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TITLE: Addiction

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on the song Addiction by Kanye West; his words are in italics, but it’s not too much. This story is also not connected to my other tale in any way, shape, or form.

So, still not owning the characters. Still not owning much of anything. The rating is for language, both myself and Shego seem to have very bad mouths.

SUMMARY: Kim and Shego find themselves addicted and now they're looking to quit each other.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: I feel I should warn people about the humor in this story, apparently, some people find it funny.

Words: 2749


She’s got the same thing, about me, about us…” Kanye West, Addiction.

What’s your addiction? She was not addicted to anything. Addiction was for those with weak wills. Addiction was for people of pathetic failings. She was not addicted to anything. End of discussion.

She just happened to do things that she enjoyed over and over again. That was nowhere near an addiction. She just did what she liked; there was nothing wrong with that. Life was meant to be enjoyed, right? So, she just enjoyed it by doing things that she was thoroughly fond of.

Is it money? Okay, so she had a soft spot for money. She had to like money to stay with the raving blue lunatic. Well, that blue idiot and the money thing did lead to her answer to the next question.

Is it girls? No, it was only one girl. One girl that pretty much stayed on her mind almost all of the time. One girl that should thoroughly get on her nerves. One girl that she should utterly and completely detest until the day that one of them died. It seemed like she should hate the girl so much that her hatred evolved into a whole new thing; it just so happened to be that the whole new thing was not a new form of loathing.

The feeling was actually an inexplicable form of pleasurable entertainment that she just could not get enough of, which was why she stayed with that annoying cerulean dolt. It was also why she continued to steal, even though she had enough money to retire off at the young age of twenty-two. She had to keep going at it with that one girl, which was why she did those things.

But, that did not mean she was addicted to anything. She just did what she liked, which she knew was something that most people wanted to do, but they were just too frightened to even try it. She did the things that felt good and that she liked doing. The other girl, well, she had the same thing.

What’s your addiction? She would not call it an addiction. Yeah, that word was just way too harsh. An addiction was when someone surrendered habitually or compulsively to something; she had looked it up several times to assure herself that she was not addicted to anything. The definition proved that she was not addicted because she would never surrender to anything; she always fought back. She was strong, so she always fought back. So, yeah, she was not addicted.

Is it money? No, she could care less than nothing about money. She could make a mint if she ever got the urge to do such a thing, but it was not on her list of priorities at the moment. Money did not mean anything to her and if she ever did come across large amounts of it, she gave it to charity. Money could not buy happiness and she knew that because she was happy and she was broke.

Is it girls? No, it was a woman. A woman that she should methodically detest because of the things that she did, but instead, she admired her for some reason that was way beyond her. She knew that her admiration came from the way that woman moved and how she could tell that sometimes the woman was playing around with her and other times she was taking her dead serious when they engaged each other. She was aware that she should be unbelievably angry, but it only made her strive to get better because she wanted there to be a day when that woman only took her seriously.

She wanted nothing more than to fight that woman one day as an equal, despite the fact that she was not supposed to desire anything at all from that woman. She wanted to be her equal, and then she wanted to be better. It was just so much fun, but that did not mean that she was addicted…right?

Kim could not help smiling as she heard that familiar, rhythmic beeping coming from her pocket. Most people would wonder what she was smiling about; after all, there was a high chance that she was about to sent to do something extremely dangerous. She did not care about what she had to do, as long as that woman was there.

“What’s the stich, Wade?” Kim asked after pulling her Kimmunicator from her pocket.

“Drakken’s attacking a lab at this very moment. If you hurry, you can probably catch him there,” Wade informed her.

“Spanking. I am so there,” the redhead declared while trying her best not to show her joy and excitement.

The hero hid her enthusiasm and snatched up her sidekick, who was more than glad for an excuse to ditch his math class. He wanted to know he needed math for anyway? After he got out of high school, which was thankfully soon, he was not going anywhere near math again. All he needed to know was how to add and subtract, he often ranted.

Kim was not paying Ron much mind while he vented about being subjected to yet another math class. She was just trying to get mentally prepared for what was about to happen. She could not wait to get there.

The pair arrived at the lab in record time. They came in dramatically through a skylight in the roof. They landed right in front of the villains in the lab, which Ron noted look like every other lab they had ever been in. He wondered if the same guy designed every lab in the world.

“I don’t think that belongs to you,” Kim commented, speaking to Doctor Drakken, who was holding what looked like a black, metallic toy ray gun.

“Kim Possible!” Drakken gasped. It was like he was not expecting her to show up, everyone noted.

“That’s the name that she puts on her test papers,” Ron remarked.

“Shego!” Drakken bellowed.

“I’m on it,” Shego smirked.

The green and black clad female stepped forward and ignited her hands. Kim got down into her fighting stance; she had been waiting for the moment at hand. She could not wait; it was the reason she had been so happy that Wade called. She could not wait to show off a few new things that she had learned. It was going to be great; she was certain of that.

Shego eyed the younger woman for a moment. She could see the subtle tremble in the hero’s muscles. She knew that it was not fear that caused such a thing; it was desire and anticipation. She gathered that the redhead wanted to try something new; she probably wanted to show her something, Shego figured. Well, now Shego was anxious for the fight because she was aware that Kim was going to make things even better than they usually were and she wanted that just as badly as Kim.

Shego had never met a creature like Kim Possible in her short life. She had met plenty of people, but none of the measured up to the charged redhead. She adapted and improved at rates that seemed almost inhuman. Sometimes, Shego considered that the hero was something beyond human, maybe even a supernatural being of some kind.

The older female knew that it was a foolish idea to entertain herself with, to think of Kim as anything but human. That girl bruised and bled like any human would when struck hard enough or repeatedly enough. There seemed to be something paranormal about the hero and her abilities. She would like to call it genetics and be done with the matter, but it went beyond that. The sharpness of her mind and ability to learn could be chalked up to her genes, but that did not explain her drive, her passion, her need to get better. Oh, those were things that made Shego feel so many different emotions at once that all she could do was go at the younger female to stop thinking altogether before she overloaded.

Shego leaped at Kim and wanted to see what had the redhead close to all out shaking before. At first, it seemed like their usual dance, which they both fell into to the point where their breathing was almost synchronized. Back and forth without giving up ground to the other for no more than a few seconds.

The thief was becoming impatient. She had no desire to do the same old thing now that Kim had her believing there would be more. She wanted more now and she would get what she wanted.

“You can do better than this, Kimmie,” Shego teased.

Kim did not respond and she continued on fighting as she was. Shego frowned and slashed at the hero with a high plasma charge in her hands. Kim fell back because she had little want to be burned across her chest and neck. She landed on her back, which Shego thought was a mistake on Kim’s part. Shego smirked.

“I’ve got you now, Princess,” Shego commented.

“Think not,” Kim replied.

The redhead went into a spinning kick on her back, which caused Shego to back away. Kim flipped to her feet and gave Shego just what she wanted, more. Kim had added plenty of kick moves to her fighting technique. She was not usually much of a kicker, but she decided that she needed fresh moves to keep up with Shego and, being a cheerleader, she questioned herself about not having serious kick attacks in her combat style.

Shego fought the urge to smile when fast feet started coming at her. Kim’s kicks came in combinations and she kept perfect balance while moving, like she mastered the moves already. So, that was it, Shego thought. It was something, but she would not be beaten so easily.

The raven-haired female went at Kim with just as much vigor as the teen came at her with. What they were doing at the moment was one of their favorite pastimes. It was the number one reason that they got out of bed in the morning. For Shego, it was the number one reason that she worked out at least five hours almost every day.

The super-powered woman wanted to watch Kim come to her full potential; she knew that it would be glorious. And then, right after that, she wanted to go right through the cheerleader. She did not mean that in a malicious way as many of her unscrupulous associates might think.

No, her desire with Kim went way beyond what those shortsighted, rotten-minded lunatics could ever fathom, Shego thought. It was something that she had not felt in a very long time. It was the wish to be the better warrior and that could only be achieved by going through the best at the height of power. Kim was not at her peak yet, so Shego would keep pushing her to get stronger, faster, more powerful, and sharper and then the hero would hit her apex, which was when Shego would show her that it still was not good enough.

Kim had done this to her and Shego knew that. Before Kim and after she quit her brothers stupid team, her whole life was really about money because she knew that money made the world go ‘round. So, her whole life was about how she could get more money than she would ever need and not caring who got in her way. And during that time, her skills as a fighter was always superior to those that she had run-ins with.

Shego had not run into a challenge really since she mastered and redefined her own fighting style. And then enter the redheaded punk in front who had the nerve to be almost five years younger than she was and something that she had never seen before. She had never seen such immeasurable potential in a person before Kim and she was certain that she would never see it again. She had never seen someone improve so much from battle to battle either. The warrior part of her that she had been so certain was long dead crawled out of its grave and demanded that the younger female be put in her place. Soon the resurrected warrior merely became Shego. She was that warrior now and she wanted to pay Kim with defeat when the time was right.

Kim went at Shego while Ron struggled with Drakken. The two females did not even pay the guys any mind, which was a habit of theirs when they got together and got lost in their battle. There was no outside world to the warriors. The two ladies only existed to each other. Their movements were the only things that mattered. To them, engaging in combat was like the meeting of water and wind. It was the flowing motion of their bodies; the freedom that they gained while fighting. The release of all the pressure in the world for there to only be them, going toe-to-toe and trying to get the other to submit.

The two fighters were both aware of the other’s goal, which was why they fought on. They both refused to submit. Each believed that she was stronger and she would be the victor. It felt like pure, untainted bliss when they went against each other just because of their wills. They fed off each other, never getting exhausted as long as the other one kept going. It was like their souls communicated with each other whenever their bodies moved together.

“You’ve gotten better, Pumpkin,” Shego commented while letting loose a series of kicks directed at Kim’s midsection.

“Maybe you’ve just gotten worse,” Kim teased while dodging the relentless attack from her opponent.

“Don’t press your luck, Kimmie.”

Shego and Kim eventually moved away from their respective guys, but it did not matter because they were not paying them any mind anyway. They ended up out in the hallway just outside the lab when they were interrupted by Drakken calling for his sidekick in order for them to leave. Shego turned to Kim.

“I’m not letting you go that easy,” Kim informed her opponent and she stepped up her game.

Shego was a bit surprised at the effort that the redhead was suddenly using against her. She knew that her usual getaway would not be as simple as it frequently was, especially since they had made their way into the hall and her opponent was blocking the way back; also Stoppable was not there to make a mistake and grab Kim’s attention. But she had to get away for one simple reason, being that Kim would come after her.

Shego made a decision to get away as swiftly as possible. She yanked her opponent by the shoulders and pinned her to the nearby wall. Kim was about to yell something, but she did not get the chance to make too much noise after she opened her mouth. Shego attacked Kim with her mouth and Kim automatically attacked back in the same manner, returning the kiss, but looking to take control of the situation; Shego thought it was cute when Kim did things like that. Shego merely put more force into the exchange while pressing her body against Kim’s. After almost a whole minute, the redhead moaned and Shego knew that victory was hers.

“Later, Princess,” the raven-haired thief whispered before dashing off.

The hero only made a noise as the other female’s form left her. She was dazed for a few seconds, which allowed Doctor Drakken and Shego to escape. When Kim realized what happened, she growled in pure anger. She was not angry with herself for letting them get away. She was vexed with Shego because the super-powered female cheated.

“Damn it. I can’t believe I fell for that,” Kim muttered.

The redhead’s mood was soured for the rest of the day. Ron assumed it was because the bad guys got away. He reminded her that they almost always got away at first, but she always stopped their evil schemes in the end. She was not worried about that; there were only two things on her mind. She was bothered by her actions and she was bothered by Shego’s actions during about the last ninety seconds of their battle.

Next time: Kim challenges Shego after drawing a conclusion about the nature of their relationship.

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