Honor Bound

Chapter 22

Hot and steamy


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TITLE: Hot and steamy

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Set in Japan during the Tokugawa era. Director Betty recuits samurai Kim and ninja Yori for a job to find out about a plot to overthrow the govt. The job: go undercover as geisha.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Yori

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 6630

Kim and Shego were back on the road. They had recently left a village that had been being terrorized a crazy foreigner from what they could tell. The guy, who called himself Dementor, had somehow managed to create some killer plant life and had been using those to kidnap the villagers. They were not sure what he was doing with the people that he kidnapped, but the villagers knew that he killed the people after having them stolen away by his plants because they came across body parts quite often. Kim had sent word via falcon to some authorities nearby to come and pick Dementor up, but until the authorities showed up, the villagers were going to keep an eye on him or possibly take care of him themselves, especially since he informed them that his plants did not have long life-spans and the ones that were in the forest would be dead soon without his aid. He had dropped that information after some “influencing” from Shego and a detailed description of what she could do with one little flaming claw.

Aside for doing a good deed in the village, Kim and Shego had spent the night in the village in their own little, private hut. The villagers also provided the ladies with new clothing, which Shego sorely needed. The duo had not gotten to do anything except for clean up and talk because Shego was a little sick and cut up. She had been poisoned by Dementor while fighting with his killer plants. The cuts came from being bitten by the plants because some of them had sharp teeth.

Shego was feeling better now, but last night, she had not even argued much with being forced to lie down all night. Maybe it was because she had an excuse to rest her head in Kim’s lap and Kim had helped feed her too, which had been very pleasant; she hoped for a repeat of that one actually. Shego had known for a long time that she liked to be spoiled and having Kim do it was even better.

Through out the night, they had gotten to know each other a little better. Shego started it off by talking about her family. She revealed quite a bit of information, like the fact that she healed very quickly, so Kim did not have to worry about the poison so much; the redhead accepted that because she had seen plenty of strange things in her life and she was fairly open to strange explanations. Shego even went so far as sharing that she was very much a daddy’s girl, which was something that she never even admitted out loud until last night. She also explained that she had what she considered a healthy distain for her brothers, which was something that Kim could understand.

Kim had jumped into the conversation at that point and they bonded over having irksome brothers. They both laughed through out most of that conversation. They eventually came up with an unspoken rule of exchange. If one of them offered up a piece of history, the other then had to offer up something. They also asked for “secrets,” which were just things they never told anyone else, mostly because they were embarrassed to have done the things or something along those lines. It seemed to be working so far, which they considered was because neither asked anything too deep or brought up anything too deep. They were still just a bit defensive even now, not wanting the other to get a negative picture because they wanted to continue being liked by the other.

“So, what’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?” Shego asked Kim. She was willing to bet that it would be hilarious considering how wild she now knew Kim was when she was little. She liked the background information that she knew on the redhead, willing to bet that they would have been great friends if they had known each other in childhood.

“Hmm…” Kim thought on it for a few seconds. “There are a lot of those,” the redhead commented.

“Why am I not surprised?” Shego remarked with an amused smile on her face. From what she could tell, Kim was great kid when people were looking, but as soon as someone turned their back, she turned into a little demon child.

“Scared the hell out of my parents once when I was really little by climbing onto the back of my grandfather’s horse when he wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t supposed to be up there and I knew it, but when my parents came out, I was going to brag to them about how I could ride. But, when they came out, my mother sort of screamed and panicked me. I slid off the horse and landed right in a puddle of mud, face first. As if my humiliation wasn’t complete, I had to get scolded by my parents and my grandparents while getting cleaned off,” Kim explained.

“Doesn’t sound too embarrassing,” the pale woman pointed out.

“Like I said, I have a lot of them. I’m just going from the top of the list because that’s one of my first memories,” the younger warrior replied. She did a lot of silly things when no one was looking, especially when she was a child.

“Your first memory is falling off a horse? How young were you when you climbed up there?” Shego asked incredulously.

“About three, I guess. I couldn’t have been too old since my grandfather died before I turned five.”

“You were a crazy kid.”

“Yeah, well, what about you?”

“Hmm…What did I do embarrassing as a kid? I tried to tackle my older brother after he beat me in a sparring match and I landed in the koi (1) pond. To add injury to the insult, the pond was deep and I couldn’t swim, but instead of staying calm, I started flinging my arms and pushed myself further out into the water. The irksome bastard saved me,” Shego replied while shaking her head. She had forgotten about that, but yeah, her big brother had saved her life when she was little.

It was embarrassing just thinking about it and seeing the memories flash through her mind was even worse. She had actually needed saving and the one person to come to her aid was the person that she wanted nothing more than to beat bloody that day, but then again, she wanted to beat him bloody almost every day. She had learned how to swim right after that incident to make sure that it never happened again. She never wanted his help again, but she supposed that it was inevitable. Her father once told her that even the strongest warriors needed others around for support and assistance.

“Why do you hate him then if he saved you?” Kim inquired curiously.

“It’s not that I hate him. I just can’t stand him. You know how that is,” Shego answered and Kim nodded because she did not hate her brothers, but she really could not stand them.

“I guess it is embarrassing,” the redhead commented, talking about Shego’s experience of being saved by someone that she viewed as annoyance. “But, it could have been worse,” she added.

“How so?” the raven-haired female inquired in disbelief. What could be worse than needing to be saved by her ox of a big brother? Not to mention the fact that he used to bring it up all the time when she started talking back to him. He always wanted to know “is that anyway to talk to the person that saved your life?” If he wanted thanks, he needed to just say so. A big brother was supposed to save his little sister if she was in trouble anyway, which was why he never said such idiotic things when their parents were around.

“Your little brother could have saved you,” Kim answered.

Shego frowned and thought about how true that was. She had already been mortified that her big brother had saved her, but had it been her little brother, she would have just jumped right back in that water. There was no way that she would have been able to live with herself being saved by her little brothers. But, she did tell herself that she never could have been in that situation to begin with if it had been one of her little brothers from the start.

“My little brothers would’ve never beaten me in a match for me to try to tackle them, though,” the green-skinned fighter riposted.

“That’s probably true,” Kim concurred.

“What do you mean ‘probably true’?” the pale woman inquired in a slightly offended tone.

“I’m just saying since it didn’t happen, we’ll never know.”

“Because it’s never happened is why we do know,” Shego argued.

“Who’s to say that maybe one of your little brothers wouldn’t get lucky or something and then beat you?” Kim countered.

“I’m to say. It’s never happened before and it never will. Besides, I’d never try to hurt one of my little brothers maliciously,” Shego admitted without thinking. Oh, if that ever got out, her reputation would have been dead in the dirt, rotting in a shallow grace, she figured.

“Ah, so you’re nicer than you pretend be, huh?” the olive-eyed samurai asked with a teasing smile on her face.

“Shut up,” Shego said while playfully pushing the smaller female ever so slightly. Kim laughed a little bit.

They walked along for a while in silence. They had finally gotten back to the point where their silences were not awkward. It was pleasant and almost promoted little actions between them, like Shego took the chance to slip her arm around Kim’s shoulders and pull the redhead close to her. Kim wrapped her arms around Shego’s waist to the point where she looked almost like a drunk relying on Shego for support in walking. Her appearance did not matter, as long as she was close to her moss-hued companion, everything was fine.

“So, Kim-hime, want to tell me why you don’t use that sword you carry?” the older female asked curiously. They had had enough run-ins with people for Shego to notice that Kim had a forsaken weapon on her belt. It seemed strange to her for someone to carry around extra weight for no reason at all.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I did,” Kim answered in a low voice, which sort of let the green-skinned fighter know that she did not want to talk about. She really was not in the mood to have Shego eye her as if she was crazy.

“How about you try me before telling me what I’d believe,” Shego suggested, getting just a tad upset that information was being withheld from her. She could have sworn that they were being totally open and honest with each other.

“Trust me, you won’t,” Kim muttered. No one ever believed the story. They just looked at her like she was nuts and she was not looking forward to getting that look from Shego, so she would rather avoid it all together. She did not consider that she was insulting the taller woman by keeping it a secret.

“You don’t know that.”

Kim was not interested in arguing the matter and brought up a question that she hoped would divert attention from her unused blade. “How come you’re green?” she inquired.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Shego answered. She was saying more as the truth than as a taunt. She wondered if when Kim looked at her, she saw a green person instead of just seeing a person. The idea that that might be the case caused a dull pain to start spreading through her being.

Kim nodded, taking it as a jab at her because she knew her companion could be spiteful if given the chance or a reason. The conversation ended there and they just continued walking in silence. They did remain cuddled up to each other despite the way that things went. It seemed like the desire to be close to each other did not waver between them, even if they had both vexed each other slightly. They did think on those questions and how they did not get or give any real answers.

They both considered that they did not truly have a right to be upset since they had both withheld information, but the reasoning did not ease the pain that they both felt that things were being kept from them. They knew from the way they felt about being close to each other that they wanted things to continue on as they were with each other, which meant that they were going to have to take chances and believe in each other, but it was just so hard. Life had already taught them to hold certain things in, but they knew that was no way to maintain what they had. Still, they did not speak.

What was to become of their bond when they refused to speak, even though they knew it was for the best? They were even certain that they would not react the way others had, but they still remained silent. Was saving face and upholding old habits more important to them? If that was the case, how could they continue on? Their connection would surely slip away like sand on a beach and they did not want that. Those thought and questions plagued them through their long silence.

The night had set in and the duo had run out of road. They were in a dense forest, but that did not bother them. They could care less about being in some thick woods overrun with wild animals and who-knew-what-else. The main thing bothering them was that they were still thinking on those earlier questions and they knew the other was aware of that because a new conversation had not started yet. There were also the other thoughts still on their minds related to the unanswered questions.

“Is that hot spring?” Kim wondered out loud as she stared ahead of them.

“Is it?” Shego said when she caught sight of the steam rising from a barely visible pool. Could it be true? Did the gods love her enough to put a hot spring in the middle of nowhere? She hoped so because she was still itching to see her little kitsune naked. She bet that it would be a great distraction from the ideas buzzing around her head like vengeful hornets.

“I think it is. You want to take a dip?” Kim asked with a smile, letting her companion know what she wanted to do. Maybe relaxing in the hot spring for a little while would take the tension away following them around like a shadow, if only for a while. Maybe the soothing, healing water would even help them explain to each other why they chose not to answer those questions and they would not have to wonder if their defensive natures were going to slay their bond.

Shego laughed a bit; it came out more like a scoff, but it was laugh. Did she want to take a dip? Um, hell, yes, of course she wanted to take a dip. She had desired to see what Kim had underneath that kimono and hakama since she figured out that she was attracted to the redhead. And then there were the other factors of needing to relax with the hope that it would get those other less pleasant thoughts out of her head.

“Yeah, I guess,” the pale woman answered nonchalantly, as if it did not matter one way or the other to her. It was against her nature to seem eager about anything that was not a battle.

“Great, let’s go,” Kim said and she started tugging Shego toward what they hoped was a hot spring.

They strolled over and found out that it was a hot spring. It was not very big, but big enough for the two of them. They finally let go of each other; they had spent the whole day walking as if they were connected at the hip. They both made a sweep of the area three times to make sure that no one was around and no one was. It was just them, the night sky, and whatever nocturnal animals were daring enough to approach humans, especially those humans.

Once they were sure that no one was around, they started getting out of their clothes. Shego craned a confused eyebrow as Kim went to undress behind a bush. She just had to ask.

“Princess, what the hell are you doing?” Shego inquired in bewildered voice accompanied by a puzzled expression.

“Don’t look,” Kim replied.

“What do you mean ‘don’t look’? We’re both about to be in the same water. I’m going to see anyway,” the pale woman pointed out.

“Just don’t look,” the redhead requested.

Shego sighed. “Fine. I don’t see what the big deal is, though,” she muttered. She was the freak with the green skin, after all. If anything, she figured that she should have been the one hiding behind a bush and pleading with Kim not to look. Maybe she could somehow fool Kim into not seeing that her whole body was a pasty green color.

Shego wondered if Kim cared so much about looks as she peeled her clothing away. The redhead did seem very concerned about her own body, but Shego would not say that the teenager seemed concerned with her body. She guessed that she was just going to have to wait for the reaction when Kim finally got to see what she looked like underneath it all. She just hoped the reaction was not too shocked or disgusted.

The raven-haired warrior slowly exhaled as she finished taking off her clothes. She folded everything, not too precisely, but enough to where it was clear that she was not always a slob. She folded the clothes because the kimono was new. The villagers had been so happy about how Kim saved the day that they gave the pair brand new clothes, which was fine by the ladies. She was especially happy about the new attire when they showed up with her colors for her.

She entered the water and settled down. She sighed as she sat with her back against the natural rock wall surrounding the spring. She glanced over at her clothes and her sword. She then looked over her shoulder, wondering where Kim was. She hoped that nothing happened again, but she would not be surprised if it did. After all, the last time that they were supposed to share a bath, Kim got kidnapped. Things just seemed to happen to them at the worse times. She could still hear the redhead moving around, though, so she knew that she was still there.

“Don’t look,” Kim said as she started to come out of the shrubs.

“I’m not looking,” Shego sighed. “I’ll even close my eyes,” she promised.


Shego actually shut her eyes. She could hear her companion making her way closer to the spring. Kim put her things down and eased into the water. She glanced at the pale woman and then looked down at the water.

“You know, I’m not going to sit here with my eyes closed the whole time,” Shego pointed out.

“I know,” the younger female replied, sounding a bit disappointed. It was like she hoped that her companion would sit there the whole time with her eyes closed.

“I’m going to open them now,” Shego warned the samurai.

“Go ahead,” Kim sighed.

Shego opened her eyes and glanced to her right side, which was where Kim was sitting. It took all of her willpower to keep her mouth from dropping open. Yeah, she was definitely attracted to women, more specifically Kim. What in the hell was she so nervous about, Shego wondered. Her body was perfect.

“Princess, why the hell are you acting like you’re deformed or something?” Shego inquired with deep interest. She had not known what to expect when the teen revealed herself, but she was glad to see perfection. Her little kitsune was perfect.

“Huh?” Kim asked as if she did not understand the question. She was trying her best not to look at her companion because she did not want to see the negative reaction she was certain Shego would have once she saw the scars that marred her form.

“You keep telling me not to look and everything, but you’re…” the green-skinned woman trailed off because complimenting someone was against her nature and she was not sure what word to use anyway. Nothing would cover what she was looking at right now; even perfect was too shallow a term.

“Damaged. I know,” the redhead sighed, thinking that she was finishing Shego’s sentence.

“Damaged? Hell, no!” Shego replied with great energy. Yes, Kim was sporting some battle scars and everything, but hell, her body would look just as lived in if she did not heal so quickly and thoroughly. She put a hand to Kim’s cheek and made the redhead look at her. “You listen to me, you’re not damaged at all and if anybody has said or ever says otherwise, you deck them and tell them that you’re perfect in every freaking way possible. Okay?” she inspected the olive-eyed warrior.

Kim nodded to show that she understood and she believed Shego. She could see the sincerity in those emerald eyes. She smiled a little bit because of the honesty. It felt like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders and that it had been replaced by the lightest feeling ever because Shego thought that she was perfect.

She decided to take a brave look at Shego’s body since the pale woman had seen her. She could not believe that Shego was calling her perfect when Shego looked absolutely gorgeous. She was left gawking at the older woman, which sort of made Shego uncomfortable because she did not know the meaning behind the staring.

“Kim-hime,” Shego said.

“Huh?” Kim mumbled as if she was in a trance.

“You do know my face is up here, right?” the raven-haired beauty teased. It was the only thing that she felt was safe to do at the moment.

“Oh. Sorry,” Kim apologized as she turned her attention to Shego’s face. “You probably think I’m some kind of pervert now, huh?” she realized in a disappointed tone.

“No. It’s only natural that you stare since I’m damn sexy,” Shego remarked.

“You are,” the redhead agreed before she realized what she was saying. She then blushed because of that confession. “Well, you’re very beautiful and everything,” she added in a timid tone. “I hope you don’t think I’m a pervert.”

Shego smiled slightly; she was happier than she looked, but she did not want to show it. It would seem that she had worried for nothing. Kim thought that she was sexy and very beautiful. That was good to know. She felt better about herself now than she had in years, about her body anyway. They sat there, quietly for a moment.

Kim was still blushing. She did not see why she felt so shy around Shego while being nude. She guessed that it mattered because she wanted Shego to be interested in her and she wanted the pale woman to always like her. And as that thought went through her mind, she made a decision.

“The sword is called The Blade of a Hundred Sorrows. I don’t use it because it’s cursed. A hundred years ago, my ancestor Possible Mim used the sword in a battle to protect her home against an invading army from a neighboring lord. She single-handedly killed a hundred men with the blade and saved her home, along with many people. One would think that would be it, but those men were angry that they had been killed by her and they turned into demons. They returned to her home and attempted to destroy her home again. She faced them in battle again with the same sword and she killed them again. Their souls entered the sword and are trapped there. It’s been passed down in my family line since her death,” Kim stated the history of her unused weapon.

“Why pass down a cursed sword instead of just hanging it up and guarding it to make sure no one gets it?” Shego asked.

“It emits an evil aura that grows steadily if the sword doesn’t have an aura to counter it and it will eventually possess someone who is just close by. So, the sword is given to a person in my family who is said to possess a will strong enough to keep the evil in check. My grandmother passed the sword to me when I became an adult, so my soul sort of does battle with those souls to keep the evil aura from going out of control. It’s said that as long as I do good and honorable things, my soul wins the battle and the sword doesn’t possess me. If I do wicked things, the demons in the blade will devour my soul and possess my body and seek revenge all over again, looking to destroy my family’s ancestral home on our lands. So, my soul keeps the evil in check,” Kim explained.

Shego nodded and Kim was waiting to hear how unbelievable her story sounded. How it was just superstitious nonsense and all that lot, which was how people tended to react to the story, which was why she did not bother to tell it. Hell, she had been skeptical about it when her grandmother first told it to her, but when she got the sword in her possession, she could tell that there were demon souls in the blade. She was told that she did not have to use it and it probably would be best if she did not. She just had to keep it close to make sure those demons did not get a chance to use any humans for sinister schemes. The task seemed simple enough.

“So, you think that story’s crazy, don’t you?” the teenager asked.

“Not really. I’ve heard stranger things. Besides, kitsune, you have to remember that you’re talking to someone with green skin and semi-claws who can make fire with her hands. You couldn’t shock me if you really turned out to be a fox spirit,” Shego replied.

“I’m not a fox spirit,” the redhead insisted.

“Sure you are; you’re my little kitsune. Haven’t we been through this?” the pale woman asked with a playful smile.

Kim smiled a little too and she blushed a little bit for a reason that was beyond her. She felt pretty good having gotten the story of the sword out of the way. It was nice to know that she could tell Shego anything and not have to worry about being looked at as if she was out of her mind or if something was wrong with her or even being accused of outright lying as some high-ranking officials had the nerve to do once.

Shego was glad to see Kim smile. It made her feel good inside and she really wished that Kim had just told her that from the start. She would have believed it because she did not think that Kim had any reason to lie about the weapon. Well, she supposed that since Kim should have just told her that in the beginning, she should have just returned the favor. It probably was not as big a deal as she was making it out to be.

“I wasn’t always green. You’re probably too young to remember, but thirteen years ago, something fell out of the sky. It happened to land in my backyard. It plowed right into me and my brothers while we were doing I-don’t-even-remember. We got thrown around the yard pretty good, but weren’t too hurt up. I came out of it the worse with green skin and the sharp nails. My younger brother came out purple. My big brother came out more annoying and my baby brothers also managed to get more annoying, although that’s their intent and they were only three at the time, so you couldn’t expect much from them anyway. After that day, my parents sort of looked at me different, my younger brother too. I guess because we looked different while the others still at least looked the same. My father tried to act like it didn’t matter that I was green, but he didn’t do the best job at hiding it. I guess he figured since I was young, I wouldn’t notice, but I did. For a long time, I hated this color because it took my father from me. Plus, the stupid rock made him pay more attention to my big brother and he used to rub it in my face. He always talked about how he was spending the day with our father and no one else was invited, it was always just him, because he was stronger. I bet I could kick his ass right now, though,” Shego said while making an angry fist.

She had lost a lot of people thanks to her appearance; her parents were just the first in a long line, but they did hurt the most. Maybe that was why she held on so tightly when she finally got someone in her life. After that rock hit, all she could think about was how she just wanted to get away from her bastard of an older brother too. He had always been a self-righteous, arrogant bastard, but once he got his super-strength and their father started taking an even bigger interest in his life, he got exponentially worse. He made sure to rub that one in too and seemed to think that because he was their father’s favorite, he could control everyone’s life when their father died. Screw him.

“Well, green or not, I think you’re wonderful,” Kim commented.

Shego smiled a bit. One sentence should not lift her spirits like that one did. It was great to have someone that tried to cheer her up or make her feel good about herself. She had not had that for a long time. She leaned down and kissed Kim softly on the mouth in appreciation.

The kiss started out innocent enough, more like a thanks than anything else, but as the seconds ticked by, it grew hotter and more licentious. And then a green hand joined the act, deciding to the opportunity to explore the slender body that it had been dying to touch while it had the chance. Kim yelped slightly as she felt warm fingertips on her ribs.

Kim debated with herself if she wanted to pull away or not. It felt strange, but in a very good way; actually, in a deliciously great way to be more accurate. She decided to just let it go and see where things went. She wanted to know where things could go and how she might help them get thing there.

The redhead decided to mimic Shego after a few seconds since she believed that Shego knew more about what they should do because Shego was already doing things. So, Kim began caressing Shego’s side. It started out a little awkward because she was unsure of herself, but Shego shifted into the touch, which silently encouraged Kim.

All Shego needed was for Kim to respond and all gears in her head shifted to go. She moved to where she was standing in front of Kim and ended the kiss. The samurai whined a bit because of the break, but Shego quickly changed that noise by attacking Kim’s neck. The younger warrior cried out in pleasure because of the new attention.

Shego’s hands continued to roam Kim’s torso, caressing every inch that they could. They came to a curiosity; well, more like a pair of curiosities. The soft flesh fit in the palms of her hands and she started kneading the two marvels, trying to solicit a response. Kim cried out again, a little louder than before.

The olive-eyed samurai’s mind was getting cloudy, but she could think straight enough to move her hands on Shego’s body. She started to mimic what Shego was doing to her on the pale woman herself. Shego was caught off guard by the sensation and she stopped everything that she was doing for a moment to hiss and exhale deeply.

“Keep doing that,” Shego told Kim in an almost needy voice.

“You too,” Kim replied in a whisper that she had to force out.

The emerald-eyed warrior did not respond verbally, but she went back to massaging the redhead with fervor. She also went back to lapping at Kim’s neck, as if she was dying of thirst and it was the only thing that would keep her alive. As she suckled at Kim’s throat, she moved her thumb to touch the center of the right soft mound in her grip. She circled the peak with her thumb and the teenager copied that on her body and Shego shuddered; it would seem the action got to Shego more than it did to Kim.

The pale woman decided to move on, so Kim could not mimic her again and mess up what she wanted to do by making her quiver. She moved her mouth down to where her hands were and turned to the left wonder since her hand was still occupying right mound and keeping the treasure company. She wrapped her lips around the left hill and applied pressure to the gem. Kim nearly sank into the water as her legs gave out, but she managed to hold herself up. It took all of her self-control to not scream to the sky, sharing her delight with the world.

Kim exhaled until the point that there was no more air in her lungs to expel. She had not expected that to feel as good as it did. She hoped that Shego did not stop. When Shego switched sides, Kim’s lip started to tremble from the feeling. She bit into her lip when she noticed that it was trembling and it kept her from crying out. She did begin to shiver as the sensation began to course through her entire being. Shego happened to glance up and noticed Kim’s expression. Shego halted her actions and Kim looked down at her as if she was the worst human being on the planet.

“Make as much noise as you want. No one’s around,” the raven-haired woman pointed out with a devilish smirk.

Kim took that as Shego wanting to hear her make sounds, which was the case. She was not too sure if she was going to be able to deliver that. She was not used to being loud and she had been taught not to be loud, no matter what. And then she shouted almost deafeningly as Shego suddenly returned to what she had been doing before, but managed to apply even more delicious pressure. Shego smirked smiled against Kim’s flesh; she did enjoy hearing that noise and she wanted to hear more.

While Shego’s mouth continued to delight in suckling Kim, her free hand traveled downward. She felt Kim trembling against her, but she was aware that it came from anticipation and desire, not anxiety. She lightly caressed Kim’s abdomen, feeling the muscles twitch slightly from the attention. She reached around and came to another point of interest. She slid her hand up and down the swell of Kim’s ass and the redhead moaned loudly, obviously enjoying the exploration as much as her partner was.

Kim was not about to let Shego have all the fun, though. Shego was still within her reach, after all. She moved her hands back to Shego’s breasts, showing the green-skinned female that she had not escaped yet. She began stroking Shego’s flesh again, causing Shego to start moaning too.

As Shego shuddered again from Kim’s advances, she considered that she was going to have to do more to remain in charge and in control of what was happening. She moved her hand back to the front of Kim and went in for the prize. She barely touched what she was sought out and Kim’s legs gave out from sensation. The redhead slid down into the water more than before. Shego merely followed to continue on with her duties.

Kim practically hollered in sheer bliss, unaware that anything could possibly feel so unbelievably wonderful as Shego gently rubbed a single, warm finger against her; Shego was extra-cautious with her strokes because of her talons. Kim’s body started to tense up as the action continued and she wrapped her arms around Shego as she felt pressure building. She grasped and dug her nails into Shego’s back as that fantastic pressure released in a wave of euphoria. She panted and shook as the feeling continued on for a few seconds. She held on to Shego as if the woman would save her life through out the whole event.

“How did you do that?” Kim managed to ask in a very low voice once she was able to talk.

“It’s all about knowing where to touch,” Shego answered as if it was common knowledge. She really wanted more time to find out where to touch and how much pressure to apply to those areas to really send her companion to the edge. She desired to make Kim shudder like the teen had made her do and she hoped that Kim noted those reactions to know to do that again at a later date; Kim had done just that.

“What now?” the redhead asked curiously.

“I’ve got an idea,” Shego replied with another smirk. “We’ll have to get out of the water for a little while, though.”

Kim did not object because she wanted to see what Shego had in mind, but there was one little problem. “I don’t know if I can stand up, yet.”

“You don’t need to.”

Shego gathered Kim in her arms and carried her out of the water. Kim shivered a little as they exited the steaming hot water, but that was expected. Shego laid Kim down on the grass and situated herself over the redhead. Kim could guess what Shego was going to do. It was going to be a repeat like the time in the cabin, except without the clothing in the way. Hopefully, it would be even better, they both silently wished.

Shego positioned herself over Kim and in between the redhead’s legs. She experimentally rubbed herself into Kim and they both hissed in pleasure. They found out that they were right. Shego leaned down and kissed Kim’s mouth as they both began to move against each other. With every passing moment, their movements got more fervent and desperate. As the pressure started to build, Shego reached down between them, looking to help matters along. Kim twitched underneath her and brought her hands around Shego, which let the pale woman know that she had helped. She kept going as Kim hit her peak and not too long after Shego crested.

They remained as they were situated and caught their breath. While they did that, they placed small pecks on each other’s lips every so often. The kissing led to petting, which led to deeper caressing. They could guess where that was going to go.

“We might be here all night,” Shego remarked.

“I think it’s fine by me,” Kim replied and her companion just smiled.

1. Koi: carp (type of fish).

Next time: an unwanted interruption.

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