Honor Bound

Chapter 13

Set off the surprise


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TITLE: Set off the surprise

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Set in Japan during the Tokugawa era. Director Betty recuits samurai Kim and ninja Yori for a job to find out about a plot to overthrow the govt. The job: go undercover as geisha.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Yori

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 6111

A/N: on my profile, I have a question posted to the people that read this story. I can't remember it off-hand, so you have to go to the profile to see what it is. Sorry about that.

The Seniors’ castle was being invaded and they were quite aware of that. They were just fairly certain that the guards would get rid of the insects that had crept into the castle like a tiny troop of ants. And even if the bugs made it into the inner workings of the castle, Drakken claimed to have some great, secret weapon that would definitely rid them of those Shogunate vermin once and for all.

So, instead of fleeing the castle or at least going to a defendable room, Drakken and Junior were drinking. The elder Senior had had one drink, but decided to halt when the information came of the attack. Shego and the elder Senior were now discussing what could happen with the invaders. Drakken was half-listening to the conversation and objected with a bit of a slur every time that his bodyguard dared to suggest that their opponents would make it so far while they were facing his guns. Shego rolled her eyes every time Drakken spoke because he had such a one track mind and failed to consider that things could possibly go in a different direction than the one he had planned for.

“How about both of you try not to get too drunk while there are enemies walking around the castle,” Shego suggested to her “boss” and Junior since they were still kicking back drinks like they were relaxing at a teahouse.

The last thing that she wanted to do was have to deal with drunken morons while having to get them out of the castle because the Shogun’s forces made it further than expected. In fact, she would be tempted to leave them if things came to that. Besides, they needed Drakken sober enough to get his secret weapon if necessary. He might have to operate the thing too, even though he seemed good for making a very easy to use killing machine.

“You worry too much, Shego,” Drakken informed her in a rather nonchalant manner. The sake seemed to have loosened him quite a bit.

“Yeah, I tend to do that when an army of samurai are out to kill me and there are ninja crawling around the place I happen to be staying,” she remarked.

“There’s nothing to worry about. They won’t make it by the outside guards because they’ve got guns,” the inventor pointed out.

“Guns that are low in ammo, so unless they’re going to start clubbing people with those guns, I think there’s a little reason to want to think of something else. You know, just in case,” she replied.

The green-skinned bodyguard did not even bother with pointing out that it was dark outside. Sure, their guards had lanterns, but it was still night. There was the chance that there might be more troops coming in than before and their guards could easily be overwhelmed if enough people did sneak in. Of course, the cerulean inventor had not considered those possibilities and they still did not come to mind. Shego would not be surprised by that because her employer seemed to have a narrow frame of thinking, which was hardly a good thing in the time of battle.

“It’s all right. If they make it passed the guards, I have something better than guards lined up,” Drakken declared and he dismissed Shego with a wave of his hand.

The emerald-eyed warrior took some offense to that action and decided to just leave those morons alone. She was starting to lose the very tiny amount of patience that she had left for the group that she was with. It was not even like their delusions of grandeur were amusing to her anymore, so they hardly served a purpose to her. And the way that they all seemed to think that she was the one beneath them had worn terribly, dangerously thin.

She went to a window to watch the battle that was going on right outside, underneath them in the lower parts of the castle. She wondered how long it would take the troops to get into the main area of the castle and for the idiots that she was with to start panicking. She considered that she might just leave them if things got bad enough because they were not doing much to save themselves. Why should she have to trouble herself if they were not doing the same? She had not signed on for such stress either, so the thought of leaving them to whatever destiny had planned for them was working its way closer and closer to the forefront of her mind.

“This is going better than expected,” Betty muttered under breath as her people continued their assault trying to march into the inner workings of the castle.

She could not believe that the flash bombs, the stink bombs, and the few knock-out gas bombs that Wade had invented were actually enough to go against the gun-wielding guards in the Seniors’ castle. He had given them a couple of other things to use, but they had not even had to bother with those because the stink bombs and flash bombs were doing well against their enemies. The flash bombs were blinding and the stink bombs were even causing some guards to pass out as soon as they caught a whiff. The guards that did not fall out were unable to do much in the choking stench and they were easy to take down. The knock-out bombs were not even being wasted on the guards for the most part.

Betty wished that Kim had brought Wade along from the beginning or at least that the boy had shown up faster. She considered that she might have to stop being so snippy toward “Team Possible” and just be grateful that they were around more often than not. Maybe she would treat them to a big meal when they got back to Edo to show her appreciation, after she got chewed out by Vivian anyway since she had stood the blonde up on their agreed tea time. Vivian was going to grind her into a fine powder, she was so sure of that.

The one-eyed woman stopped thinking about that as she hit a corner and was confronted by a trio of armed guards. She did not even bother to use a bomb on the three of them, just making sure to attack with the speed of lightning to make sure they did not get the chance to aim their weapons at her. She took them down with her devastating kicks, knocking them unconscious because she kicked like a mad horse, or so the rumor was anyway. The guards might have been able to confirm that when they regained consciousness and if they remembered what happened.

Betty was pretty sure that they were going to make it to the inner parts of the castle if things continued going the way that they were, for her and her team anyway. She hoped that things were going the same for the other teams. She did not want to lose any more agents.

“Man, I’m glad these masks work,” Ron commented as a group of palace guards collapsed thanks to one of Wade’s stink bombs. He spoke in a very low tone since they were being sneaky. He was actually not supposed to talk unless it was absolutely necessary, but he always ignored that rule; it was Betty’s rule for anyone that worked with her and her group. He tried to make it a point to ignore her rules when it was not life-threatening to do so.

“Really,” Kim concurred in a very small voice too. If the masks did not work, they would have fallen out way back near the passage that they entered the place through because those bombs were potent. She could not imagine how concentrated the smell had to be in a narrow hall because out in the open it had nearly caused her to fall out.

“What do you think Wade-kun put in these bombs?” Yori wondered out loud, but spoke in a whisper.

“Ours is not to question what or why or how he comes up with these things,” Kim remarked in a hushed tone. She was smiling behind her mask.

“I suppose so,” Yori agreed.

“Whoa, hold on,” Kim said and she halted the couple. They all leaned against the wall and the redhead peeked around the corner that they had just come to. There were five guards standing around with their guns at the ready.

“How many?” Yori asked in just about the tiniest voice that she could muster for Kim to hear her.

“Five, ten feet away, standing in almost a circle. How many stink bombs do we have left?” the redhead inquired.

“I’m down to four,” Ron reported.

“I still have most of mine,” Yori informed them. They each had had twenty of the small stink bombs because that was all that would fit in their waist pouches. She still had most of hers because her husband was having fun being the one to use his, throwing them into groups of guards that they happened across.

“Okay, so same attack as usual,” Kim whispered.

The couple nodded; they had been hitting enemies with the stink bombs and then attacking with the speed of light against any guards that remained on their feet. Yori passed Kim a stink bomb since the olive-eyed samurai was the one that had seen the group already. Kim took the bomb and tossed it at the guards. The guards actually saw her as she made the throw. They opened fire until the bomb cracked one of them in the forehead. Kim dived to safety while the guards began choking on the foul miasma that fumed from the bomb.

Team Possible went to work as soon as the gunfire ceased. They charged into the guards and quickly took them down with powerful hand strikes. The guards fell to the ground, still choking and not thoroughly injured. The team moved on, drawing closer to the interior of the castle.

“Kim-chan,” Yori said.

“Yes?” Kim replied.

“I am a little curious as to what you expect to find when we do make to the inside,” Yori admitted. She knew that it was not really the time to discuss the issue, but it had been on her mind and she supposed that the timing was not going to get any better through the night.

“I don’t expect anything except for criminals,” the redhead answered, knowing what her friend was trying to hint to.

Kim was hoping that she did not find the bodyguard among the group. She would not mind never seeing the bodyguard again as long as she did not see “yojimbo-san” with those traitors. She just wanted the bodyguard to remain free and to find his way in life. Surely he could do some good somewhere if he just stayed true to himself rather than following his master.

Yori had a feeling that Kim desired to see the bodyguard. There was something between those two, the ninja was certain of that. She had not had the chance to see Kim with the bodyguard much, but the way that Kim had not seemed apprehensive about being alone with the bodyguard in the slightest hinted at something. Something that Yori decided not to consider.

“This isn’t looking too good,” Shego muttered to herself as she noticed there was still fighting going on. If they were going to successfully and easily repeal the Shogun’s forces with those guns, they would have done it already in her opinion. She decided to go out for a closer look to see what they were up against.

Shego trotted outside the tower and went to find some invaders to engage. She spotted some below her, but saw that they were about to take on some of the guards. She decided to wait because she wanted to see how they were making it passed all of Senior’s men, especially the ones armed with Drakken’s guns and still packing ammo.

She watched as a stink bomb was thrown into the ranks of the guards and the guards could not take the foul odor. The ninjas easily took down the castle guards, who were too busy retching to remember that they had guns and jobs to do. The guards were knocked unconscious and left where they fell.

The pale woman disappeared from where she was and went to go investigate another incident. She knew that they could not be foiling the guards with just smelling projectiles. She easily found another group, which was even closer to the inner parts of the castle than the other invaders. And then she saw them use the flash bomb; well, she saw it for a moment.

The flash caught Shego by surprise and she fell off of the wall that she had been perched on. She landed on a small, well-pruned tree. She blinked several times and shook her head, hoping to dispel the spots that were flashing before her eyes. Not only was she temporarily blind, but it hurt like hell too. She vigorously rubbed her eyes with her palms when blinking did not help.

“Shimatta (1),” Shego cursed while continuing to rub her eyes because of the pain. She even threw a little tantrum while still in the plant because her eyes were killing her. She was going to beat the living crap out of those ninjas when she came across them again.

It took almost a full minute for her to be comfortable with just opening her eyes again. She crawled off of the tree and staggered around for a moment. Once her legs were acting all right, her eyes were still bothering her. She rubbed her eyes a little more before feeling comfortable with walking off.

Shego ran back into the inner part of castle and went back to the room that her male cohorts were still in. Drakken and Junior were still drinking, much to her frustration. She was ready to just slap them around. They were being serious invaded and those morons were still drinking!

“I hate to break up your little party, but those guys are going to be in here drinking with you in about five to ten minutes, give or take a while considering how stupid the guards are around here and the blinding light they’re packing. So, unless you guys are ready to go back to Edo right now in shackles, I suggest we do something,” the moss-hued warrior informed the trio.

“Calm down, Shego,” Drakken said in tone suggesting that he was vexed with her. She was ruining their good time with her alarming nature when there was nothing to worry about as far as he was concerned. He had things under control with his inventions; he was certain that his weapons would save the day.

“Calm down? Okay, fine. I’ll calm down. I’m out of here. Once I’m a solid mile and a half away from you assholes, I’ll definitely calm the hell down. You guys make sure you greet the ninjas coming up nicely. Offer them something to drink and everything,” Shego remarked.

“Shego, you’re being too antsy about things. I told you I have a secret weapon. Right, Senior?” Drakken said to the lord.

Senior frowned because the inventor was acting way too familiar with him; Drakken had not used an honorific when addressing the lord. He supposed that it was a petty thing that be upset about at the moment with ninjas marching toward the inner workings of the castle. They really needed to focus and get their priorities straight.

“He’s right,” Senior said to Shego.

“Well, you might want to get the secret weapon because, believe it or not, they’re pretty much at our door,” Shego informed them.

“You’re probably exaggerating,” Junior commented while waving her off as if she was insignificant.

The green-skinned female growled in anger. She was sick of them making light of the matter; her tiny bit of patience evaporated at that moment. She grabbed Junior by lapels of his yukata. She flung him through the shoji, knocking the sliding door down. She then stomped out to him and grabbed him again while he was attempting to get his empty-head together. She dragged him over to a window and shoved his head through it, forcing him to stare out into the action.

“Do you see that?” Shego demanded to know while pointing out to the battle grounds. There were sounds of the fighting, fists hitting flesh, steel hitting steel, shots from rifles, hollers of pain, and bursts of light from the flash bombs.

“Unhand me!” Junior ordered while his father and Drakken ran out to see the mayhem.

“That’s them, coming for you and you and you!” the pale woman stated, pointing to each man.

“And you,” Senior added since she seemed to think that she was untouchable. She might look it and act it, but he was rather certain that she was not demon and thus, she was not immortal.

“And me? Funny, I don’t remember being rounded up and put in a cell by the Shogun’s dogs. They don’t even know I exist,” Shego stated smugly. She even smirked at him to drive home the fact that she had less to worry about than they did.

“What?” Senior asked and he realized that she had a point, but she decided to explain it all anyway.

“They never saw me and I don’t have much problem leaving you all to your lot if you’re not going to take this seriously. They’re not coming up here to throw you a fucking party. They’re coming to either kill you here or take you back to Edo for the Shogun to sentence you to death, death by crucifixion more than likely. I won’t lose any sleep on either option if you’re going to act like morons,” the raven-haired woman informed the bunch quite seriously. She knew that she was going to make it out of everything all right, so she was only there for them at the moment and they were not really compelling her to remain with their behavior, especially by being so condescending toward her.

“Drakken, we need to get those secret weapons,” Senior said now that he saw how close the Shogun’s forces were to where they were. He did not think that they would move so quickly through the castle. It was as if they knew how to make it to the keep, he thought.

“Um…okay,” Drakken agreed. He was slightly alarmed by the closeness of their enemies and he thought that it was about time to hit those Shogunate hounds with something they had never seen before.

The group walked off, following Drakken and Senior. Senior picked up a lantern along the way for them to make it through the night cloaked fort. They ended up in a cellar, going through secret passages to avoid the combat. They stopped in front of a row of some things that were covered with cloth.

“I was hoping that we could save this for the Shogun himself,” the scarred inventor whined slightly.

“Yeah, well, I was hoping I’d be taller, but things don’t always go the way we want in life,” Shego remarked.

Drakken frowned at Shego for her smart mouth before turning his attention back to his secret weapon. He then pulled away the sheets covering his great invention. He looked rather proud as the sheets hit the floor and revealed what he had done. The others appeared puzzled.

“Well?” Drakken said, waiting for his praise.

The others were not sure what they were supposed to say. They were looking at some statues of women as far as they were concerned. His big secret weapons were female statues? How were statues going to help? Especially statues that were hidden away in a hole? They were not even sure where to begin with hollering at the blue nut.

“That’s it, I’m out of here,” Shego declared, sounding deathly serious. Drakken’s actions had just gone from amusing to sad. He had gone off the deep end and she was not holding his hand on the way down.

“What, do you mean?” Drakken inquired in a puzzled, yet loud tone.

“You dragged us down here and pinned our victory hopes on a bunch of statues!” Shego pointed out. Oh, all the time she wasted with these losers, she thought in a fury. Of course, there were worse losers to waste her time with, but still the fact that she had wasted her time was just too much.

“Statues? They’re not statues,” the blue inventor informed them.

“Then what are they?” Senior asked curiously.

“I call them Bebes!” Drakken proclaimed proudly, earning blank stares from his companions.

“Do you want to explain how they’re going to help or should I go back to my statement of being out of here?” the pale woman inquired.

“Oh, right,” Drakken said. He then went into explaining just what he had created. They were mechanical warriors, he explained to the group.

“You mean like giant chahakobi-ningyou (1)?” Shego asked with a craned eyebrow to show her confusion. What were they going to do, walk up to the invaders and offer them tea to quell the siege?

“They not chahakobi-ningyou. Nothing like those. These are deadly weapons,” Drakken argued.

“Okay, so how do we turn them on?” Shego inquired. She knew that to activate a tea-serving doll, a cup had to be placed on its tray. She did not see any trays for Drakken’s dolls.

Drakken looked at Shego like she was the idiot, which she noted and took some silent offense to. She did not bother to voice that because she needed to see how tea-serving dolls were going to save the day. The water-colored inventor went over to the Bebe in front of him and twisted its arm. The statue came to the life and Drakken ordered the machine to go out and “kill the dogs of the Shogun.” The Bebe walked out of the cellar and went in search of the spies. Wow, it would seem that Drakken was not as stupid as he appeared half the time, his bodyguard thought. They were all stunned by that fact.

“So, to activate these things we have to twist all of their arms?” Senior asked as he looked around at the army of dolls. There had to be over a hundred windup machines there.

“Well…yeah. How else would we do it?” Drakken countered.

Shego decided to take it back. He was as stupid as he appeared most of the time. If he could create such things, why not make a better way to get them started? He had to go with some tiresome, time-consuming way to get the thing going.

“Well, start twisting,” Drakken ordered.

The others frowned, but they got to it since it was their last resort. They hoped that the machines were as good as Drakken swore they were because if not, they were going to hand him over to the Shogun personally. It hurt knowing that Drakken was the last resort.

“We’re almost there,” Kim informed her two partners. They were pressed against a wall and Kim was glancing around the corner again. They were sweating heavily from the fighting and trying their best to control their breathing to avoid panting to make as little noise as possible.

“Any more badnicks waiting for us?” Ron asked with a kunai in hand. He had run out of stink bombs. His chest was heaving and he was doing his best to not request that they stop for a breather. He had to start working out more, he silently told himself. Or maybe it had not been the best idea to eat such a big supper before going in on a raid.

“I don’t see any so far. Let’s make a run for it,” Kim suggested.

“All right,” Yori concurred.

The trio dashed around the corner and was a little surprised that they had not run into any guards. They had fought plenty of men on their way to get to the interior of the castle, but they did not know how many guards there were and they were not certain that they had gotten enough to count as “them all.” They understood that Seniors’ men had to be split to cover every part of the castle and also had to be called to confront each team of intruders, but they still felt like there should be more guards.

“This is a cake walk,” Ron declared as they rounded another corner and were met with no resistance.

“Stay focused. Just because there’s no one out here doesn’t mean there won’t be people inside, which we haven’t even made it to yet,” Kim pointed out.

“All right, all right,” Ron yielded.

The blonde samurai still thought that things were going to be smooth sailings since they had not run into any guards yet. They continued on and they could see an entrance to the inside of the castle. Ron was ready to let out a hearty “boo-yah!” when they literally ran into some resistance. They noted the “clang” sound that when they hit the figures and then they had to dodge swords.

“Did they just clang?” Ron inquired.

“Yes,” Yori answered.

“Since when do guards clang?” Ron asked curiously while ducking one of the swords of the three guards.

“Who cares? Get them before we end up on the wrong end of the sword,” Kim replied.

The couple agreed to that and everyone started to defend themselves. They were glad that they had not run into guards that were packing rifles or they knew that they would have been in some real trouble. They went to counterattack with hand attacks only to hear that “clang!” sound each time they touched the guards. And they realized that it hurt like hell to hit the sentries.

“Ow!” Ron hollered while his female companions just shook their throbbing hands.

“It’s like hitting a gong,” Kim stated while flexing her hand to ease the agony away.

“Let’s see how they handle this!” Yori declared while flinging some shuriken at the sentinels. Her projectiles bounced right off of the guards.

“That’s not right,” Ron pointed out.

“Let’s see them handle this!” Kim proclaimed as she drew her used katana and went at the guards.

Ron and Yori just stood back because they knew that no one could rival Kim once she pulled her main weapon. The redhead attacked swiftly with powerful, though non-lethal strikes. They all noted the odd noises that came from the guards as the redhead took them out. When Kim was finished the guards were still standing, which the trio could not believe. Kim’s sword attacks were always the most efficient hits that they had ever witnessed and they had never an opponent remain standing after facing her.

“Uh-oh,” Rufus squeaked and he took shelter in Ron’s shirt.

“You said it, pal,” Ron agreed and then the guards finally fell. He breathed a huge sigh of relief. And although she did so more subtly than her husband, Yori also breathed a sigh of relief.

The guards again made a strange noise as they hit the ground. Kim was curious and she wanted to know what was going on. She touched her sword and noted that it was bone dry. She sheathed the blade back on her hip and then leaned down to inspect the group that she just fell.

“What are you doing?” Ron inquired.

“Something isn’t right about these guys,” the redheaded teen replied.

She found the first thing that was not right about the guys were that they were not guys. The guards seemed to be female upon closer inspection and even closer, it seemed they were not even human. Kim touched one of them and noticed that it was made of metal. Before she could gather any further understanding, the sentries began to pick themselves up.

Kim jumped back and quickly drew her sword again. Ron and Yori were stunned that the guards were getting up from Kim’s initial attack. The redhead wasted no time assaulting the guards again. She launched herself at them and surprised her friends because of the powerful attack that she had hit the group with. The couple thought that Kim had killed them as parts fell off of the guards and they hit the ground again.

“Kim-chan,” Yori said in shock. They, as in all three of them, did not kill, unless it was absolutely necessary. It did not seem essential at the moment.

“It’s okay. They’re not human. I think they’re dolls,” Kim informed her team as she returned her sword to the scabbard.

“Dolls?” Ron echoed. Who made dolls human size and armed them with deadly swords?

“Yeah, dolls. Look,” Kim said and she lifted up the head of one of the guards. Her friends squinted to get a good look at the thing in the dark.

“Who would make dolls and have them attack us?” Ron wondered out loud while looking around, as if he expected the creator to step out of the shadows to claim his work.

“I don’t know, but there’s more on the way,” Yori pointed out as she turned into the direction of the entrance that they were in front of. A throng of guards were working their way toward the ninjas.

“Oh, great,” Ron muttered sarcastically.

“So much for the stink and flash bombs, huh?” Kim remarked as she drew her sword a third time.

“Why didn’t we just go home?” the blonde young man whined.

“Come on, Ron-kun. It is our honor to help out Director-sama,” Yori commented with a bit of a smile.

Ron looked skeptical to that statement as the guards attacked them. The clang sound that came from the group let Kim and her friends know that they were facing more dolls. The trio of friends countered with a fury, knocking the robots out with some forceful attacks since they did not have to worry about killing the machines.

“These things aren’t so tough,” Ron commented as they dropped the dozen or so dolls that had come at them. They marched into the belly of the beast, the inner parts of the castle.

“Should we split up and search for the Seniors and the blue one?” Yori asked.

“Let’s stick together for the moment. We don’t know how many of these tinker toys might be wandering around here,” Kim replied.

Yori nodded to that one since it made sense. They did not want to run into a huge group of dolls and be solo. The machines might not have been too bad when they were together, but they could easily be overwhelmed alone. They walked through the castle and then were suddenly attacked by another group of female dolls.

“Okay, now this is getting a little too repetitive,” Ron commented, sounding slightly aggravated, as he pulled his sword to block the blade of one of the dolls. He typically did not use his sword, the Lotus Blade, as a katana when fighting because his battle technique was actually better suited for using a staff. The good thing about the Lotus Blade was that it could be whatever he wanted, though.

“It is,” Kim concurred and then Ron got kicked by one of the metallic puppets.

“Ouch, and painful,” the blonde added because of the pain that coursed through him when the doll hit him. Not only was striking the machines like hitting a gong, but being hit by one was like being slapped with a gong. And then he noticed that more toys were coming to join the party. “Could this get any worse?” he wondered out loud.

One would think that Ron knew by now to never ask such a question considering the life that he led. Moments after he wondered how things could get any worse, his question was answered. A couple of the dolls were trying to hit Yori, but could not touch her with their hands or swords, so they went another way with things. The two toys’ left hands flipped up, revealing hollowed out arms with small flames inside. Suddenly a powder shot through the limbs and were ignited by the small flames.

Yori actually yelped because of her surprise and she jumped out of the way, just missing having a fire ball shot in her face. Ron groaned when he noticed the fire. Well, he decided to scratch something else off of the list of things that he had never seen. Who would have thought of fire-shooting, sword-wielding dolls?

“This is probably going to get worse before it gets better,” Kim commented.

The couple was in agreement with that. That thought did not stop the trio from fighting as hard as they could. They were going to finish the job that they had started.

Shego decided to go see what was going on with fighting while the Seniors and Drakken went to go hide since they were now aware of how dire the situation was. She wanted to see what it was that Drakken had unleashed with his large chahakobi-ningyou. Were those Bebe things as great as he swore they were? She was going to find out. All right, she silently admitted that she had a strange idea of entertainment.

It did not take long for her to figure out that something was wrong. She could smell smoke and it was getting warmer as she went through the castle. What was going on?

She got the answer to that question shortly after wondering it. She ran by a window and looked out to see the other side of the castle hall. She could see rather well what was going on because of lanterns, not to mention a fire happening in the hall. There were also some people fighting with Drakken’s dolls.

She watched as the machines got flung around, even out of the room. She then saw that the toys were the ones starting the fires because they had flames coming from their wrists. As they were being thrown about the castle, the small fires from their hands turned into big fires as they hit things around the place.

“Oh, yeah, that’s brilliant. Make unfeeling, non-thinking toys throw fire,” Shego muttered sarcastically.

The green-skinned warrior ran off to go see if she could get a better idea of how big the fire was, only to find out that there was more than one fire. More than one group was engaged with those Bebe machines and the toys were using shooting flames at them, setting the whole castle ablaze.

“Screw it,” Shego thought. She was just going to get out of there before the whole castle collapsed. With luck, she might even be able to take those three idiots she was with to safety.

The pale woman took off and ran right into the last group that she wanted or needed to see, Director Betty’s group. She sucked her teeth and turned around to escape as quickly as she could. Betty noticed, but she was too busy trying to get a few Bebes from roasting her to go after the fleeing bodyguard.

“Damn, I hope that wasn’t who I think it was,” Betty muttered.

Shego was cursing to herself too. She needed to get out of the doomed castle, preferably with her three idiots. She ran toward an exit to the hall that she was in and was close to it, but was suddenly hit from the side. A body came flying through the wall and hit her. She and the body coughed as they hit the back wall and then they hit the floor.

“Son of a bitch,” Shego groaned.

“Sorry about that,” a familiar voice apologized and then the pair got a decent look at each other.

“Akako-chan?!” Shego gasped when she took note of the petite redhead lying next to her. What the hell was the little shamisen player doing in the castle during a siege?

“Yojimbo-san?” Kim asked in a puzzled tone. The bodyguard was the only person that called her that after all. Wait, did that mean that “yojimbo-san” was a woman?

What the hell was going on?!

1: Shimatta: damn

2: Chahakobi-ningyou: tea-serving dolls.

Next time: the fighting goes on, see who wins. Also Kim versus Shego.

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