Memoirs of the Malcontent

Chapter 13

Polygamy of the soul


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TITLE: Polygamy of the soul

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own most of the characters. I did come up with Trin, Shin, and Tatsu, so they’re mine. Everybody else goes to Disney.

I don’t own these characters, except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu; oddly enough they are the only characters in this chapter too. Anyway, the other characters are owned by Disney.

SUMMARY: Prequel to Pariah. Trin and Shin share their history in a series of one shots.

TYPE: No Romance, Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Parentheses indicate whose POV things are from.

Words: 3088


I wanted everything to be perfect. I had picked out the perfect outfit along with the perfect shoes, even though I knew she didn’t care about that. I made her favorite dinner; I practiced it several times prior to make sure that I got it just right. It was our six month anniversary and Tatsu was coming to the apartment for the first time, so I wanted everything to go swimmingly.

I knew I was acting strangely; I always acted peculiar when it came to Tatsu. She was my baby by that time and I wanted everything to perfect for her. I always put forth a noticeable amount of effort when it came to her; I’m almost certain it was a sickening sight, but I have yet to give a damn.

The anniversary was special too, beyond the fact that we were still together. We decided that we were going to spend the night together. Ever since we started seriously dating, we decided to start over. So, there hadn’t been any sex, much to Tatsu’s frustration. She was holding on for me and I finally felt comfortable with the idea of not just her touching me, but me touching her. Shin thought that the whole thing was stupid.


It was stupid. The whole stupid thing was stupid. Watching her move about the house like she was gliding was just disgusting. I hated her being all in love in our area. Our apartment should’ve been a love-free zone, but, damn it, if Tatsu wasn’t fucking up our atmosphere.

To make matters worse, she was getting dinner made for her. Trin was my chef! So, if she was making dinner, it should’ve been for me. Instead, I was expected to go outside for the night or stay in my room, like I was the damn Hunchback.

Okay, so I was taking things a little hard, obviously. But, she was my harpy. I had her first and she was my evil twin. I shouldn’t have to share her with anyone whose last name wasn’t Possible. But, I didn’t say that out loud. Come on, the harpy was in love and she was disturbingly happy, so I couldn’t burst her little pink bubble.

Besides, while her behavior made me want to violently throw up, she was being considerate toward me. It wasn’t like she just brought Tatsu up to the apartment one day, forced me to interact with her, and then capped the day off by keeping me up with wild, loud sex. She had asked me if I was all right with Tatsu coming and even though the only thing I’d be all right with was Tatsu dying a painful and messy death, I told her I didn’t have a problem with Tatsu being over. She probably knew I was lying through my damn teeth, but that was the answer she wanted, so she didn’t call me on the lie.

I truly hated Tatsu for a long while, especially before I hung out with her a couple of times. I didn’t like how she made my harpy act all gushy and in love. I didn’t like that she made my evil twin so happy just by being around. Wasn’t I a good enough companion? Sure, I wouldn’t fuck Trin on a bet, but other than sex, I had to be just as good a companion as Tatsu, if not better. At least, I thought so.

I did realize that I was just going to have to accept Tatsu somewhat. I mean, she did have the harpy all in love. I couldn’t believe my eyes while I watched her move around the kitchen, making her baby’s favorite meal. I had been the guinea pig for the practice meals; Trin could cook her ass off. I stuck around that night just because I wanted the meal fresh from the oven; so, I was confined to my room for the night with a great chicken dinner.

I suppose the good thing about things was that at least Tatsu wasn’t a guy. I mean, if Tatsu had been a guy then I have no doubt that Trin would’ve had Tatsu’s baby by now. What the hell would we do with a brat around? So, like I said, I guess that was the one good thing. It was the only good thing I could see at the time; it would be enough to say that eventually I learned that Tatsu wasn’t the evil, best-friend-stealing bitch I thought she was.


I was nervous. I just wanted everything to be perfect for my baby. She was driving quite a few hours just to see me; I wanted to make sure it was worth it. I checked out my outfit and everything else in my full length mirror for about the millionth time in less than ten minutes before she showed up. I greeted her with a quick kiss and ushered her into the apartment. She looked a bit tired; I knew it was because she hated driving.

I wanted to her relax her and make her comfortable in the apartment because I wanted her to come back. I didn’t really need to try hard with relaxing her; it came natural to me because we liked being with each other. She went right into talking about her ride out there; Tatsu surprisingly had very horrible road rage, which was why she disliked driving. I couldn’t imagine my very soft spoken baby barking at people on the highway, but she explained that it seemed like no one on the planet knew how to operate their cars, especially when she was next to them. And things like that got on her nerves, so I listened to her complaints, adding in what I could when she wanted me to.

Once she was done, she looked around and asked where Shin was. I told her that Shin didn’t exist for the night. She only smirked, but it wasn’t because she didn’t like Shin, even though it was fairly evident that he had a problem with her. Tatsu was too laidback about a lot of things to let his feelings toward her and she was amazingly understanding as to why he detested her.

She knew that he felt she stole me from him. Maybe she did, she always conceded. He had a right to be angry if that was the case, she believed. She actually empathized with the big baby.

She did make it clear that I wasn’t his anymore, though, despite all of her empathy. She flat out told me with him right in the same room with us that I was hers now and she wasn’t going to let anyone else have me. He looked rather offended, especially since I didn’t argue; I never minded being hers, but I did tell her that she might want to check that line around my siblings. I later had to console Shin as she had thoroughly wounded his ego.

We had a quiet dinner, much like we would at a restaurant. She complimented my cooking, saying it was the best meal that she had had in a long time. I was happy with that and I’m sure it showed on my face; I probably even blushed. Only she could do that to me; I could control my emotions around everyone else, but not her. When I was happy, it was noticeable and I was typically happy around her. When I was sad, she could tell, even over the phone. When I was stressed, she could hear it in my voice or see it in my eyes.

After dinner, Tatsu wanted to take a shower, so I showed her to the bathroom. I got everything that she needed for a shower and I took her bag into my room while she was cleaning herself up. I decided to get ready for bed.

I was actually a bit anxious about what was going to happen. I realized that I didn’t know what to do; she used to do everything, after all. I doubt it would’ve been proper for me to just lie there while she did everything on such a special night. Besides, I didn’t want to just lie there; I wanted to do everything to her. I wanted to experience her like she used to experience me.

I tried to stop thinking about it, knowing that wasn’t going to help matters. I put on what would quickly become my baby’s favorite lingerie to see me in, simple powder blue lace bra and panties. I put on a very thin, matching teddy over the lingerie, even though I doubted I would be wearing it for long. I still wanted to look as sexy as possible for her.

A little while later, Tatsu entered the room; she was wearing a black sports bra and black basketball shorts. I once again felt overdressed around her. She was actually about to go right for the bed, like she forgot the outline for the night. And then, she caught sight of me.

The bed seemed irrelevant as soon as she saw me. I was flattered while she stared at me, seemingly incredulous to what she was witnessing. It did help ease away the butterflies that were gathering in my stomach.


I stopped breathing for a few seconds; Trin in almost nothing was a breathtaking sight. I bet that her in nothing was even better. For a moment, I wondered if I could possibly talk her into never wearing clothes ever again.

She walked over to me when she saw that she had my complete attention; hell, a bomb could’ve gone off in the next room and I wouldn’t have stopped looking at her. She kind of shimmied over to me or something, just shaking everything on her body as she came up to me. God, she was tempting.

She kissed me and that was about all I needed to get going. I quickly pulled off the little nightgown thing that she had on; I didn’t even know why the hell she bothered with that. I then grabbed one handful of her plump ass and another handful of her ample breast. She had all sorts of things to hold onto and I was eager to grab all that I could. And to think, all of that was mine. She was mine.

I wanted to put my mouth everywhere I could too. It started with her mouth and she was so good at kissing that I wanted to stay there forever, but I wanted a mouthful of her milky skin. I stayed at her mouth for a long time, though because I liked knowing that she liked kissing me; yeah, I knew that she used to think it was disgusting, but she damn sure liked it now.

Once I finally made it passed her mouth and made my way down, I realized that soon I’d see her naked. I actually had never seen Trin naked before. When I used to just fuck her in the garage, I didn’t need her naked for that, but now I couldn’t wait to see her naked. In fact, the moment couldn’t come soon enough.

I fumbled with her bra like I was some dumb preteen punk; I was just too eager and my damn fingers weren’t doing what I wanted them to. She helped me out with the bra and soon she was completely bare to me; it was the greatest thing I had ever seen. Hell, it still is the greatest thing I have ever seen; I can see why she always says she’s perfect. She eased herself down onto the bed, which was good because I would’ve tried my damnedest to just fuck her standing up because I wanted her that badly.

She slowed me down by reminding me that we had the whole night to ourselves. We had all night and she was right, but I wanted her so badly and she was right there for me, looking better than a million bucks. It took me a few minutes to realize on my own that the night was supposed to be special. It wasn’t just about a quick fuck and it wasn’t just for me.

I owed Trin for every time that she laid there and just took abuse from me. I wanted to show her that I wasn’t really like that, especially when it came to her. I could be tender and caring and she needed to see that. I had to go slowly; it was a necessity.

I actually liked going slow. I got to savor every inch of her body while tasting her more thoroughly than I had ever done anything in my life. My favorite place to spend time was her breasts and she actually held me there for a while, letting me know that she liked me there. But, I eventually made it lower. I kissed and caressed her most private area for as long as she let me. She tasted so good and I could’ve just stayed there for the rest of my life. She eventually stopped me; she wanted to do something aside for come it would seem.

I didn’t know what to expect as far as having her touch me. I didn’t know what to expect when she saw me completely. I mean, I wasn’t like her. I didn’t have the body of a model and while I knew she cared about me, I was still kind of nervous about her seeing me without any clothes on.


I wanted to touch and taste Tatsu just like she did with me. She seemed rather reluctant to show me her nude body, though. I knew she thought that I would judge her for not being as well endowed as I was, but I wasn’t going to settle for her thinking such a thing about me. I wasn’t there to judge her; I wouldn’t consider doing such a thing.

To me, her body was perfect anyway. She had a tight pack abs on her; she worked out every now and then. I couldn’t resist caressing her stomach, first with my fingertips and then with my tongue. I was running on pure desire for a long time and I suppose I was doing all right since she wasn’t complaining.

But, since Tatsu was nowhere near as noisy as I was, I thought maybe I wasn’t doing so well; I’ve come to understand that not too many people are as noisy as I am, but I didn’t know that at the time. It was my first time doing anything of that nature, after all, so it was very plausible that I wasn’t performing well. I halted to ask her if I was doing anything wrong. Her response was frustrated growl and an order to not stop, never stop. On that note, I pressed on, confident that I wasn’t doing a horrible job, even if she wasn’t screaming to the ceiling or into a pillow as I had a very bad habit of doing.

I didn’t have a favorite body part at the time, so I spent a great deal of time wandering her body. I was just looking to discover the areas that she liked me to pay greater attention to in the future. Everything on her was fascinating to me.

I finally understood how Tatsu could delight in my body because I rapidly became addicted to hers. She was the nectar of the gods as far as I was concerned. I wanted her always after that.

We decided to try to go to sleep well after midnight. I curled up next to her, resting on her chest and giving her a chance to be the taller one for once. I kissed her collar bone and timidly whispered an “I love you.” It was the first time I said it to her and I was nervous about how she would react.

I mean, Tatsu was a closed-off person and I wasn’t sure how attached to me she was. I wasn’t too confident that she saw me in the same light that I saw her. What if she didn’t believe me? What if she withdrew? I imagined that she would retreat back into her shell, but I needed to tell her how I felt, even though it was fairly obvious to anyone with eyes that I was deeply in love with her.

Tatsu ran her fingers lightly down my body, not distracting me as much as it would at any other time. I shivered from the contact, but she probably assumed it was because I was cold; she made sure the yellow blanket on my bed was covering me completely. I was glad that she hadn’t noticeably retreated back into her shell, but she hadn’t replied and that scared me.

What if she didn’t love me in return? I knew for a fact that I would die if she didn’t. I just wouldn’t be able to take loving her and knowing that she didn’t return the feeling. I would lock myself away in my room and slowly whither away.

“I love you too,” she replied with more much assurance than I had said it with. “Can we go sleep now, please?” she then requested with a yawn. It wasn’t like she was trying to brush me off or anything like that; she was really tired.

I smiled a bit and cuddled closer to her; yes, she made me smile. I was loved in return; it was an excellent feeling. I felt that I could actually count myself as lucky in many different ways. I had a loving family, a great best friend, and a fantastic lover. Such wonder pieces in the puzzle of life and I felt fulfilled knowing that I had them all. I believed that I really didn’t need much else from life, except for one other thing.

The one thing I wanted I knew would take some time, but I wanted all of the pieces to connect. I wanted Shin to accept Tatsu and one day I wanted to be able to tell my family that I had a loving relationship with a beautiful and wonderful woman. That would take some time and effort, though; I knew that.

The end. Assume that “Pariah” was the next key event in everyone’s lives.

There is an epilogue coming up where the Possible family weigh in on Trin and Shin, also Ron, Shego, and Doctor Director add in.

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