Memoirs of the Malcontent

Chapter 12

Tune up


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TITLE: Tune up

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own most of the characters. I did come up with Trin, Shin, and Tatsu, so they’re mine. Everybody else goes to Disney.

I don’t own these characters, except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu. Everybody else goes to Disney.

SUMMARY: Prequel to Pariah. Trin and Shin share their history in a series of one shots.

TYPE: No Romance, Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Parentheses indicate whose POV things are from.

Words: 5086


The car, which we generally call mine, was a graduation gift for both me and Shin; it was really our car. It was just that at the time, Shin was more trustworthy with napalm than behind the wheel of an automobile; he still isn’t all that great in a car. The logic behind was that he and I were always together, so I was the driver and he was the parasite, I mean, he was the passenger.

Now, my parents took care of transportation since they were the ones that bought us the car. Shin’s parents took care of getting us a nice apartment near school. Both gifts were undoubtedly hotly debated among the parents for a number of reasons, one being that my father didn’t like the idea of me living with Shin hours away from them. I’m sure no one liked the idea of Shin possibly driving. I’m guessing that eventually the weaker arguments prevailed; I can’t see how allowing us to live together wasn’t the weaker argument.

We were fine with the apartment, but we were hard on that poor car very quickly. The little idiot Shin tried to take it apart one day for no reason and that started all sorts of problems. I was driving it shortly after that and it was making all kinds of noises. I blamed Shin, of course. We were thankfully still in Middleton and Shin boasted of knowing an excellent mechanic.

He bragged that the mechanic worked on street racers; I don’t know why he bragged about such a thing. He then went into explaining how he knew about the mechanic and if I wasn’t so used to his stories, I would’ve thrown up. The things that Shin did with just about any guy willing to give him a try always amazed me.

I decided to go see what the mechanic was all about because as much as I knew about machines, I was still very much a stereotypical blonde girl when it came to cars. I didn’t know a thing about cars, so I didn’t have much of a choice. Little did either of us know what his connections would lead to.


I had never met an outcast that dressed like her. She came to my garage wearing her favorite colors, pink and yellow. She had on a pink skirt and a sweater vest with a yellow button-down shirt on underneath the vest. Her shoes had to cost more than everything I had on. I didn’t even want to talk to her, let alone listen to her because she looked like such a high-class bitch, but she wouldn’t go away once she showed up. Great, not only was she preppy, but annoying too. Just screwed my whole day up.

For two hours, she wouldn’t leave once she was in the garage and I had work to do. I finally cracked after two hours because I wasn’t used to being around a person that long and I wanted her to get the hell out of my space; it was my damn space after all. So, I agreed to fix her piece of crap car and, boy was it a piece of crap. To me, it seemed she all but shot the engine with a machine gun.

I hoped that I wouldn’t see her again after that. I didn’t want to be around some snobbish bitch because I just couldn’t stand posh whores like that. But, as luck would have it, I did see her again. I was quickly learning to hate her.

She came back a few months later. I thought it was weird that I remembered her exactly, even though she was different from the usual people I dealt with, so I can see why she’d stand out in my mind. I still didn’t want her business. She tried that silent protesting crap again, where she wouldn’t leave, but I wasn’t ready to put up with that.

I decided to get rid of her like I would any other person that bothered me. I went to beat her up, thinking it should be easy with her being some high-class blonde. Bad move on my part.

She toyed with me during that fight. She looked a little amused when I came at her and she probably was. She wasn’t smiling or nothing, but I could see it in her eyes that she was probably laughing at me.

She didn’t even bother with hitting me; most of her moves were grabs and things to keep me from hitting her. She probably figured that I definitely wouldn’t fix her car if she hit me; she was right. Had she hit me, I wouldn’t have done shit for her ever again; I didn’t care how much money she would’ve been trying to talk. But, she didn’t embarrass me and I guess I appreciated that fact. So, I fixed her car again.

The third time, I was annoyed with her showing up again. I was so sick of her. I tried to think of a way to get rid of her that was quick and wouldn’t have me making an ass out of myself again like when I went to fight her.

The kiss was an impulse, but once I was there, I figured that a prim girl like her would run away screaming after being kissed by an oily mechanic that was the same sex as her. It seemed like every guess I made about her was just plain wrong.

Well, how the hell was I supposed to know she was a lesbian? It wasn’t like she was wearing a nametag that said so. Damn it, I was just so wrong about her.


Something very strange happened when Tatsu kissed me and it was just that a usual thought that drifted through my head was missing. I had been kissed a few times after my magic moment with Shin, but all of my kissing experiences after that were terrible in essence. I just couldn’t enjoy it because one: I hated touching and two: all I could think about while I kissed a girl was wondering where the hell her mouth had been prior to touching me. I actually believed that kissing was one of the most disgusting and vile forms of touching ever fathomed. I used to wonder who the hell it was that thought to put their tongue into another human being’s filthy mouth.

There was something different about kissing Tatsu; it might have helped that she thankfully hadn’t put her tongue in my mouth. We probably would’ve been fighting had she even tried to put her tongue in my mouth; I would’ve at least pushed her away if she had done that. But, she didn’t and there was something about the fact that she had come at me all the while knowing that I could kick her ass if I ever chose to do so. There was something about that action that spoke to me, so I allowed her to kiss me.

Now, I was disgusted by her kiss, but I wasn’t wondering where the hell she had been like with other girls. Now, one might wonder why I allowed her to continue if I was so disgusted and that was because I was impressed. I was also curious as to how far she would take her actions because I knew that she wasn’t coming at out of anything more than the fact that she was trying to get me away from her.

I surrendered myself to whatever devious plan Tatsu had worked out and wanted to do because I was fascinated by her actions, maybe even her intentions. I wanted to see where she was going and how serious she was about it. Would she dare continue if I allowed her to or would she chicken out and just fix my car?

She seemed to sense that I was challenging her to keep going and so, she did; I think I was surprised by that. I really didn’t think she would keep going, but I guess she showed me. Despite the fact that I had given her free range over my body, she wasn’t rough with me.

But, she wasn’t gentle either. Nothing that she did was for my enjoyment, which was another thing that caught my twisted interest. Everything that she did was for her; she touched my body and got pleasure from it. It wasn’t think she was getting pleasure in hurting me because she wasn’t hurting me. She was getting pleasure from touching and tasting me, much like a person would do to a piece of fruit. It wasn’t something that I understood and that was why I was curious and that was how I got hooked. I wanted to comprehend why she liked my body so much.


I didn’t know until Trin that I was into women. I had had boyfriends before and I liked them, as much as I could like people anyway. Constant company was never really my thing. I hadn’t considered that I liked women, but after I had Trin that first time, I wanted her again and again.

It bothered me for a while to be attracted to her and it wasn’t because she was a girl. She just looked like such a posh bitch and I should’ve hated her with all of the fucking passion I could muster because of that. I just hated anybody that was stuck-up and I thought she was like that. I did use that as an excuse to feed my attraction.

The next time she came by, I went at her again. I told myself it was because I liked having power over such a high-class slut. In my mind, Trin merely became my whore, my toy, especially since she submitted to me so easily. She was my bitch to do whatever I pleased.

I wanted her to know what I thought of her too and I wanted her to know just what she was, so after a while I started ordering her to say that she was my bitch and she would too. She would openly declare herself my bitch, my whore, my property. It was an amazing thing and it probably stopped at the right time. I think it was going to my head and I was actually starting to think I controlled her. It was her choice to submit to me; I didn’t really have any power.

What brought everything to a halt? Well, Trin broke our little routine. It worked where she’d come in with her car, I’d do whatever the hell I wanted to her for a little while, and then dismiss her to work on her car. One day, she came in and I went at her as usual, but she didn’t give in. She stopped me and she asked if I wanted to go to dinner with her. At that moment, every wall I had in me went up and I was suspicious of her.

I lashed out her pretty hard and demanded to know why a prim bitch like her wanted to go to dinner with me for. I didn’t know she was the town’s special whipping girl at the time, obviously. I didn’t know that it was probably easier to break into the damn Pentagon than to get passed all of her walls and make her feel comfortable enough to want to be around me. I definitely didn’t know that my reaction would hurt her so much that I could see it in her eyes.

She didn’t mean to let me see her little emotional slip. It was only there for a second, but I saw it plain as a full moon on a clear night. She composed herself real quick and tried to act like it was all right.

She didn’t stick around after I turned her down, though. I was upset to see her go. I told myself it was just because I wanted to screw her and I tried to leave it at that. But, the look in her eyes stayed on my mind; I decided to work on her car to get my mind off of that crap.


I had never seen the harpy look do distraught, so absolutely devastated. Apparently, she had gone and got attached to her fuck buddy. I suppose she didn’t consider that someone like her, who was so anti-touch, was bound to get attached when she started letting a person touch her so intimately. But then again, I should’ve had a clue that it was something serious when she started letting that girl touch her, but it didn’t register to my brain.

The fact that Trin, the number one harpy and queen of the shrews, didn’t want to get back at that girl for obviously hurting her feelings in a way that no other person ever had was the thing that got to me. I couldn’t believe that her feelings were hurt, pretty much just lying dead in the streets like road-kill, and we weren’t plotting revenge. I honestly thought that it was the seventh sign and I wasn’t even religious. I started looking out the window for horsemen or something and then she dragged me back to reality.

She was sniffling from her spot on her bed. I turned to check her out, ready to offer her a tissue or something, thinking her nose was bothering her. Boy, was I off. Ah, damn it, the bitch was crying. I was sure the world was ending that day. It was then that I realized several things.

The first thing was that with Trin, being who she was, sex was actually a big deal. For her to be having sex with that mechanic, there had to be something deep there and I hadn’t thought of that until she started crying; ah, she was such a woman. To me, sex was always just an activity, like riding a bike or practicing my martial arts or stealing a top secret satellite for the afternoon. With her, it was something that neither of us could even comprehend at the time. Hell, I still don’t really get it.

I then realized that Trin couldn’t have taken that rejection well. The mechanic had made it passed so many walls in that well fortified blonde shell and then probably doubled them by turning the harpy down. She might never interact with humanity again; humanity was probably cheering.

It was then that I realized I could have to do something and the worst part of that meant that I might soon have to share Trin. I had no problem with sharing her with her siblings; hey, Kim was there first. I could hang around her with her brothers because they’re cool little guys; I didn’t really want to be around when it was just her and Kim. Trin and Kim did girly things when no one was with them. But, that would be different if I succeeded in helping her. Trin could actually gain a girlfriend; how revolting. I suppose it was inevitable.

I went to see the mechanic the next day; I didn’t have anything better to do since my evil twin locked herself away in her room. I could only hope she wasn’t crying some more. I went to the garage. I had actually never met Tatsu until that day. I really only heard about her and I saw her a couple of times, but that was about it. I knew some stuff about her, like how she wasn’t supposed to be a lesbian.

I knew that her forced nickname around town was “the serpent.” I didn’t care about that stuff. I wasn’t there to judge her. I was only there to make her do something about my broken evil twin.

“Tatsu,” I called into the large garage. She stuck her head out of a car that wasn’t Trin’s. She had five cars in the place.

“Yeah,” she replied and then she got a good look at me. “Shin, the racers’ boy toy,” she commented.

“I wouldn’t say I’m their toy,” I replied with a half smirk. I would guess that she knew about me how I knew about her. People around the races talked.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“It’s about Trin.”

She frowned a bit. “What, that’s your bitch or something?” she inquired.

I wanted to say that, yeah, she was my bitch, but not in the same way that she was her bitch. But, that argument was irrelevant. I explained to her that her little toy was my best friend and that seemed to surprise her, but she covered that up pretty well. I didn’t care if she stunned with whom I hung out with; my only concern was that my evil twin was locked in her bedroom and possibly still crying. I couldn’t stand that thought.

“Well, if she ain’t your slut, what do you want?” Tatsu asked.

“Look, man, I don’t really care that you were fucking Trin on the hood of your cars every time you got the chance. She needed to loosen up anyway and I bet you two had fun. My problem is just that she opened up to you and I mean that way beyond spreading her legs. The silly harpy is far from a slut. She’s a fucking prude to be exact. She’s such a prude that you were her first. You took her virginity right here on your shitty, dirty floor and the second that she tried to have a bit more than you doing whatever the fuck you wanted with her, you shut her down. The bitch is so hurt that she isn’t even considering getting your ass back for such disrespect. But, just because her feelings are crushed doesn’t mean I can’t get you back,” I stated.

I had every intention of getting her back too. I was trying to think of something while standing there. And then she threw me off by laughing like my promise was joke.

“Shin, what the hell do you think you can do to me? I’ve got a fucking garage and a shack out in the back. You could set them on fire and I wouldn’t give a damn because I could turn anything into a garage. I don’t have shit for you to get me back with. So, unless you’re going to kill me, take the bitch’s car and get the fuck out,” Tatsu dismissed me; she dismissed me pretty damn well too, but since it was always hard to embarrass me, I wasn’t too put in my place.

“I can only get the fuck out. I can’t drive…well,” I replied as smoothly as I would anything else. I could see why Trin liked that bitch so much. She had some soul to her; she had spirit. “That’s why the harpy brings that stupid thing. So call her and tell her to pick up the stupid car,” I informed her and then I left.

I was still trying to think of a way to get Tatsu back if she didn’t do right by my evil twin. The thing that struck me was that she had a point; she didn’t really have anything for me to use against her. I could always get funny with her money if she had a bank account, but that was only if she had one. Tatsu seemed like the type that kept all her money in her mattress or something.


Shin was an asshole as far as I could tell, even though I had heard he was cool from some of the racers. The bastard did leave me thinking about his posh whore, though. I tried to put her out of my mind, but since he told me that I hurt her feelings, I just kept thinking about the look in her eyes.

It didn’t help matters that he told me I was her first. I couldn’t believe that, but it did stay on my mind. I figured she might not be the person I thought she was. After all, she was best friends with a guy that slept with about half of the racers that I knew, most of whom swore they weren’t gay.

I decided to ask around about her and found out she wasn’t anything like I thought, even though nobody had something nice to say about her. Even the town outcasts had shit to say about her. She seriously was the lowest of the low and most people couldn’t even explain why they hated her.

Who knew that she was the town punching bag? I thought she was some blonde bimbo and when she came in for her car, I still imagined her as some flashy, cheerleader type. I just couldn’t see why people would pick on her out of all people.

She didn’t look like she wanted to be at the garage for the first time when she came to get her car. I mean, she generally wasn’t a happy looking person, but she looked miserable that time. I knew better than to try and go at her, even though I wanted to. I liked that body so much. I liked the way it felt. I liked the way it tasted. I liked the way it shuddered and clenched under my touch. There was something about her, something about her that just made me want to devour her like always, but there was more to it than that.

“So…what should I wear?” I asked out of the blue as she went to her car. It seemed better than apologizing in my opinion.

“Huh?” she replied.

“For dinner. What should I wear?” I asked. I was only hoping that the invitation was still on the table. For all I knew, she could’ve been with Shin on plotting my demise, but I needed to see. I didn’t want her out of my life now; I craved her.

She just stared at me. Maybe that boat had passed, which pissed me off as I thought about it. To think, I wouldn’t be able to have that beautiful bitch in my mouth ever again. It bothered me more than I thought it should. I mean, my brain was trying to tell me that she was just some cheerleader-looking slut, but I wasn’t buying it.

“Whatever you’re comfortable in is fine,” she finally answered in a grumble.

“And you’ll pick me up?” I asked. While I had a car and liked working on them, I had always hated driving.

“Sure. A few days from now at seven good for you?”

“Um…yeah,” I agreed. Even though I had had boyfriends before, it was my first real date. Little did I know, but it was hers too.


I really would have preferred not going out with Tatsu. I wanted to detest her so badly. I wanted to be able to destroy her, but when she asked what she should wear, I felt odd. Something inside of me jumped, forcing me to answer in a way that let her know that the date was still open. Fine, so I had a date.

I wanted it to be special, but I also told myself to not take her feelings into consideration when making the plans for dinner. I didn’t listen, though. I didn’t have it in me to hurt her despite what she had done to me. I wanted things to go smoothly because I wanted her to like me.

I made reservations at a restaurant in Upperton. I had to go to another town for the simple reason that I didn’t want anyone staring at me and possibly my demons coming out and ruining the evening. I just hoped that she didn’t assume I didn’t want to be seen with her because that was not the case. I’d explain it to her when I went to pick her up, I decided.

Tatsu wasn’t one for dressing up. She had on a plain, regular black crewneck tee-shirt along with some tan pants. I felt overdressed for the first time in my life, even though I always overdress. She looked at me when she got in the car; perhaps, she was considering that she was underdressed. I tried to assure her that everything was fine, but she continued to look skeptical. Tatsu didn’t trust me much and I wished that I could say that I was the same, but that wasn’t the case.

I suppose the fact that I surrendered myself to her so many times influenced my trust in her. In all the times that she could’ve abused my body, she didn’t. I had no idea that sex was so…connective. I mean, Shin did it all of the time, but he never got so attached. I guess that was one of our few differences. I still didn’t like that I trusted her so much, but that was my own fault.

But, what did I know about Tatsu aside for she got great pleasure from having power over me and she fixed cars? I didn’t even know her age. I didn’t even know we had gone to high school together; mostly due to the fact that she hardly attended. I didn’t even know if that piercing blue was her real eye color or contacts; they happened to be her real eyes. I just didn’t know a thing about her.

Dinner started out awkward and uncomfortable; I doubt it helped matters that we had to go to another town to eat a meal. She didn’t seem to like the atmosphere of the restaurant; it was one of Shin’s favorite places to eat because they served dishes from all over the world. I liked it too because of the diverse menu and I took her there because I didn’t know what kinds of foods she liked.

She didn’t know what to order, though. She didn’t know what most of the stuff was. She just wanted something simple and everything seemed so complicated, she later told me that. I tried suggesting things to help her out and try to ease some of our tension, but she wasn’t really paying me any mind. I doubted that she wanted what I was having; I have found not too many people like squid. She settled on anything that was grilled chicken and came with rice.

I wasn’t about to give up, even though she was making it seem like I should’ve just stayed home and just borrowed a GJ satellite for the evening. I ventured into deep waters and talked about cars. I typically made it a point to never talk about a subject that I didn’t know something about, but I wasn’t sure what else she was into. She started talking about cars at first, but when she made it to engines, I actually jumped in. I knew about engines, not much, but enough to make some conversation. She looked at me as if I had two heads when I did say something, which made me shut up. I considered that I probably said something stupid since I was no engine expert. I decided to just be quiet for a moment or maybe even for the rest of the wretched evening.


I noticed I had…what’s the word? Right, I noticed I discouraged her because she caught me by surprise. The prissy bitch knew about engines? It was a shock.

I figured I should do something because it was obvious that she was trying to be nice; although I thought she was acting like a showoff with such an expensive place to eat. I was a bit uncomfortable, especially since we left Middleton just to go eat, but she had told me that she just didn’t like going out in Middleton because people stared at her and that made her uncomfortable. I thought she was being all high and mighty, like people stared at her because she was so pretty, but that wasn’t it.

I figured since I was there already, I should make the most of it. I mean, who cares that I left Middleton? I needed to get out of town every now and then; it was actually my first time out of town.

So, I went into simple stuff, hoping she wouldn’t catch me by surprise again. I asked how old she was; she was younger than me by a few months. I asked her what she did. I wasn’t surprised that she went to college and when I asked her what she was studying, she was happy to share that she was going to be a biochemist. I didn’t know what the hell a biochemist was and I had no clue what they did. I was only getting the idea that the bitch was smart, maybe too smart for me.

She didn’t rub in that she was smart. She didn’t even get too technical with everything. The second that she was going to lose me, she seemed to know to stop, which she did. She then asked some of her own questions, like if I planned on working on illegal race cars for the rest of my life. I shrugged; I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life then and I didn’t really give a damn.

We kept on talking, which was weird for the both of us. I didn’t usually talk to people for long and conversations were pretty much a foreign concept to me. I got information on cars and what was wrong with them and then told people what I had to fix when I was done. I didn’t chitchat until Trin and we talked about nothing as far as I could tell, but I came away feeling comfortable around her.

After a while, I didn’t care where we were, namely out of town in a restaurant that I didn’t know most of the stuff on the menu. I was enjoying myself just talking to her. When we were done and she took me home, she made another date, which I almost eagerly accepted; I caught myself. I then asked her in a mumble if it was okay for me to call her before our date and she told me it was fine. I kissed her goodnight and my life along with my phone bill would never be the same.

Next time: Trin has Tatsu over at the apartment, but why is Shin so pissed about it?

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