The Silence

Chapter 8

Enemies with Benefits


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TITLE: Enemies with Benefits

AUTHOR: beeftony

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and all related characters are the property of the Disney Company. I own this work of fiction. I make no profit from this.

SUMMARY: Shego helps Kim to solve a murder case, but they soon find themselves attracted to each other. They try to hold on to their relationship, but forces far greater than themselves conspire to tear them apart.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 5218

Wade stared at his computer monitor that served as the only source of light in the room. His eyelids refused to close or even blink. His mouth hung open in shock, and his normally type-happy hands sat motionless on the keyboard. It was a stunner to say the least.

He had spent the last few days running a search for any and all details on an individual known as “The Reaper.” Progress was slow as Wade only had the description given to him by Shego. He had expected for the investigation to involve Team Go, but he never expected The Reaper to be connected to… no. It couldn’t be true. It wasn’t possible! His mouth started to move and the 18 year old supergenius vocalized his only thought at that moment:

“Oh shit.”

The now risen sun shone into Kim’s apartment, waking her from her sleep. She let out a quiet moan and opened her eyes. Her gaze shifted to her immediate left and the sleeping woman that lay there resting peacefully. Unlike the previous morning, the redhead was not startled. Rather a smile crossed her lips as she watched the older woman sleep. Shego didn’t look nearly as evil when she slept. Her pale face looked so innocent, so at peace. Her naked form expanded and contracted as the air entered and left her lungs. Kim found herself listening to the sound of Shego’s breathing. It was so quiet, so soothing. She could not tear her eyes away from the woman with whom she had shared her bed last night, nor did she want to. Shego was beautiful.

It was wrong, she knew. But they were two consenting adults and if they wanted to do this then that was fine with her. Kim had always said she could do anything, but leaving something half-done was not one of them. Even if every fiber in her being told her that this wasn’t meant to last, she was intent on discovering exactly where these feelings would lead. It was somewhere between love and lust. She saw this as just a natural extension of the somewhat troublesome relationship the two had over the years. Kim realized that she had always harbored some sort of curiosity about this sort of thing, and even if she had only begun to act on these feelings recently, they had obviously been there a long time.

Kim had described this the night before as “enemies with benefits.” She let out a soft chuckle as she thought about that. In her heart she still loved Ron, but Shego occupied a place all her own. Kim and Shego were just so much alike that something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. Besides, Kim knew Ron wanted her to be happy. If that meant the temporary happiness afforded to her by an affair with an old enemy, then so be it. She knew that they had no chance in the long term, but instead of discouraging her, this motivated Kim to enjoy it as much as she could.

Kim and Shego just fed off of each other so naturally. It was mostly a physical attraction, but it was also mental and emotional. Not quite what she had felt with Ron, but it was worth pursuing. They both challenged each other to become better, and Kim would never have gotten to where she was in terms of world-saving were it not for Shego. Somehow their history became irrelevant and faded from view whenever their bodies united in sex. In those moments it did not matter that Shego had tried to kill Kim on several separate occasions, nor, for that matter, did it matter that she had killed Ron. For the first time in her life, Kim actually doubted that Shego killed him. Her plasma was harmful, sure, but she had been hit with it multiple times and walked away just fine. There had to be something bigger going on. Shego didn’t kill. It just wasn’t in her blood. Sure, she made death threats, but if she ever did kill anybody besides Ron no one had pinned it on her. It just wasn’t her style. She couldn’t have killed Ron; she looked so innocent.

Out of all the things that had happened in her life, the only steady factor besides Ron was Shego. She was always there to challenge her, and Kim always accepted the challenge gratefully. After Ron’s death, her world had been shattered. She tried to hide behind cold professionalism, but Shego saw right through her and brought out Kim’s true self, just like she always had. Out of all the crazy and uncertain things that had been going on in Kim’s life lately, Shego was the one person she could count on. No matter what happened to her, Shego was always there. She couldn’t quite replace Ron, but Kim didn’t care. She didn’t love the green woman, but she most certainly didn’t hate her. Shego felt the same way, she was sure of it.

Kim propped herself up on her left arm and turned to face Shego. She brought herself closer to the green woman, absorbing the mutual warmth produced by the contact of their naked bodies. This all felt so right, even if her mind told her it was wrong. Her face was inches apart from Shego’s. She closed the gap quickly as she woke the older woman with a soft kiss. Shego let out a slight moan and returned the kiss. Their tongues were intertwined in a sensual dance as the two women attempted to swallow each other whole. They broke the kiss after several pleasurable seconds and just stared at each other with glazed eyes and dazed smiles, incapable of coherent speech for the moment. Shego was the first to speak up.

“Man, that sure beats the hell out of waking up alone,” she commented.

Kim smiled and a thought crossed her mind. “You wanna go again?” she asked.

Shego shrugged her shoulders and curled up one corner of her black lips into a smirk. “Sure, why not?”

Their lips met once more as Kim climbed on top of Shego and straddled the older woman, bringing their respective centers into contact. Their breath stuttered as each woman took a moment to appreciate the pleasure, then dove right back into lip smacking. Shego wrapped her right leg around the younger woman, drawing her closer. Kim leaned to the left and they fell over so that they were back in their original positions. They continued to kiss, only coming up for air when absolutely necessary. Kim traced her fingers down the older woman’s thighs to her perfectly formed ass, then further down to her center. She was about to insert her fingers when…


They broke the kiss and Kim looked back at her nightstand to see the Kimmunicator beeping. She let out a disgruntled sigh and reached for it with one arm still wrapped around Shego’s neck. Shego grabbed Kim’s hand before it reached the Kimmunicator.

“Maybe you should let that go to voice mail?” Shego suggested. Kim looked at her with an arched eyebrow. The green woman had just been channeling Monique lately, especially during last night’s talk. She remembered the African American beauty saying the exact same thing the night of the junior prom. Normally this would have bothered Kim, but she had been able to do all this while still remaining true to her feelings for Ron. Bringing up the night that she realized those feelings did not weigh her heart down, but rather it brought up some very pleasant memories. She had been enemies with Shego at the time, even claimed to hate her, but now things were different. That night was in the past and it would stay there. She would not flip out over this.


The infernal device once again interrupted Kim’s thoughts. She let out a low growl and sat up, releasing Shego who did likewise. She grabbed the Kimmunicator and pushed the button so that Wade’s face popped on the screen.

“Hey Ki—WHOA!” The eyes of the 18 year old supergenius shot open in surprise and Kim looked down and noticed her naked chest. Smiling sheepishly, Kim blushed a deep crimson and pulled the sheet over her bosoms, tucking it between her armpits.

“Sorry about that Wade,” she laughed. Shego put her hand over her mouth and let out a silent giggle. The two women exchanged a mischievous glance and decided to have a little fun with Kim’s old computer guy.

“Did I catch you at a bad time?” the supergenius asked in his now incredibly deep voice.

“You could say that…” Kim answered with a tone of mischief.

“So who’s the lucky man?” Wade asked, not sure if he really wanted to know.

Kim and Shego giggled a bit more as they looked at each other.

“Oh, I think you know them very well,” Kim responded after a moment.

“Does Shego know?” Wade asked before taking a sip of his soda, which he would soon find to be a huge mistake.

“Hey, Nerdlinger,” Shego spoke up as she leaned into view of the Kimmunicator.

Wade had aced Calculus at age 5, but it still took him a moment to put 2 and 2 together. When the reality of the situation dawned on him he did a spit take so hard he fell out of his chair, which he had done only once before, when Kim kissed Ron while under the influence of the Moodulator. He quickly climbed back into his chair and stared at the two women in wide-eyed shock.

“What the fuck did you two do last night?” Wade asked in a very panicked voice. He was obviously veryupset to be using such language.

Kim and Shego looked at each other and burst out laughing. Wade looked at them like they were crazy. Shego stopped laughing long enough to inform Wade of the bad pun he had just made.

“I think you just answered your own question, Nerdlinger,” She explained, and the two women went back to laughing hysterically. Their bouncing breasts made for an enticing sight, but Wade chose to lean back in his chair and scowl instead.

“Not funny,” he mumbled.

They eventually ceased their laughter and each let out a contented sigh. “It’s a little funny,” Kim spoke.

“Just a little,” Shego added, squeezing her thumb and index finger together.

“Whatever,” Wade muttered as he crossed his arms and looked to the side.

“So what’s the sitch, Wade?” Kim asked, finally deciding to be serious. Shego was not so willing to let go of the antics, however. She wrapped her arms around the younger woman’s waist, placed her head on Kim’s shoulder and looked into the Kimmunicator screen with humor dancing in her eyes.

“Yeah, what’s the sitch Nerdlinger?” Wade’s face distorted into a glare, and Kim turned to Shego and arched her eyebrow.

“Could you try to come up with a more creative insult?” she prodded. Shego sat up and pondered this, tapping her finger against her chin as she did so.

“Hmm, how ‘bout dorkwad?” she suggested. Wade growled. “Or Geekmeister?” she brainstormed again. A vein began to bulge in the large black man’s forehead. Shego continued to list random combinations of the words “geek,” “dork,” “dweeb,” and anything else that she felt described the overly-sensitive supergenius. Kim shot her an annoyed glare the entire time, but Shego didn’t seem to notice. Eventually Wade had had enough.

“Look, let’s just stick with Nerdlinger okay?” he boomed, causing both women to jump, which gave the supergenius a pretty interesting view. He smiled and let out a deep belly laugh.

“Careful now,” Kim warned as she wagged her finger mockingly at Wade. “I don’t want you getting any ideas. Especially if you’re taping this. I don’t want word getting out.”

“It’s a live feed,” Wade assured her. “Straight to my computer, nowhere else.” The two women breathed a sigh of relief. “And that’s not why I laughed. You just reminded me of something, that’s all.”

“Reminded you of what?” Kim asked curiously. Wade chuckled.

“Think about it. You’ll get it.” he urged as he put his massive hands behind his head to support it while he leaned back in his chair.

Kim sat still and concentrated. Truth be told, she felt like she’d been in that situation many times before, only not with Shego. Instead it was with…

“Ron.” Kim spoke up. She had never expected Shego to remind her of her late partner aside from the fact that she’d killed him (which she now doubted), but she was actually bringing up some very positive memories. She smiled. Maybe Shego and Ron had something in common after all. It gave her hope.

“What about the sidekick now?” Shego asked, snapping Kim out of her daze.

Kim let out a giggle. “Ron.” she repeated. “Just now you reminded me of Ron.”

Shego thought about it for a second and suddenly it all clicked. Her eyes widened in realization. Stoppable always did have a penchant for going on and on about something, oblivious to the fact that everybody wished he’d just stop. Of course, Shego was completely aware of the fact that they were glaring at her. She just did it to get on their nerves. She opened her mouth to say something incredibly sarcastic, then remembered what had happened the day before. She didn’t want that to happen again. She decided to change the subject instead.

“So what did you call here for anyway?” Shego asked, graciously deciding to drop the “Nerdlinger” at the end.

“You’re gonna want to sit down for this,” Wade warned them. Kim and Shego exchanged a glance, then looked back to Wade.

“I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem, Wade,” Kim commented as she lowered the Kimmunicator screen to show that her sheet-covered lower body was indeed resting firmly on the bed.

“I mean brace yourself,” Wade rephrased. “cause this is gonna floor you.”

Kim glanced at Shego with a certain uncertainty. Shego sensed what Kim was communicating silently and gave her the thumbs up that signaled she would be able to take the news about Hego and The Reaper. The two women had such an unspoken connection it was almost scary. But then again what woman didn’t have that ability that eluded the understanding of men? Men were able to give each other nods and signals, but those usually had to be worked out beforehand. But women could communicate with their eyes. Even more so, it seemed, when those eyes matched. But then that wasn’t the only feature they shared in common. The entire message was sent and received both ways in under 3 seconds. Kim turned back to face the computer genius who sat blissfully unaware of the unspoken conversation that had just taken place.

“Okay, shoot.” Kim said in another one of her many catchphrases.

Wade nodded. “Well, I did some searching on The Reaper like you asked, and I managed to find a file. You’ll never guess where.”

Kim gulped, then spoke up nervously. “Where?”

“The GJ Personnel Database,” Wade stated matter-of-factly.

“WHAT?!” Kim screeched. “He shouldn’t be THERE!”

And he shouldn’t have. The GJ Personnel Database was for people who workedfor GJ, not against it. There was a completely separate database that formed a rogue’s gallery of sorts with detailed profiles on every known villain. Why The Reaper didn’t show up there was understandable. Most of GJ’s enemies were Kim’s enemies, and chances were that if she hadn’t crossed paths with them, they probably hadn’t either. Why he showed up in the Personnel Database, however, was beyond Kim’s comprehension. She dropped the Kimmunicator and rubbed the sides of her head, trying to figure it out. Fortunately she didn’t have to think for long as Wade spoke up with an explanation.

“Well, it says here he was part of some GJ operation called SUPERSTAR a couple decades back.” He read as though it were merely a historical fact that had no significance in and of itself. Shego’s eyes, however, shot open with horror at the mention of the name. She snatched the Kimmunicator from Kim and held it close to her face as though that would somehow make the answer she desired come faster. She gripped it tightly, almost cracking its sturdy frame.

“How long ago exactly?” She asked with panic in her voice. Her eyes were wide with fear, and her hyperventilating did not help matters any. Whatever had happened with The Reaper, it had the ability to strike terror even in Shego’s battle-hardened heart. She waited for what seemed like an eternity as the computer genius searched for the information, his hands flying over the keyboard so quickly that individual keystrokes couldn’t be distinguished from the others. Eventually he found what he was looking for.

“22 years, 11 months, three weeks, 6 days, two hours, ten minutes and twenty seven seconds,” Wade rattled off quickly. Shego’s eyes went even wider as she sat back down and just stared, shutting down her body’s movement to focus on her mind. She finally managed to speak.

“That means tomorrow’s the anniversary,” she whispered in shock.

“The anniversary of what?” Kim asked. Shego did not answer and instead leapt from the bed and began searching for her catsuit. Kim eyed her with intrigue. Partly because the way she was bending over gave a nice view of her cherry (or in her case lime), partly because of the strange way she was behaving. It wasn’t like Shego to completely freak out like this. Whatever scared her like this was of great concern to her new lover.

Finding her outfit, Shego turned around and said simply, “You don’t wanna know.” Her eyes told Kim that she really didn’t, and it was best to drop the subject for now. She would bring it up later, once Shego had calmed down. Kim didn’t like being left out of the loop, but if she really wanted to help she would have to respect the older woman’s right to tell her when she was good and ready.

Shego pulled the clasp on her outfit closed. “All I’ll tell you is I think it might have something to do with my brothers. We need to be in Go City yesterday.”

Kim drifted off as she remembered how the subject of Shego going to save her brothers had been the start of all… this. She decided to help anyway she could. “Wade, you get that?” she asked of her ever reliable ride-provider.

“Hoverjet’s on its way,” he assured her.

“You rock in stereo, Wade.” Kim hopped out of the bed and walked over to Shego, who couldn’t help but examine the redhead’s luscious form. “You know, Shego,” she spoke up with a lustful look in her eye. “The hoverjet usually takes a few minutes to get here. And we never did get to finish earlier.” She grinned mischievously, like the bad girl she was.

“What say we fix that?” Shego said with a leer of her own, already unzipping her catsuit. She still hadn’t completely come down from her arousal earlier. Neither, she suspected, had Kim. Their lips met as they resolved to quickly finish what they had been so rudely interrupted from earlier.

After a brief lovemaking session, the slightly disheveled women made their way up onto the roof, where the hoverjet… er, hovered impatiently. They had taken a bit longer to get ready than expected. They hopped aboard and immediately the supercharged jet engines of the auto-piloted craft kicked in, rocketing them towards their destination.

Chicago had always been known as “The Windy City,” but in recent decades it had acquired the moniker of Go City due to the presence of the superhero family Team Go. Even after the team had broken up, the name had stuck.

Kim had been here once before. She had to call in a favor just so Ron could visit the Grand Opening of the world’s first Super Grande-Sized Bueno Nacho. He had been more than a little disappointed at the lack of the Naco, and to make things worse Kim got caught up in a fight with a villain she didn’t even know, but who apparently knew the restaurant manager very well. That’s because the restaurant manager was… Hego. She didn’t want to think about it. She knew that it was affecting Shego even more than her, and she would try to be here any way she could.

She looked over to the former hero turned villainess who had recently made the decision to be neither. It was clear that Shego had very little to hold onto, just like Kim. She appeared lost in thought, staring out the canopy at the world below. She adopted the classic “thinker” pose by supporting her chin with her hand which had been closed into a fist; not tightened like a fist, mind you, just in the shape of one. Every bit of her figure seemed relaxed, but Kim could tell that she was tensing up by the way she stared out the window. Her other hand was digging into her armrest, which provided another clue. Kim couldn’t blame her. She had never expected to come back here either. Shego caught Kim staring at her and smiled. The former teen hero returned the smile. “What are you thinking about?” she asked Shego. The pale woman looked out the window at the distant silhouette of Go Tower then back to Kim.

“My brothers,” she admitted. “I’m worried about them.”

And she had every reason to be. Cursed with annoying brothers of her own, Kim knew Shego’s predicament. But despite the fact that it was her brothers’ purpose in life to irritate her in any way possible, she still loved them and was willing to sacrifice her life for them. The same, Kim suspected, was true of Shego. Despite her rather rocky past with them, they were still her brothers, and she would never forgive herself if something were to happen to them. After all, if she could make amends with her former worst enemy and enter into a “non-binding, quit-whenever-you’re-not-happy” sexual relationship with her, how hard could it be to tell her brothers that their lives were in danger?

They had called to announce their arrival shortly after the hoverjet had left Middleton. One of the Wegos had answered the phone and Shego told them to ask Mego about The Reaper. When they asked why, she just told them that she had a feeling he may be coming for them. Mego had called back ten minutes later to say that he had gotten the message. Mego was slightly older than her, so naturally he remembered The Reaper as well. He told her that she was welcome anytime in light of the recent events. She thanked him and hung up the phone.

Now Shego sat silent, staring at the city below. Kim respected the fact that she didn’t want to talk until they got there. It wasn’t like she had much to add anyway. Kim radioed Go Tower for landing clearance, and one of the Wegos answered. “Good to have you back, sis. You too, Kim. Opening the hatch.”

The landing bay was just barely wide enough to accommodate the hoverjet in addition to the multi-colored Team Go jet that looked as though it hadn’t been used in ages. They stepped out of the cockpit to find Mego and the Wegos standing there waiting for them. Mego looked exhausted, clearly working himself half to death trying to keep everything running. Without Hego, they had literally and figuratively lost the strength that held the team together.

Shego walked up to Mego and gave him a rather somber, “Hey.”

“Hello, sis,” Mego whispered back, trying to hold back the flood of emotions that swirled inside.

“Hey, come here,” Shego offered as she pulled him into a comforting hug. Her brother buried his face in her shoulder, sobs wracking his body as he poured all of his emotions into the green and black latex. Shego held him gently but tight enough to make him feel secure, to let him know that she was here for him, no matter what.

Death has a way of changing people. Shego’s normally self-centered jerk of a brother had taken the burden on himself after Hego died, refusing as always to ask others for help. But as the weeks went on Mego realized that he wasn’t as good of a team leader as he thought he’d be. It was just him and the Wegos now, and now he was forced to look to another for help. His sister, whom he had treated like a worthless pile of dog shit from the day she was born, was now the only one he could count on. “I can’t do it…” he blubbered. “I can’t do it anymore…” Shego knew what he meant. “Shhhh,” she whispered in a comforting tone. “It’s okay, I gotcha. Just let it all out.”

Kim had never seen this side of Shego before. Then again, there were a lot of things about her old rival that she was constantly finding out. This was the strong, maternal side of Shego that reminded Kim so much of her own mother. She walked over to the Wegos and exchanged a rather awkward greeting with the two of them as they were all three focused on the weeping Mego and the nurturing, supportive Shego that had replaced the bitch she had behaved like last time she saw them. She was here to help, and everybody could see that, especially Kim, who had never been prouder of Shego.

Eventually Mego gathered himself together and they made their way to the main chamber with a giant TV screen and a round table with five color-coded seats. Shego took her seat in the classic green chair while Mego and the twins took their respective seats. Out of respect to the dead, Kim left Hego’s seat unoccupied and stood by Shego’s chair instead, resting her left arm on the raised back of the seat and leaning to one side. After an awkward silence, Kim and Shego began to relay everything that had happened up to this point, leaving out their new relationship because they didn’t want to give the emotionally fragile Mego too much to swallow. By the time they finished, it was getting late, and both Kim and Shego were getting tired.

“Maybe we should get to bed and just discuss the rest in the morning,” she suggested. Nods and quiet mumbling from around the table voiced their approval of that idea as the remaining members of Team Go left their seats and headed off towards their bedrooms.

“You can sleep in your old room, Shego,” Mego told her. She nodded. “Where do you want to sleep?” he asked Kim.

“I want her to sleep with me,” Shego spoke up, then blushed a deep green when that remark attracted stares from all three of her brothers as well as the woman right next to her. That had not come out right.

“Oh no, I meant I want her to sleep in the same room as me. For, um,” The others just continued to stare at her awkwardly. She had to think of something quick. “Safety reasons.”

“Safety reasons?” Mego asked, not knowing why Shego considered having her old worst enemy in the room as ‘safe.’ He suddenly remembered that classic line from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: “Ah, this is obviously some strange usage of the word ‘safe’ that I wasn't previously aware of.” He did not vocalize this thought, but it fit the situation nonetheless.

“Uh, yeah, safety reasons,” Shego repeated, her brain moving at light speed trying to figure out some logical excuse that would allow her to avoid telling them about their relationship until they were ready to handle it. She suddenly remembered her ankle bracelet. “You see,” she spoke up in a faked edgy tone, “Princess here decided to put a landmine on my person that’ll explode if we stay too far apart for too long. And I’d rather not be blown to pieces.” It worked. Her brothers just mumbled a quiet “g’night” and retired to their respective rooms. Kim moved closer to Shego.

“Nice save,” she commented as she brushed up against the older woman’s side. “You know, I completely forgot about that ankle bracelet.”

“Yeah, well it doesn’t help that you can barely see it,” Shego commented. By now they had walked into the older woman’s room and were making ready to go to bed. “How did they get the explosive so small anyway? I thought Drakken’s nano-tick technology wasn’t legal.”

“Oh there is no explosive,” Kim replied, drawing a shocked glare from Shego. “It’s just your standard tracking device. I just told you it was explosive so you wouldn’t run off.”

“Why you little—” Shego quoted from Homer Simpson as she made a grab at Kim’s throat. Kim got up and let the older woman chase her around the room, giggling like a small child the whole time. Shego eventually caught the redhead and pinned her to her bed, breathing heavily.

“That was not funny!” Shego growled through clenched teeth.

Kim giggled. “It’s a little funny.” Her face was the epitome of bliss as she laughed like she hadn’t in years. Shego couldn’t stay mad at that face. She leaned down and gave Kim a kiss.

“You know they can hear, right?” Kim asked.

“Oh Kimmie, I had the walls soundproofed years ago for just such an occasion.” She said those last four words in a lustful tone that made Kim quiver with excitement.

“Oh, well then that’s okay,” Kim replied before Shego covered her mouth with her own. She freed her arms and flipped Shego over so that now she was the one on top. The pale woman wrapped her leg around Kim’s hip, pulling her closer. Kim’s hand knocked over a few items on the nightstand before she finally clicked out the light.

Whew! That one took all day to type. I hope you enjoy. I think this is one of the more original chapter titles I’ve come up with. I wanted to do a feel-good KiGo chapter where both characters seem OOC but no one cares anyway. The next chapter will be the end of act two, and then we’ll hit the home stretch that is act three. I plan to use four songs by Linkin Park that really sum up what I’m trying to accomplish in each of those chapters. Hopefully I’ll get those done the way I want them to be. It’s going to get darker from this point on, and there will be no more feel-goods like this. I just wanted to give it to you so that if you didn’t like the ending you could just read this and get that warm feeling that comes with the lighter tone that I’ve employed for this act. I’m going to warn you right now: this will not end happily. Kim and Shego will be torn apart by forces beyond their control. Who exactly those forces are we will find out next. Please read and review. No flames, please.


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