Honor Bound

Chapter 28

Eat and run


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TITLE: Eat and run

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Set in Japan during the Tokugawa era. Director Betty recuits samurai Kim and ninja Yori for a job to find out about a plot to overthrow the govt. The job: go undercover as geisha.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Yori

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 5995

A/N: I guess I should have warned you guys about this a little sooner, but there are 3 chapters to go after this one.

Kim was holding Amy at bay with her sword. She did not want the large woman to interfere with Shego’s fight with Monkey Fist, who was Amy’s husband. Amy looked rather anxious, which was something that Kim could understand. What was going on between their lovers? Who had won? They wished the two fighters had stayed in the same room with them in order for them to know what was going on.

The redheaded samurai saw enough of the battle when they in the room to figure that her lover was taking care of Monkey Fist. The lord seemed to practice the same style of martial arts as Ron and though he looked more precise than Ron, Kim was sure that she had seen Ron use the style much better. Hell, she had seen Yori use the style much better and Yori was not even a master at it like Ron was. She shook the thoughts away because she was thinking of her friends. She did not want to think about them because of where they were currently located.

“Hey, Princess, let’s get out of here,” Shego said as she walked by the room that she had left Kim was standing in.

“You got him?” Kim asked, even though she had no doubt that her green companion did have him.

“Yeah, I got him. You can get her and we can get out of here.”

Kim nodded and she quickly scanned the room for something to use to bind Amy’s arms. She tied the large woman up with some disregarded cloth; Amy did not put up any resistance, just pleading with them to not hurt her “Monty-kun.” She then pulled Amy out of the room to catch up with her companion. She got to see that Shego had worked on Monkey Fist rather well and had him tied up tightly to make sure that he did not get away, even though it did not look like he would get far if he did make a run for it.

“What did you do to my Monty-wanty!” Amy cried when she caught sight of her battered husband.

“Something that I’ll do to you too if you don’t shut up,” Shego replied in a rather serious tone.

“Meanie!” Amy hollered, as if that was supposed to hurt the pale woman’s feelings.

Shego rolled her eyes. She just wanted to get them out of there. She did not want to deal with their madness and the guilt that was just starting to devour her insides. She could not believe that one lie had so quickly and easily chewed through her. All she wanted to do was prove herself and she had done that, but she was still feeling like her intestines were being shredded like chopped vegetables.

The duo walked the noble couple down to the village and turned them over to the oppressed villagers, who cheered the female duo on for their actions. The people were not too sure what they were going to do with their defeated lord, but they were happy that he was no longer reigning over them for the moment. They were not too sure about the monkey guards either since many of them were still around, but for the moment, everything was fine and that was what mattered.

There was a mild celebration thrown in the ladies’ honor, which was fine by Shego. The pale woman drank to her heart’s content, hoping that it would help ease the guilt that she was experiencing. Kim tried to keep an eye on her companion because she did not want Shego to get drunk again. The redhead also made sure to eat as much as was offered to her. It was a little tricky to keep an eye on Shego while stuffing her face with all sorts of great foods.

Kim and Shego were also provided with their own hut for the night as a further show of appreciation. They retired there when the festivities died down. They curled up together on a couple of tatami mats and Kim covered them both with a blanket, even though Shego was undoubtedly going to get overheated. Shego had explained to the redhead that she easily got hot a while back when trying to explain her powers to Kim more precisely.

“Hey, Princess,” the pale woman whispered in a slur. Oh yeah, she was pleasantly drunk; well, it was pleasant in her opinion.

“Shego, just go to sleep. You’re drunk again,” Kim stated soundly, but somewhat softly. It seemed that she did not keep the best eye on her cohort, she silently scolded herself. Well, with luck, her lover would sleep it off, or so she hoped.

“I’m not drunk,” the older warrior argued. She was just…enlightened.

“Yeah, you are. So, just go to sleep. We can talk in the morning.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it in the morning,” Shego huffed in a low tone.

“It’s all right. We’ll talk about whatever you want in the morning. Just go to sleep,” the redheaded samurai gently commanded her companion.

Shego tried to argue, but her mouth was not obeying too well. She fell asleep less than a minute after trying to debate with Kim and not being able to get out a decent word. The redhead rested her head against Shego’s shoulder and fell asleep too.

When Kim woke up in the morning, she found that she was the only one wrapped in the blanket, which meant that sometime during the night, Shego had gotten too hot. The green-skinned woman was still sleeping, holding Kim close to her. The younger female sighed contently and just stayed cuddled up with her companion. She hoped that no one entered the hut to for any reason or they would have to explain exactly why they snuggled up together in a little more than a “friendly manner.” Well, at least, for once they were not nude while sleeping in a room.

“Princess,” Shego muttered, seemingly talking in her sleep. She turned her head, facing a wall in the dark. It was morning, but the sun had yet to make its presence known to the world. The outside was mostly quiet; it seemed that it was too early for farmers to even be awake. She did keep her eyes closed, though.

Kim thought that her lover was talking in her sleep, but answered anyway, just in case. “Hmm?”

“I’m sorry,” the green-skinned woman whispered the apology. She was awake for the most part, as she had been for about two hours now. She had woken up and saw her trusting little kitsune lying so peacefully against her and all she could do was think about how she had lied to the younger fighter. It had been impossible for her to sleep after that.

“You’re sorry?” Kim said in a bewildered tone. “What are you sorry for, tenshi?” she asked quietly. It seemed like Shego was still somewhat sleeping to her, so she did not want to talk too loudly.

“I lied to you, kitsune,” Shego confessed. She knew what she was saying, even though she sounded half-asleep. She just could not take the guilt that was tearing at her insides. She felt so horrible about it, more horrible than she had ever felt from lying.

“You lied to me?” Kim’s heart sank. She feared the worse. Had Shego lied about their time together? Did Shego really not like her and was just using her?

“I lied yesterday. I didn’t have eighty-four. I only had eighty-three, like you,” the pale female stated, now facing the blackened ceiling of their temporary living space.

Kim breathed a sigh of relief. Shego was talking about their little competition when they were battling the monkey guards in Monkey Fist’s castle. Kim was now puzzled, though. Why would Shego lie about something so silly?

“Tenshi, why would you lie about that?” Kim inquired. She supposed that she felt a little better knowing that it had been a lie. She had not actually lost yesterday if that was the case. She was unaccustomed to losing and she did not like it much, even if it was to Shego.

“I hate to lose,” the older woman answered as if that was the most logical thing to say.

“Well, so do I, but it was just a little game.”

Shego shook her head and opened her eyes. She might as well brave looking at the teen, she told herself. She had gotten over the really hard part anyway, namely apologizing. She usually did not apologize for anything, even if she was wrong. It just was not something that she did.

She stared into Kim’s olive eyes, which she could make out in the dark, and asked herself how could she lie to the adorable female? Because she wanted to be worthwhile to the young woman, she reminded herself. She wanted to continue to be wanted and desired. It seemed so pathetic, she told herself, but she did not care. Whenever Kim was involved, the usual things that bugged her just did not matter anymore.

“Princess, I want to be able to protect you,” Shego said and that seemed to come out of the blue to her companion.

“I’m pretty sure you can if I can’t do it for some reason,” Kim pointed out, although she did not think that there would be a time that she could not protect herself.

Shego sighed and shook her head. “I want to be able to give you something that you don’t have and what I usually offer is protection. You can protect yourself, though. I figured that if I could just prove to you that I was stronger than you, you would be able to understand that I could protect you,” she explained.

Kim looked confused for a second and then she smiled softly. She reached up and caressed Shego’s cheek before leaning in for a tender kiss. Shego was now the one that was bewildered.

“You do give me something and if you want to, you can still protect me. It’s nice to have backup that I can trust. But, what you give me is more important than protection,” the redhead informed Shego in a gentle tone.

“What’s that?” the emerald-eyed female inquired.

“This feeling,” Kim answered while placing her hand on her own chest. She was not sure what the feeling was, but she knew that it coursed through her whole body as if it was her blood and it seemed to fill her whole body out as if it was muscle. It made her feel like she could walk on clouds and she wanted it to remain there always. It was so wonderfully delightful and she could only thank Shego for it.

Shego understood what Kim was talking about. She was very aware of the feeling. She thought of it more as water flowing through her body along with vapor wafting through her. It felt like heaven was in her system. Did she give that feeling to Kim?

“Do I really make you feel that good?” Shego inquired.

“You make me feel…special,” Kim answered. She did not know how else to put it. She just felt special while she was with the raven-haired female.

“You are special.”

“See, things like that make me feel like we were placed here just for each other, to be together. So, you really don’t have to do anything more than be yourself for me. If you want to take on the bad guy, all you have to do is say so. You don’t have to lie or try to impress me,” the redhead promised.

“I know,” Shego replied. She knew that, but she still felt like she had to impress Kim. She wanted Kim to always desire her as she did, but she guessed that if she gave Kim the same feeling that the little fox gave her, then it was likely that Kim would never leave her.

Kim did not say anything else. She just leaned over and kissed Shego on the mouth. Shego accepted the kiss and returned it with just as much zeal. They would have continued on, but they heard movement outside and figured that the village was waking up. They decided to get up and get moving too, especially since birds were starting to come out. It was would seem that morning was upon them and it was time to move on.

The two hailed heroes were given food for the road when they announced that they were going to be on their way. They were slightly curious about what the villagers were going to do with Monkey Fist and his wife Amy. The villagers still did not seem too clear what they wanted to do with the greedy lord. Kim offered to contact some authorities to take the daimyo off their hands, even though she was not sure what she could say to get the authorities to arrest the daimyo.

“Leave this one to me. When we get to Edo, I’ll have some people come back here for Monkey-boy,” Shego stated.

“Ah, I knew you cared,” Kim teased her companion.

“I don’t. I just don’t want that annoying monkey to get away after I went through the trouble to kick his ass,” the pale woman argued.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Kim said with a smirk.

“Shut up. Let’s go.” Shego playfully shoved her companion in the direction that they were going to walk in.

Kim grinned and she started walking off. Shego followed behind her for a moment and then went to her side. The redheaded warrior did turn around to wave farewell to the villagers for a few seconds before Shego yanked her to continue going. They moved on.

“You do know it’s all right for you to admit that you don’t mind helping,” Kim commented with bright smile.

“I don’t mind it, but I don’t really like it. It’s annoying,” Shego replied, frowning just to counter her companion’s cheerfulness.

“But, it makes you look so sexy,” Kim teased her comrade. Well, it was meant as a taunt, but she was blushing so deeply that it made her words ring way too true.

“Just like that blush with you,” the pale woman remarked while throwing her arm around Kim’s waist. The redhead flushed even more. Shego laughed a bit and leaned down, nuzzling her face in Kim’s neck.

“That tickles,” the teen giggled. The fact that it tickled was the only thing keeping Kim from blushing an even deeper shade of crimson.

“So what?” Shego replied and then she playfully nibbled at the samurai’s neck. The younger woman laughed a little bit again. Shego did not help as she reached up and caressed the other side of Kim’s neck.

“Stop. You’re acting like an akuma again. Do you want me to call you akuma-san?” Kim asked with a laugh. She was not sure if she wanted to get away from the super-powered woman or if she wanted to stay close to her companion.

“It’s too late,” the green-skinned woman answered, remaining where she was. She had a lot of fun with Kim.

The redhead continued giggling. She pulled away, but Shego just pulled her back. Kim struggled, but Shego held steadily. They went on their journey in that fashion, not thinking that they looked rather silly. It was not like anyone was going to see; or so they hoped anyway.

(New day)

“Are you sure we don’t have any more food?” Shego inquired as she and Kim hiked up a path on what they were guessing was a never-ending mountain. It seemed like the rocky hill went on forever. It did not help matters that the hill was steep and there was nothing to hold on to if one of them slipped down.

“Yes, we’re out of food. Just like yesterday,” Kim replied.

“How the hell have we not seen any animals at all?” the pale woman wondered out loud. They had been out of food for three days and they had not seen any wild animals to catch and eat. They passed a stream a day ago, but no fish were in the water. Since when did fish not live in water?

“Where’s the top of this thing?” Kim wondered aloud. She was staring up the mound and it just seemed to still be going up. Where they climbing a mountain to the heavens?

They continued moving up the mountain and finally hit the top a couple of hours later. They then looked down; crap, they still had nothing but rocky path going all the way down. They had been hoping for a town or a village. They wanted something with some food. Hell, even a forest would have done if it meant wildlife. But, no, all they had was barren mountainside to accompany them down the path.

They pressed on, down the path and through the dark of night. By the morning, they were both silently praying for anything that was populated by people who had food. They were starting to think that they needed to get back on the main highway, even if it meant that they were going to have to deal with inspection posts. Forget the fact that Kim did not do well with the inspectors and Shego would have had to look for a way around the post. They just would have access to restaurants if they were on the main highway, which would be a big plus at the moment.

And then, they caught sight of a town in the distance. They looked at each other and smiled. They picked up their pace down the rocky path and made their way into the town, which looked like an average town, but they were not paying much attention to that. They went right into the first restaurant that they came across and began ordering pretty much everything that they could.

In their rush, the ladies failed to notice that they had caught the attention of a male trio that they ran by on their way to the restaurant. The trio could not believe their eyes and had to go make sure that they had seen right, so they followed the pair to the restaurant. They knew that they had to be quiet about things, but they did go to make sure that they had seen correctly. And there she was, stuffing her face with a beef bowl.

“Demond-senpai (1), can you believe how lucky we are?” the brunette of the trio commented. They were all large, muscular men of similar builds and dressed in the same outfits. They were wearing blue yukatas with wooden geta.

“We’re not lucky yet. We have to make sure she’s not here for something official and wait for her to be alone,” the dark-skinned, bald one replied. He happened to be the leader of the group.

“Right,” the other two concurred.

The trio watched the female pair for a moment longer and then they walked off. Kim and Shego continued to stuff their faces, piling empty dish on top of empty dish. They were too busy digging in to even notice that they had been being watched. They had their fill and then got the bill.

“Hmm…” Shego muttered while going into her pockets.

“Hmm…” Kim echoed while going into her pockets.

“I’m broke!” both ladies realized simultaneously while looking at each other. And then it seemed to hit them that they shared those facts a little too loudly. They turned to their waiter and laughed nervously.

“What do we do now?” Kim asked her companion. She was trying to whisper the question, but not seem too suspicious too. It was not working out well.

“I’ve got an idea,” Shego replied with her usual confidence.

“One that doesn’t involve us running out of here right now,” the redhead stated with a deadpan expression.

Shego sighed. “Picky, picky, picky. We could’ve burned this geek. Fine, give me a second to think about this,” she replied and then she glanced over at the waiter. “And stop looking at me like you’re going to do something,” she barked at him.

The waiter actually yelped because of her tone. He scurried away, returning to the back of the restaurant. As soon as Shego got an idea, the waiter returned with a large, blonde man, who was wielding a kitchen knife. He did not look too friendly either.

“Ned tells me you two are trying to skip out on the bill,” the large man commented. He also did not sound too friendly.

“We’d never do a thing like that,” Shego replied with a good-natured smile. “We have no idea where Ned-kun would get an idea like that,” she said in sweet tone.

“Then pay up,” the huge man ordered.

“We would love nothing more than to that…um, I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name,” Shego said.

“Lars,” he answered.

“Right, Lars-san, we would love nothing more than to pay the bill,” Shego said as she stood up.

She motioned for Kim to follow her lead, which the redhead did, even though she had no idea as to what was going on. Shego leaned over onto Lars, which made Kim frown a little bit. The samurai was not sure what was going on, but she now was certain that she did not like it.

“Unfortunately, Lars-sama, we don’t have the money right now,” Shego continued on, using the honorific “sama” to hopefully help the situation. He did not seem to like the admission that they did not have the money at that moment, or so his deep scowl implied. “But, we can easily get it and until we do, we’ll leave you with some collateral,” she finished.

Lars craned an eyebrow, curious as to what she meant by “collateral.” Kim was interested too since her companion was leaning so close to the blonde man. The pale woman then smiled in a suggestive manner, which did not make Kim feel any more at ease with what was going on. And the next thing she knew, Shego was yanking her swords out of her obi and handing them to Lars.

“Hey!” Kim barked in protest about her weapons being liberated from their proper place at her hip.

“You keep these,” Shego said to the blonde while handing over her own sword too. “And we’ll be back in a couple of hours with the money and you can give us back the swords,” she informed him.

Lars seemed confused by the exchange. He obviously had been thinking of something else and by the time he realized what happened, Shego was dragging an objecting Kim out of the restaurant. Lars hollered after them, but Shego did not stop. The blonde ran to the door, but the females were gone.

“Shego, how could you just give up my swords like that?” Kim demanded to know. She was still trying to pull away from the emerald-eyed warrior, hoping to get back to the eatery to take her weapons back.

“Calm down. We’ll have them back in about an hour,” Shego tried to assure her unruly lover.

“But, I can’t let The Blade of a Hundred Sorrows out of my sight. Not to mention, my swords do contain my soul. You can’t just let any random restaurant owner have the representation of my soul like that!” Kim objected.

“Calm down, Princess. We’ll get them back in about an hour. Don’t worry,” Shego stated soundly. It was almost believable.

“What do you have in mind?” the younger warrior asked with just a little suspicion in her voice.

“I’ll tell you in a moment,” Shego replied as she looked around for a non-populated area. She did not miss the distrust in her lover’s voice, but she had to admit, at least to herself, that Kim needed to be suspicious.

The male trio could not believe their luck. She had actually made things so easy for them, they all thought. A couple of years of trying and they were pretty sure that things would never get any easier than they were at the moment. They made their move while they had the chance. They stole Kim’s swords from a resting place against the wall in the back of the restaurant that they had been left in.

“Demond-senpai, that was unbelievable,” the brunette male commented, almost in a shaky tone. He was just totally incredulous that Kim would make things so simple and that she would let her swords out of her sight for more than five seconds. Something had to be wrong.

“Yeah, it was too easy, Demond-senpai,” the redhead agreed with his teammate. He also sounded rather suspicious about the situations. They knew that girl did not let her swords out of her grip most of the time, so out of her care was just unheard of. It was almost as if it was a trap of some kind, not that she was one to setup traps. Something still seemed off.

“Of course it was easy because that troublesome fox demon wasn’t there to get in our way,” the bald leader pointed out.

The other two nodded to yield that point. Kim was not around to practically bite their heads off about her swords. Also Director-sama was not around to holler at them about “bothering” Kim; they worked under Director-sama as elite samurai, named Team Impossible. They had always had an interest in Kim’s swords, especially the one that was encased in the white sheath.

The trio had always been curious about the sword in the ivory-colored scabbard and why Kim never allowed anyone to touch it. They had heard tales about when Kim’s grandmother used to carry the katana and how she never used it either. They had been told by older samurai and family members that the sword had magical properties, but no one was ever too sure about what the magic was about.

It was assumed that the sword somehow gave its possessor god-like strength. It was a good way to explain why Kim was so good, even though she was a short, skinny girl. It was said that her grandmother had the same build when she was younger, yet she also had incredible power. Supposedly, any Possible that held the sword had extraordinary strength and ability. It was said to be because of the sword and now they had it. They had all of that power.

“Here, Crash-san, you can have this one for right now,” Demond Dash, the leader of the trio, said while handing over the katana that was in the red scabbard. He had no interest in that sword, believing his own long sword was vastly superior to any normal blade.

“Arigato, senpai,” Crashton Crash replied. He could use a good sword to ruin with his extreme training where he cut through solid stone and some metals. He went through a lot of weapons and did like it when he got ones for free to totally ruin.

“Do you want the wakazashi, Burn-san?” the bald warrior asked his redheaded subordinate.

“Sure, why not?” Berman Burn replied, taking the short sword. He figured that he could practice with the wakazashi because, like his teammate Crash, Burn went through plenty of weapons too in his training. There was also the chance that there might be something special about the short sword, like the sword in the white casing. Maybe all of that little fox’s weapons had magical properties.

They all inspected their new weapons. First, they looked at the scabbards. The white saya was decorated with small dragon flies down the length of it, which Dash thought was odd for some reason. There was some writing going down the length of the underside, but it was too small for him to read; it was a sealing spell that had been placed on there long ago with a hope that it would control the problems with the sword. The Possible family crest was close to the bottom and could be found on both sides of the case.

The scarlet sheathes were not too highly ornate. There was a strange blue symbol at the top that they thought looked suspiciously like the silhouettes of foxes and from the tails there were some thin blue veins that ran down the length of the sheathes, creating leaf designs when the lines intersected. On the bottom of those cases was also the Possible family crest. They then unsheathed the blades.

“Whoa, this is nice work,” Crash commented in an amazed tone as he looked at the weapon. He did not expect to see such a fine blade carried by the redheaded samurai. It was a better blade than his own, which was why he had not expected.

“Seriously, way better than my short sword,” Burn agreed, sounding equally awed by his stolen weapon. “Hell, I’m keeping this.”

“Yeah,” Crash concurred. He would rather use Kim’s katana in battle rather than break it now that he saw what it looked like. He had never seen such masterful work on a sword. Who would give such a beautiful weapon to a scrawny kid like Kim?

Their leader unsheathed the Blade of a Hundred Sorrows and stared at it as if he was mesmerized by the sword. There seemed to be movement in the metal. It was the strangest thing, as if clouds roamed the sword. He could not turn away from it. His two teammates failed to notice his fascination with the cursed weapon because they were too busy admiring their own new swords.

“Okay, kitsune,” Shego said as they turned into an empty alleyway that had a dead-end, which meant that no one could take them by surprise. The pale woman stood in front of her companion not only to block the view of anyone that walked by, but to also make sure that Kim did not run. She had no doubt that her little princess might take off once she started going through the list of things that the redhead needed to give her for the plan to swing into motion.

“Okay, what?” Kim asked curiously.

“Give me your mask, your zori, and your hakama,” Shego replied in a normal tone and her companion was almost certain that she had not heard right.

“My what?!” Kim inquired in disbelief.

“Your mask, your zori, and your hakama,” Shego repeated, in the same tone no less.

“What for?” the redhead asked while putting her hands onto her pants to make sure that those stayed in place.

“Look, do you want your swords back?” the pale woman countered.

“I do,” Kim answered, emphasizing that point with a nod of her head.

“Then give me the mask, the zori, and the hakama.”

“And how will that get my swords back?” Kim inquired with baffled look on her face and she was making sure not to let go of her obi in case Shego tried to just take her clothing from her.

“Trust me,” Shego replied.

“And what about my clothes?”

“I’m going to give them back, of course. We just need to show you off a little bit and make you look less crazy, which is why I want the mask,” the super-powered warrior explained.

“And my zori?” Kim inquired. What was the point in taking her footwear?

“You’ll look poor and less likely to cause trouble,” Shego explained.

“Why?” the younger female begged to know. She just did not understand where her pale companion was going with everything.

“The less you know about it right now, the better. So, just give me the mask, zori, and hakama.”

Kim turned her mouth up to show her dislike of what was happening, but she did not have much else in the way of choices. She needed her swords back, especially the Blade of a Hundred Sorrows. She was not sure how long it would take that sword to possess someone close by, but she had no desire to find out. She had promised to keep the sword safe and she always kept her word.

Kim sighed as she pulled off her fox mask, which she had been wearing backwards as that was now her style. She handed that to her lover. She then leaned down and pulled off her zori. She handed both sandals to Shego. She then hesitated on untying her obi to remove her hakama.

“Come on,” Shego urged the teen.

“I don’t like this,” Kim stated. The instructions for the plan that she was not being told about were just bizarre and they bothered her, but she really did need her swords back.

“No, really? I hadn’t noticed,” Shego said sarcastically. “Look, Princess, I don’t like it either. You think I want people looking at you? I don’t, but you want your swords back and to do that, we have to pay the check.”

“Fine,” Kim sighed and she slowly untied her obi. She did not know what the plan was, she knew that she did not like what she had to do for it, but it was the only plan that they had. They needed to do something as soon as possible and since Shego was the only one with an idea so far, she figured that she was going to go along with it. Besides, Shego would not steer her in harm’s way or something like that…right?

Shego sighed too and uncomfortably averted her eyes. She felt somewhat ashamed of her plan, but she knew that nothing would go wrong. Her girl was powerful and would not allow anything to happen to herself. It would all be fine.

“What now?” Kim asked as she tied her obi back around herself to secure her kimono closed. She carefully folded her hakama and handed them to Shego.

“Follow me,” Shego replied as she put her hat on over her head and forced herself not look at Kim’s lovely legs.

The olive-eyed samurai was getting rather curious of everything now that Shego donned her hat, which let Kim know that Shego was planning to imitate a man again. Shego took off like a shot with her companion trailing her with ease. They took to the rooftops for a while and then came down into the street. As they landed Kim balked at what she saw, gathering easily where they were.

“Shego, really what is the plan here?” Kim inquired, now slightly nervous and bordering on outraged because she noticed several buildings were women being advertised in the front windows. They were in the red-light district of the town.

“Just make sure you get away after I turn you loose. If I have to come back here for you, a lot of people aren’t going to like it and you’re going to be mad at me,” the pale woman replied.

“What?” Kim was confused and it showed on her face. She was also worried and that was just as clear as her bemusement.

The redhead followed behind Shego as they entered one of the places with ladies on display in the window. Kim seemed rather unnerved and meek, which was something that Shego wanted. They were greeted by three men as soon as they entered the building.

“What business do you have here, ronin?” one of the men inquired.

“Could you get the owner? I want to make a sale,” Shego answered and Kim’s eyes were wide as plates from her shock.

“This one behind you then?” he asked, leering at Kim.

“Indeed,” Shego answered in a clipped tone. She did not like the way that he was eyeing her kitsune, but she knew that she had to put up with it for the moment.

Kim was so flabbergasted that she could not even speak. She was not beyond outraged. Shego was selling her? To a brothel?! What the hell kind of plan was that!

1: -senpai: senior.

Next time: so…Shego sells Kim to a brothel…wonder how that works out.

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