just run the mile in under a minute. His heart was pounding in his chest, like he feared for his life. He was sweating as if he had had the worst nightmare possible and, really to him, he had. He had dreamed that he had screwed Trin.

He got up from bed and went to the bathroom, where he washed his face. He stared at himself in the mirror and demanded to know what the hell that was. He had never looked at Trin sexually before. Even that one time back in junior high when they had tried to experiment, he could not get himself to think of her sexually. He was gay and that was that, just like she was.

Well, he was pretty sure that he was gay. He sometimes wondered if he had just told himself that because he did not think that he would be able to get Trin. He knew that back in junior high when they tried that one time, she was not interested in him much, even though they shared one hell of a good kiss back then. Not to mention, a bit more, but they had never made it all the way.

He stepped out of the bathroom and was about to go back to his own room, but he took a little detour. He went to Trin’s room and cracked the door just enough to give him a good look inside. Trin was curled up against Tatsu and they were both sleeping. He stared at them for a while.

Trin was his evil twin. When he looked at her, no matter what she was wearing, he just never saw someone he would want to have sex with. He saw someone that he loved dearly, yes, but she was not arousing to him. She never had been and he supposed that he just forgot that for a moment. It was not that he could not have her, but that he did not want her like that.

He then turned his attention to Tatsu for a second. All right, he still had some moments where he did not like her and sure he did not understand how she and Trin stayed together, but they did love each other. Sure, she was a high school dropout, but that did not say much. She was not an idiot or anything, he acknowledged that. And even though she had stolen Trin, (yes, he still looked at it that way) he would not want the blonde in the way she Tatsu had her.

So, he supposed that he was all right now that he had sorted that all out. He did not want Trin as a sexual partner. He liked what he was and what he did because he knew that was right for him. He was gay and she was a lesbian, just like it had always been and just like it would always be. She was probably going to be with Tatsu for the rest of her life, but as long as she kept being there for him the way that she was, that was good for him. It was quite a bit to have Trin as he had her, which was why it was good enough.

Shin quietly closed the door to the room and went back to his bed. He was about to lie back down, but first his stomach felt like acting up again. He groaned and wrapped his arms around his stomach. He silently cursed those cupcakes, knowing that the so-called treats were what was causing him such pain.

“Damn it, I hope that Kim stops trying to bake unless under heavy supervision,” Shin muttered as his belly finally started to calm down. He crawled back into bed and slowly fell back to sleep.

Next time: what thoughts haunt Tatsu?

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