Hate is Such a Strong Word

Chapter 6

Armageddon It


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TITLE: Armageddon It

AUTHOR: beeftony

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and all related characters are the property of the Disney Company. I own this work of fiction. I make no profit from this.

SUMMARY: What would happen if Kim turned bad? My interpretation of Kim's declaration of hatred towards Shego in StD.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Armageddon It is performed by Def Leppard

Words: 5882

“I’m bored.” The sentiment was expressed by Kim, who sat cross-legged on the floor of the green and black room, snacking on a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

“Ya wanna make out again?” Shego replied half-heartedly, similarly bored as she took another bite of the cherry ice cream in the bowl she held in her hand.

“Nah,” Kim drawled. “Not unless it’s sex.”

Shego glared at the redhead. “Hey, I told ya Pumpkin, not until you’re ready.” She pointed her spoon at Kim to emphasize her point.

The younger woman sighed and rolled her eyes. “Well then there’s nothing to do. You sure there’s nothing we can steal?”

Shego shook her head as she consumed another bite of her ice cream. Kim would have eyed her lustfully if she weren’t trying so hard not to be turned on. The sexual tension was palpable. She sighed again.

“Well then what the hell is there to do?”

Shego tried to smile, but gave up. “Nothing at all, Kimmie. That’s the beauty of it.”

Kim groaned. “I wanna do something. I’m not used to sitting around. This isn’t what I thought being a villain would be like.”

The green woman laughed. “Well what’d you expect, Princess? Party all night, sleep all day? It ain’t like that. When we’re not plotting our next scheme or fighting off the heroes, this is what we do. We sit around, doing nothing. It takes some getting used to.”

Kim stood up. “Yeah, well I’m sick of being cooped up in this place. I wanna go somewhere tonight!”

Shego smiled and pulled a pair of tickets from her nightstand. “How’s about we go to a club tonight?”

“Who’s playin’?” Kim asked.

“They’re a cover band for Def Leppard,” Shego replied.

Kim quirked her eyebrow. “Def who?”

“Def Leppard,” Shego repeated. “Only one of the greatest rock bands of all time. A lot of their songs are love songs.”

“Great,” Kim rolled her eyes. “What’re you tryin’ to pull here?”

Shego laughed. “Just messin’ with ya, Pumpkin. These guys rock hard. Ever heard ‘Rock of Ages?’” Kim shook her head. “‘Pour Some Sugar on Me?’” More head shaking. “‘Rock on?’” Still not ringing a bell. Shego continued to list random titles until finally the redhead had had enough.

“No! Okay, I’ve never heard of them!” Shego’s eyes went a bit wide, and she jumped a bit. Kim continued in a softer tone. “But… I’d like to. Since, y’know, you seem to like ‘em so much.”

“Trust me, Kimmie, you’ll be screaming ‘encore’ by the end of tonight,” the green woman promised.

“We’ll see about that,” Kim challenged. “Now what should I wear?” she mused.

“Don’t worry, Pumpkin,” Shego said. “I’ve gotcha covered.”

“Oh. Okay,” Kim replied. “Well then what should we do until then?”

“I’ve got a few ideas,” Shego answered with a leer. “But we only go to first base, alright, Kimmie? No removing of the clothing.”

Kim sagged her shoulders. “Fine,” she grumbled. “Can I at least touch your boobs?”

“Only if you promise not to cut me with yours,” Shego replied with a smirk.

“Shego!” Kim screeched before tackling the older woman onto the bed, giggling. She buried her face in Shego’s chest, wishing that she could remove the thin cotton pajama top that lay between her and those perfectly formed breasts. How she would love to suck on those perfect nipples that she could feel hardening in response to her touch. Her hands traced up to those perfect orbs and squeezed hard, eliciting a moan from the older woman. Kim could barely control herself.

She had always been jealous of Shego’s breasts. The ample melons greatly outclassed her glass-cutters. Sometimes during their fights she had found herself getting distracted, especially at the Bermuda Triangle. The dress she’d been wearing that night…. Kim clamped her lips over those of the older woman, caressing her supple curves with her hands. She parted Shego’s lips, taking charge. She wanted the green woman so badly. But she couldn’t have her. That made Shego all the more desirable.

Coming up for air, Kim stared into Shego’s beautiful emerald eyes, identical to her own. She could lose herself in those eyes. Oh, how she wanted Shego to ravish her right now. And she would do the older woman right back. Pleasing each other, exploring every inch of each other’s bodies, no barriers between them, the deepest level of intimacy… the thought appealed to her. Their minds had been waging a battle for years, trying to deny what their bodies wanted. But now her mind and body agreed. She wanted this.

“Shego,” she begged. “Please.” Kim buried her face in her girlfriend’s neck, sucking, nibbling, tasting. Shego arched her back and writhed with pleasure, giving Kim the feeling of success. But it was short-lived when Shego gave her the answer she’d been dreading.

“Not yet, Kimmie,” the green woman insisted as she separated Kim’s mouth from her neck. The redhead attempted to cut her off by repeatedly kissing her on the lips. Shego spoke between kisses. “Kimmie, I… don’t think you’re… ready for it.” Kim stopped the kisses and opted instead to pin Shego and force her to listen.

“I’m ready,” she insisted. “I want this.”

Shego could easily have removed Kim’s body from hers, but this position was comfortable. She felt that in order to get Kimmie to listen to her, she couldn’t seem like she was bossing her around. And so she allowed her body to be held captive under the woman she loved. “Kimmie, listen to me. You always think you’re ready up until it’s too late and you realize you’re not. I don’t want you getting in over your head.”

“I’m not,” Kim growled. “I’m sick and tired of being told what I’m not ready for. I want this, and I’m going to get it.” She brought her face closer to Shego’s. “One way or another,” she whispered with menace.

Shego just smirked. “You’d really rape me, Princess? Well I’ve got news for you. It’s not rape if the other person is willing. I’d love to hear you scream my name over and over again as I show you pleasure you never knew existed. But you know why I’m willing to wait?”

Kim narrowed her eyes. “Why?”

“Because you don’t know the first thing about sex. Sex changes everything, Princess. Even if I can’t technically get you pregnant, there’s something about being that close to a person that changes the way you look at them. Unless you’re really in love, you’ll regret it. Trust me, you will. My first time was with a guy from my high school. I don’t even remember his name. I lost my virginity in the back of a pickup truck, Princess.”

Kim’s eyes grew wide. Suddenly she appeared to be having second thoughts. She released Shego and she sat back, allowing the green woman to get up. Shego continued her story.

“It was after a football game. I wasn’t a cheerleader like you or anything, but I was hot. Everybody wanted me. One lucky guy got that chance, along with two others.” Observing Kim’s look of shock, Shego’s face grew more serious. “Yeah, that’s right. My first time was a gang-bang. And it wasn’t making love, Kimmie. It was fucking. It felt good, sure. Until it was over. Do you know why some people cry after an orgasm, Pumpkin?”

Kim shook her head. She had never really thought about sex like that before. She had always imagined it as some sort of romantic affair, where her lover would gently lay her down on the bed and take great care with her, sliding her clothes off slowly and treating her with the utmost respect. She never dared think of sex the way Shego was describing it.

“Because after the pleasure passes, Kimmie, you feel empty. Robbed of something. It’s the loneliest feeling in the world. You want to reach out and let somebody hold you, comfort you, help you get through it. You try doing that with three jocks who just wanted to score with the freak girl. They laughed at me and threw me on the ground, then tossed my clothes down after me. I was vulnerable, and they took advantage of me. At that point I resolved never to be vulnerable again.”

Kim tried to open her mouth to say something, but no words came. It didn’t matter, as Shego was continuing.

“After that, I decided that if I was going to give myself to somebody, they had to respect me, or else I wouldn’t keep ‘em around. I’m not easy, because whenever I let someone into my pants too soon, someone always ends up getting hurt. The trick, I discovered, was to get out as soon as you’re done and leave the other person vulnerable. So I had flings with a bunch of dumb guys and gals that I didn’t care about, taking advantage of them like they’d taken advantage of me. It gave me a sense of power, Kimmie. It was wrong, but I had a great time.” Shego bit her lip and hissed as she remembered, followed by a sigh.

Kim just sat there, stunned. Now it made sense why Shego acted the way she did. She had been robbed of her innocence so long ago, so violently, that she decided to take it out on the world. All Kim wanted to do at that point was hug the green woman. But Shego wasn’t done with her story, not yet.

“But eventually I realized that I had become what I had sworn to protect myself from. So I got out. You wanna know why I worked for Drakken?” Kim nodded. “Because he’s the only guy who didn’t expect me to be his mistress as well as his sidekick. He’s too much of a baby to even understand sex. The guy’s your father’s age and he’s still a virgin. His mom screwed him up for life.”

“Is that why he’s blue all over?” Kim joked, desperate to bring levity to the situation.

Shego smiled and laughed. “I guess you could say that, Pumpkin. But my point is that he was safe. I stayed with him because he didn’t expect any favors. I still slept around, but not nearly as much. Had a little thing goin’ with SSJ when I was his tutor. Got over that real quick.”

“Wonder what he’d think about us dating,” Kim giggled. “I mean, apparently I was his ‘Blue Fox’ in that animology crap.”

“Blue Fox?” Shego questioned, surprised.

Kim didn’t seem to notice the green woman’s shock. “Yeah. What were you?”

“Yellow Trout,” Shego answered matter-of-factly.

Kim’s eyes got wide, and her hands clamped over her mouth. “No way!” she shrieked excitedly. “You know what they say about Blue Foxes and Yellow Trouts?” Shego nodded, but Kim answered her own question. “Soulmates!” she declared triumphantly, attempting to tackle Shego down to the bed again. But the green woman stopped her with just a look.

“Exactly,” Shego said. “And that’s why I don’t wanna ruin it. We’ve got something special goin’ on here, Princess, and I’m not gonna spoil that. You have to understand that just because you think you’re ready, it doesn’t mean you are. Trust me, Pumpkin. I’ve been around long enough to know when someone’s ready. And you’re not. When you’re ready, we’ll both be able to feel it.” She stroked Kim’s cheek with the back of her hand. “You’re beautiful, Princess, and I don’t want you to throw away something that should mean the world to you. I just don’t feel like it’s right to be having sex so soon. Especially for someone as inexperienced as you.”

“I get what you’re saying,” Kim sighed as she dipped her head. “But I know you won’t be like all those people you slept with. You’ve changed from the first time I met you, Shego. You’ve taken me in, given me food, shelter, clothes, and shown me so much love when just last week I told you I hated you. I love you, Shego. I’m ready.”

Shego shook her head, her expression firm. “Pumpkin, you should never equate love with sex. Love is being willing to give your life for the other person, and devoting yourself completely to them. It’s about showing your devotion to them even when you don’t want to. Relationships take work, Kimmie, and I don’t think you’re ready to be having sex this early in the relationship. I know you want me, badly, and that makes me feel good about myself, but honestly, I want your first time to be special. Promise me you’ll wait until you won’t regret it for the rest of your life.”

Kim sighed, defeated. “I’m sorry for what happened to you.”

Shego smiled. “Don’t be. It was my mistake, and you had nothing to do with it. You were about seven or eight at the time, not to mention in a whole ‘nother city. It was my mistake, not yours. My fault, not yours.” She reached out and gripped Kim’s shoulder supportively. “You understand?”

Kim nodded. “I just… I guess now I understand why you’ve always acted the way you have. I think I understand you better.”

Shego nodded in understanding. “Shocker, huh, Princess? The big bad Shego being vulnerable. Who’d a thunk it?”

The redhead moved closer to Shego, nuzzling against her. “You’re not big and bad to me,” she purred. “You’re strong, brave, and you make me feel alive. I love you, Shego.”

Shego wrapped her arms around the younger woman’s back and kissed her on the top of the head. “I love you too, Kim.” The use of the redhead’s real name made the embrace all the sweeter. In that moment, it didn’t matter that they hadn’t slept together. Kim loved Shego, and Shego loved her back. And that was all that mattered.

“Kimmie, c’mon! This isn’t the prom!” Shego calls from the bottom of the stairs. Her dress is made of her standard combination of green and black latex, albeit modified to show off more skin. It is now a two-piece, exposing the pale skin of her abdomen. Her lithe, sexy, powerful legs disappear into a skirt just below her hips, leaving very little to the imagination. Long, formal gloves cover most of her arms, cutting off halfway up her bicep. She really likes this dress. The last time she wore it she was fighting with her nemesis. Tonight that nemesis is her date. Funny how things change.

“Just a minute!” Kim replies. “And could you please not bring up the prom?”

“Sorry, Princess,” Shego apologizes. “Just hurry up, will ya? The concert starts in thirty minutes!”

“Okay, I’m ready,” Kim announces from the top of the stairs before stepping out to reveal herself.

Shego’s jaw drops. She had a dress in mind for Kim, but nothing prepares her for what the redhead is wearing. The dress is short and black, clinging to the redhead’s curves like liquid. High heels make her luscious legs a gorgeous display. Even her breasts don’t look nearly as pointy and underdeveloped. A hint of rouge brings out her eyes and red lipstick makes her salacious lips even more inviting. Shego’s mind boggles at how Kim is able to wear something so short and still be decent. It’s a bit risky to wear the LBD to a rock concert, but Shego is too busy drooling to point that out. Kim swings her hips from side to side as she descends the staircase, making it difficult for Shego to stay coherent. As Kim reaches the bottom of the stairs, she runs her cherry tongue along her upper lip before speaking.

“Can you say, ‘jailbait’?” the redhead purrs.

“Um… uh… wow,” Shego manages, barely able to keep her libido in check.

Kim smiles sexily. ‘Works every time,’ she muses. Planting a smooth kiss on Shego’s lips, she now has the green woman fully under her spell.

Shego emerges from the kiss, dazed. After Kim walks by her, she shakes her head and snaps out of it. ‘Who would have thought someone so innocent could be so sexy?’ “Hey, Kimmie, wait up!”

A green and black limousine pulls up to the back of the club and stops without a sound. A well-dressed chauffer emerges from the front, ambling smoothly to the right rear door. His hand extends to the handle and he pulls open the door in one fluid motion. A gloved arm reaches out smoothly, gripping the supportive hand of the chauffer and pulling back so that a pale woman emerges from the car.

The line of patrons waiting to get into the club turns and gapes as a unit. The woman’s skin matches the moon, and her raven black hair is barely visible against the night sky. Her green eyes are predatory, defying all who try and get in her way. Signaling to the driver to get back into the car, she turns around and reaches her hand inside to meet a small peach colored appendage with dark red nails. She takes the hand into her own and helps her partner out of the limo. The crowd is still gaping.

Whispers come from the people who stand watching the spectacle. “Is that…?” “The papers were right!” “What are they doing here?”

The two women ignore the quiet murmurs and simply bypass the line entirely, heading straight for the bouncer. The smirk on Shego’s face could not be bigger when the mountain of a man steps aside and she turns back to give the people in line a quick wink. Somehow, no one is surprised. No one, that is, except the woman on Shego’s left.

“How did you do that?” Kim asks over the dull roar of the crowd.

“Do what?” Shego replies.

“Get in here without waiting in line?” Kim clarifies.

“We were on the list,” Shego answers. “You know in those movies, where they’re always talking about a ‘list’? Well, we were on it.”

“Sorry,” Kim blushes. “I’ve just never been on the list before. Usually I have to sneak into places like this.”

Shego smiles and places her arm around Kim’s waist, drawing the redhead closer to herself. “When you’re with me, Pumpkin, you’ll never have to sneak into a club again.”

Kim returns the smile. “I guess I just finally realized how cool you are. I mean, anyone else I know wouldn’t have even gotten past the bouncer.” They have arrived at their table. Shego pulls Kim’s chair out for her and they both sit and order drinks.

“Well, all the other people you know are just a bunch of losers,” Shego teases. Kim laughs.

“Exactly,” the redhead agrees. “The coolest person I knew before this was Monique, and even she wouldn’t have gotten in. But you… you just know so many people that I don’t, and you can go so many places that I’ve only dreamed about. It’s kind of nice to not have to fight you at these places.”

“I agree totally,” Shego comments before taking another sip of her drink. “You remember the last time I wore this dress?”

The younger woman nods, taking in the scene around them. There is a bar about thirty feet away, with a marble finish and neon strips running across its entirety. A dance floor lies in the center of the establishment, and a few couples are out on the floor, dancing to the music that will be playing until the band arrives. Their table is close to the stage, where the band is due to play any minute now. For now, however, they are simply soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying the dimly lit club.

“I remember it was in a high class club sort of like this one, only better lit,” Kim comments. “Except the music wasn’t as good. You remember the last time you saw me in this?”

The green woman nods and takes another sip of her drink. “I remember it was that time you and me were under the control of those moodulator thingies. That was the first time you kissed Stoppable, wasn’t it?”

Kim frowns. “Yeah, yeah it was. It was fake, though. I was under mind control for the second time in my life, from the same guy who made the first. I knew what was happening the whole time, and instead of taking direct orders I was forced to lose control of my emotions, and I just went crazy as a result. I had no part in kissing Ron.”

“But you chose to kiss him at the prom, didn’t you?” Shego questions.

Kim nods reluctantly. “The thing is, though, I still didn’t feel like I had any choice in the matter. Like it was just what was supposed to happen. I’ll admit that I did kinda want it, but not in that way, y’know? It just seemed like I was supposed to end up with the guy who’s always been there for me, who never left my side and all that jazz… almost like I was supposed to be following some sort of tradition. I dunno, I guess… I guess seeing your face reminded me that if there’s one thing I’ve always been against, it’s tradition. I mean, how many cheerleaders do you know who save the world?”

“I used to know one,” Shego replies. “She doesn’t do that anymore.”

“And that’s thanks to you,” Kim says warmly. “You’ve always been the person for me. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it until now.”

Shego smiles. “You weren’t ready for it, Pumpkin. You spent your whole life doing what you felt was right. At first that was saving the world. But, as time went by, you began to see that the world doesn’t appreciate you, and that it’s fun to let your dark side loose once in a while.”

“You would know,” Kim remarks.

“Damn straight,” the green woman replies. “You remember what Hego told you about me?”

Kim nods. “He said that the more you fought evil the more you grew to like it.”

Shego laughs. “He hits it on the head, and he doesn’t know how right he is. Leave it to a moron to say something deep and not even know that he did.”

“So it was true?” the redhead asks, puzzled.

The older woman nods. “But not in the way that you think. Remember when I told you that ‘good’ isn’t the same thing as ‘legal’?” Kim nods. “Well, that’s kinda what happened. I didn’t feel like I was living up to my full potential with Team Go. Like, I had a gift, and instead of being able to use it for what I wanted, I had to use it to help a bunch of ungrateful people who blamed me when everything went wrong. So I quit. I figured if they didn’t want me, then I wouldn’t waste my time with them. This way I can use my gift to help people who truly appreciate me.”

“By using it for crime,” Kim reminds her.

“You ever keep a list of all those people I stole from, Princess?” Shego responds. “Take Cyrus Bortel for example. The prick invents not one, but two devices that get you and me mind controlled twice. He took away the essential human right of free will, and he gets away scott-free because he never used it. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t commit a crime against humanity by creating it in the first place.”

“But it would never have been used if you hadn’t stolen it,” Kim points out.

“Someone would’ve eventually,” Shego replies. “And you should be glad it was me and Drakken and not some terrorist who wants to bring ‘death to America.’ If Al-Qaeda were to get their grimy hands on a mind control chip, do you know how much shit the world would be in? Or what about the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer? Do you have any idea the chaos that thing could generate? It’s better if it’s in the hands of someone who won’t use it to do something truly evil. That’s why I worked for Drakken. He likes to pretend he’s evil, but I’ve seen people that make him look like a kitten.”

“So someone creates something potentially harmful, and you steal it before anyone else can to prevent it from being used for real evil?” Kim summarizes.

Shego nods. “Pretty much. Those idiots don’t have nearly enough security. At least this way it’s safe, because no way in hell is anybody gonna steal it from me.” She leans forward. “You’ve got a gift, Kimmie, but you’re just beginning to learn how to use it. You stick with me, and I’ll show you a world you never imagined.”

“You've already sold me,” Kim insists. “You can tone down the morality lecture.”

The green woman shakes her head. “I’m afraid I can’t Kimmie. How do I say this? You’ve got it, but… you’re not getting it.”

Kim raises an eyebrow. “Huh?”

Shego is about to speak again when a sudden cheer from the crowd interrupts her. “Oh, hey! There’s the band!”

The redhead turns around. Sure enough, a group of five men with long hair has come out onto the stage and assumed their respective instruments. She turns back to Shego, who has stood up and is extending her hand. “Let’s go dance!” With no room to protest, Kim simply lets herself be whisked away by the older woman onto the dance floor. A guitar chord echoes through the packed club, and the sound of the crowd immediately changes from a dull murmur to a jubilant cheer.

Kim is awed at the sheer energy of it all. Adrenaline replaces rational sense as her heart pumps faster and the sound of the instruments hypnotizes her into a Zen-like state. Shego leads her by the hand to an empty spot in the crowd where the two of them can dance in relative freedom without having to worry about the people around them. The lead singer steps up to the mike and the song begins.

Ya better come inside when you're ready to
But no chance if ya don't wanna dance
You like four letter words when you're ready to
But then you won't ‘cause you know that you can
You got it, but are you gettin’ it?

She is hesitant at first, waiting for Shego to make the first move. Always the aggressor, Shego begins to shake her hips seductively, raising her arms in the air and shuffling up to Kim. The younger woman blushes when she sees the looks of the people around her, but reminds herself that she’s here to have a good time. Focusing only on Shego, she begins to shake her hips in time with the beat of the song. A smile crosses her face and she soon loses herself in the music.

You say that love is won when you get some
But then your finger won't trigger the gun
You know you (ya) can't stop it
So don't rock it
You know you got it
Hey, but are you gettin’ it?
Really gettin’ it?
Oh, come get it from me

Still moving her body, Kim inches closer to Shego. A thin layer of sweat begins to develop on her skin. Her heart pumps faster. She’s lost in the moment. Eying her partner with lust, Kim trails her hands down Shego’s sides, stooping to the floor and coming right back up again, mere inches from the other woman’s face. She feels breath impacting against her cheek, and she inhales the essence of the older woman. It smells like peppermint. Losing herself in the sensation, Kim wraps her arms around Shego’s back and pulls her in for a kiss.

Gimme all of your lovin’ - every little bit
Gimme all that you got - every bit of it
Every bit of your lovin - oh, c'mon live a bit
Never want it to stop

The world becomes a blur as their lips meet. Kim plunges her tongue into the older woman’s mouth, fighting her for space. Shego pulls her in tighter, devoting herself fully to the kiss. Breathing heavily, Kim refuses to separate, making the most of this moment of pure bliss. Time seems to stop, and in that moment, all that matters is each other.

Yeah, but are you gettin’ it? - Armageddon it!

Ooh, really gettin’ it? - Yes, Armaggedon it!

Breaking the kiss out of the mutual need for air, both women turn to face the stage and pump their fists in unison with the crowd, answering the cry from the band.

You try comin’ on when you need some
But then you don't ‘cause you already did
Yeah, you jangle your jewels while you're shakin’ ya
And drive the pretty boys outta their heads

You got it, but are you gettin’ it?

A small crowd has gathered around the two women, cheering them on. It occurs to Kim that here, on the dance floor, sexual orientation doesn’t matter. All that matters is the ability to dance with passion. Well, she’s got plenty of that.

Turning her back to the older woman, Kim grinds against Shego, lifting her arms in the air and swinging her hips like there's no tomorrow. Turning over her shoulder, she steals a quick peck from the pale woman, giving her new life and eliciting a cheer from the crowd.

You flash your bedroom eyes like a jumpin’ jack
Then play it pretty with a pat on the back
You know you (ya) can't stop it
So don't rock it
You know you got it
Hey, but are you gettin’ it?
Ooh, really gettin’ it?
Oh, come get it from me

Shego seems emboldened by the crowd as well, running her long hands up and down Kim’s midsection, occasionally making contact with the younger woman’s breasts. No apologies are made, because none are needed. Kim turns around, bucking her hips and bringing herself into contact with Shego. She nestles her forehead against Shego’s and grips the older woman’s waist. Staring deep into those deep green eyes, Kim tilts her head and dives into another kiss.

Gimme all of your lovin’ - every little bit
Gimme all that you got - every bit of it
Every bit of your lovin - oh, c'mon live a bit
Never want it to stop

Perfectly choreographed, their lips meet just as the song breaks into chorus again and a cheer from the crowd is their reward. But they do not notice. Their hair whips around as they attempt to swallow each other whole. Kim bucks her hips, causing a shudder to run through both women, who never break the kiss.

Yeah, but are you gettin’ it? - Armageddon it!
Ooh, really gettin’ it? - Yes, Armaggedon it!
C'mon, Steve, get it

Finally separating, they turn to face the stage once again to perform what has become part of their steady rhythm. Rational thought has been replaced by carnal instinct. All that matters is the dance. Kim twirls around and thrusts herself into the older woman, reaching behind her to wrap her arms around Shego’s neck and pull her in for a rather tricky kiss. She spins around so that she faces forward, maintaining contact with those full black lips the entire time.

Take it, take it, take it from me
I got an itchy finger following me
Pull it, pull it, c'mon trigger the gun
‘Cause the best is (a) yet to come, I say
‘Cause the best is yet to come
Are you gettin’ it? Really gettin’ it?
Yes, are you gettin’ it, really gettin’ it?
Oh, come get it from me

The crowd continues to cheer around them, enjoying the spectacle as two of the most beautiful women on the planet come together. Kim finds herself captivated by Shego, losing herself in her smell, taste, and touch. She wants her mind, her body, and her soul, to claim everything that is Shego, and in return offer everything that is Kim. To be Shego’s and to have Shego be hers. Their dance is slowly building up to a climax. Kim’s heart beats faster, her eyelids flutter, and sweat pours from her body as she loses herself in the rhythm. Giving in to her animal desires, she pulls Shego in for one more kiss.

Gimme all of your lovin’ - every little bit
Gimme all that you got - every bit of it
Every bit of your lovin’ - Oh come on live a bit
Never want it to stop - Oh, are you getting it?
Gimme all of your lovin’ - Ooh really gettin’ it?
Gimme all that you got - Oh are you getting it?
Gimme all of your lovin’ - Oh live a bit
Gimme all that you got - Whoa, live a bit

Yin and Yang become one in the same as fire and water converge. Red and green. Black dress and pale white skin. Kim and Shego. Opposites. Equals. Reflections of each other. All coalesce in a spectacle that has many swearing that they can see fireworks. Kim is Shego’s. Shego is Kim’s. They offer themselves to each other, becoming as one. For years they have stood against each other, kept each other in check, fought as equals, and now they come together as so much more. It is not “destiny.” It is not even necessarily “right.” But it is what both of them wants. And nothing can keep either of these two from getting what they want.

You've got to live it - gimme all of your lovin’
Ooh baby live it - gimme all that you got
C'mon and give it - every bit of your lovin’
Oh come on and give it - Never want it to stop
Oh are you gettin’ it? - Gimme all of your lovin’
Ooh really gettin’ it? - Gimme all that you got
Oh are you gettin’ it? - Every bit of your lovin’
Oh live a bit - Never want it to stop

The night becomes a blur as the song begins to fade away. Kim is lost in a flurry of colors, smells and sensations. This is all that matters. Society be damned. She finally understands what Shego was trying to tell her earlier. Now she knows one thing: she’s got it, and she’s getting it. And nothing can take that away.

Apologies for taking so long (shut up, Blackbird), but the damn document manager decided to not work again. I hope you all liked this chapter. It’s Kim/Shego-centric, with all the other characters being pushed off until the next chapter. I assume you all are smart enough to realize the significance of the song. This is the major turning point of the story, where Kim finally “gets it.” Now the real action will begin. Please read and review. No flames, please.


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