Chapter 2

Admitting you have a problem…


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TITLE: Admitting you have a problem…

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Well, I don’t own these characters or the song Addiction.

SUMMARY: Kim and Shego find themselves addicted and now they're looking to quit each other.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: I feel I should warn people about the humor in this story, apparently, some people find it funny.

I also wanna apologize to everybody that finds this story a bit cliché and done to death. I just wanted to do something with this song!

Words: 2297

Why everything that supposed to be bad make me feel so good?” Kanye West, Addiction.

Kim was plagued by thoughts of her recent battle with Shego. It had only a little to do with the fact that the thief got away. It was the method that she used to escape that bothered the redhead. The kiss had been wrong on so many levels, mostly because it had been on the clock, so to speak. Worse yet was her reaction to it, or her lack of reaction as it was. She was supposed to keep Shego in check to make sure something like that did not happen.

Yet, she had done nothing during the kiss, except for what she usually did anyway. She kissed Shego back, fought to be in control just like she always did when they went at each other. She wanted to be the superior one, just like when they fought.

But, she had lost that battle. She gave in to the point where if Shego wanted to ravish her right then and there with their respective males only a few yards away, she would have allowed the woman to do just that. She would have become a liquid if Shego desired it to be so as long as those hot, plasma-charged hands would have continued to touch her in a passionate manner. She would have done just about anything to continue, which was very, very bad, she told herself.

The cheerleader wanted to blame her hormones for what she did; being seventeen could affect anyone’s behavior and judgment. She then wanted to blame social perception; someone with her looks and at her age was supposed to be having some sort of sexual encounters. But, she knew that those things had little, if anything, to do with the fact that she had simply given into Shego; Shego had beaten her that time.

Kim could not believe that she had melted for the thief so quickly. It was actually unprecedented. A minute of kissing and she had been ready to tear her clothes off for Shego. That just could not be a good sign and she was going to adhere to the warnings before things got out of control; well, more out of control than they already were. It was bad enough that she had lost all sense of her surroundings when she went hand-to-hand with the super-powered female. Okay, she knew just what had to be done.

Shego sat around in her living room, staring at the one bare wall that she had; the other walls had painting on them. She was sitting on the floor, leaning back against her black leather sofa. She was waiting.

She had been at the lair not too long ago, but she just could not sit around and listen to that water-colored idiot drag about his molecular disintegration ray. It was not even really his; he stole the blasted thing from a lab for crying out loud. He probably did not even know what the thing did, she was willing to bet. She waited around there for as long as she could, all for nothing apparently.

“Where in the hell is she?” Shego wondered.

The raven-haired woman glanced over at her clock on the wall and then she looked at the time on the cable box and then she checked her wrist watch. She wanted to make sure that the clock on the wall was right and, apparently, it was exactly the hour that the clock read. She was going to smite that damnable vixen the next time they fought. Seriously, where in the hell was she?

Oh, she was over-stimulated, she thought heatedly. She worked herself up too much in that fight. She probably should just work it off by shadowboxing since it was becoming obvious that she was spending her night alone.

So, she shadowboxed. And then she ran in place. And then she hit her heavy bag. She went through her usual motions to stay sharp with her style. But, it was not enough. She wanted more. She required more.

Shego tried to convince herself that she did not need anything. It felt like a need, though. The desire, the want; it was strong, almost painful to be without. It was pulling at her entire being, her soul, her consciousness, everything. It was telling her that she should go get what she so deeply craved. There was nothing wrong with what she wanted and, even if there was, she should not care, it told her. It was not about right and wrong; it was about pleasure and suffering, it reminded her.

Whoa, Shego halted that thought right there. She was not suffering without what she wanted. It was no more than an itch that she wished to scratch, maybe even that was giving it too much credit. It was practically insignificant because she was in complete control, of both herself and the situation. Everything about her was under her control; everything that involved her was under her control, she reminded herself.

All right, the thief told herself to just calm down for a moment. She was just thinking too hard on the matter because she was so worked up. The adrenaline was still pumping through her system with no place to go and that was why she was pondering things much too much.

“Fuck it,” Shego decided.

The super-powered fighter went and took a shower. She could not figure out if she should take a cold shower or a hot one; a cold one would calm the fire raging in her, but a hot shower would relax her tense muscles. She went with both just to do something, but neither helped. At that point, she knew what had to be done.

Kim was sleeping in her bed peacefully, for the moment anyway. She sprang up as she felt a presence in the room and hardly a millisecond after that she felt full, delicious lips on hers. Most people would be alarmed to awake to such a thing, but she was used to it and knew who it was immediately. For a couple of seconds, she returned the rather lustful embrace. Oh, it was great and then her brain reminded her about what happened earlier, so she pushed the offending person away.

“You’re got nerve, Shego, after what you did today,” Kim huffed.

Shego frowned because she had been pushed away. “What did I do?” she asked as innocently as possible for her to pull off.

“You know what you did,” the redhead practically snarled.

“Refresh my memory.”

“You mixed our pleasures together. You know that it’s one or the other. We never do both of them at the same time,” the cheerleader pointed out.

“It was the only way to get away,” Shego countered in a nonchalant tone. She even shrugged because she did not see the big deal.

“You should’ve fought harder,” Kim replied, making sure not to shout. It was past midnight and she did not want to wake up anyone in her house. The last thing she needed was for her parents to come and find out what she was yelling about.

“I would’ve, but he was ready to go and I didn’t feel like hearing him bitch and moan. You know I wanted to stay and play with you, Princess. Believe me, I wanted to stay because I know it would’ve been fun. But, you’ve got to admit, that finish was fantastic,” the villainess commented with a devilish smile.

“That finish was against the rules,” Kim pointed out.

Shego rolled her eyes. “Rules are made to be broken, Kimmie. You think we would need rules if everybody did what they were supposed to? No. You should know that by now and you should know me better than that,” the thief argued.

“I do know you and you usually don’t mix what we do. It’s agreed that it’s one or the other and you know that. In public, we fight and in private, we… well, you know.”

Shego shook her head and laughed a bit. She really could not believe what a prude her Kimmie could be. It always amazed her because of the things that Kim would not allow to come out of her mouth, but the things that she would do with her mouth. She would not complain either, as long as Kim remained hers and hers alone.

“While you’re whining about the way we do things, why the hell didn’t you come after me?” the older female inquired.

“What?” Kim asked.

“You didn’t come after me. I waited in the lair and listened to that scarred moron rant and rave about a weapon that I’m damn near sure he doesn’t know a fucking thing about and the whole reason I waited never showed up. So, I went home and waited again and my damn reason still never showed up. Where the hell were you?” Shego demanded to know, making sure to watch her tone to avoid waking up Kim’s parents.

She wanted to know what happened to Kim. She had several ideas as to what might have happened and she did not like any of them. The worse notion that came to mind was that the hero was out with some boy and if that was the case, she was going to do some very disturbing things to that boy.

“Um…hello, I was sleeping,” Kim answered the question of where she was while hitting her pillow for emphasis.

“Well, what the hell were you doing sleeping? We’re supposed to be fighting or fucking. I’ve been ready to do one or the other all day. Now, since I’m here and you’re pretty much undressed…” Shego smirked before going at the hero with her mouth.

The thief went for Kim’s neck instead of her mouth. Kim almost let Shego stay right where she was, but she fought that urge. She pushed Shego away, which caused the pale woman to growl in anger.

“What the hell are you doing?” Shego demanded to know.

“Look, Shego, this isn’t right,” Kim stated as plainly as she possibly could.

Shego practically snarled at the words. She should have known that Kim’s goody-two shoes side would true to take control. She was not about to give into that side of Kim because she was aware that only a small part of the hero; the whole Kim wanted what they had. They both wanted what they had; a good round of fighting in the day and a better round of sex at night. It was just the competitor inside of Kim that wanted what they had and that was who the redhead was, Shego knew that. Kim wanted what they had.

“Pumpkin, don’t let right and wrong come into this because you know it can’t be marked like that,” Shego pointed out.

“I don’t mean it that way. I mean, it’s not right what we’re doing to each other. This isn’t healthy,” the younger lady said.

“What isn’t healthy? We’re not going to kill each other or anything,” the thief argued.

“Shego, we’re addicted to each other,” Kim announced as if it was news. Shego wanted to slap the teen in the head, but she was not sure what the cheerleader was really getting at.

“So? How is that a bad thing?”

“Hello, we’re addicted to each other. Being an addict isn’t good. We’re not good for each other.”

“Damn that. I’m no addict,” Shego declared.

“Then why are you here?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why’d you come here if you’re not addicted? You couldn’t stand having that one little meeting. You couldn’t stand that one short fight and that teasing kiss, right?” Kim asked.

“I could take it. I was just bored,” Shego answered in a dismissive tone.

“Yeah, sure,” the redhead scoffed.

“Look, I don’t see the damn problem. Who the hell cares about it being an addiction or not? We’re getting a kick out of it and that’s the important thing,” Shego said. She could not even believe that they were having an argument over the matter.

“That’s not the important thing. The important thing is that we’re addicted to each other.”


“This is serious. We’re not good for each other,” Kim tried to assure the older female.

“So says you. What am I supposed to accept it because Little Miss Perfect says so? I don’t give a damn. This is fun and I’d rather keep doing than listen to you go on about being addicted. I’m not addicted to you,” Shego argued.

“Prove it,” Kim challenged the thief.

“Prove it?”

“Yeah, prove it.”

“And how would I go about doing that?” Shego inquired.

“No more fighting or that other thing,” Kim answered.

“No more fighting or fucking?” the raven-haired female echoed. It sounded damn near impossible for her. What were they supposed to do if they were not battling each other, be it hand-to-hand or in bed?

“Right, no more.”

“How in the hell is this supposed to work?” Shego asked.

“We’re quitting each other cold turkey,” Kim replied.


“How are you missing this? We’re addicted to each other,” the redhead repeated again.

“How are you missing this? I don’t give a damn because I’m not addicted,” Shego retorted.

Kim sighed; they were going around in circles. “Fine, how about this one, we hold off on our usual pleasures and the first person to give up actually has to submit to the other one,” she proposed.

“Fine,” Shego accepted because she figured that it would be the easiest deal that she ever won. She was already planning out what she was going to do with her little Kimmie.

Next time: quitting the problem cold turkey. How will they take it? Who’ll break first?

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