The Silence

Chapter 6

Waking Up Is Hard to Do


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TITLE: Waking Up Is Hard to Do

AUTHOR: beeftony

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and all related characters are the property of the Disney Company. I own this work of fiction. I make no profit from this.

SUMMARY: Shego helps Kim to solve a murder case, but they soon find themselves attracted to each other. They try to hold on to their relationship, but forces far greater than themselves conspire to tear them apart.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2554

It was just another day in the life of teen hero Kim Possible. She had schoolwork to do, villains to foil, Bonnie to tolerate, but most importantly of all, her boyfriend to spend time with. All was right with the world.

Kim and Ron had been friends since Pre-K. They had been inseparable since the age of four. Through thick and thin, the pair had stood by each other, providing a picture perfect example of platonic love. Until the night they decided to make it something more.

The night of the junior prom had been an eventful one. There had been Drakken’s crazy scheme, Eric turning out to be a synthodrone, and, most importantly of all, Ron’s confession that he had feelings for Kim. There had always been a powerful dynamic between the two, but Kim never suspected that it was love. She cursed herself for not seeing what was right under her nose all along: she and Ron were made for each other.

Many thought that they made the perfect couple because they completed each other so well. Each had what the other needed. Ron’s non-conformist “I can do anything” motto inspired Kim to be herself. He taught her quite a few lessons about peer pressure and social norms that she would carry with her until the day she died.

Kim was no slouch in the friendship department, either. The reason she became popular was because she tried to befriend people, unlike a certain brown-haired rival of hers who just ignored everybody. She encouraged Ron to excel, calling him “Potential Boy” and insisting he be interested in school. She was responsible for the person he had become.

They had faults, just like everybody else. Kim could be bossy and arrogant at times and Ron was sometimes lazy and unmotivated, not to mention “prone to big-headiness,” as Kim had put it. But they both cancelled out each other’s faults and brought out each other’s strengths. They worked perfectly together.

Yep, all was right with the world. That was about to change.

It all started innocently enough. Kim was hanging out with Ron in between classes when Wade called them about a mission.

“What’s the sitch Wade?” Out of all of Kim’s catchphrases, this was the most common.

“Drakken and Shego… again.”

“On my way.”

Drakken and Shego were Kim’s biggest enemies. Drakken was easy enough to foil, but Shego always complicated matters. Kim’s feelings toward her were not exactly hatred, but it was very close. It was more of a begrudging respect. She couldn’t help thinking sometimes that if things had gone differently, Shego and her may have become good friends. Of course, their being on opposite sides of a hero/villain conflict precluded that possibility. Still, Kim never took Shego’s attempts on her life personally. It felt like she was holding back. She could have injured Kim severely if she wanted to, but lately she only attacked when Drakken gave the order, and she didn’t seem all that interested in actually hurting her.

When Kim and Shego fought, it was like a dance. They would circle each other and exchange blows, neither one managing to truly land a critical hit on the other. It was mostly glancing blows, and no blood was spilled. It was actually kind of tame when you thought about it. The whole thing was more of a competition between rivals than a fight. But that didn’t mean the competition wasn’t fierce. Kim and Shego seemed to bring out the best in each other’s fighting skills, challenging each other to become better for the sake of defeating their opponent. It was an adrenaline rush that both women lived for; a bond that nobody shared but them.

Kim’s life was one big game of saving the world after homework. But not for long.

A shadowy figure watched from a distance as Team Possible pulled up to the warehouse where Drakken and Shego were supposed to be. Glove-covered fingers fidgeted in anticipation as the soon-to-be assassin’s index finger wrapped around the trigger of the sniper rifle. Somebody was going down.

Kim slowly opened the door to the warehouse and signaled for Ron to follow. The boy’s ninja training kicked in and they both infiltrated the facility without being detected.

Drakken always had a penchant for ridiculously complicated take-over-the-world devices. This was no exception. It had gotten to the point where he didn’t even know what the devices did. He seemed to have run out of good ideas after that night at the junior prom, and Kim was beginning to think that Drakken liked the process of taking over the world better than the end result. He was in the middle of one of his trademark rants as the duo spotted him.

“And so I, Doctor Drakken, will activate this doomsday device unless you grant me the title of Supreme Ruler of Earth!” He finished speaking into the camera and turned to Shego. “How was that?”

Shego didn’t hear him and instead sat listening to her iPod. Drakken’s face lengthened as he realized his sidekick was yet again indifferent. He walked over and removed the headphones from her ears. “SHEGO!”

“Hey, I was listening to that!” Shego tried to reclaim her headphones, but Drakken was too fast. The mad scientist raised the headphones to his ears, expecting to hear some sort of Hip-Hop, but instead his ears were filled with Pop Rock.

Drakken was a bit surprised. “I never figured you for a Bon Jovi fan, Shego.”

His sidekick blushed a deep green. “What? Some of their songs really speak to me.” Shego said in a vain attempt to save face. Kim and Ron watched the exchange and both let out quiet chuckles.

Also observing this spectacle was the shadowy figure who now had the two members of Team Possible in his crosshairs. He would have to wait for the right moment. This was not your standard hit, after all. He had to make it look like there was no foul play. Not a problem.

Drakken twiddled his thumbs and waited for a good half-hour before he decided he’d had enough and just walked over to the device. “Give the world an ultimatum and this is the response I get?” Drakken mumbled. “Let’s see what they think of THIS!” He punctuated that last part by thrusting the lever forward on the machine. Nothing happened.

“Gnn,” Drakken grunted as he tried it again. Still nothing.

He was about to try it again when a familiar voice greeted him. “Uh, was this doohickey important?”

Drakken turned to face the source of the voice and his eyes shot open in genuine horror. Of all the parts to remove, he had to choose that one.

“You fool!” he cried frantically. “Do you have any idea what that thing does?!”

Ron turned to look innocently at the device in his hand. “I assume it makes whatever that thingy is work.”

Drakken slapped his forehead. “Of course it does, you buffoon! Do you know what happens when you remove it?” For some reason Drakken felt more like explaining the utter devastation the device would bring rather than running for cover. This was a mistake.

“Uh, it stops working?” Ron asked ignorantly.

Drakken groaned in frustration and muttered something under his breath. “No, it—” his words were cut off as the machine exploded in a gigantic fireball. A piece of shrapnel caught Drakken in the chest, killing him instantly. Shego was blessed with quick reflexes and escaped the blast. Kim and Ron were launched backwards by the force of the explosion, knocking the former out cold and knocking the wind out of the latter. Even the assassin skulking in the rafters had to shield his eyes. He quickly recovered.

Shego walked over to the motionless body of Dr. Drakken. She fell to her knees and hung her head in failure and dejection. Dr. Drakken was more than a boss to her. She had grown rather fond of him over the years, eventually growing to like him as a person. Now he was gone. She slowly raised her tear-filled eyes that displayed malice and thoughts of revenge. She gritted her teeth as angry flames danced in her eyes. “That’s it Stoppable,” she grimaced. “You’re goin’ DOWN!” She ignited her hands and made a savage leap towards the blonde haired sidekick.

The assassin who had been hiding this whole time saw this as his chance. He focused his aim and fired. The bullet hit the boy’s body at the precise moment Shego’s glowing hands made contact. Perfect kill. The green woman’s plasma would vaporize the bullet, removing any evidence of foul play. He grinned and left through the skylight.

Kim woke up to find Ron lying dead on the floor in a pool of his own blood. Her eyes traced over to find Shego with blood on her hands. The pale woman’s eyes were wide open with horror and she was trembling rather violently. Then everything turned red as Kim lost control of her senses.

Kim woke from her dream with a start. She was breathing heavily. She looked around the room and found that she was back in the real world. She had graduated high school years ago. She no longer went on missions. Bonnie had moved to New York to pursue a career as a theatre actress. Ron was dead. All was not right with the world.

She didn’t remember much about the night before. All she remembered was having an argument with… Shego! The memories came rushing back to her in an instant, causing her eyes to widen even more and her heart to skip a beat. She let out a small gasp and her head jerked to her left where she saw the green woman sleeping peacefully next to her. Coming down from her initial panic, Kim noticed that Shego didn’t look nearly as evil when she was asleep. She looked almost angelic, without a care in the world. Her naked chest rose and fell with each breath. Her raven black hair was a bit mussed up from the previous night’s activities, and her skin still retained some traces of moisture. Her breathing was quiet and soothing, almost relaxing. Kim found herself drifting off as she watched Shego sleep. Perhaps she wasn’t so bad after all.

Wasn’t so bad? That thought snapped the redhead to attention. She sat up suddenly, pulling what little sheets that covered Shego off and revealing a part of her anatomy that Kim had spent dubious time exploring last night. Kim looked down and realized that she was naked too. She let herself collapse back onto her pillow, her face blank and her eyes wide-open in shock. Of course Shego was bad! She was evil! Why exactly she would choose to do… that with a person who had tried to kill her—hell, killed Ron—eluded Kim. She suddenly found she had a huge headache.

The pale woman stirred and turned to face Kim. A warm smile spread across her lips. “Good morning, Princess.”

Kim’s body suddenly jerked out of bed, taking the covers with her. She stood on trembling legs, trying desperately to cover herself as she stared at the green woman for some kind of answer. “Wha… how…” Kim stammered, unable to form the words.

Shego let out a small chuckle. “You really don’t remember, Princess?”

Kim shook her head. “No, I remember all right. Vividly. But… how exactly…”

“…did we end up together?” Shego finished. “No clue. Bet you’re pretty worked up about all this.”

“Understatement of the century!” Kim shouted as she threw her arms in the air, causing the sheet she was holding to fall to the floor. Blushing deeply, she bent down quickly and wrapped it around her thin body.

“Ya know, you don’t really need to cover up, Princess, considering I’ve already seen allof you.” The extra emphasis of the word “all” caused Kim to visibly shiver. A scowl developed on her face as she let the sheet drop to the floor. Shego, who had propped herself up on one arm and was revealing her entire front side to Kim, licked her lips as her eyes traveled up the younger woman’s slender body. It was quite a sight. Kim continued to glare as she crossed her arms, drawing Shego’s attention to two very attractive lumps on Kim’s chest.

Kim found herself needing a distraction and went over to pick up her clothes. As she bent over in full view of Shego, the older woman couldn’t resist having a little fun. “Bow Chick-a Bow-Bow!” Shego said in a sing-song voice as she performed a little dance on the bed. Kim’s head whipped around and she glared at the pale woman seethingly. Shego leaned back on the bed and gripped her stomach as laughter overtook her.

“Is this funny to you?” Kim asked in an angered voice.

“A little bit. Yeah.” Shego sat up and squeezed her index finger and thumb together to emphasize her point.

“Well I don’t.” Kim said as she zipped up her pants. She picked her shirt up from the floor and pulled it over her head. As her eyes poked through the top of her shirt, Kim noticed that the older woman was still staring at her. “I’m going out for a little bit,” Kim informed her. “I really need to think about all this. I expect to see you here—fully clothed—when I get back. We need to talk about this, but first I need to calm down.” She turned to walk out the door.

“Whatever floats your boat, Kimmie.” Shego spoke. “Hey, one more thing.” Kim turned around. “Now that you’ve been with a man and a woman, who’s better: me or Stoppable?”

Kim’s face turned blank. Tears welled up in her eyes as her lower lip began to quiver. She covered her face and ran out the bedroom door.

Shego realized her joke had not produced the desired effect, but the opposite. She sprang from the bed, not caring about her nakedness.

“Kim, wait!”

I decided to go with a (relatively) lighter tone in this chapter and save all the heavy emotions for the next. I assume some of you thought I had lost my mind when I opened the chapter with a description advocating Kim and Ron as a better couple than Kim and Shego. Keep in mind that I don’t plan on Kim and Shego being together at the end. Eventually the fantasy will end and everything will be brought back down to reality. Kim and Ron belong together. KiGo can only work as a fling. Nothing against homosexuality, it’s just that two people with that kind of history have no realistic chance in the long term. Don’t worry, though. This won’t stop them from trying. I wouldn’t devote this much time and energy to a story to dismiss it that quickly. They will eventually be forced apart by circumstances beyond their control. This marks the official beginning of the second act, where Kim and Shego must come to grips with their new relationship. There will be about 3 or 4 chapters in this act, and then the story will hit the home stretch. Hope you’re all enjoying my little tale here. I have big plans. Please read and review. No flames, please.


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