Hate is Such a Strong Word

Chapter 5

For Every Action


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TITLE: For Every Action

AUTHOR: beeftony

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and all related characters are the property of the Disney Company. I own this work of fiction. I make no profit from this.

SUMMARY: What would happen if Kim turned bad? My interpretation of Kim's declaration of hatred towards Shego in StD.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 5138

“Father come quickly! It is most urgent!”

Señor Senior Senior rose with great effort and walked as elegantly as he could on his cane over to where his son sat reading a magazine. “Yes, Junior? What is it?” he asked, only half-interested. He loved his son, but sometimes his… childlike qualities were most irritating. But he was the only family he had left. He had divorced his wife shortly after Junior was born, and thus the boy had grown up with only his father and his vast income to support him. Senior was a very generous man; he could not find it in his heart to say no. And so Junior had grown up sheltered and spoiled, with no real idea of how the world worked. Senior now realized that was a mistake.

“Father, it is my blue fox!” Junior squealed, kicking his legs up and down excitedly. “She has turned to evil!”

“Blue Fox?” That sounded familiar. “Ah, yes, Kim Possible.” Senior remembered her. She was the reason he had gotten into the villainy game. Well, her and the advice of her sidekick, Ron Stoppable. It did not matter. What mattered is that she had been a constant thorn in his side ever since the day she came to lecture him about conserving energy. “She has turned to evil, you say?”

“Yes, father!” Junior bubbled. “It says it right here: ‘She Can Do Anything: Including Crime! World Famous Teen Hero Kim Possible Decides It May Be Time to Switch Sides.’ Father, do you know what this means?”

Senior knew. It was no better really. Now instead of a foil, he had competition. And Senior crushed the competition. But how to break this gently to his son? “Junior, did the article say anything else?”

Junior nodded. “It says here that her path to villainy started when, for no apparent reason, she left her prom to free a criminal she had just captured, the international fugitive Shego. Oh, you remember her! That nice tutor lady you hired to teach me how to be more evil!”

Senior scowled inwardly, but a warm, practiced smile still shone on the outside. “Yes, I remember her.” It wasn’t a pleasant memory. “Junior, aren’t you worried that this could pose a danger to us? Miss Shego did not exactly part with us on amicable terms.”

“I suppose you could be right,” Junior mused as he tapped his fingers in sequence along his chin. “Which is why I will be seducing my blue fox into joining us!”

“Seducing? Junior, surely you do not mean—”

“I do, father! It is time I got a wife. Then we can have evil little babies!” Junior stood up and clapped his hands together with glee.

Senior felt the urge to sigh and bury his face in his hands, but something occurred to him. His son may be right for once. “If Miss Possible were on our side, she would no longer pose a threat. In fact, she would be a most valuable asset. Junior, I think you may be on to something.”

“Oh, it is most invigorating to hear praise from you, father! I will go work on my evil plan right away!”

Senior smiled. “You do that, my son.” ‘Yes, you do that. And as usual, I will be the one with the real plan. I do wonder how we are to remove the threat of Miss Shego, however. She will not give up Miss Possible without a fight. Most distressing indeed. I feel I must ponder this in-depth.’ With that, he ambled off towards his study.

Shego was not a morning person. She was accustomed to getting up at the crack of noon, lounging around all afternoon, maybe doing a little grunt work for Drakken, and staying out all night. That was before Kim moved in. Now….

“Shego! Get up! Get up! Get up!” the redhead yipped like a caffeinated terrier.

“Mmn? Whttmzit?” Shego groaned, pulling the covers over her head, setting up a barrier with which to defend against the intruder.

“Six o’clock! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Shego heard the sounds of feet bouncing up and down on the carpet.

‘Great, now she’s like a puppy,’ she thought to herself. “Go where, Princess?”

“To school!” Kim said as though Shego were retarded.

“Princess, you don’t go to school, remember? You ran away.” The bouncing stopped. Shego heard a heavy sigh.

“I know,” Kim sniffled. “It just felt good pretending my life was still normal.”

‘Aw, crap.’ Shego uncovered her head and turned around to face Kim, who was close to tears. Shego smiled at how she had gotten all ready for school. She looked so cute in that green shirt and those blue capris. The teen clutched her backpack and let it hang by the front of her legs, a sad expression on her face. She had been really excited. And Shego had ruined it by refusing to play along. “Princess, was your life ever normal?”

Kim released the backpack and chuckled a bit as she sat down on the bed next to Shego, who sat up and put her arm around the redhead. “Well, I guess not. But I was used to it. I’m still adjusting to not having as many responsibilities.”

Shego laughed. “Doy! Of all things to get used to, having more free time? How do you stand it?”

Kim chuckled. “You don’t understand. Every minute of my life I was doing something. I was on all the committees in school, I was Captain of the Cheerleading Squad, I was on the Honor Roll, and of course there were the missions… I’m not used to sitting around.”

“Could it be ‘cause you’re a control freak?” Shego teased, nibbling on Kim’s ear.

Kim giggled and pushed the green woman’s face away with one palm. She let out another sigh. “Actually, that’s exactly it. I hate being dependent on other people.”

“Not true,” Shego countered, shifting her position so that now her full breasts were pressed against Kim’s back, arms draped around the front. “You certainly had no problem letting me fix breakfast for you and clean up all your messes for you these last few days.” She pressed her nose into Kim’s voluminous hair and inhaled. ‘Mmm, strawberries.’

“And I’m grateful for that,” Kim insisted. “It’s just… I always used to have to look after Ron like he was some child. It feels weird being in his position for once.”

“What position would you rather be in?” Shego asked, planting a line of kisses along Kim’s neck.

“I thought you said no sex until I was ready?” Kim replied, confused.

Shego giggled. “That doesn’t mean no hickeys.” She started to suck on the redhead’s neck.

“Shego, what’re you—ow! Shego!”

“Who’s gonna see, Princess? It’s just you and me in this lair.” She nibbled harder.

Kim tried in vain to escape, but the green woman held fast. ”What are we, thirteen? Get off!”

Shego ignored the redhead, focusing on giving her the biggest love bite of her life. Kim shrieked and writhed, trying to break free, but Shego was much stronger.

“You know, if that pale skin didn’t convince me you were a vampire before, I’m definitely—ow! Quit biting!”

Shego stopped for a moment. “Sorry, Princess, but if you keep moving like that I won’t be able to do it right. Now hold still.”

“Rrgh, fine!” Kim huffed and crossed her arms, allowing Shego to suck on her flesh hungrily. It didn’t hurt nearly as bad now that she was holding still. It was sort of like going to a hair stylist. After a few more torturous seconds, Shego relented.

“There. All done.” The green woman collapsed back onto the bed.

Kim reached up and felt the newly made love bite. “I guess this means I’m yours now.”

Shego nodded. “Yup. And it took your mind off of everything else, didn’t it?”

Kim stopped the absent-minded rubbing of her neck and looked to her partner. “Yeah. Yeah, it did. Um, thanks.”

“Like you would say, Princess, ‘no big,’” Shego insisted, accepting the compliment with a flip of her hand.

Kim was suddenly struck with an idea. She grinned devilishly. “You know, Shego, since I enjoyed mine so much, maybe I should give you one.”

“One…?” Shego asked, puzzled. The redhead started crawling towards her with a mischievous grin. “Oh, no, Kimmie, don’t you dare! Don’t you dare! Don’t you—augh!” Like an animal, Kim pounced and claimed her girlfriend’s neck. She clung to Shego’s body like a parasite, marking her territory with her teeth. The green woman squirmed underneath her, but she could not break free.

“What the hell? Get off me, ya little leech! Get—ow!”

“Hold still and it won’t hurt so bad,” Kim smirked.

Shego narrowed her eyes dangerously at the redhead. “Why you little—ow! Fuck, Princess!”

“Was that an offer?” Kim retorted.

“Har har, Kimmie. Just get it over with.”

“Okey-dokey then,” Kim replied, diving back in.

“Okey-dokey?” Shego questioned. “I’m in love with Opie,” the villainess lamented.

Aside from the occasional cry of pain when Kim got too excited, the process was actually quite pleasurable. Soon Shego had a brand new hickey.

“I just hope the collar on my suit is enough to cover this,” she commented as she rubbed the newly formed mark. She pointed her finger at the beaming redhead. “Otherwise someone’s gonna be in big trouble.”

“Says the woman who gave me a bite the size of Canada,” Kim retorted as she rubbed the sore spot on her neck. “Seriously, go easier on me next time.”

“Next time?” Shego teased. “You want another one?” She started to crawl towards the redhead with a devilish gleam in her eye.

Kim shook her head. “Nuh-uh. No way that mouth is getting anywhere near my neck.” She held her arm straight in front of her, attempting to ward off the advancing Shego.

“Who said anything about your neck?” Shego retorted. Before Kim could react, the green woman grabbed her hand and clomped down hard on her forearm. The teen screamed in pain.

“That does it,” Kim growled, pulling herself free. “I’ll show you!” She took a chomp out of Shego’s bare calf.

“Ow! Do you have any idea how much that hurts, Princess?”

“Not enough!” Kim grunted back. “I—ow!” she howled as the green woman bit her shoulder hard. “Not fair!”

“Life isn’t fair, Kimmie,” Shego reminded her. “Sometimes you just gotta—fuck!”

“How true,” Kim remarked, a hint of blood dripping from her mouth.

“Why you little…” Shego growled as she pounced towards the redhead, sinking her teeth deep into her bicep. Kim howled in agony.

This went on for several minutes, each woman trying to even some sort of imaginary score. They got lost in a frenzy, sometimes even biting themselves by mistake. There were a few screams of pain, but neither woman backed down. Finally, exhausted, they lay side by side on the bed, staring at each other.

“I love you,” Kim panted.

“I love you too, Pumpkin,” Shego replied, moving forward to give Kim a delicate kiss on the nose. The redhead smiled.

“Thanks,” Kim said.

“For what?”

“For being here when I needed you. I was really depressed this morning.”

“My pleasure, Princess,” Shego responded. Kim flipped over, and Shego moved up closer to the redhead, spooning her from behind. It felt good to share the bed with someone.

Kim pressed up harder against the older woman. Who needed Pandaroo when she had Shego? This felt so much better than sleeping alone. They lay there until they fell asleep, happier than they’d been in a long time. The last thought that crossed each woman’s mind before they drifted off to sleep was the face of the person next to them.

Dr. Betty Director was stumped.

It was highly unusual for the leader of such a powerful organization as Global Justice—an agency of the UN, no less—to be at a complete loss. But there were some things for which the best intelligence in the world couldn’t tell you what you needed to know.

One of those things was why exactly a teen heroine, on the honor roll, chairman of every committee in school, Captain of the Cheerleading squad—someone with her whole life ahead of her—would choose to throw it all away and free someone she helped capture, turning herself into a criminal. It defied all logic. But then, Kim Possible always did.

Dr. Director couldn’t count how many times Kim had been sent into situations where her own agents would have been decimated and made it out without a scratch. Sure, Kim didn’t know the first thing about all the procedures that had to be followed, but that’s what GJ was there for. Kim was largely a distraction—sent into all the high profile areas to deal with the big threats while her agents followed and handled all the boring stuff. Well, it wasn’t boring to Dr. Director, but Kim would have quit a long time ago if she knew how much paperwork went into prosecuting criminals. This unorthodox approach was necessary due to the redhead’s short attention span. Kim had the ability to change her mind in a heartbeat, so quickly that even Betty couldn’t follow her logic sometimes. Just like now.

She was sure Kim had a good reason, but damn if she knew what the hell it was. What would she have to gain by allying herself with Shego, a known criminal? It made no sense. Was she undercover? That was silly, since Shego had already been captured, not to mention Dr. Director would have known about it. GJ had jurisdiction over every intelligence agency in the countries that made up the UN. So why would world famous teen hero Kim Possible turn to villainy? Was she not satisfied with her life as a hero? Why wouldn’t she be? Kim had everything going for her. Betty had even gathered from the police reports that the redhead had fallen in love with her sidekick, Ron Stoppable. So why leave?

That’s what Dr. Director had been trying to puzzle out for the last week. She wasn’t the only one. Ever since the article that lay stretched in front of her on her desk had been published, the whole world had been wondering why Global Justice’s best freelance agent had suddenly turned to a life of crime. Some of the less… reputable newspapers had speculated that it was because the two were in love and having some sort of lesbian affair. Dr. Director had dismissed that notion right away. After all, Kim had shown no signs of swinging that way in her psychological profile. And besides, even if Kim were a lesbian, why would she fall for Shego, the woman who had tried to kill her on numerous occasions? It made no sense.

Nothing made sense. The lesbian affair theory made the least sense, but it was still being considered as a possibility, if a very laughable one. No, there had to be an explanation for this. Betty only hoped that she could figure out that reason before it was too late. She sighed and took another sip of her coffee, only to spit it out when she realized that it was a day old. She’d been here since the previous morning trying to figure this out. She was still no closer than when she started. She sighed and pressed the call button. The image of a tall, thin Asian man with black hair styled in a bowl cut appeared on the screen that lay on her desk.

“Will, get me some more coffee,” she ordered.

“Yes sir,” Agent Du replied. “And while you’re on the line, I’ve got Ron Stoppable in the lobby waiting for you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” the one-eyed woman snapped.

“He just arrived,” Will replied. “I was just about to call you.”

“I see,” Dr. Director said. “Have him bring in my coffee.”

“Yes sir.”

The communication ceased, and Dr. Director turned her attention back to the article in front of her, resolving not to go anywhere until she had figured this out. But this was giving her a serious headache. She needed a distraction.

Fortunately, distractions were what Ron Stoppable did best. He strode into the room, carrying a steaming cup of Dr. Director’s favorite brew. Handing it to her, he sat down in the rich leather chair that sat across from Betty’s massive semicircular desk.

Dr. Director took a sip and marveled at how fresh the coffee tasted. “Where did you get this?” she asked, making small talk.

“Starbucks,” the blond replied offhand, not making a big deal out of it. “On the way over here. Figured you could use a fresh cup.”

“How thoughtful,” Betty replied. “Is that all you came for?”

Ron shook his head. “Actually, I came to talk about Kim. I think I may have finally figured out what caused her to act so weird.”

“That’s the first good news I’ve heard all day,” Dr. Director sighed, standing up and pacing. “You’d think that the mind of an American cheerleader would be easy to crack. But sometimes Miss Possible makes decisions that even I can’t follow.” She turned to Ron, so excited she seemed almost desperate. “So, what’ve you got? Tell me.”

“Weeell….” The extended syllable was not a good sign. “It’s more of a theory at this point. But it’s a pretty good theory. I think so, anyway.”

Dr. Director stopped pacing. “I doubt anything we’ve come up with is any better. You’ve read the tabloids. They’ve got it more figured out than we do. What’s your theory, Mr. Stoppable?”

“Okay, you might wanna sit down for this,” Ron suggested, motioning with his hands.

“I’ve been sitting for 9 hours, Mr. Stoppable, I think I’ll stand.” Betty was growing impatient. “What’s your theory?” she repeated sternly.

Ron gulped. Something about Dr. Director’s current state made him feel uncomfortable, as he knew what happened to Kim when she was running solely on caffeine. “Well, you know how that Eric guy turned out to be a synthodrone?”

Betty nodded. “I read the reports, Mr. Stoppable, that’s not new information.” ‘Get on with it already.’

Ron nervously pulled at his collar. He could tell that Betty was growing increasingly impatient with him. Best to let it all out. “What’s to say he didn’t do the same thing with Kim?”

Dr. Director’s eyes shot open in surprise. “You mean….”

“Yeah.” Ron nodded. “I don’t think that was KP at all.”

Betty Director was usually the epitome of professional. She had interrogated countless hardened criminals, ventured into hundreds of war zones, endured meeting after meeting, and done it all with a straight face. Yet for some reason, be it the lack of sleep, the caffeine-high, or the fact that Ron Stoppable could make even the biggest stiff crack a smile, the Head of Global Justice doubled over and started laughing hysterically.

Ron wasn’t very observant. He’d once thought that, “Until the day we again meet,” words spoken after a kiss on the cheek, was a simple Japanese goodbye. He usually had to have things spelled out to him. But he knew when he was being mocked. “What’s so funny?” he demanded.

Dr. Director let out a contented sigh. “I’m sorry, it’s just… why didn’t I think of that before? I could have gotten so much more sleep!” she said before indulging in another round of deep belly-laughter.

“So do you believe me or not?” Ron interjected.

Betty had to sit down to avoid falling to the floor. She leaned back in her chair and continued to howl, years of stress finally released in a glorious display of laughter. A tear was shaken loose from her eye, and the one-eyed woman had to gasp for breath. After several minutes of laughing, she composed herself.

“Ahem. Sorry for that, Mr. Stoppable,” she spoke in as calm and measured a voice as she could manage. She started to giggle. “It’s just, I’m laughing at my own stupidity. I mean, why didn’t I ask you first? That would have saved so much time.”

“So you believe me?” Ron asked hopefully.

Dr. Director nodded. “We’ll consider it a theory, but it’s definitely possible. I mean, why would the real Kim Possible run out of her junior prom to hook up with her arch-nemesis? It’s unreal!”

They sat and chatted for several minutes about the absurdity of it all when the communicator on her desk buzzed. Betty cleared her throat and pushed the button. Will’s face popped up on the screen. “Yes, Will?”

“I’ve got Kim’s parents on line one. They say they made contact with Kim last night.”

Dr. Director instantly tensed, her body going into full alert. She leaned closer to the speaker. Ron did as well. “Made contact? How?”

“Apparently Miss Possible snuck in the house to steal back her battle suit. She caused a major power outage, but luckily they still had a generator from the Diablo incident. They attempted to convince her to stay and failed.”

Betty nodded. “Patch them through.”

“Yes sir.”

Ron’s face suddenly grew confused. “Sir? But you’re a—” he began before a sharp glare from Dr. Director convinced him to drop it. Even though he could be a fool sometimes, he wasn’t stupid. He knew when to shut up.

The image of Will was replaced with a woman with short red hair and blue eyes, dressed in a lab coat. He husband, also clad in a white lab coat, was slightly taller and had grey patches in his dark brown hair.

“Hello? Mr. and Mrs. Possible?” Dr. Director addressed the view screen.

“Hello, Betty,” the female Dr. Possible returned. “Did Will fill you in?”

“Yes, Anne,” Dr. Director replied, and Ron found it odd that she knew Mrs. Dr. P’s name. Hell, he didn’t even know it until now. But then again, she was the head of the most powerful intelligence agency in the world. She probably knew his mother’s name. That scared him, because he knew it as well.

James Possible spoke up. “Good, so you know we made contact with Kimmie, then.”

“How is she, Mr. Dr. P?” Ron chimed in, earning a glare from Dr. Director, who had been about to ask the same thing. She didn’t like being beaten to the punch.

“Is that Ron?” Anne asked.

“Yes, Anne,” Betty replied. “He and I were just discussing possible reasons for Kim’s disappearance. He has a remarkable theory.”

“What is it?” the Possible matron inquired.

“We think KP’s a synthodrone, Mrs. P,” Ron answered as he leaned over the desk, looking at the view screen upside-down. Dr. Director flipped a switch and an identical screen popped up on Ron’s side of the desk, allowing him to sit back. To the Possibles, Ron and Dr. Director would appear as a split-screen.

“Well, that would certainly explain Kimmie-cub’s strange behavior last night,” the male Possible volunteered. “She was awfully rude to the both of us.”

“Honey, you weren’t exactly nice to her either,” Anne reminded him, clutching his right arm with both hands and pressing herself up against him. “She was upset, and we yelled at her. Oh, I feel like such a terrible mother.”

“Well, if Ronald’s correct, then you may not be,” James responded, reaching over with his left arm to comfort his wife. “Our daughter could still be out there.”

“Or that may have been the real Kim,” Betty interjected, bringing a sad expression to Anne’s face and a scowl to James’. This was one part of her job that she absolutely hated. “Remember, it’s just a theory at this point.”

Anne sighed. “I know, but how else do you explain what happened last night? Kimmie wasn’t acting like herself.”

“It could be that she’s very confused right now and doesn’t know how to act,” Dr. Director offered. “Provided that was the real Kim, she needs serious help.”

James growled. “That certainly wasn’t the girl I raised. She defied her mother and me, swore at us, and ran away.”

“It could have been stress, Dr. Possible,” Betty suggested. “A lot of times people under stress hardly resemble their normal personalities. She may just not have been thinking clearly.”

”Whose side are you on, anyway?” James snapped. “I thought you said that wasn’t our daughter.”

Betty sighed. “As I said before, Dr. Possible, it’s just a theory at this point. My job is to consider all the possibilities. Including the possibility that your daughter really did do all those things. As much as I hope that’s not the case, I have to consider it.”

“We understand, Betty, but Kim told us that—” Anne spoke up, and Ron’s eyes went wide with surprise again. Wait, Mrs. Dr. P knew Dr. Director’s name? How did they know each other? Maybe Kim told her. Still, if the people of this place were so reverent of Dr. Director that they called her “sir,” why would the one-eyed woman not take offense at being addressed by her first name? Maybe it was a doctor thing. Still, the fact that she called Mrs. Dr. P “Anne” and Kim’s dad “Dr. Possible,” there may have been a deeper connection there. Weird indeed. He realized that he had just completely zoned out on what Mrs. Dr. P had said.

“Could you repeat that, Mrs. Dr. P? I kinda missed what you said.”

The Drs. Possible looked to each other and seemed to communicate something with their eyes. Ron felt suspiciously like he was being kept out of the loop. Turning back towards the screen, Anne smiled. “Nothing you should be concerned about, Ronald. She just told us that she was tired of living under our rules, so she went out and became a criminal. Apparently Shego is serving as a mentor of sorts.”

That sounded reasonable. But Ron couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something deeper going on here. He decided to drop it for now. No use pushing it.

“Is there anything else?” Dr. Director spoke up, as if she were trying to bring the conversation to a close quickly. The Drs. Possible shook their heads.

“Please bring Kimmie home safe and sound,” Anne practically begged. “Don’t hurt her if you can help it.”

“We promise to be as gentle as possible when handling your daughter, Anne.” She said “Anne” almost affectionately, activating Ron’s weird-ar again. Looks like there was some interesting background here. He’d have Wade run a search later. “Don’t worry, we’ll do everything in our power to bring her back home soon,” she assured the female Possible.

“Thank you Betty,” Anne replied. “I knew I could count on you.” This was just too weird. Almost as if they’d been close friends in the past. This had nothing on his KP-is-a-synthodrone theory. He needed to get out of here before he said something stupid.

Fortunately, the communication ceased before he could feel compelled to ask if Dr. Director and Mrs. Dr. P had been involved in the past. He stood. “Well, uh, it was nice meeting with you, sir,” he stammered and began to excuse himself from her office.

“Ron,” Dr. Director called just before he reached the door. Fearing the worst, Ron closed his eyes for a brief second and turned around, a nervous expression on his face.

“Yes?” he squeaked.

“Only my agents have to call me ‘sir.’ You may address me as ‘Dr. Director’ or ‘Betty,’ your choice.” Ron breathed an inward sigh of relief.

“I’ll stick with ‘Dr. Director,’” the blond replied. “Will you let me know if you find anything?”

Dr. Director nodded. “Along with Kim’s parents, you’ll be the first to know. We’re all worried about Miss Possible. I’m sure you want to lead the rescue yourself.”

How did she know? “Um, yeah,” Ron managed. “She’s my best friend. Maybe a little more.”

“I know,” the one-eyed woman responded, placing her elbows on the desk and interlacing her fingers. “She really hurt you when she left, didn’t she?”

Ron dipped his head. “Yeah,” he admitted. “That’s kinda why I came up with the whole synthodrone thing. I don’t know what I’d do if KP really did all that.”

Dr. Director nodded in understanding. “Trust me, Ron, when the time comes, you’ll know what to do. You’ve managed without Kim before. I’m sure you’ll do just fine.”

Ron could feel his cheeks filling with blood as he blushed. “Thanks. That… means a lot.” He found himself unable to think of anything else to say. “I-I’m gonna go now,” he stammered, reaching for the doorknob, only to remember there wasn’t one. It slid open and he turned around to see Dr. Director lifting her hand off of a button.

“Goodbye, Ron,” she said. “Thanks for the coffee.”

“Heh. Like KP would say, no big,” Ron replied shakily before exiting through the door, which hissed shut behind him. He leaned back against the wall and breathed a huge sigh of relief. He felt something poke its way out of his pocket and he looked down to see Rufus staring up at him. “You heard, little buddy?”

The naked mole rat nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“Sounds like something serious is going on, buddy,” Ron said. “And it looks like one of Kim’s catchphrases would be wrong for once.”

Rufus looked up at his master, puzzled. “Huh?”

Ron’s eyes narrowed and his voice grew serious. “This is so the drama.”

BUM! BUM! BUM! Okay, so this chapter wasn’t THAT much longer, but it’s still over 5,000 words. The opening scene was pseudo-inspired by MrDrP’s Booyahahahahaha!, one of my favorite stories of all time. For those of you who haven’t read it, it explores what would happen if Kim and Ron went bad. I have nothing but respect for the story, but I found it a bit too light in some areas. I wanted a story that explored the real emotional consequences of running away from home. Not to mention I also wanted to see it done from a KiGo perspective. So the only option available was to write it myself, which I don’t mind a bit. (winks) The fluff scene with Kim and Shego was really fun to write. I think they can be really cute together when they want to be. As for the final scene (which is longer than the first two combined), I felt like I’d been ignoring Ron and Dr. Director too much. Hopefully this helps remedy that. What are the Seniors planning? What will happen when Ron finds out Kim really IS human? What happened between Kim’s mom and Dr. Director? (you’ll never guess) Will Kim and Shego have to wear turtlenecks? Find out all this and more in Chapter six of Hate is Such a Strong Word. Please read and review. No flames, please.


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