Honor Bound

Chapter 20



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TITLE: Spiritual

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Set in Japan during the Tokugawa era. Director Betty recuits samurai Kim and ninja Yori for a job to find out about a plot to overthrow the govt. The job: go undercover as geisha.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Yori

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 5006

Kim and Shego returned to their hotel room after a fairly busy evening and it was not busy in a manner that they wanted it to be. They had just had a brush with Motor Ed and his gang. They figured that they taught those clowns a lesson. Hell, Shego might have killed Motor Ed, but she was not too sure and much to her surprise, she did not care. He had taken someone special and dear to her and all that mattered was that he felt her wrath once she got that person back, even though Kim was unharmed and actually kicking butt when Shego arrived. She probably would have reduced him to ashes if something had happened to Kim.

Shego still had hopes that she and Kim would get to some things that she thought they would do before the kidnapping incident since they had gotten the hotel room. They were supposed to share a bath earlier, but thanks to Motor Ed, they started another fight. At least they were on the same side that time and it was rather fun, but she was pretty sure that the other things that they had in mind would have been much better.

The pale woman was little worked up having watched Kim kick some butt. She had not thought that something like an all-out battle could be so hot. She had watched guys kick the crap out of each other in dojos or even on the street and, yes, if she found herself intrigued with one of the guys, the fighting could be somewhat hot. Comparing Kim in combat to the others was like comparing a fish’s swimming to a stone’s swimming, though. It was not nearly the same thing; it could not even be called the same thing really.

Kim’s movements and fighting was the pinnacle of erotic as far as Shego was concerned. She had not thought that anything could be that burning hot and attractive. Well, she did not think that anything could get to her in such a way, anyway. She was rather incredulous to the way that Kim made her feel, even if it was just a lustful feeling at the moment. So, she did hope that they were going to get to try to do some naughty things that night.

Kim was not looking at things in the same way. She was a little embarrassed that she had been kidnapped first of all. She was a masterful samurai and she had been pretty much been stolen by a monkey; it seemed rather pathetic in her opinion. She hoped that Shego did not bring it up or ask questions about anything. She also hoped that what happened did not lower Shego’s opinion of her. If the pale woman looked down on her, she was certain that she would feel a lot worse than she did about getting kidnapped.

The redhead was curious as to why she felt that way. Why would Shego looking down on her be just about the worst thing possible to her? What did those feelings mean? She knew that they went beyond friendship, but what were they exactly? She had never felt anything like it and she just wished that she could make sense of the matter, especially since it seemed rather intense. She hated being confused about her own emotions. It was her body and mind, so she should know exactly what was going on in her opinion.

“So…” Shego said, hoping to start a conversation of some kind. Anything that could get her and her companion to stop staring at the plain beige walls of their room.

They seemed at such a loss with each other. Shego wondered if they would ever get back to how they were before when Kim was pretending to be a maiko. Would she ever be able to relax about Kim like she had around Akako-chan? Would she be able to fall asleep in Kim’s lap like she had done that night with Akako-chan?

Shego’s mouth almost fell open as she thought about that fateful night. The night she could have gotten arrested, but she had fallen asleep after drinking too much sake, sake that the redhead had practically forced upon her. She had missed the raid that night. It was as if that was purposely done. Was it? Had Kim tried to save her from being arrested? She had never considered that and then her thoughts were thrown off as Kim replied to her “so.”

“So…” Kim echoed for lack of a better thing to say. She would not mind them talking. She wanted things to seem normal between them, like before at the teahouse where none of their silences were awkward as it was at the moment. She was sure that they could get back to that level of comfort.

“Well, I guess I could ask you about something that was just on my mind. That night back at the teahouse where I fell asleep, did you do that on purpose?” the fire-starter inquired bluntly.

“When you fell asleep? Oh…I guess I did,” the redhead sort of admitted. She was not sure why she could not just confirm it because it had been done on purpose. She supposed that she just did not want to explain it because she was not too sure if she would be able to explain it. After all, at the time, she had not even been to admit to herself why she had done it.

“You guess? You either did or you didn’t,” Shego pointed out.

“Fine, I did,” the younger female confessed with a sigh.

And then came the question that Kim did not want to hear. “Why?” Shego inquired.

The redhead sighed and rubbed her forehead. Why had she done it? Well, she had done it because she thought that “yojimbo-san” deserved a second chance because “yojimbo-san” had not seemed totally bad. She thought that as long as “yojimbo-san” was not in the company of those idiotic plotters then there was a chance that something good could happen to the bodyguard as long as “yojimbo-san” remained free. But, there was the question of why she had taken it upon herself to try to save Shego.

“Well,” the pale woman pressed. She really wanted to know the reason behind it considering the fact that the teen was actually a spy for the Shogun. Why had a spy helped her?

Kim sighed and rubbed her forehead again, as if that was going to force the answers that they both wanted. She looked Shego in the eyes, like that would give her the answers. Shego was skeptical that it would help, but then it seemed like the sudden realization came to the redheaded samurai.

“Out of everything I told myself for why I did that, I always glanced over the simplest, easiest explanation as to why I did it. I just…I told you the reason actually. I liked you when I thought you were ‘yojimbo-san.’ I liked you like a woman is supposed to like a man and like I said before, it hasn’t gone away. I knew I was going to lose you that night, but I didn’t want your life to end, so I tried to protect you, like a woman would try to protect her man. And I still feel that. I’d do it again right now if I had to. Is that strange?” Kim asked curiously. She was not ashamed, even if it turned out to be strange. She could not see a reason to be ashamed of her feelings for Shego because of how wonderful the sensation was.

Shego offered a half-smile as her answer to that question. She realized that Kim worried about her as much as she worried about Kim. She never would have thought that she could worry about someone so much if Motor Ed had not stolen the little redhead away. Kim had tried to save her life; she was flattered.

The pale woman moved closer to Kim; they had been sitting in the room with almost a foot of space between them. She put her arm around the younger fighter and pulled Kim to lean into her. The younger woman did not resist and decided that she liked being held by Shego in any way that was offered. She put her arms around Shego’s waist, pressing herself to the green-skinned woman even more.

Kim still wondered what she and Shego were. She was aware that she was attracted to the pale warrior in the way that a woman was supposed to be attracted to a man, but it went beyond that. She had respect for Shego as a warrior and looked at her as a friend too. It was the strangest sensation and it seemed to grow with every second that she spent with Shego, no matter what they were doing. What was the feeling?

Shego was as confused as Kim. She understood her physical attraction to Kim, as she had always been secretly attracted to females, even though her parents tried their best to discourage such a thing. She remembered when she was little and they caught her kissing a girl. The girl was a good friend of hers at the time and they had actually kissed on several occasions; sometimes they got caught and sometimes they did not. Her mother could not believe her eyes while her father had tried to explain as best he could that it was not right for two girls to kiss each other in the manner that they were. No matter how much he explained it, it never fully reached her brain as to what was wrong with what she had done. She had tried her best to hide it since her parents thought that it was wrong and she had done things with men, but always her original attraction lay underneath her skin apparently.

She also understood the attraction building when she saw Kim fight. Sure, when Kim was pretending to be a maiko, she was cute, utterly adorable really. But, she was sort of that way when she was just sitting still, but she got to fighting, she suddenly became sexy. A sexy little fox, her sexy little fox.

But, beyond her physical attraction to Kim, her feelings did confuse her. They seemed too intense for her liking. She panicked so badly when the redhead went missing that she was close to tears and she did not like that at all. Why did she care about Kim so much? Had the girl’s comfort done that, the comfort that she had brought as Akako? It was such a curious thing.

Then there was the fierce possession that she felt in regards to Kim. She was possessive, she was very much aware of that. Whenever she had been told by people that Drakken was a moron and she would always agree with them that he was, but he was her moron. She was nowhere near as possessive of him as she was of Kim, though. She had never been as possessive of a person as she had realized she was with Kim when she found out that Kim was missing over an hour ago.

It showed to Shego that Kim sort of had a power over her, a power to bring out her emotions, strongly on certain occasions. It was not something that she was accustomed to. Sure, she was possessive and got pissed when people took things that were hers, but she never panicked. She never got choked up about things or near tears or anything like that until Kim went missing. How could Kim make her feel that way? Why was Kim able to make her feel that way? She just did not understand it. She was not even sure if she liked it, even though she was certain that she liked Kim.

“Shego…” the teenager said, breaking a long moment of silence and interrupting Shego’s thoughts again.

“Yes?” the raven-haired warrior answered.

“I don’t know what to consider us,” the redhead admitted. She figured that the pale woman might have a better idea as to what they were since Shego seemed so deliberate in her actions and seemed to know what she wanted.

“That makes two of us,” the emerald-eyed martial artist remarked. “But, let’s think outside the box with it,” she added. She figured that their relationship had to be somewhat unique, so there probably was not something that they could just call themselves and be accurate about things.

“Okay,” Kim concurred, even though she did not know what Shego meant by that.

“What do you think we should be?” Shego asked.

The olive-eyed samurai shrugged. She was not sure what she thought that they should be. If Shego was a male, maybe she could figure out that they were somewhat like lovers, but with Shego being a woman, it was baffling. She would not go so far as to say that she was in love with Shego. She felt something deep for the woman, but it was not love, even though she did not know what it was like to be in love.

Could someone fall in love with a person that she had only known for a couple of months and they had not been totally honest with each other? Neither Kim nor Shego had the answer to that question. What was love anyway? Did they need to label what they felt? Well, it would certainly help make things less perplexing.

“I don’t know,” Kim finally verbally answered the question of what she thought that they should be. She did not even know what the emotions were. She did not understand why they were there. How could Shego make her feel so sweetly confused by only spending time with her back at a teahouse?

Shego chuckled a bit. She was glad that Kim was honest. She was not sure what she would label them either, but if they were average, she probably would dare to say that Kim was her girlfriend. She probably would have dared that thought back at the teahouse if she had been thinking about it enough. She had been doing things with Kim that she figured a guy would do with a girl that he liked and wanted to impress in a way. She had gone out of her to show Kim a good time and she had taken her from the teahouse more than once because she knew that the redhead did not want to be there. She had gone out of her way to spend time with the petite redhead, which was rare for her to with a person. She just not bothered to look at things like that at the time to realize that Kim was more than a friend to her.

“You’re my little kitsune,” Shego decided to tell her companion.

Before Kim could express offense to that nickname, and she was going to express deep offense to it, Shego leaned down and kissed Kim softly. The redhead accepted that show of affection and soon felt a hand pressing gently against her cheek, caressing her rather fondly. Their lips continued to touch tenderly as seconds passed. They were not sure how they would describe the kiss, but they figured that heavenly would suffice. It was like touching paradise.

“Definitely mine,” Shego whispered because she was not going to let anyone else have Kim. She was not going to give up someone that made her feel like she was in heaven just from the feel of her lips.

“And?” Kim said, lacking anything better to say.

“I’ll be yours. What do you want, an oni to go along with your being a kitsune?” Shego asked with a teasing smile.

“I don’t like being thought of as a kitsune,” the redhead replied with a small pout. She did not mean to make the expression, but she did dislike the notion and it did not occur to her to be angry with Shego for dubbing her such a thing.

“Doesn’t matter. You’re my little kitsune and you better be loyal to me,” the raven-haired female playfully threatened. She had a feeling that she did not need to seriously say such a thing to Kim. She could tell that the young woman was hers and could not, would not stray.

Kim frowned. She really disliked the fox jokes and things. What was with people and her being a fox? Did she look like a fox? Not in her opinion, aside for her hair color. Okay, her hair matched a fox’s fur to a certain extent, but she did not think that it warranted all the fox garbage that she had to put up with. She really did not think that her actions should have gotten her branded as a fox by anyone.

“I’m going to make you like the name,” Shego commented to get Kim to stop looking like she had just called the teen something worse than a whorish bitch.

“I doubt it,” the samurai grumbled.

Shego smirked. She liked a challenge of course, especially the one that was just issued. She went in for another kiss, if only for Kim to get the idea that the name was not going to go away. Kim was now her princess and her fox. Kim was just hers. It was the best way that she could put it and she thought that it was a good way to put things.

The redhead accepted the kiss. Was Shego on to something? Was it just that she was Shego’s and Shego was hers, end of the mystery? Could anything really be that simple? The kiss made it seem that way. The kiss seemed to make things make sense while it was going on, probably because it did not allot her as much of her brain to think about things as just sitting there did.

Since Kim accepted the embrace, Shego decided to deepen the kiss. She gently lapped at Kim’s lips and the redhead obeyed the silent command. She opened her mouth and Shego’s tongue entered as expected. It was greeted by Kim’s tongue and they both moaned from the meeting.

After a few seconds later, the pale woman was lowering Kim to the futon that she had out while making sure to not break the kiss. The younger fighter did not seem to guess what Shego had planned until she started feeling hands working on her obi. Something inside of her panicked at that and she pulled away from Shego as best she could. It was enough to get the older warrior’s attention.

“What’s wrong?” Shego inquired. She thought that they had worked past Kim feeling anxious about everything or her thinking that their attraction was wrong. She could not figure out what other problems the redhead might have about them being together.

“I don’t know. I just sort of…felt weird,” Kim answered.

“Weird?” the pale female echoed in a puzzled tone.

“Like I’m not ready to do whatever it is you’re planning,” the redhead explained as best she could. She was not sure what it was that Shego could ever do. She knew enough about biology to know they could not to do what it seemed like Shego wanted to do, but she was nervous to the point that it felt like they were going to do that. It did not help matters that she had no desire to be seen without her clothing if it could be helped.

“It’s okay,” Shego said.

The green-skinned woman figured that it was Kim’s first time being with anyone. She would not be surprised if she was Kim’s first kiss; she was right about that. Shego recalled her first time and she had been extremely aggressive to stave off any feelings of nervousness. Her time had nothing to do with having deep feelings for the man. She just got turned on by the way he fought and how many opponents he was able to take down and she wanted to prove to herself that she had gotten over the attraction that her parents so desperately wanted to rid her of. She did not want her time with Kim, anytime with Kim, to be like that.

“It’s okay,” Shego repeated and she placed a tender peck on Kim’s lips, hoping to soothe the teen’s nerves.

Kim was not surprised by the understanding that Shego showed her, even though she was had already figured out that Shego was kind of bad-tempered. She was not surprised because Shego seemed nice to her back when they spent time at the teahouse. Since Shego was not acting too different from what Kim recalled from “yojimbo-san,” Kim considered that the time at the teahouse might have been reality might have been in earnest with them, even if they were hiding things.

“Shego, do you think what we had back at the teahouse was real?” Kim asked quietly and curiously.

“Just as real as this. It’s what led to this, isn’t it?” Shego countered. She was still positioned over Kim, but she was not making any moves on the redhead. She did not want to add to the anxiety that the redhead might still be feeling.

“I wish it would always be real,” Kim added and she did not even realize the next words that she was about to speak. “I think I would rather be in that gilded cage with you than where we’re going now.”

Shego smiled softly, fondly; she was doing that a lot more around Kim and she noticed that, but did not really care. She noted the light feeling that spread through her entire being because of those words and who spoke them. The redhead cared deeply for her and she was pleased with that because she cared for Kim. She moved her hand and caressed Kim’s cheek with her fingertips, being extremely cautious with her claws to avoid harming her companion.

“No, you wouldn’t. I don’t think either of us could stand a gilded cage. As far as where we are now, we’ve got to move forward, kitsune. That’s just the way life is. Try not to despair. Life’s about having a good time,” Shego replied.

“Why do you always sound so wise?” the redheaded samurai wondered out loud. She had always considered herself pretty smart, especially for someone her age, but Shego said things that just left her in awe.

“I just say what’s on my mind, princess. I say what I think and what I’ve seen. It’s your life, so you should do what you want. When someone else starts living the life that’s yours then they could do whatever the hell they want with it,” Shego remarked with a bit of a smile.

Kim smiled too; it was a near grin. Shego then sat up, which caused Kim to follow suit because she wondered what Shego was doing. The emerald-eyed woman grabbed her futon and tugged it over to the one that Kim was on. She lined the two mattresses up side by side.

“I hope you’re ready for me to sleep next to you, hime,” the pale woman remarked, still smiling. She was rather happy to be able to sleep next to the redhead in a regular bed. It was nice to be the type of happy that she was, she noted; where she did not have to degrade anyone or mock someone for the feeling, although those situations tended to lead to amusement, not happiness.

Kim made a strange noise, sort of like a tiny yelp, and nodded in agreement. They had slept next to each other already, but just not in proper bed, nor had it been planned out loud. Hearing it and seeing it unfold before her was different, but she was definitely not opposed to the idea.

So, Shego finished the set up and then they did something that they usually would not do while in an unfamiliar location, they began to undress. They both had to mentally tell themselves not to be self-conscious about things; after all, they had planned to see each other in the bath earlier. They had unfortunately been interrupted then, but the plan did tell them that at some point in time the other was going to see their bodies, which was why they did undress. Kim, still being a neat-freak about her things, had to fold her outer kimono just right when she took it off. By the time Kim was getting to her hakama, Shego was already down to nothing but a white yukata, which she had on underneath her other clothes.

Shego just watched Kim neatly fold her hakama when she got those off. The pale woman had folded her hakama, but not in any proper fashion. She threw her kimono down in a heap because she was going to retire that cloth as soon as she had a chance. She did not care about the kimono. The hakama were probably going to be trashed too as soon as she could get another pair. So, there was really no point in her opinion in trying to preserve the gear.

Once Kim was done, she was down to her own yukata. She turned her attention to Shego and nearly let out a shocked “eek” noise because she had not been expecting Shego’s yukata to be so short. Shego’s yukata was not even mid-thigh length; she had cut it, like she did with all of her undergarments. It was for a practical reason, not to look sexy, even though Shego was very aware that she looked damn sexy.

Shego did not like layers of clothes because she was already sporting a fever pitch of a body temperature. If a person touched her, the person could tell that she was hotter than the average person, but not to the point where the person could guess what it was like if she put on a bunch of clothing. She never looked forward to being trapped in a bunch of clothes because of how hot she already was internally and the clothes never helped. It was a concept that her parents never understood and they used to put her in layers of kimonos all of the time.

“Careful, princess, you can catch flies with your mouth open like that,” Shego remarked and she leaned over to kiss Kim’s slightly open mouth because of her surprise and awe.

The samurai was still in a bit of a daze when Shego pulled away, but she shook it off. The pale woman blew out the lanterns that were illuminating the room and then returned to the bed. They both lay down and Shego pulled Kim close to her. The redhead did not resist in any manner.

They lay there silently and then Kim did something that she thought was weird for her, but she did not seem to have any control over it. Her left hand started walking across Shego’s bare leg. It was slow at first, like she was waiting to be reprimanded for her actions, but she was not admonished at all. So, she continued stroking the limb, finding that she liked the way the muscular thigh felt. The skin underneath her fingertips was soft and tempting. Eventually she was running her whole hand up and down the leg and Shego was thoroughly enjoying the attention.

Neither of them said a word through out Kim’s actions. Shego just figured that she would allow the redhead to get comfortable with the idea of touching her body. It was not like she disliked it and from the way that the younger warrior continued on, she believed that Kim was enjoying the exploration too.

The olive-eyed samurai was rather intent on her work. Her heartbeat accelerated as she went on feeling Shego’s legs. The more she touched the flesh, the more flesh she wanted to touch. She did not go too far, though, thinking that she might be getting out of line if she did. She did not want to do anything that might be seen as extreme or she might have to stop the little that she was doing.

After a while, Shego could not take the action anymore. She leaned down and captured Kim’s mouth in a rather forceful kiss, letting Kim know that the caressing was turning her on. Kim returned the kiss and continued on stroking Shego’s legs. That was pretty much their activity for the night until they fell asleep, hugged up very close.

(Next day)

Kim and Shego woke up from just about the most peaceful sleep that either of them had ever had. They also woke up to what they believed was the best sight ever, which was each other. They greeted each other with a kiss and even some light groping, making sure to take their time in getting up.

Once they did get out of the bed, they got dressed and then went out for breakfast. They looked around for any sign of Motor Ed and his group, but none of them were out and about. The town’s people seemed to appreciate the peace and quiet because they were whispering about how nice it was that Ed and his goons had not rode into town yet acting like wild hooligans. Kim and Shego did not say anything about their part in Motor Ed’s probable absence because they did not see the point.

The duo got their breakfast and grabbed some things for the road. They then set out on the path leading out of the town. They even went passed the battleground from last night, seeing some of the vehicle parts still scattered about, but no sign of the gang. They did not really care. Shego put her arm around Kim’s shoulders and the redhead smiled at the older woman as they continued walking toward the future.

Next time: Kim gets upset with Shego and they run into some trouble in the form of killer plant life.

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