Night terrors

Chapter 4

Third victim: Command


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TITLE: Third victim: Command

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters…except Trin, Shin, and Tatsu.

SUMMARY: Set in the Pariah universe. When Kim makes cupcakes, it brings the crew the worse nightmares when they go to bed. What could possibly frighten this crew?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Note: This chapter goes out to Laura25 because she had the same odd thought as me. I wonder anyone else had this thought.

Words: 2615

(Around the time Tatsu fell asleep)

Trin was busying herself rubbing her lover’s upset stomach. She was also experiencing a little stomach trouble herself, but she had expected that. She knew that Kim’s baking was always an adventure, but she had to admit that the girl was getting better. In the past, Kim making cupcakes on her own would have almost certainly sent them all to the hospital. So, since they were all able to sleep in their own beds that night, she chalked it up as a victory.

She continued to caress her baby’s tight abdomen and looking down at Tatsu. The mechanic appeared to be having a rather bothered sleep too. She was willing to bet that it had something to do with the cupcakes, so she just kept massaging Tatsu’s stomach for her. She hoped that it brought some comfort to her beloved.

She did have to take a moment to stop and hold her own belly as it rumbled in protest. She bit back the pain and decided that it was about time for her to try to go to sleep. If her stomach was going to continue to feel as if it was being sent through a shredder then she would rather sleep through it. She settled down into her fluffy pillow, kept her hand on Tatsu’s belly, and closed her eyes.


She hated the woman in front of her. It was something that she was so sure of. It was not like a hatred that she was used to. It certainly was not the same hatred that she felt for people like the Rockwaller bitches or something of that nature. It was almost like a playful hatred, not that she could understand how hatred could be playful. There could be teasing and taunting, yes, which there was, but there was supposed to be something more in hatred and that something was missing.

She crouched down into a fighting stance as she stared into those obnoxious emerald eyes. The look helped fuel the loathing feeling that bubbled in her. She definitely hated this woman, but it just did not seem like the proper sort of hatred.

She had thought on it for a long time. Perhaps it was more of a sibling rivalry type of hatred, she considered. She had never had such a thing before and was not too sure how it was supposed to feel. After all, she was the eldest and she adored all of her siblings as much as person could love her brothers and sister. She never felt like she was in competition with any of them and always pushed them to do their best, even if they happened to do something better than she did. So, perhaps, this irksome woman provided her with a sibling that she could compete with. After all, she was not obligated to even like this woman, so she did not need to love her.

So, maybe it was some strange sort of sibling rivalry. After all, she was the younger one and it seemed like anything that she could do in certain areas this woman could do them too. She was somewhat like a female version of Shin, minus the desire to kill herself in a chemical based accident. But, she was different from Shin too because she was just had a different kind of personality.

“Are you going to move or should I take you out right now?” the annoyance of a woman inquired.

“Shego, I don’t know why you think so highly of yourself when we both know I’m going to beat your ass as usual,” Trin replied.

Shego only smirked. She was so cocky that it had always secretly pissed Trin off. The blonde hid her bothered feelings well enough and tried her best to just return the feeling. She knew that she succeeded because Shego always had something to say to her. She supposed that they paid each other a lot of attention, but it was always negative attention. So, that meant they hated each other…right?

“Let’s get this over with. I’ve got better things to do with my time than beat your narrow ass, although it is strangely fun,” Shego remarked.

“Keep on paying attention to my ass and it’s going to make me suspect something,” Trin shot back.

“Suspect all you want. You’re not that cute,” the green-skinned woman retorted.

Trin only scoffed a bit as she stood stronger in her stance. She rubbed her heels into the dirt. They were facing off in a forest clearing. The blonde had come out in a blush pink tank-top and powder blue sweat pants. She was not wearing her glasses, which was typical when she sparred, especially with Shego since the former thief seemed to enjoy hitting her in the face.

Shego was out in a black tank-top and black sweat shorts, as she usually did when they sparred. She was also barefoot as she tended to be when they sparred. She often teased Trin for being prissy because the blonde refused to do battle in her bare feet. Trin always sparred in pink slippers, which Shego often asked where the hell she got them from. She never bothered to answer.

Trin was now waiting for Shego to come at her. The former villainess liked to attack first and the blonde liked to let that happen. Trin was more interested in countering attacks at the beginning of a battle because it gave her a chance to study her opponent, even if she had fought that person as often as she fought Shego. Hell, she still tried to let Shin attack first in battle and she had been fighting him almost all of her life.

As usual, Shego attacked out of impatience, which was what generally made Shin attack too. Trin moved to dodge as always. They got into their usual dance with Shego coming at her with enough force to make a lot of people consider that the pale woman wanted to truly harm the blonde.

They did fight to cause pain. It came along with disliking each other. They were not looking to seriously hurt each other, though. The hatred did not seem to run deep enough to where they went after each other looking to send each other to the hospital, or ruin the other’s life or even to leave one of them incapacitated for a few months. They just wanted to cause the other a bit of a string for the next few days. It was like a medal to see a bruise on the opponent’s face a day later.

Shego went into her slash attacks, which Trin avoided. The blonde dipped down and tried to take Shego’s legs out from under her, but Shego saw that coming. The moss-hued woman leaped back and then sprang back at Trin, who ducked just in time to miss getting punched in the mouth.

Trin spun into action and tried to kick Shego as she landed. The pale woman put her hand up just in time to block the blow. Trin hopped to her feet as Shego came back at her. Trin through her hands up to block all of the strikes that Shego attempted to overwhelm her with.

Trin tried to back Shego away with some kicks. The ex-thief blocked one kick and forced the blonde back, off balance. While Trin fell back, Shego leapt at her. Trin put her hands up to block the attack, but she ended up on the ground because of the force that the pale woman hit her with.

“Look at you, on your back like the whore you are,” Shego teased.

“That might explain why I’m going to fuck you up,” Trin replied as she leaped to her feet.

Shego laughed. “You wish,” she stated.

The blonde genius came at Shego to back her up. The ex-villainess had to work quickly to avoid getting punched in the face and chest. She dipped out of the way and kicked Trin in the back before the blonde could turn around completely.

“Damn it,” Trin growled as she faced Shego.

“Just admit defeat,” the green-skinned woman smirked.

“The hell I will,” the younger female replied.

Trin put her hands back up. Shego ran at the blonde and went at her again. They went back and forth. The former sidekick pushed Trin’s hands out of the way as she was trying to block an attack. Shego then took Trin’s legs out from under her and the blonde was on her back again.

Before the blue-eyed female could climb back to her feet, Shego was kneeling over her. The green-skinned woman crawled on top of Trin and stared down at her with a taunting smirk on her face. Trin frowned.

“I guess you just belong on your back,” Shego commented.

“The hell I do,” Trin replied.

“I like you this way,” Shego said in a whisper as she leaned down so that her mouth was dangerously close to the blonde’s lips.

Trin wondered if what seemed like it was going to happen was about to happen. She hoped that it was not, but it seemed so. Shego placed a deep kiss right on her lips. That was just what she hoped the green-skinned female would not do.

“Don’t do this,” Trin said as Shego pulled away slightly.

“Why not? We’re two bad girls that can keep a secret like nobody’s business. Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it. Don’t act like you don’t want me to rock your world,” Shego replied.

Trin opened her mouth, hoping to argue a point, but she did not get the chance. Shego kissed her again and she kissed back. It was a rough, demanding embrace with both of them trying to take control. Shego began clawing at Trin’s shirt to rid of her the irksome clothing and then she seemed to think better of what they were doing. Shego pulled away and moved off of Trin. The blonde sat up.

“Why’d you stop?” Trin demanded to know. She had not expected that to feel as good as it did, but now she wanted more.

“Take your shirt off,” Shego ordered.


“Take it off,” the older woman ordered again.

Was that it? For them to get to it, she was going to have to take commands from Shego? Trin was not for that plan…or so she tried to tell herself. She had never thought of Shego in that way before now, but now that it was on her mind, it was making more sense than she liked. She would like just to see what Shego was all about.

Hey, she was a woman that was attracted to women and anybody attracted to women would have to give Shego a look. And to top it off, Shego was a strong woman that demanded the respect of everyone that she came across. Her personality was sexy to Trin. Shego was sexy, even if she was dishing out orders. Actually, that might have helped add to it.

The blonde was, of course, used to giving orders, not taking them. She usually did not take orders because she did not believe that the person dishing them out could enforce a punishment if she chose not to comply and she was often correct in that thinking. But, she knew from sparring with Shego that the former thief could inflict some kind of retribution if she chose to disobey. She hated how that made her feel; it aroused her.

Trin did as commanded and lifted up her shirt, slowly. She shed the pink top, which caused Shego smirk. She then ordered Trin out of her pants, which the blonde complied with. The instructions did not stop there.

Once Trin was down to her not surprisingly pink panties, Shego ordered Trin to undress her. The blonde did as she was told with that too. And then she was commanded to lie on her back, which she did and Shego crawled back onto her.

“Now, blondie, tell me how much you want this,” Shego said while placing small kisses on Trin’s neck.

“Badly,” Trin answered in a breath.

“So badly that you’ll do everything I say?”


“Then touch me.”

Trin complied with that command, which caused Shego to smirk. The blonde could not believe what she was doing. Shego was her sister’s sweetheart and she had her own beloved to think of. But, for some reason, she wanted Shego to the point that she would let the moss-hued woman boss her around for it.

She finally had the answer to her ponderings. She did not hate Shego. She wanted her in a horrible way. It would be so much better if she hated Shego. So many lives would not be so thoroughly screwed up as she laid back and let Shego have free-range over her body. She did not even think about what they were doing once Shego took control.

Trin shot up in bed with a look of sheer terror on her face. Her heart was pounding as if she was at the top of the Empire State Building and had looked down…not that she was scared of heights of anything. She was drenched in a cold sweat.

She looked around with the hope of calming herself down. Okay, she was in her room, in her bed, and lying next to her baby. Right, so that had all been a nightmare. Okay, things were starting to make sense.

“Damn those cupcakes,” Trin blamed them for the nightmare.

She sat up in bed and stared down at her baby. She would never do anything like that, she promised herself. She would never do anything that might cost her Tatsu’s love…especially with Shego. Oh, god, she hated Shego.

Fine, she did not hate Shego like she hated the rest of the world. It was not a wish-her-a-slow-and-painful-death type of hatred, but yeah, she still detested the hell out of the former thief. And she damn sure would not let Shego order her around, especially in a sexual romp. Only Tatsu could do that.

She felt sick even thinking about having sex with Shego and letting the older woman command her. Not only was that her sister’s girlfriend, but damn it, Shego was a sickeningly obnoxious creature. If only it would not hurt Kim’s feelings, she would have stabbed the pale woman in the eye a long time ago. If she could, she would kick Shego down a flight of stairs, just for the look of surprise that would be on Shego’s face.

Really, Shego was something like Shin to her. Okay, they did not get along as well as she and Shin could, but the way that they got along was similar to how she got along with Shin. It was sort of antagonistic way that they preferred to interact with each other. And since Shego was like Shin, that made the idea of sex with the green-skinned woman almost unimaginable. It seemed so wrong that she felt she should be ashamed of even having that dream, even though she did not have any control over it. It was just vile.

Trin sighed and got up from the bed. She made her way to the bathroom and washed her face. She took a deep breath to calm herself down and returned to bed. She looked down at Tatsu again as she eased in the bed next to the sleeping mechanic. She put her hand back on Tatsu’s stomach and kissed her resting lover lightly on the mouth. No, she would never do anything lose Tatsu’s trust and love.

Next time: what devours Shego’s thoughts?

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