KIM POSSIBLE - Heart Of A Blue Fox

Chapter 1


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AUTHOR: shenglong2006

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible belongs to Disney. If I owned it, we’d have more than 87 episodes once the new run is finished.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Kim Possible, Blue Fox.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

AUTHORS NOTE: Well, A sequel was always in the works, and here it is… This chapter is to say ‘Sorry for the wait’… As well as challenge myself to do as many series as possible in one story. Requests for a proper story for each one is allowed. BTW, I’m using the Tumbler as the Batmobile since It’s part of a challenge… Draw Kim’s arrival at her final destination…

Words: 742

Dear diary,

I’ve not been slacking since losing my owner… Far from it… I’ve been calling in favors left, right and centre to find any trace of Shego, and going truly freelance… Ron and Yori went back to Yamanouchi, while I went to pull in some favors…

Kim sighed. Another false lead.

“Nothing ventured, Nothing gained… Thanks anyway.” She said to the driver.

“It was nothing, Ms. Possible… Not after you saved KITT from that evil clone… Who’d have thought that was a usable weakness…” Shaun said.

“No big…” Kim said, “And thanks for the autograph…”

Sadie was happy to get that autograph, and promised a lot more help when I’ve got Shego pinned down to one location… Things really took off when I got further down my list of still-owed favours…

“Thanks for the information, David…” Kim said. The man looked at her with a scowl, but smiled.

“Well, You did help me with that mission…” He started.

“No big… How are you and Mei Ling getting on?” Kim asked.

“Well.” He said, “That was a good call of yours…”

The information lead me to a very interesting conversation, let me tell you…

“She broke into the most secure place in the world?!?” The commander said.

“Betty told me to give you this…” Kim said, gingerly, handing him a package. The man looked at the contents, laughed heartily, then smiled.

“Wait… Do I know you?” He said.

“I did some work with some of your staff a few months back, before this incident occurred… Highly secret spying mission… Managed to distract the locals…” She said.

“Thanks for that… And tell Dr. Director that I’ll probably be over this Christmas…” He said.

“Anyway, I need your help…”

That man… Anyway, He got me some good information…

Why do the really useful black-ops people I know all wear eyepatches?

The next incident happened in New York, when I was called to see a old friend…

“You wish to find Shelia Gordon.” The man said, calmly.

“I was…” Kim began.

“We haven’t seen her.” The man interrupted, “However, She will not miss you while we take time to discuss your extraordinary endurance and fortitude.”

Kim blinked.

“Howlett… A mutual friend needs some pounding… DON’T be gentle…” He said into a intercom.

“Prof, Why did you use my real surname, and who the fuck would you…?” ‘Howlett’ said.

“Possible.” The man said, succinctly.

“I hope you know…” ‘Howlett’ replied.

“I always do…” The man said.

I ended up with a heck of a lot of pain over that time… Apparently, Me and Howlett share a common problem… Healing factor… Never knew, but it explains why I never ended up a smear on Drakken’s wall. Going back to the Institute with Shego after I officially graduate…

Things improved from there… Well, I got a call…

Kim smiled at Alfred, then walked past him.

“Is he downstairs?” She asked.

“Sir has been downstairs for the past hour… He is expecting you…” Alfred said. Kim smiled, then darted into the secret passage, avoiding the security systems.

“You took your time…” He said.

“Had a problem with a really weird incident in France… How many students require you to debug a supercomputer for them do you think?” She said.

Bruce smirked.

“Not many I suppose…” He said, “Anyway, This is something outside your normal Justice League callouts…”

“Don’t mind… I can keep secrets…” She said.

“Anyway, This is Slade Wilson… He was seen talking to a very strange woman you might know…” Batman said, changing the image.

“Oh my god…” Kim said, getting out her Kimmunicator, turning it on, “Team, We have a hit! Jump City, Confirmed sighting, Very reliable source…”

Robin looked outside the Tower as he heard a very familiar engine roar.

“What the fuck?” Cyborg said, as he heard it too. They went to the front, to see a blocky shape arrive outside, it’s black paint causing it to be even more menancing if that was possible.

“Azarath…” Raven started.

“Don’t worry… It’s just someone I didn’t expect to see…” Robin said.

When the cockpit opened, Batman allowed his passenger to get out, as a small hang-glider landed with two ninjas riding it landed nearby.

“Hello, Titans…” Kim said, getting out the GJ Team Possible ID she’d had made, and flashing it, “If it’s alright, we need to join forces…”

“Consider a alliance made, Ms. Possible.” Robin said.

“Booyah!” Ron said, “Team Possible is back in action!”

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