Memoirs of the Malcontent



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TITLE: Memoirs of the Malcontent

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own most of the characters. I did come up with Trin, Shin, and Tatsu, so they’re mine. Everybody else goes to Disney.

I don’t own these characters, except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu. Everyone else belongs to Disney. I also still don’t Edgar Allen Poe.

SUMMARY: Prequel to Pariah. Trin and Shin share their history in a series of one shots.

TYPE: No Romance, Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Parentheses indicate whose POV things are from.

This epilogue was inspired by Aya Rose.

Words: 6595

(Mrs. Possible)

I remember when I first saw Trin. She was a frail looking creature, but she had spirit; I knew that from the moment I saw her. She was trying so hard to be strong, even though she was just a baby. I didn’t understand who could just leave a baby like that. I mean, when I thought I lost her in the mall, I nearly lost my mind in under an hour. I was so scared that I lost Trin forever. I couldn’t fathom purposely leaving her anywhere.

When we took her into our care, she seemed both wary and wanting of us. It was a very odd thing. She would cling to us like life-preservers, but still attempted to keep us at an emotional distance. I knew she was frightened that we might do the same thing to her as whoever her birth parents were, but she also wanted to stay with us. My husband was the one that suggested officially adopting her; it didn’t even cross my mind because I was so wrapped up in just taking care of her. The notion did make all parties involved very happy, including Kimmie and she was just a baby.

Trin and Kim got along well from the start. Kim used to always grin when she saw Trin come into view. Now, she was generally a happy baby, but with Trin, she was even more so. She used to always reach out her arms for her big sister, loving nothing more than to be held by Trin.

Trin liked interacting with Kim and always wanted to know the proper way of handling Kim when she was baby because she didn’t want to hurt Kim. If Trin held Kim, she always made certain that she was holding Kim correctly; it was adorable to see the look of utter concentration on her face when she was holding on to Kim. She used to like to hold the twins too, but by then she had grown up some and she didn’t focus so intensely on holding them like she did with Kim. If she played with Kim, she used to make sure to be as careful as possible. She was just too cute with Kim; I think she reveled in having someone so tiny to love and someone to shower affection on. I’m guessing she lacked that before we got her.

It was also cute when Trin used to read to Kim. She was such a bright child; she learned to read and write so quickly after we started taking care of her. She used to like sitting with James and reading the paper with him; it is actually a tradition that survives to this day when she’s home. Back when she was little, he used to help her read, especially when she came across words that she didn’t know. Once she was able to read smoothly, even through the difficult words, she used to constantly look at him and smile. He’d smile back, obviously very proud of her. She was such a bright child.

When she started school, we thought she’d do so well. She was already advanced, but her studies weren’t the problem. Her problem was the people, the teachers and the students. They were all so hostile toward her for no real reason; despite their animosity, her grades were always as brilliant as we expected. At first, I assumed Trin was having problems with people because of her mind, maybe it was her brain that alienated her from the rest of the population, but it wasn’t even something that petty.

They all seemed to pick on Trin because they had come to believe that her biological parents hated her, so they figured that it was all right to hate her. It was such unbelievable and repulsive behavior, especially in adults. I’d like to believe that people are better than that, but with the way they’ve treated our poor little girl through out the years proved that they weren’t.

For a while, I feared that Trin would always be alienated from society and never have any friends and then suddenly she started coming home talking about some boy name Shinichi. She used to go on about him for hours; it was strange behavior for her because she was such a quiet child. She talked about how he didn’t look at her funny or call her names or beat her up. He shared his lunch with her, which was usually some Japanese dish. She declared quite a few times that she loved Japan; she undoubtedly said that because Shin was half Japanese. I believe that she had a crush on him back when they first met.

Though I do feel that Shin used to get Trin into a lot of trouble, I’m more than glad that she met him. He helped her out a great deal, even though he did fan the flames of a mischievous side lying under her docile demeanor. He helped her out a great deal. I had the notion that she would eventually marry Shin because I thought her little crush would grow into real love, which it did, but not that type of love. Well, I suppose everything can’t go according to plan.

Now, I don’t have any problem with Tatsu. I’m very glad that she can make my daughter smile. Trin deserves happiness as much as any other person, especially since she had been shunned by much of the town for no reason. Besides, Tatsu does love Trin and Trin loves her in return.

Trin, despite some of the things she has done that have gotten her into trouble, she has a good heart. She is affectionate to those that give her the chance, ask Kim, Shin, the twins, and Tatsu. So, she has a good heart and a sharp mind, making me have no doubt that she will be fine through out life.

I do know that she and Shin are quick to fight, not just others but each other. They’ll probably grow out of being quick to fight everyone else once they establish themselves in the world in a manner that they like, probably when they have proper jobs. As far as them not fighting each other, I can’t see that stopping anytime soon since they’ve been doing it for over a decade. They always go at each other so hard too. I hope they don’t hurt each other one day.

Shin is an odd one. I love the boy with all my heart, I really do, but he is just weird. He hasn’t always been weird. He started out as a sweet, but impish boy that liked to get into things. He was a troublemaker from the beginning, but he typically did things that were harmless to the general public. Usually when he got ideas, they were only potentially dangerous to him, Trin, and Kim if she was with them. He would be one clear example of genius and insanity being in a sense the same thing.

Shin did enjoy tagging along places with me when he was little, but I suspect that was because Trin was with me a great deal of the time. He did enjoy saying that he had a weakness for Possible women, but I imagine that he was just being silly as usual. But, like I said, he was very sweet kid.

He is actually very much like his father. Smiling, charming, courteous, but he is only that way toward us and his parents. Shin could have been that way to other people because he was never antisocial like Trin, but he wasn’t a social butterfly either. He would have probably been more open toward people if people weren’t so content in being closed-minded fools and showing him contempt for no reason other than what they assumed his ethnicity to be. I don’t understand why they were so hateful toward him even if he had been Chinese; Trin explained that it was just because he was different. It didn’t really matter what ethnicity he might have been; it was just that he was different.

Shin is fine where he is without being a very social person. He does have a good head on his shoulders, even if it is a bit mixed up. I believe that he’ll be fine as long as Trin is by his side. They are soul mates.

Shin actually jokingly refers to Trin as his wife; I actually believe that he’s right about that one and that’s why I think he’s fine where he is. Trin does offer him everything that a wife does, except for a sexual relationship I’m assuming. She is his emotional and moral support. She is his confidant. Not to mention, she is the one that cooks and cleans their home.

It is an amazing thing that she could act as a wife for him and still maintain a very loving relationship with Tatsu. It does seem like Trin acts as a wife for both of them, but she manages it and she seems to enjoy things that way. It seems they all have no problem with the setup and they should all be fine as long as they have each other.

(Mr. Possible)

I must admit that I am a lucky man. I’m married to an amazing woman and we’ve got four great kids. Trin does set a good example for the others, despite the fact that she gets into trouble every now and then. She just likes to see what she can do and sometimes that means seeing if she can bend some rules.

I remember seeing Trin with my wife when she first came into the house and it was just a delightful sight. She was always so attentive to Trin, trying to calm her down in her new environment. It didn’t even occur to me that she might be uncomfortable around us, but Anne made sure that she was all right. She was so caught up in cuddling Trin that it didn’t come to her mind to adopt Trin before some other family tried to take her away.

I noticed how quiet Trin was immediately, even though I didn’t know why she was like that; I just assumed that was how she was. She used to sit next to me for breakfast, glancing at me every now and then. I didn’t know why she did that, but after a while I thought it was because she wanted to see the paper. I figured she’d like the pictures or the comics or something, but it turned out that she was just amazed that I could read. Poor child, she hadn’t been exposed to many readers I suppose.

She asked me about all the symbols in the paper and she was referring the letters. She didn’t know any letters, so I got around to teaching her the alphabet. Then I taught her how to read, mostly through engineering and space journals. I had hopes to be growing another rocket scientist because she seemed so interested in the articles, but as it turned out my wife was the one that inspired Trin.

It might be easy to tell that Trin is Kim’s hero, but what a lot of people probably don’t know is that Anne is Trin’s hero. Now, Trin might not be making her way to being a medical doctor to show that her mother is her hero outright, but she did enter the natural sciences because of Anne. To this day, she likes to read whatever her mother is reading and often calls to ask what books Anne recommends. If Anne’s published an essay or article of some kind, Trin is the first to read it and commit it to memory. She just believes that her mother is the model of the perfect woman. Well, at least I still have the twins; surely, they’ll become rocket scientists or at least engineers.

Trin actually used to come with me to the space center often and she enjoyed herself, provided I didn’t make her speak to anyone beyond polite introductions. My colleagues seemed a little put off by her; it might have been for the reasons that most people are put off by Trin or it might have been because she could explain some of their work better than they could if she decided to speak. Their attitudes toward her might have even started out for the same reasons as most other people and just changed over time when they began to notice that she was a very intelligent girl.

Shin used to accompany us to the space center also and no matter how old he was, he wanted to know what some button did. He never waited for an answer; he merely just pushed the button and waited for results. He reminds me of Ronald in that sense. Sometimes, I wonder if it is a good thing that Shin is as intelligent as he is because it seems to only make him more curious about things and that is how he gets hurt.

I didn’t think too much on Trin meeting Shin because she was so happy to have a friend. I was just glad for her. She needed to have a friend beyond Kim. She needed to get to know people outside of the family and she definitely needed someone outside of the family to care about her. It would show her that she was a human being and she could stop thinking of herself as a thing, which I believe has happened. So, Shin was a godsend in my opinion, even though he did get her into some trouble. They never mean any harm, though. He was always a good kid; his parents did a good job raising him.

I did suspect that he was carrying on inappropriately with Trin, even though he has been an open homosexual since he was about thirteen years old. I did consider that it was a cover story or that he was… what’s it called again…right, bisexual. I thought that he might be bisexual and carrying on with both Trin and boys. But, I guess instead of thinking about him acting out with Trin, I should’ve focused on her. Maybe I would’ve figured out that my little sunflower was homosexual too.

Yes, I called her a sunflower; it was because of her hair color. I suppose I don’t have any problem with her being homosexual. It’s better than her being out with some boy doing who knows what, who knows where.

I hope Trin and Shin stick together for as long as they live. They make a good team and they keep each other in check. Surely they’ll mature into fine adults sooner or later, provided Shin doesn’t manage to kill them both before hand. He has such a bad habit of not looking before he leaps and he doesn’t seem to notice or care.


Okay, Trin is like a superhero to me. I don’t know when it happened, but that’s how things are. It probably started when I was little. I used to crawl into her bed after having nightmares. She was the person that chased away the monsters that were under my bed. Sure, I know now that she was just humoring me, but I’d rather that back then than my parents promising me that there was nothing there.

Trin was my first friend. Sure, I had met people when Mom took me to the park or something before I started going to school, but they just weren’t the same as Trin. I can’t pinpoint the difference, but they just weren’t the same. Maybe they weren’t as warm, or as understanding, or as smart, but they just weren’t her.

Trin spoiled me from the very beginning. If I cried because I wanted more cookies or cake or something, she gave me hers right from her plate. She used to just do anything I asked her if she was able to do it. I don’t know why and when I was little, I didn’t want to know. I just loved all the attention; I still love the attention.

I used to like when she read to me. I was always grabbing books and forcing her to sit down and start reading. She never read me regular things a person would read a child. She liked mythology when she was little, so she’d read me all sorts of myths and my favorites were the Greek ones. And then she got into Poe.

I loved Poe just as much as she did, even though it did make for macabre entertainment for little kids. She also used to read me poetry; oh, little known secret, Trin is a poet at heart. A romantic poet at that.

Shin tried to get into the reading to me thing too, probably to just feel included; he needs attention around the clock it seems sometimes. He wanted to read graphic novels to me all the time. He liked pointing out that they were better than regular novels because they had pictures. He’d also claim that they were better for a child rather than having me hear about some man being walled up in a crypt. Trin, not liking that she was being criticized, pointed out that it was better for me to read about a man seeing all his problems in a cat than for me to see a drawn picture of a man and woman in bed together. All I can say is they would make for some odd parents if they ever had a kid.

Despite having Trin as my hero, she hasn’t corrupted me as most people swear that she will. In fact, she tries her best to make sure I stay on the right path. If she gets into trouble, she tries to make sure I don’t know about it. Hey, for a long time, I didn’t know about it. I used to think that she voluntarily did things for Global Justice, not that I was supposed to even know that she did stuff for them.

Trin liked to make sure I did the right thing. She kept on me about my school work and always made sure my schedule was doable; without her, I would’ve always tried to do everything at once. She was the one that helped me with my homework; sometimes, it seemed to intimidating to go to our parents because they’re so smart and I didn’t want them to think I was stupid because I couldn’t understand something. She was always there if I couldn’t go to Mom or Dad.

Shin thought it was boring that she tried to keep me on the right path, but he hardly notices that he’s not as bad as he swears he is. Sure, he beats people up and he’s rather promiscuous, but when he beats people up, they’re the ones that started it and what he does behind closed doors really isn’t anyone else’s business. He’s never gone out of his way and hurt anyone in any way. So, no, he’s not the big bad boy that goes out robs people after beating them to a bloody pulp for no reason; he’s entertaining, but he isn’t bad.

Sometimes, I agree with Trin that Shin is just a big baby. He likes letting her take care of him. I think when he says that she’s his wife, he means it. She pretty much is his wife without the sex; if she was his wife in every sense of the word, they’d have a problem since Tatsu is there.

I hear that Tatsu stole Trin from Shin. Interesting concept since last time I checked I’ve got clean ownership on Trin thanks to the great law that governs the universe, namely I was there first. I was there first, so I call dubs; this is something that Shin would appreciate.

On a serious note, I have no problem with Trin being Shin’s or Tatsu’s because she will always be my sister. I know she’ll always be there for me and that’s a big deal. Not everyone in the world has someone like that, but I lucked out and I know my sister will always be there for me. I can’t ask for more, especially since I figure if she’ll always be there for me than Shin will always be there too since they’re connected at the soul or something.

(Jim and Tim)

We really didn’t know that Trin wasn’t our blood sister for a long time and we’re still not sure if that’s true or not. Our parents never said anything about it and they treated Trin just like the rest of us. We had noticed that they didn’t have any baby pictures of her, but we still didn’t think anything about it. One day, we heard Nana talking about Trin, though, and that was how we found out that she might be adopted.

We’re not really about to believe everything that Nana says, not because she’s old, but because we know she doesn’t like Trin. It was pretty obvious that she didn’t like Trin; she never even called Trin by her name. We don’t really get why she’s like that with Trin; Trin is cool.

Yeah, Trin was always cool. She’s shown us how to blow a lot of things up over the years, especially since she’s always been into chemicals and everything. She was always the first person to get the telescope after we sent something into orbit because she wanted to see it and then we got to see it.

She taught us a lot too about space, like the planets and stars and stuff that we just didn’t think about. We were always just into sending stuff into space and then move on to the next thing, but she did get us interested in more than that.

But, Trin does have her problems. She doesn’t really like robots and sometimes she acts like a shrew. A shrew, right? That’s what Shin sometimes calls her, right?

Yeah, sometimes he says shrew. Shin is the really cool one. He likes space and everything just like Trin and he blows stuff up too, but he does it all the time. Trin sometimes gets all responsible and uppity about things, but Shin is ready for everything. He likes building robots with us. He brings stuff in for us to take apart and turn into something else. It’s weird that he’s going to be a biochemist or whatever; he should be an engineer. He’s the fun one.

Not much else to say, huh? Oh, no, wait, they’re both really gay. We don’t have anything against them being gay; we just wished they’d keep it to themselves and we don’t mean that they should’ve stayed in the closet. We just wish they’d not do public displays. We saw Shin kissing a dude before and it was disgusting. We saw Trin kissing Tatsu and that was just wicked nasty. But then again, Trin being that affectionate is just sick and wrong.

Other than that, we don’t have much to say. They’re both really all right. Trin is cool for a sister, especially since she comes with Tatsu now; Tatsu is extra cool because she likes building rockets. How cool is that?

It’s great that we know a guy like Shin. After all, he likes blowing things up. Hey, we should go see if he wants to blow something up right now. Cool?


Hicka bicka boo.


Trin? She’s the antichrist if ever there was one. She’s just pure evil. She was always ripping on Rufus and he’s just an innocent little naked mole-rat. I remember when she used to be quiet and everything, probably plotting about when she was going to destroy the world. She used to look at me even back then like she was going to steal my soul and drink my blood.

I mean, yeah, I feel bad that her real parents left her in a mall and I’m not saying any kid deserves that to happen, but maybe they knew something the rest of us didn’t. She was probably always a succubus and her real parents probably knew that. Trin’s never done anybody any good from what I could see.

I don’t know why Kim is always so happy to be around her; it’s not like Trin even cares. Trin doesn’t even like hugging Kim. She looks disgusted when Kim even touches her. She’s rough with Kim sometimes too, always criticizing something that Kim does, even when Kim wanted to be a hero. It’s like all she wants to do is make Kim feel bad about herself or something.

Trin really just goes around ruining the Possible name. She’s just a bad person. Everyone that she comes across either leaves crying or bleeding. I guess it’s kind of good that everyone knows she’s not really a Possible, but she does make the doctors P-squared look bad as parents and they’re not. She’s just a very evil girl. She’s a demon.

She really used to beat people up for no reason, even in elementary school. She’d always beat up people that she knew she could beat too. I wouldn’t be surprised if she kicked old people or ate puppies. She just never seemed satisfied unless someone was crying thanks to her. She’d even make kids cry when she got older. That’s just low. I mean, I remember a few times me and K.P would spot her and some little kids would be running away from her crying their eyes out and she would just watch them go, looking satisfied with their tears.

Animals don’t like her either; well, Rufus doesn’t like her anyway. I bet that cats, dogs, and even rats run away when she’s close by. I bet her shadow has horns on it and she doesn’t have a reflection. I’m serious, she has no reflection. You know that means she doesn’t have a soul and that’s because she’s a succubus. I swear she is.

Her friend, Shin, he’s no better. He likes tormenting Rufus by grabbing him by the tail and dangling him high off the ground. He even kicked Rufus once, like he was a ball or something. That’s just weak, man. He was always saying freakish things to me too.

One day, out of the blue, the guy just rubs my head and asked what kind of shampoo I used while putting his head on my shoulder. Um, hello! Totally sexual harassment. Kim always says that he was only playing, but I don’t know about that guy. That was just plain violating. He’s sniffed me before too. What the hell is up with that? He’s nuts. I don’t trust him and I don’t think Kim should ever be left alone with him.

He was obsessed with swords too. Every time I saw him, he was like cleaning a sword or something, like we were about to go to war with the samurai crew up the street or something. I never even saw him fight, except with Trin. I didn’t even know what to make of that, except that it proves they’re just demons because they used to really fight.

Kim never seemed bothered by Trin and Shin going at it like real enemies, but I thought it was really sick and wrong. They were supposed to be close and best friends and everything, but they used to go at each other at the drop of a dime. I don’t think I’ll ever understand that because I’d never do something like that with Kim and not because she’d kick my ass. I just couldn’t go at Kim like that.

They’re just weird. They’re pretty much freaks, demons. I don’t know; I just don’t trust them. There’s a chance that they’ll corrupt Kim. They’ve already made her gay and got her hooked up with Shego. I just don’t know about them, but Kim likes to say that if Trin and Shin were going to do anything really bad, they would’ve done it already. That’s not really a comforting thought.


I don’t have much to say about Trin and Shin; I’ve only known them a few months. You know, when I first met Trin, I thought something was really wrong with her. She seemed really overprotective and obsessive with Kimmie. It was disturbing, but it turned out that she was just being that way because of all the bullshit that we were going through.

Knowing her now, she’s not exactly normal, but she isn’t as obsessive with Kim as I thought. She just likes her little sister it would seem. She likes being friends with Kim, which I guess is cool.

One of the weird things about Trin is her relationship with Shin. I don’t know what to make of them. Kim says they act like a married couple, which they do sometimes, especially when they argue over stupid things. But, the way they fight each other, nothing like a married couple. They really fight each other, more than I really used to fight Kim when I still worked for Drakken.

Then, after they kick each other’s asses, they go back to being the best of friends. They take care of each other’s wounds; Trin might even go make Shin’s favorite meal after a fight. They’re some nutty kids.

The thing about them acting like a married couple and the way they fight does lend to their sexual preferences. It seems logical that they both should be gay for the simple fact that if they weren’t, they’d be attracted to each other and they’d kill each other. They’d never get around to having sex because they’d probably get into an argument right in the middle of it and then start fighting each other, forgetting that they were supposed to be having sex. So, it’s good they’re both gay.

The next weird thing about Trin, in my opinion anyway, is her relationship with Tatsu. Seeing Trin without Tatsu and then seeing Trin with Tatsu is like watching two different people. Trin without Tatsu around is a quiet bookworm unless Shin starts up; he has a bad habit of being a fool sometimes. Trin with Tatsu is a talkative, affectionate, almost vomit-inducing sight because she acts like a girl in love; Shin says she’s been that way for months now. He’s hoping she stops soon and he’s not the only one. Watching someone like Trin, who I know is a kick-ass genius, gushing over someone like Tatsu, a brooding misfit if never there was one, is just ri-damn-diculous.

Shin is off the hook, though. I like partying with him. He knows how to go out and have a good time. The funny thing is that when I feel like I need to go and get home to Kimmie, he sometimes agrees with me on that note and feels he needs to go home and get to his harpy as he likes to say; he usually does that when Tatsu isn’t staying over. If Trin has Tatsu, Shin has no problem with disappearing for almost a whole day. He usually comes in for dinner, complaining that he hasn’t had a good meal all day.

Yeah, so, I don’t have anything against the pair. I don’t know if I like Trin or not because she can be annoying and she’s bitchy at times, but she’s that way on purpose. It’s like if Shin does something that pisses her off, she gets him back; the problem is just that he tends to piss her off while she’s making food and damn it, I want to eat, but she’s got to do something to him. Sometimes, the rest of us suffer her moods because of him, so I don’t know if I like her or not.

I know it should be more like I don’t like Shin because he’s the one pissing off the chef, but I like him. Shin is a damn good party animal, so I like him, plain and simple. He’s cool. I guess Trin is cool sometimes.

(Doctor Director)

Trin and Shin…I have yet to figure those two out. I don’t know if they’re evil. I suppose they’re just bored and I’ve also come to understand that they’ve been trampled on most of their lives by a great deal of people. It doesn’t excuse their behavior and it does make me wonder if they’ll end up looking for revenge against the world. For Shin, it sounds like it would be too much work, according to his mother anyway.

I do trust the boy’s mother, despite some of the decisions she’s made in life. She hasn’t been proven wrong about anything that I think was a bad move, though, and she has always been a valued agent, for longer than her madcap son has even been alive. I’m sure she keeps him in check; after all, he hasn’t killed anyone yet. Hey, he hasn’t even come close, so that’s a good thing.

I don’t believe Trin or Shin would even consider purposely killing a person. Yes, Trin came close when she went after Ken Du, but it should be noted that after she thoroughly beat him, she sat with him to make sure that no one dangerous discovered his injured body. We even found a couple of fallen villains around him, suggesting that she beat them up for being too close. She refused to admit to protecting him and only accepted that she had been the one to have inflected the damage on him. He was unconscious through out the ordeal, but I doubt that he would have admitted that she protected him, even if he witnessed it.

The pair only seems interested in seeing what they can do when they put their minds to it, usually something illegal. They tend to do things and neglect to take into account what their actions might do to others. Typically when they committed a crime, they were “borrowing” a satellite to prove that they could do it or to learn how to operate the thing. I’ve come to see that most of the time, they’re just kids that like to borrow things without asking and hope that they don’t break it before they return it. I do know that one of them is collecting things from my desk; I’m leaning toward Shin because he’s weird, but Trin might do it because she’s irksome.

I actually wouldn’t mind them working for GJ one day, but I know they wouldn’t want to. My only hope is that they grow up sometime soon. Tashawna swears that they’re maturing, but after what they did with Shego, I don’t know. I think I should keep an eye on them because I don’t know what they were planning with Shego.

Now, I have heard that Shego is dating Kim Possible. Apparently, Trin went out of her way to do something illegal to get her little sister a date; I swear I don’t know where the hell these kids are coming from. They are just completely nuts, even the good one if she is dating Shego.

But, before they did that thing with Shego’s files, I did notice that we hadn’t heard from them for a long time; about a year or so. They were focused on school work, so maybe they are maturing. They are about to graduate and I know that Trin has dreams of getting a doctorate since it seems that one can’t have the last name Possible and not be a doctor in something by the age of thirty. I suppose only time will tell with those two.

I will admit that when I first met them, I thought that they were just bad kids. I thought they were planning all sorts of devious things, but that has proven false so far, which Tashawna tried to assure me would be the case. Perhaps, they’ll be all right. They do come from decent homes and seem to have proper goals. Maybe the next time that I have to deal with them, it’ll be on good terms.

(Nana Possible)

The girl, I don’t know why my boy even bothered with adopting that girl. She was obviously faulty, defective in some way. Why else would her real parents just leave her some place and never return? Obviously, there was something wrong with her and they just let her into their home. She was like a curse that they just welcomed into their home. And as soon as they let her in, she proved to be quite the little plague.

She quickly corrupted little Kimberly Anne. She used to read to little Kimberly all sorts of bleak and horrific tales, filling her innocent mind with all sorts of dark and frightful images. What kind of thing is that to do?

And Anne just allowed it; sometimes, I just don’t know what kind of mother she is. I mean, just letting those girls run around all sorts of places with those boys and in those pants. Like I said, sometimes I just don’t know what kind of mother she is. She probably should stay home more often.

And then there’s that boy that the adopted one hangs out with. He’s most certainly a child of fornication. I’ve hardly ever seen his father and his mother is a very young woman. She definitely had him when she was a teenager and she probably wasn’t prepared when she had him. When he was little, his mother constantly left him with my boy and Anne, who already had their hands full with that girl they had. That little whirlwind of a boy was always into something, undoubtedly backed by that cursed girl; they just acted as if they didn’t have any home training at all.

They were always just a rotten little duo and they didn’t get any better as they got older. They were always getting into vicious fights and starting trouble. Who knows what they did when there weren’t any adults around, but considering the things that they did when people were looking, surely what they did when no one was around was outright worse. I’m sure that when they were left alone or found places to be alone, they behaved immorally.

I only hope that Kimberly Anne doesn’t follow that girl’s example. She’ll hopefully grow out of all that other behavior that she picked up from that other one. I had hoped that my son would realize that something was wrong with that girl before he adopted her, but I’m sure Anne got very attached to that little urchin. And now, they’re stuck with her and she never seems to be getting any better. In fact, she just seems to be getting worse as times goes on.

She’ll probably end up in jail or pregnant by that boy she’s always with. She might end up both. I doubt that boy would stick around either; it’s not like he has a good father figure in his life to model himself after. My poor son should’ve just left that girl and he wouldn’t have to deal with everything that comes up or will come up thanks to her.

This is the end of this. I’ve got ideas for these characters if you still like them and want to see them again. So, just let me know if you still like these guys and I’ll make sure you see them again.

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