The Silence

Chapter 2

Hard Feelings


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TITLE: Hard Feelings

AUTHOR: beeftony

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and all related characters are the property of the Disney Company. I own this work of fiction. I make no profit from this.

SUMMARY: Shego helps Kim to solve a murder case, but they soon find themselves attracted to each other. They try to hold on to their relationship, but forces far greater than themselves conspire to tear them apart.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2512

Shego hated prison jumpsuits. They were purposefully designed to be uncomfortable and itchy, which Shego could handle, but they had a psychological effect as well. Shego was always a defiant youth, quitting Team Go for reasons that were never fully specified, but had a lot to do with her need to be herself, which was not something she could do on a team with color-coordinated uniforms. Nor could she do it here. Shego’s raging independent spirit was subdued by this orange monster, and she hated it. But it was either that or go completely naked, which Shego would not have minded but for the psychopaths that were now her neighbors.

Shego’s old jumpsuit felt far more comfortable to her, not because it was a relaxed fit (it rode up in certain places that were better left unmentioned), but because she had worn it all her life. It was essentially a link to her past, though with a past like Shego’s one began to wonder why she didn’t just burn the damn thing first chance she got. But Shego liked to be reminded of the life she had left behind, if for no other reason than to remind herself that she was never going back. And she never wanted to go back. Her brothers weren’t just annoying: they were manipulative. Shego was often the center of their twisted social machinations and was on the outside of any activity that they were doing for the simple reason that she was a girl. Even Hego, the superhero equivalent of Atticus Finch, held this against her. Then again, Hego had more issues than just that. His idealistic view of the world meant that he was slightly out of touch with reality. He never saw the members of his team not as real people, but as means to his own ends. Not that this was intentional, but for all the people he helped, the one he managed to hurt was Shego.

After she left Team Go, Shego resolved never to let herself get taken advantage of again. Going against everything she was ever taught, Shego drank, had sex with men (and women), and became a professional thief just to stick an extra pin in it. To her, that was the equivalent of sticking her middle finger in Hego’s face and saying “Up yours!” She saw herself as more of a mercenary than a criminal, and she never killed. Well, she had killed once, but that was a different story.

Shego and Kim Possible were rivals from day one. When Shego joined with take-over-the-world mad scientist Dr. Drakken, she was basically signing herself up for a lifetime of encounters with the redhead. Not that she necessarily minded. Shego enjoyed the rush of fighting someone who was her equal in every way except morals. The only reason she stayed with Drakken was for the chance to cross paths with Kim. She needed the excitement. She needed to feel challenged. With Kim she felt that. It was something about the way they fed naturally off each other, both physically and mentally. Kim and Shego both had rapier wit and were more than happy to exercise it. Kim was the perfect opponent for Shego. She missed that Kim.

Nowadays Kim had grown quiet and withdrawn, separating her personal life and professional life so completely some people would mistake her for having split-personalities. Shego knew better though. Kim was just burying herself in work and detaching herself to avoid dealing with what happened to her late partner. Shego was to blame for the person Kim had become.

Shego had grown to like Dr. Drakken as a person over their professional relationship, almost to the point that one views a sibling. Watching Drakken and Shego bicker was like watching an old married couple; Drakken would go off on a rant, and Shego would dismiss it with a witty remark, then Drakken would go on to try that idea and fail anyway, and Shego never hesitated to say, “I told you so!” Shego chuckled as she thought of the innumerable times that scene had played out. Good times. If only they’d had more time together, they may have moved beyond simple fondness for one another into true love. But that possibility vanished when he died one day at the hands of his own twisted invention. Shego blamed the sidekick, and by the time she came out of her blind rage Stoppable was dead and his girlfriend sat there weeping.

Shego forced the thought out of her mind. She was actually grateful for the change in Kim’s personality to some degree as this meant she wouldn’t try to kill her, but some part of her missed the thrill of rising up to the challenge of her rival (wasn’t that in a song somewhere?). Still, Princess’ new dispassionate attitude meant Shego had the chance to be a free woman. If she cooperated, that is.

Shego was led out of her cell by two armed guards. She didn’t really need handcuffs because the devices on her hands, aptly named “muzzles,” prevented her from using her glow power that would normally allow her to encapsulate her hands in green plasma. Other people had tried and failed to resist her powers. This device simply disabled them. As she walked through the cacophonous hall, Shego observed the madmen who eyed her hungrily, much as they had done to her guest yesterday. She didn’t blame them, though.

Despite her olive-green complexion, Shego was undeniably sexy. Her standard outfit, which she had just reclaimed, amplified her curves to the point that even the biggest of prudes would turn his head and gawk. The green and black latex catsuit left little to the imagination what was underneath, and one could see a faint camel toe and indentations of nipples if they looked hard enough. Her hips swayed sexily as she walked, putting on quite a show for the other inmates as she took what would otherwise have been the walk of shame with her trademark spunk and rebellious attitude.

She was led out the main gate just as a red Ferrari Enzo pulled up. Kim made a good amount of money at her job, and she made damn sure that the world knew it. It served to contrast the withdrawn professionalism required by her position as Assistant Director of Global Justice. As second in command of the agency, Kim needed to remain unbiased and professional. But that didn’t mean that she couldn’t have a little fun. This car represented the part of her that was still wild, reckless, and driven purely by emotion. Her dress style had a similar effect, stunning onlookers as she somehow managed to make conservative fashion sexy. She wore a black business suit with a red blouse and bare legs, a sharp contrast from the previous day. Red mirrored sunglasses concealed her intense green eyes. She parked the exotic sports car and got out. She calmly strode toward Shego.

“How’s it goin’ Pumpkin?” Shego said in salutations. Kim decided to skip the pleasantries and got down to business.

“Is the patient ready for release?” She asked the director, who had escorted Shego along with the guards.

The director nodded and undid the “muzzles.” Shego stared at her hands as though she hadn’t seen them in months (which she hadn’t). She could still move them around in the device, so her muscles hadn’t atrophied, but seeing her hands for he first time in several months struck the green woman with a sense of awe. She lit and unlit her hands several times and gazed in wonder at her reclaimed power. The guards were about to move in, but the director signaled for them to stand down. She was no longer their problem.

“Hop in,” Kim ordered, and Shego complied. Was she really going to pass up the chance to get in the passenger seat of a Ferrari Enzo? She slid into one of the deep bucket seats and let out a contented sigh as she sunk into the soft leather. Kim started the car and took off in a massive burnout.

For all her subdued mannerisms since Ron’s death, the one thing that hadn’t changed about Kim was her driving. She was absolutely reckless; cutting people off, flipping them the bird, and basically providing a picture-perfect example of road rage. Her position as second in command of GJ meant that she was able to escape any ticket, so Kim just treated the road like her own personal race track and told the rest of the world to fuck off. It was the one place where she could be in direct control of everything. Everywhere else, she was forced to rein in her emotions, but on the road she let out all her pent-up rage (of which she had plenty). It was a fairly dangerous release, but at least Kim wasn’t going around killing people like she sometimes felt like doing.

Shego, who had been involved in many high speed car chases, was unbothered by the furious display. She was actually excited to see that some of the old Kim remained. Maybe there was more of the old Kim left in there, but for now this was all Shego could see of her so she soaked up the adrenaline and was quiet the whole way to Kim’s home.

A far cry from the Ranch style house that was her parents’ abode, Kim lived in a modern art-deco style penthouse that utilized stainless steel, wood, and pastel colors all put together in abstract patterns to form an eclectic effect. Shego was impressed by the high vaulted ceiling of the penthouse as well as the overall atmosphere of the place that just screamed “I’m rich.” Light poured in from giant Cathedral windows which had been updated to contain more contemporary figures, not the least of which was Kim herself. Others included Ron and… Shego.

“Why do you have one of me?” Shego asked curiously, pointing to the window. The images of Kim and Shego seemed to be staring each other down in a duel of souls. Their colors contrasted yet complemented each other: red versus black and green. The first formed a nice contrast to either of the other two, but when all three were combined it formed a breathtaking effect.

“It’s a theme I’m going for,” Kim answered, setting down a thick pile of folders on the dining room table where the two would be going over evidence. “Opposites.” She had purposefully left out the other two words, which were “that attract.”

Shego looked around a bit more and saw that this was indeed the case. Several pieces of antiquity contrasted the modernistic look of the penthouse. Wood merged with metal. Stone fountains held running water in a union of two of nature’s most basic opposing forces, the rock seeking to block the water’s path, and the water finding its own way through, shaping the rock as it forced its way around.

After several minutes spent discussing the decorations, Shego decided now was as good a time as any to ask her question. “Why are you trusting me like this?”

Kim appeared lost in thought for a moment and just stared at the two windows. Eventually she answered, “I’m not. But GJ is and I must respect their wishes.”

“Fair enough,” Shego said.

“Should we get started?” Kim suggested, motioning toward the dining room table where she had placed the folders.

“I don’t see why not,” Shego commented as she sat down and Kim handed her a folder.

They went over the evidence for several minutes. As she watched the red-haired woman sort through the folders with extreme efficiency, Shego saw how much Kim truly devoted herself to her work, almost as a means of escaping the past. Why she would choose to investigate a murder with the woman who had murdered Ron was beyond Shego. Even more unbelievable was that Kim seemed able to separate herself completely from the issue, which just unnerved Shego. After taking somebody that important from Princess, Shego expected at least a beating from the fiery redhead. But Kim had shut down inside.

Shego suddenly felt a burning question in the back of her mind. She didn’t know why she wanted to ask it. After all, why should she be concerned about Princess’ life? But Shego felt that she was to blame for the question even being possible to ask, so she went ahead and asked it.

“Do you still think about him?” she asked suddenly, causing Kim to look up from the stack of papers. Her face was blank.

“Sometimes,” she admitted truthfully, somehow managing to remain emotionless. “Not as much recently. I’ve been to busy with work.”

“I noticed,” Shego commented, gesturing at the multiple files that lay strewn all over the table. She had yet to look at one, but Kim always did prefer doing everything herself. Shego got the feeling that she was just here as a formality, though why she and Kim were alone together was beyond her comprehension. But it was better than the place she had been confined to for the past several years. They worked for a few more hours and then Kim decided to turn in for the night.

“Where do I sleep?” Shego asked, secretly hoping it was somewhere near Kim, though she had no idea why. Kim motioned toward the couch. “You really trust me that much?” Shego asked. Kim said nothing and produced an ankle bracelet, then put it around the green woman’s ankle before she had the chance to object. “I’ll take that as a ‘no.’” Shego remarked.

After Kim shut out her light, Shego stayed up a little while later studying the ankle bracelet. It was clearly designed to be tamper proof, and a quick test with a plasma bolt showed that it was impervious to her powers. It wouldn’t have mattered whether she had the bracelet or not. Shego didn’t have anywhere to go, not with all her contacts in the criminal world either dead or captured. Even Jack Hench had been put out of business when he was bought out by Wade Load industries. For now, Shego would stay where she was. Kim’s face was the last thing that crossed her mind before she drifted off to sleep.

And so ends chapter 2. All KiGo fics make some attempt to change the characters, but here I’ve gone a step further by making each of them even more conflicted in their motivations and obligations, which is a veritable breeding ground for the vulnerability and confusion required to cross over into lesbianism. Kim is a living contradiction, so unsure of how to handle both her personal and professional life that she has simply devoted herself to the latter. Shego’s primary motivation is to get Kim to do the opposite, but for exactly what reason we will find out soon. Next we will get more in-depth on the murder investigation and the main action in the story. Please read and review. No flames, please


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