Memoirs of the Malcontent

Chapter 10

Gold digger


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TITLE: Gold digger

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own most of the characters. I did come up with Trin, Shin, and Tatsu, so they’re mine. Everybody else goes to Disney.

I don’t own these characters except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu. Disney owns everyone else and if they don’t, the character probably isn’t very important.

SUMMARY: Prequel to Pariah. Trin and Shin share their history in a series of one shots.

TYPE: No Romance, Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Parentheses indicate whose POV things are from.

This chapter is short, but as the deal goes, if I get three reviews I’ll put the next chapter up quickly and you don’t have to think about how I gypped you here.

Words: 2431


Our next stop on our road trip, as Shin insisted on seeing the journey, was to see that man. I had never felt a connection that man. I just wanted to show him what I grew up into. I wanted him to see that I wasn’t so small anymore. I wanted him to see that and I wanted him to think on it. I wanted him to know that I was out there and just let him ponder that and what it could mean.

Shin looked surprised when we arrived at the house; I know he had to be sick of being shocked that weekend. The thing was that that man lived in a nice suburban home with a gate and wall and things to keep out riffraff, which we were. Well, we were riffraff trained to get into places where we weren’t wanted; Uncle Shin taught us all sorts of things and we were always doing independent study to learn more. So, we easily got to the front door after I parked the car.

I took care of knocking on the door while Shin busied himself looking around the huge yard; he was probably hoping that they released dogs or something to entertain him with making our task just a little more difficult. A maid answered the door and wanted to know what we wanted; she was rather rude to us. I was rude in return and she shut the door in our faces. Shin smirked; apparently, he was now entertained.

“And I thought today was going to be boring,” he commented.

We broke into the house rather easily and gave ourselves a tour. It was a very nice house and Shin looked rather curious as to why that was. I informed him what was going on and all he could state was “lucky bastard” in response. We made our way to a den or perhaps a study and started looking around. It was there that we were busted by the little discourteous maid.

The maid threatened to call the police on us since we have broken in. Shin wasn’t paying her much mind, but he still laughed a bit; it was an absent sound, but I knew that he was amused by the notion of the authorities showing up. I informed her that it would be best for her to just get the man of the house before some information slipped out and all sorts of terrible things started to happen. She reluctantly obeyed after I included some terrible things that would happen to her if she continued to behave as if she owned the house when she was nothing more than the help.

“Hey, this is a good looking guy,” Shin commented while picking up a photo of a young man. For a moment, I feared that he was looking at that man, but he was not. I nearly sighed in relief.

“Focus,” I scolded him. Shin would probably think about handsome men most of the time if I weren’t around.

He made a face at me and started searching through things; I could care less than nothing about what he was doing. The man of the house entered the room and he looked offended by Shin’s actions, which would be understandable. I called attention to me, though since I was the reason everything was going down. I blocked his view of my curious evil twin.

“Mr. Bane,” I stated, just to let him know that I was the one that he should be concerned with.

“I am,” he replied. He had a dreadfully average voice. He was an average looking fellow, nothing outstanding about him. At least when I was smaller, he had some sharpness to him, but now he was nothing.

Shin looked up to see what that man looked like. Once he was undoubtedly satisfied with his common face, Shin turned back to his busywork. I had no doubt that Shin was looking for things worth stealing. No, we’re not below stealing certain things from certain people; we used to rob Doctor Director all of the time. She probably knows that every stress-relief toy that she ever had is sitting in a box in Shin’s closet. We hardly ever stole things relevant to us.

“And who are you?” that man asked.

“I’m Trin and he’s Shin. I’d like to talk to you and he’d like to stand in the background,” I informed him.

“I was told you claim to have some information that might cause bad things to happen. What kind of information are you talking about?” he demanded to know.

“Your past,” I said in my usual tone, but much more bored than usual. I admit that I got no pleasure in taunting him. It was strange, I thought I would enjoy making him sweat immediately, but that was not the case.

“What about it?”

“Well, there’s your addiction, which isn’t much news even though not to many people know about it. There’s also the domestic violence, child abuse, petty thief, I can go on if you like. Perhaps with your rich wife in the room,” I replied.

He frowned; it would seem I struck a cord. Score one for me; my joy began to crawl out of a hole and let me know that the day would not be as unfulfilling as it seemed. He wanted to know what I wanted and Shin laughed. I chuckled a bit myself and asked if I could sit down while taking a seat in a nearby leather armchair. Shin seemed to be having a lot of fun going through things lined across the wall.

Mr. Bane wanted to know how I knew about his past. I didn’t lie; I didn’t see the point in lying to him. I told him I was the little girl that he used to slap around when she asked for food. I was the child he used to punch to get me to stop crying. I was the child that he used to threaten to throw out of the window if I didn’t go to sleep. I was the child he didn’t want, but loved to hate. I was that child and he just frowned deeper.

“So, what do you want? Money?” he asked.

Shin laughed again; it was like that man had told a good joke. It was funny. I doubted that he could comprehend what I wanted from him and when I told him just what it was, he was incredulous. He looked so lost.

“I don’t want anything,” I stated. I didn’t want or need anything tangible from him. Shin and I already had money of our own, lots of it and we were also spoiled. We could whine to our parents about needing something and they would make it happen, if it was within reason anyway.

“What do you mean?” he asked in a baffled tone.

What would I want from him? He was a man that used to have fun knocking me or that woman around the apartment, so what would I want from him? Why would I want anything from him? I smirked at him because I knew just what I wanted.

I wanted to make him nervous. I wanted to frighten him. I wanted him to know that I was out there and possibly plotting some kind of revenge against him, which I might get around to any day now unless he beats me to it.

“I’m not interested in anything from you. I just wanted to see how well you’ve done for yourself. You meet some fascinating people in rehab, I’ve noticed. She was into pills, wasn’t she? How dull,” I commented. I was referring to his current wife and he knew that.

“I did pills once,” Shin said out of the blue. He more than likely just wanted my attention, which I had no problem giving him for a moment.

“Chewable vitamins don’t count,” I teased my best friend without bothering to look at him because I knew that he was making some ridiculous face.

“What do you want? How do I make you go away?” Mr. Bane inquired.

“You don’t. I go away only when I feel like it. I’m sort of like a curse. You can’t bribe me because I don’t want anything that you have. I don’t want your wife’s money and you can’t shut me up if I ever do decide to say something. Maybe one day I’ll call the house out of the blue or go to her office. I could always use a good lawyer. She and I could have such a nice, long talk. Who knows what I might do. I do know that I’ll do whatever I feel like, whatever comes to mind on a whim sometimes. Whatever I feel like doing and I don’t care what my actions do to you,” I stated.

“Now, you listen here, little girl—” he started in a rather disagreeable tone and my evil twin decided to interject. I was going to let him finish, just to give myself an excuse to crucify him my next free moment.

“Sir, I would choose my words very carefully if I were you. She’s not the harpy you want to idly threaten. That bitch has sharp talons on her,” Shin warned him. And people thought I was the rude one.

I narrowed my eyes, daring that man with an expression I perfected for him to continue on. Mr. Bane wisely said nothing and gulped. Apparently, he wasn’t as stupid as I first assumed. Had he continued on threatening me, I would’ve felt insulted and then I wouldn’t have hesitated in acting against him as soon as we left. In fact, had he finished his threat, I had no doubt that Shin would’ve started plotting once the last word left his mouth.

“Now, we’re going to leave and you can go back to exploiting your wife’s money. Perhaps we’ll see you again,” I said and then we left, peacefully.

Perhaps, one day, I might just get revenge on that man, but I was content to leave him thinking about it. He had things now and I could possibly take those away from him with a simple phone call. Doing such a thing might just make up for some of the times that he had hit me back then. I always knew that nothing would make up for all of the times that he hit me, hurt me, terrorized me, but I could try to return the favor.

I did consider that by showing up, I was warning him and he could attack me before I got to him. I would prefer that. Counterattacking wouldn’t be so bad and it would prove that he was still a prick. I wouldn’t feel bad at all taking everything that he had if he came at me; his pretty wife and all of her professional money flying away from him. It could prove fun.


In the car, Trin did appear to be normal. I wasn’t sure if she was putting up a very good front or if she was just all right with what happened. After all, that man was her biological father and he had shown no want for her, no signs of missing her, nothing.

I decided to try to make her feel better, just in case it was a front. I turned to her and held up a choice cigar. I had stolen all of the man’s cigars; he had some prime stogies. We had a smoke on him; it was probably the last time that we smoked too. I saved the rest of the cigars, figuring I could use them for bribes somewhere. We then went to have a bit of fun to wipe away the seriousness of the weekend.

We went and brought some computer junk to make my lie believable and to take the edge away. Trin bought gifts for her siblings and parents. I can’t say that the trip made her appreciate them more because that would just be impossible. She appreciated the hell out of them already and I’m sure they knew that. So, she might have just been in a spending mood.

I do know that when we got back home, she seriously hugged everyone. By that time, she had been well set in ways of detesting touching and her failure to see the point in hugging had caused her to give up the practice, so it was a big deal for her to embrace everyone; even the twins understood the magnitude of being hugged by Trin and just accepted it rather than huffing about it being mushy.

Everyone was surprised and curious as to why they were being hugged by the harpy, which was understandable. Hell, I would’ve been scared if Trin hugged me out of the blue; my dad even made a joke about it being the end of the world. I got all bent out of shape because I was the only one not hugged, which probably helped fan the whispered flame that she and I were a secret couple. Trin hugged me because of all my noise and she hurt my back. The damned harpy.

We never brought up “those people that created” her again. I never saw a point in talking about them and Trin just never thought about them again it would seem. She does have a great family and she probably doesn’t see a reason to be bitter; she probably doesn’t want to waste the energy on something so pointless. She’s grateful for her family and she probably considers herself lucky to have them.


I am lucky to be a Possible. I could’ve been dead or any number of things when I was younger. Instead I was taken in by a great family and accepted by them. And while I may have some demons, I have always believed that I will conquer them all one day because I have such a great family and so much support from them.

After coming into contact with those people that created me, I was able to let loose just a bit more. I could let some of the bitterness, ache, and anger go. I could finally assure myself that those people didn’t matter to me in any way. I could let most of the past go; I could let me my past fade with them. I actually, literally, physically felt better.

Next time: Trin’s reaction to Kim being a hero. Some words are exchanged that leave both of their egos wounded.

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