KIM POSSIBLE - Heart Of A Blue Fox

Chapter 2


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AUTHOR: shenglong2006

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible belongs to Disney. If I owned it, we’d have more than 87 episodes once the new run is finished.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Kim Possible, Blue Fox.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

AUTHORS NOTES: Jeez, Are all of you not that much in touch with various fandoms that I could keep a cookie safe that easily… The people Kim went to, in order, were Shaun McCormack and KITT, from Knight Rider 2000, Solid Snake, from Metal Gear Solid, Nicholas ‘Nick’ Fury, from his own comic series, Professor Charles Xavier (and James ‘Logan’ Howlett (Wolverine)), from the X-Men series, and Bruce ‘Batman’ Wayne, from Batman Begins, who finally took her to see the Teen Titans. I also referenced Code Lyoko and Justice League. Therefore, to win the cookie, you needed to tell me - KNIGHT RIDER, METAL GEAR SOLID, NICK FURY: AGENT OF SHEILD, X-MEN, BATMAN, CODE LYOKO, JUSTICE LEAGUE. Kim Possible and Teen Titans both did not count. If you were right, but never decided to guess, Take half a cookie anyway. If you didn't get Code Lyoko, take a quarter of one. It was a obscure reference, and hard to spot.

Revision Notes: Yep, Even Heart’s getting revised. Firstly, The Art Challenge appears to have died before it even got to live. Second, The original starter was dire, and I mean dire even compared to some of my oldest work… Anyway, My new first chapter is coming now, and we can forget the original one ever happened… I definitely am.

Words: 651

Shego looked at Slade.

“So, What’s your price?” She said, glaring at the infamous crime lord.

“Come, Shego… We all know that you don’t want anyone to know how soft you’ve gone on Kim Possible…” He said, seeming to smirk.

“And I doubt you’ll be telling anyone from six feet under…” She growled.

“Been there, done that… Being burned alive in lava is NOT good for the complexion…” Slade said, walking over to a cupboard, and withdrawing a wicked looking bladed weapon, “Even took this wonderful little trinket off the guy who tried to claim I needed to stay dead…”

“Now that is a lot better than a T-Shirt…” She said.

“Anyway, Now we’ve finished threatening someone who is unafraid of death, Let’s discuss terms… I have six things for you to destroy… The first is a statue placed at this location… If it’s not there, I’ll have alternate orders for you… If you can prove you’ve been there and done what you can, I’ll give you your second target…” Slade said.

Shego looked at the location, memorized it, and quietly wondered what kind of reaper would have that kind of scythe as she left to find a way to her first target…

“So, You’re a mutant?” Beast Boy said, looking at Kim.

“Nope… It’s something more… According to Xavier, I’m still changing… Apparently, DNAmy’s ray only half worked… It awoke something else, which was what really changed me…” Kim said.

“Whoa… Back a bit…” Ron said, “What do you mean ‘something else’?”

Kim then coughed, a small lick of flame coming from between her lips. Yori smiled, giving a knowing look at Kim.

“Raven, Yori, I’ll discuss it with you later.” She said, then Beast Boy decided to turn into a fox. Kim glared at him, then turned into a fox herself, growling, saying something in a series of yips and barks.

“Hey!” Beast Boy said, changing back, “Mind your manners!”

“I would not use that transformation near Kim.” Raven suggested, as Kim changed back, looking slightly confused, “She’s not yet ready for everything her body can do…”

“Thanks, Raven… I hate when my fox side takes over like that…” She said, then looked scared.

“What’s up?” Robin asked.

“Raven, You’ll need a quick reanimation spell… Even if you have to talk with the dragon for one… Everyone else, We need to prepare for a hard battle.” Kim said, standing up, “Don’t ask me how I know this, but if we don’t hurry, in a few short hours, Tara Markov will be dead.”

“Tara Mar…” Robin began, then the colour drained from his face.

“Didn’t Terra say…” Beast Boy said, then came to the same conclusion…

Raven was out of the room faster than normal, as she picked up a simple message off Robin’s mental link…

“Right, Malchior…” Raven said, opening the book, “I need your knowledge…”

“What for?” Malchior said, noticing the fact Raven’s aura was free of the dark influence he’d blocked last time.

“Reanimation spell… Powerful one… Don’t tell me the master of arcane literature can’t give me one… If you do that, I’ll create a spell to make you into the person you now are, rather than the dragon you were…” She said.

“It will be interesting… Although, I doubt your lover would like that… You should write your diary on something except paper…” He said.

“Would you like to be the master of the book, rather than it’s prisoner?” She said.

“You win… Bring me with you to whatever mission you need my expertise for… Although, if you are pleased with my services, You must give me the power to control the book…” He said.

“Trust him.” Kim said, walking in, “He’ll be an annoyance from time to time, but he’ll reform.”

“OK… I guess you’ve got yourself a apprenticeship with the Titans…” Raven said, and they set off to thwart whatever Kim had somehow predicted…

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