Chapter 5



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TITLE: Quitter

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own the characters, Disney does. Don’t own the song Addiction, Kanye does.

SUMMARY: Kim and Shego find themselves addicted and now they're looking to quit each other.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: I feel I should warn people about the humor in this story, apparently, some people find it funny.

Words: 2753

A/N: Apparently, I didn’t need to feel like a jerk, I only spelled Kanye’s name wrong once and I corrected that, but thought that I had been spelling it wrong the whole time. Forgive me, my brain is a little broken; it would seem it’s not a good hobby to hit yourself in the head with a hammer.

I see the emotions in your eye that you try not to showIt’s never over…” Kanye West, Addiction.


Kim had chewed up every writing utensil that she owned, even some that she borrowed, but nothing was soothing her raw nerves. She had a schedule that would drive a lesser soul completely and utterly mad as it was packed from seven in the morning to eight at night and that did not even include missions, but that was not helping. Her anxiety levels were rising exponentially everyday. She bounced her leg at an amazing speed whenever she sat down, she bit her nails or the skin around her nails, her hands trembled when she was not using them, she bit the skin on her lip, and a dozen other little things that showed she was going out of her mind, she thought anyway.

She thought that things would get easier since she had not seen Shego since Drakken’s death ray scheme. Things were not getting easier; in fact, they were getting much more difficult. She thought about the thief so much that it kept her awake at night sometimes, staring at her ceiling and trying to tell herself that she just had to let go. When she did manage to fall asleep, she would even dream about the other martial artist. Sometimes, the dreams were dirty, but most of the time they were just regular dreams. Regular and pleasant dreams that let her know that she just longed for Shego.


Shego was sick of waiting for Kim to give in. She was sick of the hero being so stubborn. So what they were addicted to each other? It was not like they were going to kill each other; fuck, it was not even a crime. Besides, she refused to believe that she was addicted to anything about the redhead. She refused to believe anything about Kim except that she was a good fight and even better fuck.

She set out to prove that Kim was expendable to her. She went to go pick a fight in a place where she knew that she could get a good brawl. The fight was not as good as she recalled it. All right, that was only one set back, but she was not deterred. There were plenty of places where she could get a decent battle going.


Kim worked on the heavy bag in the school gym. She was trying to wear herself out. Most people that walked by thought that she was angry and they stirred clear of her, even Bonnie did not bother her that day. The hero was really just frustrated. She had so much energy and no place to direct it. She was just all over the place for close to a month and she was not sure what she was going to do if things persisted.

“Damn, damn, damn,” she grunted as she just kicked the crap out of the heavy bag. She felt like she was going out of her mind and no amount of action was tapering that feeling. She even tried adrenaline rushes like parachuting and bungee-jumping, but those just did not affect her like they would other people. She did not know what to do; she felt like clawing her eyes out or peeling her skin off to rid her body of the tension and aggravation.

There had to be something that she could do, Kim thought desperately; aside from the obvious anyway. The obvious being going out and finding Shego and at least looking at the woman. She was not sure what she would do after locating the thief, but she terribly desired to just be with the other fighter. She hated to think that meant she was still addicted, even after all that time away. She refused to give in to the addiction.


Shego was done looking for a great fight. There were several ways that the plan had fallen through. The first way was that a lot of the places that she had searched did not turn out to be as she recalled them. She had gone to some fight clubs and they were weak at best. The second way was that after finding some fighters that might give her a good workout, after they saw the tiniest amount of plasma energy, they got scared; hell, a couple of them even wet themselves. The third and most important piece of information that she gathered on her quest was finding combatants that were better than Kim and she did defeat them, but it was nothing. There was an empty feeling that came with her victory. That was when she realized that it was not about a fight.

The super-powered woman then thought that it had to be about matters of the flesh. Surely indulging in carnal pleasure would sate her growing irritation. But, it did not work. Not with females and not with males. People with way more skill than Kim did not do anything for her. She still was sparked, frustrated, and lacking in anything to vent. It was not about a fuck.

Her entire being started ordering her to go to Kim, but her entire being was also commanding that she did not lose the wager. She was not built for losing, but she had to do something before she went stark raving mad. And then, she got a brilliant idea.


Kim arrived home just in time to make her curfew. She almost had to slide in because her father was very particular; if she came in at 10:01, she would have to face an inquisition and there would be hell to pay. So, she made it just in time with only two seconds to spare. Apparently, she really could do anything, except for stay out past ten until she moved out anyway.

She made her way up to her bedroom and was about to go through her nightly routine, but she noticed that something was amiss. See, she kept a trunk underneath her bed and it was doing something very peculiar, namely poking out from where it belonged. Her mind screamed “tweebs!” immediately as she went to inspect the anomaly. She pulled the chest out and popped it open.

“Oh, no!” she hollered in her head; the trunk was empty.

Okay, calm down, she told herself. It was simple, what needed to be done that was. She would go to her brothers’ room and tie them to their beds with some of the power cords lying on their floorbefore painfully torturing the irksome pair until they told her where in the hell her entire cuddle buddy collection went! And they had better pray if they sent the toys into orbit or burned them in some way. She was just about to charge off and do unspeakable things to the duo when she noticed a piece of paper on the side of the chest. She arched an eyebrow and yanked the paper from out of the box.

“I’ve got them. You know where to find me,” the note read. The handwriting looked extremely familiar. Kim frowned; when her parents went to sleep, she was going to sneak out and slaughter a certain someone without mercy.

The redhead swung into the roomthrough an open window. She landed silently on the floor and looked around. It was completely dark and she could not see a thing. She waited for her eyes to adjust and she could make out a figure sitting down.

“Good evening, Princess,” Shego smirked while illuminating the room slightly with a dull flame from one of her hands.

“Give them back!” Kim snarled.

“Give what back?”

“You know what!”

“Do you mean this?” Shego asked as she held Kim’s precious pandaroo up and put it close to the plasma coming from her hand.

“Don’t!” the redhead gasped.

“Don’t what? Burn it?” Shego inquired and she moved the stuffed animal a bit closer to the fire to taunt the hero.


“What would you do to save little pandaroo, Pumpkin?” the raven-haired woman inquired in an amused tone while rocking the aforementioned toy lightly back and forth by its arm.

“What do you what?” Kim demanded to know.

“For you to give up,” the thief answered as if it was so simple.

“Give up?”

“You are to give up on the bet and I won’t fry little pandaroo, not to mention all of his little friends,” Shego threatened the younger female. She was smirking all the way through the extortion.

“You want me to surrender on the bet?” Kim asked incredulously.


“But, this isn’t fair!” the cheerleader pointed out, as if the villainess would care.

“I don’t give a damn about being fair. Now, give up,” Shego commanded.

“You can’t force me to give up,” the teenager declared.

“No? Then say goodbye to pandaroo. And then after him, who’s that next little guy you just utterly adore? Jaguin (jaguar plus a penguin)? Yes, I think it’s jaguin. I’ll burn him right after pandaroo if you don’t surrender now,” Shego growled.

“Shego, let’s not—” Kim tried to argue, but she was halted before she could even start.

“Surrender now.”

“Shego, wait. Think about it. I mean, if you make me surrender like this, then you’re really the one that lost. I mean, you’re obviously at the end of your rope if you’re doing something this ridiculous to get me to quit,” Kim reasoned.

“No, you’re really the one that lost because you’re going to say the words right now.”


“Princess,” She snarled and put pandaroo dangerously close to the green flame. She wondered if Kim really wanted to call her bluff on the matter. It was not like the toy meant anything to the thief.

“Shego, please!”

“Give up now.”

Kim stared at her childhood toy. She did not know what to think. Was Shego desperate enough to light up her adored keepsake, even though she knew how deeply it would hurt Kim? Part of her tried to assure her that Shego would not do something so unforgivable just for their two passions, but she did not know what to think. Shego did not appear to be tormenting her for kicks; she looked very serious about the issue.

“I give up,” Kim mumbled.

“Good girl,” Shego said and she flung the stuffed animal at Kim, who caught the toy with ease.

The redhead sank to her knees and stared angrily at the floor. She could not believe that she missed such an evil, manipulative bitch. She could not believe that she wanted to be with such a wicked degenerate who would use her most beloved material possessions against her. She would get Shego back one day, she silently vowed.

Shego went to turn on the lights in the apartment. She looked down at the hero and for a moment, she actually felt appalled for her actions. She felt disgusted, guilty, remorseful, and even regretful for a few more seconds than she liked. Then she reminded herself that it was all done for the greater good; she was about to do the right thing and that was what counted.

The raven-haired woman strolled over to Kim and lifted her into her arms. Kim was about to fight, but she remembered that she had lost the wager; she was at Shego’s disposal. She remained still as the thief carried her to the bedroom and sat the redhead down on the bed. Kim eyed the floor.

“Don’t look so down, Princess,” Shego said while caressing Kim’s cheek.

“You cheated again,” Kim mumbled.

“There weren’t any rules this time, written or implied. One of us just had to give up,” the raven-haired female pointed out.

“You used…you used…” she could not even get it out because she was so outraged by Shego’s tactics.

“It was for the best.”

“How so?”

“One of us needed to give up and it damn sure wasn’t going to be me,” the pale woman declared.

“So, I gave up. Now what?”

“Well, you’re mine now.”

“Just for now though.” Kim wanted that to be perfectly clear because later on it was going to be all out war between them.

“And where do you think you’re going now that I have you?” Shego inquired in an almost amused tone. Kim was so adorable when she was attempting to be defiant, the villainess thought.

“When this is over, so are we.”

“No, we’re never over,” Shego informed the hero.

“Why do you say that? I told you, we’re no good for each other.”

Shego just wanted to slap the younger female, but since there would be plenty of time for spanking the hero later, she kissed her. She leaned down and kissed Kim with a passion that the redhead had been craving since the day that they started the bet. It was long, it was sweet, and unless Kim was losing her mind (and she was fairly sure that she was) it was loving.

The cheerleader turned her eyes up to Shego when the embrace was done and for the first time, she saw emotions in Shego’s emerald eyes that went beyond annoyance and amusement. They were emotions that Shego had been hiding for a long time and Kim was probably the only person that would ever seem them.

“Who says we’re no good for each other?” Shego inquired.

“Shego,” Kim whispered.

“I’ve never said this to anyone before and I don’t plan on saying it to anyone else, but I love you.”

“You what?”

“It’s not an addiction, Kimmie. It’s love. I’m in love with you.”

“It’s love?” Kim echoed in a puzzled tone. That would explain why she just missed Shego so much, why she longed for Shego. It was not about the fighting or the sex. There was so much more to it than that, but she never considered that she was in love.

“Yes, it’s love. Why the hell else would we put up with each other?” Shego remarked.

Kim nodded because she realized that it was highly probable that she was in love with Shego. She just had never taken the time to ponder such a thing. She had just believed that their feelings and activities had to be something bad because they felt so fantastic, which was why she thought that it was an addiction. There was so much more to it than that and she only just figured that it could be love.

Shego leaned down and kissed Kim again while the redhead was trying to wrap her mind around being in love. Shego was surprisingly tender; she wanted Kim to understand and accept that they were more than rivals, more than fuck buddies. They were lovers, in the classical sense as well as the modern sense.

Shego and Kim lay in Shego’s bed, both sated and worn out from hours of breathtaking coupling. Shego had her arm wrapped around Kim’s slick shoulder while the hero was pressed against her nude form. Every few second Kim kissed Shego’s bare collar bone while Shego realized one of the things that she missed most about Kim was the way the redhead cuddled up next to her at night.

“Shego, can this work?” Kim asked quietly.

“Anything’s possible, right?” Shego remarked with a half smile.

The redhead laughed a bit. “But, are you going to keep working with Drakken and stealing things and stuff like that? I doubt it can work if you keep that up.”

“Work for Drakken? Easily stopped, don’t like him much anyway. Stealing things? Not so easily stopped.”


“It’s an addiction,” Shego quipped.

“Very funny,” Kim said dryly. “Seriously, though.”

“Fine, just for my princess, I’ll stop stealing things. Well, most things anyway.”

“What are you still going to steal?”

“This.” Shego leaned down and kissed Kim.

“I’ll give those away,” the redhead remarked when the kiss was done.

“Only to me.”

“Well, yeah, I thought that was understood.”

Shego smiled and then watched as Kim fell asleep; she knew that Kim was spent because it had been a long night/morning. Shego stared at her lover for a while. Addiction, her mind scoffed. Addiction was only for people with weak will and neither of them were weak.

Yeah, that's the end. Sorry for the sappy ending, but it seemed like the logical conclusion to me after torturing them for three chapters.

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