Honor Bound

Chapter 17

Let it go


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TITLE: Let it go

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Set in Japan during the Tokugawa era. Director Betty recuits samurai Kim and ninja Yori for a job to find out about a plot to overthrow the govt. The job: go undercover as geisha.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Yori

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Warning: lemony things happen.

Words: 5285

Shego and Kim continued to share and thoroughly enjoy their second kiss. They were still positioned with Shego lying on her back and Kim was on top of her. Their lips were pressed together in a rather sweet, almost innocent way, which was fine for a moment. Shego was set to change that, though.

The pale woman pulled away for less than a millisecond; it was not even long enough for Kim to realize that the kiss halted. Shego tilted her head slightly to adjust the embrace, making it deeper than before. She also went back to stroking Kim’s back; her arms were wrapped around the redhead, keeping her pressed against Shego.

Kim began to moan softly. It felt so incredible that it had to be right, she thought. She had hopes that the kiss would never end, but she did need to breathe. Damn her lungs, she thought. She pulled away to inhale, but that did not stop Shego. She did let Kim breathe, but she did that, Shego just moved on.

The green-skinned warrior moved her mouth to Kim’s throat. She licked and sucked at the flesh as if it was the sweetest thing that she had ever tasted, applying some gentle pressure to her work. Kim cried out, not expecting the fierce attention from the older woman and not knowing that something could feel so fantastic without fighting being involved. The sound surprised Kim more than it did Shego and she pulled away when she realized that she was one making it. She stared down at Shego while trying to catch her breath; there was a questioning gaze in her olive eyes. The raven-haired woman wondered why the redhead had yanked back.

“Something wrong, Kim-hime?” Shego inquired, hoping to all that was holy there was nothing wrong. She did not want to scare Kim off or anything.

“No…I just…I just didn’t expect that to feel so good,” Kim explained in a slightly low voice, which showed her amazement. She just needed a pause for a second to take in what she had just experienced, but there was nothing wrong.

“Well, it can get better,” the emerald-eyed warrior commented with a smirk that went over Kim’s head. Shego had expected that to happen, but it was still fun to play around.

“It can?” Kim asked incredulously. How was that plausible? And then she felt Shego’s hands wandering lower from her back. Her eyebrows shot up in realization, but also in confusion. Shego could not mean that, could she? How could she mean that?

“It definitely can,” the raven-haired woman replied while kneading the area that her hands had come to rest on. She wished the clothing was not in the way. She wanted to know what the samurai felt like.

“I don’t think I can do that,” the redhead stated. Not only would she not know where to begin, but she considered that it might count as losing her virginity and she was not sure if she was ready for that.

“Why not?” Shego asked curiously. She was willing to bet that Kim had a more moralistic reason than a practical reason.

“Well, I don’t think I’m ready for that and we should be more focused on other things.”

“We can focus on other things when the storm lifts. For now, let’s just enjoy the excuse to lie here and get to know each other a little better,” the older fighter commented with another suggestive smirk. She knew that she was definitely enjoying the excuse and she was going to help Kim enjoy it if she was not doing so already.

The samurai was not sure what to say. She glanced away for a moment and Shego took that as a chance to steal a kiss. The olive-eyed samurai turned her focus back to Shego, who came in for another kiss as soon as that happened. Kim did not argue with the action. She thought that kissing was the only thing that they would do since she had already expressed her thoughts on doing “that.” She did not have any problem with kissing Shego; it felt good. Very good.

Shego was surprised at how excellent it felt to kiss the redheaded warrior. It was different from any other kiss that she had had in her life and she had quite a few of those. It was not just that she was attracted to Kim, she realized. She cared about Kim, which was something that she probably would have figured out sooner if she stopped and thought about her actions toward the slender redhead. She was not shocked that she cared about the teen. She could care about people like most other beings on the planet; it was just rare. It took a lot for her to care about someone.

Kim had already come to terms with the fact that she cared about Shego. How she felt about the former bodyguard had not changed since she found out that Shego was a woman, which she would have thought was odd if she had a moment to think about it, but the kissing made thinking rather hard. All she could do was focus on how right it felt to kiss Shego, how delicious the pale woman was, and how she would not mind being able to kiss Shego all of the time.

After a few minutes, Shego grew weary of resting on her back; the hardwood was not an ideal place to lie down in her opinion. She sat up without breaking the kiss that they were, making her to keep her hold on the smaller female. She kept one hand on Kim’s back to support her and moved the other hand to the front of the teen. She explored Kim’s torso with her palm, her very warm palm; her hand was heated enough for Kim to feel the heat through her top.

Kim made a very small, almost yelp-like noise when Shego started stroking her chest. She pretty much melted against Shego because of the caressing and the warmth of Shego’s hand. It made her quiver on the inside, especially the pit of her stomach. She did not know what to make of that, but she knew that she liked it.

Shego noted the reaction, was pleased with it, and decided to go in for more. She went in the folds of Kim’s kimono, searching for some skin to touch. Kim jumped as she felt the hand inside her clothing and she pulled away again. The redhead looked away again, almost as if she was ashamed.

“What’s wrong now, Princess?” Shego inquired, making sure to keep an even tone. She was not annoyed or anything with Kim’s behavior. She could understand the teen’s reluctance and shyness toward what was happening.

“Well, this just doesn’t seem proper,” the samurai answered, thinking the words were ridiculous as she allowed them to leave her mouth.

“Doesn’t seem proper?” Shego echoed. Of course it did not feel proper. It was not proper as far as she knew. They were two females enjoying the touch of each other, but she could care less about that because they were enjoying each other. They cared about each other and that was all that mattered in her opinion.

“It doesn’t.”

“Well, that’s because it’s not. You should know that. What does it matter, though? Do you always do what’s proper?”

“No,” Kim answered honestly. Usually, the word “proper” was not even in her vocabulary. She did what she wanted because her parents let her. They felt as long as she was happy and not hurting someone that did not deserve it, it was all right. They always said that they were just happy if she was happy because she was a good child. She supposed that she brought up “proper” now because she was a little nervous.

“Then what’s the problem?” Shego asked.

“Don’t you ever do what’s proper?” Kim countered, almost as if she was stalling, but she did not realize it.

“I do what I want. It’s my life,” the pale woman answered. There were times when she was “proper” and then there were times when she was…well, less than proper.

Kim nodded in agreement to that one. She already knew quite a bit about Shego’s philosophy in life after the talks that they had back at the teahouse. Freedom seemed to be all Shego was about, but what was her idea of freedom, Kim now wondered. It was not something that the emerald-eyed female ever went into.

“Shego,” Kim said.

“Hmm?” Shego made the noise instead of actually responding because she was moving on. She positioned herself to kiss Kim’s ear and she started with small pecks around the shell of the ear.

“Shego,” Kim said again while trying her best to not lean into the new attention. She was now curious about what made the woman underneath her tick.

“Hmm?” the green-skinned warrior repeated.

“What does freedom mean to you?”

“What?” Shego asked. Damn it, she was being distracted by questions that required thought. She just wanted to enjoy the closeness that she was sharing with someone that she cared about.

“What does freedom mean to you?” the redhead repeated.

“Freedom means being able to do what I want, whether others agree or disagree, if it’s right or wrong, or if it’s going to end badly or not. I get to do what I want as long as I can accept what happens because of that. I take responsibility for what I do while acting how I want. That’s freedom to me,” Shego explained in a low voice because she was still by Kim’s ear.

The younger woman nodded a bit to show that she understood. She supposed that she could agree with that, especially since it actually made sense to her. Was she that free? Could she do what she wanted no matter what? Pretty much since she could do anything; that belief had been drilled into her head since she was a toddler. She just would not do many of the things that Shego seemed to do.

“Done with the questions?” Shego inquired.

“I don’t know. Maybe,” Kim replied.

“Maybe?” Shego echoed while pulling away to look the slim samurai in the face. She wanted to make sure that her companion was serious with that response.

“I just want to get to know you a little better, to understand where you’re coming from,” the redhead explained.

“I think you know where I’m coming from and it might scare you a little bit. A fighter like you, hanging out with the Shogun’s dogs, running after me all alone, you know where I’m coming from. If anything, you’re trying to understand yourself a little better through me. Maybe you’re wondering what it would take for you to do what I did. You’re wondering what it would take you to turn against the government and follow an obvious moron to your probable demise,” Shego commented with a bit of a laugh.

“Well, what made you do it?” the younger female asked with a puzzled expression on her face.

“It was something to do, something creative and exciting. He was amusing. Besides, I don’t like the damn Shogun much anyway. Controlling asshole,” the pale woman stated soundly with a slight shrug. She supposed that there was the thought also that Drakken was not going to pull it off, but she did not even acknowledge that thought.

“You don’t like the Shogun much, huh?”

“Nope, which is why I could do what I did. Do you like the Shogun so much that you’ll risk your life over him?” the green-skinned woman countered.

Kim thought about how to answer that question. “I wouldn’t say I like him. I never met him. I like the peace, safety, and order and I like to help people. You guys would’ve turned Edo into a battlefield and killed a lot of innocent people if you actually went along with your plan. I couldn’t live with that.”

“But, you didn’t even know that was going to happen if you got fooled into taking the assignment in the first place,” Shego pointed out, although she supposed that her redheaded companion had a point about all of the innocent people. She was not going to say anything about that, though.

Kim laughed a bit, looking slightly sheepish. “Yeah, I got fooled pretty good. But, she asked for my help before explaining it to me. You’re a strong person, why don’t you help regular people instead of assisting jerks in trying to take over the country? You didn’t even like them and you didn’t think they could rule the country. Why would you help them?” she asked curiously.

Shego shrugged. “They amused me. I thought it would be fun to watch them try to figure out what they were going to do if they ever did take over the country. They were just funny to watch. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment,” she commented while looking Kim in the eye.

Maybe she was a glutton for punishment, Shego considered. Why else would she subject herself to things that just went against the grain? She was rid of Drakken and his crazy plots to take over all of Japan, but now she was attracted to a feisty samurai. And that was not just it either, considering that they had started off lying to each other. But, like her run with Drakken, she was willing to bet that she would stick with Kim, despite the way they had met.

Shego stared at Kim and something inside of her told her that she would definitely stick to Kim no matter what, probably better than she did with Drakken and that was something considering how she had Drakken’s back. Whenever Drakken got into trouble, she usually went to his aid if she thought that he could not get out of it himself. She might take her time, but she always showed up to save him. And sure, she made fun of him, but when he was starting to get down about things, she would try to pep him up. He had been a clown, but damn it, he was her clown.

Now that she was thinking about him, her expression sort of fell. She guessed that she felt guilty because she felt like she failed Drakken in the end. She tried to get him to understand the severity of the situation, but his damned misplaced confidence did not seem to allow him to comprehend that he was not playing a game. Now the silly bastard was probably dead. She had failed him as a bodyguard.

“Shego, are you okay?” Kim asked because of the expression that the pale woman was now sporting.

“I’m fine,” Shego lied. She knew that she was not. She knew what guilt was. It was not like it was a new experience; she just did not feel it very often. She had failed that idiot, her idiot.

“No, you’re not. What’s wrong?” the redhead inquired in a gentle tone.

Shego shook her head, declining to answer. She did not want to share what she now labeled as silly thoughts. Kim was not about to settle for that, though. She moved her hands, which had been resting at her side the whole time, and she used them to cup Shego’s face. Her touch was rather tender, which Shego noted in the back of her mind along with the idea that she liked how Kim touched her.

“You can tell me. I’m here for you, Shego-chan,” Kim said in a low, gentle tone. She hoped that adding the “chan” would get Shego to open up to her and to show that she wanted to be closer to the pale woman.

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking about someone.”


“No one for us to worry about.”

“Come on, you can talk to me,” Kim insisted.

“It’s nothing important.”

“Shego,” Kim said in a stern voice that she did not even know she had. “I’m here for you to talk about anything you want.”

Shego glanced away for a moment. “I failed Drakken. I mean, he was a baka yaro (1) if ever there was one, but he was my baka (2). I set myself up as a person that could protect that clown. I was supposed to protect him.”

“You did your best,” the redhead stated.

“The words are hollow, Princess.”

“They’re the truth. How much could you do in a burning building? I do understand where you’re coming from, but you can’t let it eat you up. You did the best you could. Would it have been better for both of you to get caught? You weren’t going to get away sticking around with him and the Seniors while the castle was burning down thanks to whatever the hell those things were that were supposed to be protecting the castle. You had a lot working against you,” Kim pointed out.

Shego laughed a little. Thanks to Drakken, she did have a lot working against her. How was she supposed to save Drakken and the Seniors with his dolls setting everything on fire, not to mention throwing redheaded samurais at her? Well, she supposed that she should not feel too guilty about not saving Drakken. She could not even save herself, after all. Not just from being captured, but from being fooled into forgiving Kim for lying to her.

“I guess you’re right,” the pale woman agreed with Kim and then she leaned in for another kiss, almost like a thanks for being there for her and attempting to comfort her. It was something that Shego was not very used to.

Kim accepted the embrace and kept her hands on Shego’s face. Shego put her hand back into Kim’s kimono. She came into contact with the linen wraps that covered Kim’s torso, hiding all of Kim’s skin from her. Damn it, Shego cursed in her head because of the wraps. She really wanted to know what Kim felt like totally bare.

In the past, Shego would have chalked the thought all the way up to lust, but she was not even thinking about that one. Yes, she wanted Kim and had licentious feelings for her, but it was not the same. It was not like she just wanted to sate her lust with Kim and move on, making her feelings something she was unfamiliar with.

Shego decided screw it, disregarding the foreignness of her feelings, and started moving the wraps with her intrusive hand. The redhead felt that and she broke the kiss again. She moved away from the raven-haired woman again. Shego snorted like an irked bull, getting worked up with every second that went by and not wishing to stop now.

“What now?” Shego asked in a slightly irked, but curious tone.

“Could you…um…not do that?” Kim requested.

“Do what?”

“What you were just doing. I, well, I don’t think I’m ready for something like that,” the redhead explained.

“I’m just going to touch you, nothing too much. I’m not going to hurt you or anything,” Shego pointed out while putting her free hand on Kim’s waist.

“I know,” the younger warrior said while glancing away in embarrassment. She wondered if she was just scared to do whatever it was the emerald-eyed woman was trying to get to. Was she frightened to be touched by Shego? Frightened to find out how good it was going to feel? She was not sure. She was not even totally sure if she truly did not want Shego to touch her as she was doing.

Shego sighed; why was it that nothing ever went exactly the way that she wanted them to go once she had something good going? She decided that she was going to try to change Kim’s mind. It was not like they had anything better to do since it was still pouring rain outside and it was not like she was going to hurt Kim. All she wanted to do was make the redhead feel wonderful, which would make her feel just as good. All she wanted to do was revel in the new marvel that had entered her life.

The green-skinned woman moved her hand to Kim’s face. She held Kim by the chin. It was to keep the redhead from pulling back when everything got started, so she could get into the mood. She leaned forward and took a little nip with her teeth of Kim’s bottom lip. The redhead jumped slightly, but Shego did not pay that much mind. She came in again and she licked Kim’s lip that time around.

“What are you doing?” Kim nearly shrieked the question because of how weird her companion was behaving.

“Something not quite proper. Do it with me,” Shego requested with a suggestive half-smile.

Kim looked away, like a shy little girl. Shego thought that it was cute. She came in again for another taste, taking the tip of her tongue and dragging it upward from Kim’s bottom to top lip. Kim yelped quietly from the action, but it was clear that she was enjoying the attention because she was not pulling away. It was a little odd, though, the samurai silently noted; odd in a positive, delightful way.

Shego smiled to herself. Maybe she would get her way, which would make up for the fact that she had lost the match and had to return to Edo. She would get something that she desired before having to deal with all kinds of crap that would come up when she did return to the city. She just desired to have something sweet before the bitterness of Edo cast its shadow into her world. She doubted that anything on the planet was sweeter than the redhead in her lap was.

Shego went in for something bold as she began considering that if she worked for her desire then she would get it. She forced Kim’s mouth open ever so slightly and snaked her tongue in there. Kim jumped again because of the invasion, but she could not escape with Shego holding her by the face and back. It took a second or so, but Kim realized that the sensation was not at all disgusting and she had no reason to pull away. She even opened her mouth wider, which Shego took as a good sign.

The raven-haired female went in for deeper exploration of Kim’s mouth, brushing her tongue against Kim’s. The contact caused them both to moan and shudder just a bit. She had to do that again, Shego told herself. She slowly stroked Kim’s tongue with her own. Kim continued to moan and whimper.

The feeling was rather curious to Shego because she had never done such a thing before. She had done many things in her twenty-plus years of living, but certain things just never crossed her mind. On the occasions that she sought adult companionship, she never bothered with deep exploration of a lover. She especially never even considered putting her tongue in a lover’s mouth; the idea itself sounded rather gross. She just had never felt the urge to do find out about anything on a lover’s body until now and she was pretty pleased with doing that.

Shego stopped thinking about that as Kim suddenly moved her tongue to meet Shego’s. The pale woman was now surprised and a deep moan escaped her throat because of the great sensation that came from their tongues brushing against each other. The motion encouraged Shego to go on while the noise encouraged Kim to keep up what she was doing.

Shego dropped her hand from Kim’s face and moved it back to Kim’s torso. She began caressing Kim through the cloth of her kimono. The redhead noted that it felt good to be touched as she was, so she thought that Shego might like it too and she felt it was only right to return the favor. She reached out for Shego’s chest and began stroking her in return. Shego was caught by surprise a second time and she would have said something smart about it, but at the moment, her mouth was much too busy to say something.

The green-skinned woman was coherent enough to realize that she could probably get away with touching some skin now. Her hand went back to the inside of the kimono and began going for the wraps around Kim. The redhead pulled back again, but it was only to catch her breath. Shego did not care about catching her breath. Air did not matter to the moss-hued warrior at the moment and she occupied her time by going for Kim’s neck.

Kim could feel the hand going for her torso, but she did not try to stop it that go ‘round. The reason that she did not cease it was because she considered that it might be as pleasant as the actions that they had just done and that thought was trumping everything at the moment, including the worries that she earlier. She was not even sure why she had had such problems now. So, she let Shego work, much to Shego’s delight.

Shego managed to get the wraps down just enough for her to be satisfied and she went in for a closer inspection. She trailed kisses down Kim’s throat and to her collar bone. Kim’s arms wrapped around Shego’s shoulders of their own accord, making sure to hold the pale warrior close and keeping the contact close.

Shego did not need any encouragement, but it was good to know that Kim was enjoying her actions and was not anxious about what was happening. She leaned Kim down onto the wooden floor, figuring that she could do a better job of investigating if she did not have to hold Kim up. The redhead did not protest to being put down. She was just waiting to see what Shego was going to do next and the older woman did not disappoint.

The emerald-eyed female positioned herself over Kim where she was between Kim’s legs. Her mouth remained on Kim’s torso and began mapping out its own path across the flesh that it finally got the chance to taste. It did not matter to her that Kim had not bathed in at least in the past day as far as she knew. She still enjoyed every inch that she got experience.

Shego continued her exploration and she came to one small mound. The size did not matter to her. She kissed the inside of the mound while her hand kneaded the outside of flesh; Kim squirmed and shuddered in pleasure underneath her. Her thumb wandered to the peak of the flesh and began to circle around the apex point, causing the body part to spring to life. The redhead cried out and began to wiggle some more, seeming to want more contact. Shego had no problem obliging.

Shego moved her mouth to area that Kim seemed to want touched more, latching onto the small gem. Kim hissed in pleasure as the contact was made. Tears gathered in her olive eyes as the pale woman pressed on, adding more suction. Kim wanted to reach up and hold Shego’s head to her, but she controlled herself. She did clench her hands into tight fists and lightly banged on the floor. She had not known it was possible for something to feel so good physically.

The pale woman glanced up, just to see Kim’s reaction. It would seem that she had won that round because Kim was at her mercy. Something strange, but familiar shot through her as she realized she had control of the only person to defeat her in battle. Whatever that jolt was, it went straight to the one place she really did not need it to go because now she had to figure out how to relieve that desire with Kim.

Shego did the first thing that came to mind, she rolled her hips forward, rubbing against Kim’s body since she was situated in between the redhead’s legs. She suspected that the friction would do something for her. She was not sure about how much the friction would do for her, but she just needed something. It felt much better than she expected and she practically convulsed just from that simple action. Kim gasped.

“Wha-what was that?” Kim asked in a breathless manner, referring to the sensation that had just gone through her because of the rubbing.

“Interesting,” Shego replied because it was just that. She had not expected that to work, but hell, since it did, she was going to continue on. She was thankful that it did work since it did not seem like her attraction was quite as misplaced as some might like her to believe. Apparently, there was enough in place for them to be physically intimate and get a great deal of pleasure from it.

The pale woman repeated her actions and found it to be just right again and again. It was not a fluke or anything. That was really good news because it meant that they would be able to connect physically as well as any other way that they had already; ways that Shego hated to admit since she was supposed to grumpy and misanthropic.

Once Shego was certain that the movements were not some mistake, but actually quite satisfying, she went back to what she had been doing before. Kim practically screamed when Shego went back to work on her breast while making sure to keep up the motion of her hips. More tears gathered and fell from the samurai’s eyes, which she had closed tightly because of the ecstasy coursing through her. She had never felt anything quite like it.

Without her knowledge, Kim’s hips began moving to meet with Shego’s to create more friction. Shego had to stop her attention to Kim’s chest because she could not focus on doing more than one thing now because of the bliss brought on by the motion. She began panting and dropped her head, resting it against Kim’s throat. She noticed where she was after a few seconds and kissed Kim’s neck.

Shego then moved her head up and decided to kiss Kim’s mouth. Kim eagerly returned the kiss. They both had the same idea to open their mouths and engage in another tongue dual. Every now and then, one of them would cry out into the other’s mouth because of the fantastic feelings coursing through them. Suddenly, Kim shuddered underneath Shego and the pale woman knew all too well what happened. She continued on, hoping to reach her own climax. While Kim was recovering from falling over the edge, Shego gasped and began trembling. They both took sometime to catch their breath before turning their attention back to each other.

“That was amazing,” Shego commented and she placed a small peck on Kim’s lips.

“Yeah,” Kim agreed with a tired smile. “Exhausting too.”

Shego nodded in agreement. It was workout. She fell to her side and lay on her back. She grabbed Kim to rest on top of her. Kim made herself comfortable against Shego and closed her eyes, not sure if she was just resting or going to fall asleep. Shego closed her eyes too and her last conscious thought was that they were going to have to do that again with nothing between them next time. And then when they woke up, they found that the rain had stopped.

1: Baka yaro: stupid bastard.

2: baka: fool.

Next time: the pair leave the cabin and go get into some trouble.

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