New Blood

Chapter 2



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TITLE: Rebirth

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, except for Adrian.

SUMMARY: For the Halloween spirit. Kim and Ron go looking for missing persons, only for Kim to become one. Is it really because of a vampire?

TYPE: Kim/Ron, Kim/Shego, Friendship, Romance

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 7769

Kim woke up in a panic because it was dark and she was in an enclosed space. She kicked and punched at the lid until it popped open. She sat up and noticed that she was in a casket. She was unsettled by that and yelped. She then quickly moved to get out of the box and take in her new surroundings.

She was in a rather bare room. The walls were stone, which let her know that she was probably still in Adrian’s castle. The room seemed dark, but she could see clearly. Everything seemed different, but the same to her. She instinctively knew that something was not right.

“You even wake up lively, despite the fact that you’re technically no longer alive,” Adrian commented and the sound of his voice caused Kim to turn the vampire.

“Adrian,” she growled and she put her hands up in defense.

“I’ve been waiting for you to rise,” he informed her.

“What do you mean?” she asked in a suspicious tone. She was not about to let him get close to her and let him bite her again. He had already bitten her four times by her count and she was right about that.

“Maybe I’ll explain it later. How about you and I get something to eat? I know you’re starving,” he said.

“Eat? You and I? I’m not going anywhere with a bloodsucker like you!” she declared, especially when as far as she knew, she was dinner to that man.

Adrian feigned injury to the words. He fell back slightly and put a hand to his chest. “Aw, my dear, you shouldn’t say such thing. After all, you too are a bloodsucker now,” he informed her.

“What?” she inquired. What was he ranting about now?

“Yes, darling, you’re now one of my kind. I thought it would be intriguing to have you around for a few centuries, well, if you can entertain me for that long.”

“I’m not a…I’m not a…” Kim shook her head and looked down at herself. She looked the same as always, but she did not feel the same as always. Something was different about her, like everything else, but she did not know what it was.

“Yes, you are. You’re quite lovely now, in fact. I don’t have the liberty of showing you your reflection.”

“Because vampires don’t have reflections?” she inquired.

“Oh, no. We do have reflections, if we want to anyway. All solid objects have a reflection, after all. I just don’t have a mirror at hand, but I don’t need one to prove to you that you’re now a vampire. Everything about you feels different right now, almost like you’ve stolen someone else’s body, but you know it’s yours. Still, you see things you haven’t seen, hear things you haven’t heard, and feel things you haven’t felt. You can’t explain it, but it feels like you’re in a new world that looks just like the old one. And you are, my dear. This world is new and that thirst nipping at the back of your throat is too. You crave something you’ve never craved and you don’t know what it is. You just know that you want it now,” he replied.

Kim put a hand to her throat and realized that she was cold, but she really did not feel chilly at all. She was also thirsty, like he said. She was not sure what it was that she desired, but she did want it immediately, if not sooner. Oh, god, was she craving blood?

“Shall we dine, darling?” Adrian asked while extending his hand like a gentleman. If she allowed it, he would treat her like a lady. He was a lord, after all. He hoped that she allowed him to treat her as such. It would be nice to have a lady companion again after so long.

“No!” Kim replied. “I’m not a monster!”

“I know you’re not. Come, I had guests these past few nights and was able to secure several bodies for you to taste.”

Kim shook her head. She was not a monster. She bolted for the stairs, hoping to just get away from Adrian before he did anything else to her. Little did she know, there was not much else that he could do, physically speaking. There was also not much else he wanted to do to her physically speaking either. After all, he had already killed her and enjoyed every second of that. Well, he supposed that if push came to shove, he could always just kill her again. Perhaps it would be as pleasurable a second time.

Adrian watched Kim run and noted that she was a quick little thing, even without knowing all of the new talents at her disposal. He smiled as he decided to give her a head start, if only to entertain himself. She had energy and he did like that.

Kim ran as fast as she could out of the castle and down the hill. She stumbled a bit down the way, but ignored that. She just picked herself up and kept running. She had to get away from him, she kept reminding herself. She sprinted into the forest, thinking that everything was going well since she did not see him behind her. She figured that she would be fine if she could just make it to a village. Instead, she ran right into Adrian with such force that she fell to the ground.

“Careful, dearest. You should get used to your new form before running out into the world. If you had done this when I woke up, you would’ve run right out into the setting sun and then where would we be?” Adrian commented while reaching down and offering her a hand.

“Don’t touch me!” she screamed as she crawled away from him since her legs did not seem to want to get up yet.

“Come, darling. Dinner awaits us,” he said, totally ignoring her outburst.

Adrian grabbed Kim and they vanished into a shadow. They appeared in what looked like a dungeon. There were three men chained to the walls. They were GJ agents as far as Kim could tell because they were wearing GJ uniforms.

“What are you doing with them?” Kim demanded to know.

Adrian did not seem curious about her tone. He did not know that she was familiar with the men in a way and he did not care. That part of her would fade away soon, so he did not need to care about her life when she was human. She was dead as a human.

“They’re dinner. Which would you like?” he inquired as if that was normal.

“None! Let them go!” Kim commanded.

“I don’t feel like letting them go and you need nourishment, darling.”

“And stop calling me that! I’m not staying with you and I’m not letting you kill these men,” the redhead declared.

Kim yanked away from Adrian and attacked him in an instant. He noticed that she was faster than the last time that she had tried to fight him, back when she was human. She was taking to be a child of the night quite well in exploiting that speed. If he was not able to make himself intangible, she certainly would have hit him several times. Instead, she wore herself out because he could become ethereal and she was not as well fed as he was. He suddenly grabbed her by the neck, picking her up and holding her to face him.

“You’re fun to be around, darling, and so, you should eat to keep you strength up,” he said in a whisper, close to her lips. She tried her best to turn her head to make sure that no accidents happen with their mouths being so disgustingly close.

Adrian flung Kim to the feet of one of the prisoners. She landed on her rump and put her hands out to keep from falling on her back. She was breathing hard, thanks mostly to her attempt to beat Adrian up. He ordered her to feed and she shook her head, refusing.

“You will do it eventually,” Adrian said coolly.

“No, never,” Kim replied.

“Do you think I’ll spare these men’s lives if you don’t eat? I’ve drained you dry, so now I do need fresh meat, my dear. So, if you don’t drink from them, I’ll take my fill and then leave them to rot with the rest of the carcasses.”

“They’re not cattle,” she objected.

“They are to me and they will be to you. But, it is enjoyable to watch someone fight the thirst, so I’ll watch you. I’ll even tempt you, darling. We’ll have fun together,” Adrian proclaimed with a demonic smirk on his face and a look of evil in his yellow eyes.

(New day)

Doctor Director sighed as she looked over a folder. Kim Possible was still missing and she had lost ten agents looking for the redhead around the area of that castle. It had been three months already and she was ready to presume that Miss Possible was dead, along with her missing agents. She did not like to believe that, but that was what the evidence was pointing toward. Well, actually, the lack of evidence.

She was dreading what she was going to have to do. She was going to have to scale back the search for the missing hero and also inform the girl’s parents of that. She had stupidly assured the parents in the beginning that they would find Kim no matter what. She usually knew better than that, but they had looked so distraught and she had truly believed that they would find the girl. It would seem that she had been wrong.

It was like Kim had vanished from the world and anyone that went looking for her either vanished or reported back there was nothing to find. Her Kimmunicator was not giving off a signal anymore; Adrian had come across the curious gadget when he had first taken Kim and crushed it because he had a feeling it was a communication device. They continuously searched around the place that the last signal came from, which was Adrian’s castle. She did not understand why they could not find Kim in the area. They had not even come across the Kimmunicator in the area.

She hated thinking that Kim was probably dead and someone might have just buried her with her Kimmunicator in the last place that she was. Wade countered that thought by pointing out that the Kummunicator would still be on-line if that was the case. They had scanned that region in everyway feasible and had not found any trace of Kim other than what had been there before. They had branched out, searching other locations and finding nothing at all.

Kim was gone and that was that. She was going to tell the Possibles in person, it was the least that she could do. She hoped that they would be able to move on with their lives, even though she knew that the relatives of a missing person had trouble dealing with it. A missing person was such a sketchy area. It was the unknown. Was the person alive or dead? Relatives usually clung to the hope that the person was alive and would one day return home.

As she was about to leave for the Possible residence, she was informed that Doctor Drakken was making a move. She sighed; he was such a pest. He had already caused trouble twice while they had bigger problems on their hands. Kim Possible was missing and Drakken was trying to sink the whole state of California for whatever reasons.

“Heaven help me, if only this guy made sense,” Doctor Director muttered as she picked a team to go stop Drakken and then she left to go to the Possible home.

Doctor Director was dreading her visit to the Possible house. She did not know what she was going to say to them. She doubted that there was anything that she could say. They were hoping for their little girl to return home, but it was not very likely now. She did not want to have to say that, though.

She arrived at the house in the late afternoon and the family was home. They invited her in and they all sat down in the living room. The doctors offered their guest food and drink, which she declined on. The twins were sent to their room because their parents were not going to chance the boys hearing bad news about their sister.

The tweebs had been trying to act like they did not mind Kim being gone and joked often that they were going to turn her room into a launch pad, but their usual enthusiasm was not in it. Sometimes they could be found just staring in her room and it was clear that they were wondering when she was going to come back. They just always had a look in their eyes that told everyone that they missed their sister and hoped that she was all right.

Through out their lives, the boys never imagined what life would be like without Kim or that something might happen to her. With her missing, it was like constantly punching them in the stomachs with a spiked glove. They secretly wished that they had been nicer to her in case they never saw her again. They wished that they had told her that they admired her. They wished that they had just once told her that they loved her. So, she had to come back so they could make up for all of that. She just had to, right? Well, that was another one of their wishes.

“Tell us you have good news,” Mrs. Possible begged Doctor Director.

Betty sighed. “I wish I did. It’s the same as always. I’m afraid I’m going to have scale back the search for her too,” she reported and the parents gasped.

“What? Why?” James demanded to know.

“I’ve lost ten agents looking for her. They’ve vanished, just like Kim. We need to take this slow and figure out just what is going on. I’m not saying we’re going to give up on your daughter, but that it seems something strange is going on involving her disappearance,” Doctor Director said.

Something strange was putting it mildly in her opinion. She could not believe that so many people disappeared in one place without a trace. Stoppable was still pushing the vampire theory to whoever would listen and also whoever would not listen, and there were a lot of people not listening.

“Well, what are we supposed to do?” Mrs. Possible hollered. Her daughter was missing and had been for three months, so the last thing she wanted to hear was that the investigation was going to be slowed down because it was weird. More effort should be poured into it because it was odd.

“Just be patient. If Kim is still alive—” Betty started and those were the wrong words. She just realized it too late. She was already being cut off.

If she’s alive?” James echoed in a horrified voice.

“You think she’s dead?” Mrs. Possible said to Doctor Director in a shrill tone.

“No, you misunderstand me,” Doctor Director insisted. “I was going to say that if anyone can come away from this bizarre series of events, it is your daughter. Kim can do anything, after all.”

“Are you going to keep looking for her?” the distressed neurosurgeon begged to know.

“We will. It’s just grown from looking for one person to looking for eleven, which should make it simpler. A group stands out more than an individual,” Doctor Director pointed out. She really did want to figure out what happened to her agents and Kim. It was like the woods of Romania were swallowing people.

Shego grabbed Drakken to make their getaway. They hopped in a jet and flew away as the lair exploded. Global Justice had thwarted Drakken’s scheme to break California from the rest of the continent. He had been planning to rule it as an island with the notion of calling Drakafornia. Yeah, he needed to work on his naming.

Drakken was moping about his precious lair while Shego wondered why Kim Possible had not shown up. Global Justice almost never interfered with Drakken’s nutty schemes, even if they were good ones. They usually just left the blue guy to Kim since she was the “Drakken expert.” So, why had Global Justice shown up…again?

Shego decided to ignore that fact Kim did not show up, even though that was the third time that the little busybody had not made an appearance. She figured, what did she care if Kim or GJ shut down Drakken’s stupid plans? Either way, they were defeated again and running from the law.

She guessed that it came to mind because Global Justice showing up sort of threw off her game. She was used to Kim coming through, they would trade insults back and forth while fighting, and then Kim managed to win somehow. GJ agents did not like to swap insults when fighting and they did not seem to have senses of humor. Combat turned out was not as fun when verbal tirades were not involved.

Fighting with several people instead of one was also something that threw Shego off. She could not focus on one opponent like she was used to. She could not give one person her full attention, which she supposed worked out since they did not go back and forth with her like Kim did. It just was not enjoyable. It seemed like work, which was actually not what she expected from her time with Drakken anymore.

Things were supposed to be fun when the hero showed up and she got to tangle with that person. It was supposed to be a good workout and an interesting exchange from someone who was almost her equal in a way. The only annoying part of her job was supposed to be when her boss started ranting or when he got all uppity about things.

Over the next few months, every time Drakken came up with some weird plan and it was foiled, Global Justice showed up. Kim never came around. Shego was getting more curious with every incident that lacked her redheaded rival. She was also getting more irked without the olive-eyed hero showing up, but she tried not to acknowledge that because her irritation did not make any sense to her.

Adrian strolled down the stairs in his castle into the dungeon. He had a body in his arms. He walked over to Kim, who was bolted to the wall. He had her chained there because the feisty little redhead kept running away early on. He thought that she was safer there. She would not be able to run out into the sun and burn to a crisp.

At first, he had chained her in a regular manacle around her arm that would allow her to walk around. It had a long chain on it and was attached to the floor. He was amused when he watched her trying to yank it up. He had then discovered her one night gnawing through her arm like a trapped coyote and that was when he changed her bonds by putting her on the wall. If she wanted to get out of those, she would have chew through her shoulder and she would have to have the neck of a snake to make it all the way through her shoulder too.

“Hello, darling,” Adrian greeted Kim as he stood before her.

She refused to speak to him, which only amused him more. He liked having Kim around. She was so defiant and strong willed. She was also slowly starving to death. She refused to feed. He was enjoying watching her fight the thirst.

“I’ve brought you dinner, my dear,” he said and he held the body up to her mouth. She turned her head.

Kim knew that the victim was still alive. She could faintly hear the heartbeat, as she always could when Adrian brought her “food.” She could smell the blood coming from the wounds that Adrian had already inflicted on the body. It smelled so good and she began trembling with desire. She leaned forward, her fangs growing as she longed to taste the delicious liquid flowing from that body. Adrian smirked; he had her. Months of ignoring her hunger had finally gotten her.

Kim then reared back and practically roared in agony. Her mouth opened wide like a crocodile as she screamed. Her fangs shrank back as she closed her mouth and turned her head away from the body. She slumped in her bonds.

“Darling, you need to eat,” Adrian gently chided her.

Kim shook her head. She was not going to eat. She would rather die than actually drink human blood. She would rather die than live as monster.

Adrian chuckled a bit. She was a darling creature with such strength and conviction. She had a great will and maybe virtue, by human standards anyway. He was so glad that he picked her and because of that, he figured that it would not be best for his entertainment that she die of starvation just yet.

Kim glanced over as she noticed from the corner of her eye Adrian moving. He leaned down and bit into his victim’s neck. He then turned to her and leaned down to her level. It appeared that he was going to kiss her, so she turned her head as far as she could. He grabbed her by her chin and forced her to turn to him. He did plant a deep kiss on her lips and also forced blood into her mouth.

She tried to scream and reject the liquid, but he would have none of that. She needed some nourishment if she was going to make it passed the phase that she was stuck in. He also suspected that tasting the blood would make her work through the phase quicker. He would like to see what she would be like as an accepting vampire rather than the reluctant one that she was now.

The girl could not believe how scrumptious the fluid was as it touched her tongue. She only tasted a little, but it was the sweetest thing that she had ever had. She could not think of any way to describe it. It did not compare to any food that she had ever eaten. All other food seemed like bitter, dry ashes now.

He would see how long she would last now that she had tasted the only food that she craved now. He rid himself of the body that he was holding; the victim was technically still alive, but would not live too long because he had drained the victim of too much blood.

Kim just hung in the windowless dungeon as Adrian left her. She did not know what to do and she really could not do anything. She was weak from months of starvation. She did not know what day it was, what month it was, and sometimes she had hallucinations. Adrian got immense pleasure from watching her when she was delirious.

He learned a lot about the little redhead that he decided to keep for himself. And the more he learned, the happier that he was to have taken her. He had never met someone so interesting. He wondered how he could have lived for some many years and only now have run into one of these Possible creatures. In fact, when he was not watching Kim fight her new urges, he went to research Kim and her family. She came from such an intriguing line and he considered that maybe had he met one of them through out his life, he would not have had to rid himself of so many companions.

Adrian could only keep a companion for a couple of decades and that was if he was really trying. They always got so boring. He was not sure what he expected out of a companion, but he knew he did not want someone that obeyed everything he said or crawled at his feet like many did. Then there were those that let their new vampire status go to their heads. He felt that creatures that had only a few years ago had been nothing more than a meal did not have a right to act so high and mighty. And even if those two things did not happen, it was always something else that just turned him off to whomever he had thought would make a suitable companion.

He watched Kim as she went through the agony of hunger. She pulled at her bonds and made tight fists, cutting into her palms with her rather long and sharp nails. She growled in anger, throwing fits as her head thrashed about. She sometimes banged her head on the back wall, either from a fit or to forget the pain brought on by her famine. Her fangs remained long, aching to feel blood run over them now that she knew what it tasted like. But, in all of that, she never begged for a drink and she refused him whenever he offered to go out and bring her what she needed.

He only rarely brought in food. He did not need blood every night or even every week, but he did see her every night. He proposed, but she declined. He liked offering because he wanted to be there when she started pleading for blood. He wanted to see what she would go through before she finally accepted that the thirst ruled when she was hungry.

Shego escaped yet another exploding lair. Drakken had gotten away on his own, as far as she knew anyway. She was willing to bet that the bastard had left her when the second wave of GJ agents showed up. It seemed that they were serious about capturing Drakken now considering everything they both pulled during his latest plan. She had stolen a lot of different government documents and Drakken had wrecked a lot of different monuments. It seemed to piss a lot people off and they wanted their heads. Badly.

Shego went to one of her rarely used safe houses and then allowed a thought that had been bugging her for a long time now, over half a year in fact, to enter her mind. Where the hell was Kim Possible? She had not seen hide nor hair of the scrappy little redhead in over six months now. GJ kept showing and making her job seem like work with every passing day. She was not even having fun anymore. She was actually getting sick and tired of it all.

Shego used to live the American dream, in her opinion anyway. She was doing a job that she loved; only she did not know that she loved it in part because she got to go back and forth with an irksome goody-goody like Kim. She thought that the stealing was the reason that she loved the job. After all, she loved the steal. But then again, she could do that one her own, so she guessed that would not explain why she stuck around Drakken.

It would seem that Kim coming around made her job fun. She certainly did not have any fun throwing GJ agents around, which she thought was odd. Beating people up should have been fun, but it was not that at all. It was just…work.

Sometimes it felt like she was just going through the motions with GJ. Punch, kick, duck, grab Drakken as lair explodes. It was practically boring. She hated to think it, but she missed Kim. She wondered what happened to that kid and she decided to find out.

First, she went to Kim’s house. She sneaked into the girl’s room and looked around. Kim was not home, which she thought was odd since it was past midnight. She thought that maybe the girl was out doing the save the world thing. It was not like it was midnight all over the world, so it was quite possible that she was out beating some natural disaster or some nutty super villain.

She then thought maybe she could check the girl’s website and see what Kim had been up to the past few months. She wondered what was so important that Kim had not been able to stop Drakken. She thought that Kim always made time to crush Drakken’s dreams, but it seemed that GJ had taken that roll and, really, they were just looking to crush Drakken literally now.

She had never been to Kim’s website. It never occurred to any villain it seemed to check out the super-girl’s site, if only to figure out what she was up to and try to plan accordingly. As soon as she logged onto the site, she did not see anything strange. She clicked onto a title to see Kim’s missions list and found out that the last time Kim had done a mission was eight months ago, which was the last time that Shego had seen the redhead.

The pale woman was confused. Why had the girl-wonder stopped doing her precious missions? She seemed to enjoy raining on everyone else’s parade and ruining everyone’s fun, so why was she not doing it anymore? Shego decided to look around the site, hoping to find and explanation as to why the girl was not showing up anymore. It did not take long for her to find a big clue.

There was an emergency post that read: Kim Possible is currently missing. We would accept the help and support of any and everyone willing to offer in locating her. She was last seen in Romania, but could plausibly be anywhere in the world by now. If you have any information about Kim please contact the site master or call any law enforcement agency.

Shego was stunned. Kim was not just M.I.A, but she was actually missing? She wondered what happened to the kid. Had Kim been missing for those eight months that she had not seen the girl? Well, that would explain why GJ was covering for her. But, it did beg the question of what happened to Kim.

The villainess searched the site, but she did not find out anything beyond Kim was missing. She already knew what her next move was. She was going to get the story from Kim’s pet buffoon.

She wasted no time creeping into Ron’s house. The blonde was still sleeping considering the fact that it was now three in the morning. Shego did not care what he was doing. She grabbed him, which woke him up. She pushed him into his pillow and covered his mouth to make sure he could not scream when he noticed who it was looming over him.

“Listen careful, idiot, I’m not here to hurt you. I just want to know what happened to your little girlfriend,” Shego informed the boy. “Nod if you understand and won’t scream when I move my hand.”

Ron nodded to show that he understood. Shego moved her hand only millimeters from his mouth, in case he went back on his word. She also silently reminded him about the things that she could do by momentarily flaring her plasma. Ron gulped.

“Now, tell me what happened to Kimmie,” Shego demanded in a whisper.

“She got kidnapped by a vampire,” he answered.

“Kidnapped by a vampire? Are you really this stupid, boy, or are you screwing with me?” she inquired.

“I’m telling you, she got kidnapped by a vampire. We were in the woods and hunting for clues on missing people when this guy just showed up out of nowhere. He took K.P and said he was keeping her. I haven’t seen her since. GJ has been looking for her, but little by little I can tell they’re giving up. They think she’s dead along with twelve agents they sent to look for her,” Ron reported.

“You expect me to believe a vampire took little Miss Perfect?” the villainess inquired. Did it say “stupid” on her forehead or something?

“I’m telling you that’s what happened!” Ron hollered. He was sick of people not believing him. Why would he lie when his best friend was in trouble? He wanted her back just as badly as anyone else, but everyone just thought he was nuts.

“Okay, okay, calm down, boy,” Shego ordered.

“He took her. I couldn’t save her. He just took her and said he was keeping her,” Ron informed her in a frantic tone.

Shego frowned at that. No one was keeping her Princess. Kim made her life fun and she was going to get that girl back no matter what. She was done with just acting like she did not care while fighting GJ agents or something like that. She wanted the spark back in her lifestyle. She wanted everything to go back to how it was supposed to be.

“Okay, where was the last place you saw her?” Shego inquired.

“Why?” Ron asked.

“None of your damn business. Just tell me, now,” she growled.

“But…what if she’s dead…” he whispered.

“Don’t worry about that, just tell me where you last saw her,” Shego demanded. She would bring Kim back, even if the redhead was only a corpse. At least it would solve some of the mystery as to what happened to the girl.

“You’re going to find her? Take me with you. GJ stopped taking me a few months back, but I want to look for K.P too,” he insisted.

“I don’t care what you want. Just tell me. I’m not taking you with me. I’m not like Kimmie. I don’t need dead weight hanging around me all the time,” Shego replied.

“I’m not dead weight,” he argued.

“You didn’t seem to be any help when a fucker was kidnapping your girlfriend. You don’t seem to be any help in finding her either. So, just tell me where you last saw her and leave the rest to me. Maybe if we’re lucky, she’s still alive after eight months,” the pale woman countered.

Ron decided not to argue. Shego might be his last hope. Even if Kim was dead, Shego might at least be able to find her body. Then they would have some answers and there would also have something to bury. Kim deserved at least that much.

Kim was slumped in her chains. She looked frail. Her limbs were thin and wrinkled. She was panting and her teeth seemed to hang out of her jaw, as if they were going to fall out at any moment. Her fangs, dry as ever. Her tongue was hanging limply out her mouth, just as dry as her fangs. God, she was hungry!

It was becoming such a struggle to resist the vampire lord when he brought her prey. Her head seemed to automatically lean toward any food that he came in with and she was starting to see victims more as food than people. The ruby liquid that coursed through the meals screamed to her and she knew how sweet it was thanks to Adrian. Occasionally, he did make sure that she got some blood in her system; he seemed to enjoy feeding her since it gave him an excuse to kiss her. She did not fight him anymore; she could not fight him anymore.

“My darling, I bring you a gift,” Adrian announced as he entered the dungeon. He was actually amazed that she was still fighting the thirst. He was also amazed that it was still entertaining.

Kim lifted her head as high as she could to see what Adrian had for her. Sometimes, he brought her odd things like jewelry. Or he would tease her and bring her a goat or something like that to taste animal blood. It was not because he was trying to keep her alive for the most part, but because he was still trying to get her to give in. He wanted her to see that livestock blood was nothing compared to human blood. The more livestock blood that she had, the more she would crave delicious human blood.

Kim balked when she saw the “gift” Adrian had for her. He was holding the hand of a little girl, who could not be anymore than four years old and looked so cute holding a weak, little flash light to see in the dark dungeon. The redhead turned her attention to the vampire lord and glared at him as if she was at the top of her strength. The monster brought her a child to feed on. She would kill him!

“Isn’t she adorable? She was just sitting on the front steps of her house and I asked her to come with me,” Adrian explained as if it was nothing. He caressed the child’s cheek.

“You monster! Let her go!” Kim hollered and she tugged at her bonds, trying to get free from the wall.

“Oh, but she came all this way to play with you, darling,” Adrian commented.

“If you hurt her, I swear I’ll make you regret it!” the redhead snarled as she continued pulling at her chains. She was only succeeding in tearing into her wrists.

Adrian laughed a bit. She was indeed an interesting creature. He thought that by now Kim would have been gnawing at her arm to take the little girl. He had brought the child because her blood did have an exceptional smell to it. He thought that it would be enough to bait Kim, but she was still stuck in her human virtue. He wondered when she was just going to accept that she was not human anymore.

“I’ll leave her here for a moment or so and see if you change your mind,” Adrian commented.

The vampire told the child to just stay there for a while and then he promised that he would take her back home. The child accepted that; she really wanted to go back home now. She had only come with Adrian because he told her that he had a sick friend that he was certain the child could cheer up. She had not expected the sick friend to be in a very dark room and chained to the wall. Adrian then left Kim with the little girl.

Kim could smell the same scent that caught Adrian’s attention coming from the child. She fell limp in her chains and started crying. It was such a heavenly aroma and her mouth moved in the direction it was coming from of their own accord, taking her head along for the ride. She just wanted one little drink and that only made her weep more. She was not a monster, but she was so hungry.

“You don’t look so well, Miss,” the child commented.

“Run,” Kim begged the girl.

“He said you’re sick. I know a way to make you better is to eat soup,” the girl informed Kim with an impish smile.

Kim continued to cry while she screamed at the child to run. The girl eventually got frightened of the fragile-looking redhead that was hollering at her and she took off in search of Adrian to tell him that he his friend was not being nice. Kim hoped that Adrian did not hurt that girl. She would kill him if he did.

Adrian returned later on that night and stood before Kim again. He saw evidence of her crying; the tears had stained her face. He figured that she was crying because the hunger was ripping her apart inside. He reached out and caressed her cheek since she was too weak to stop him from doing so.

“You need to eat, my dear,” he urged her in a soft tone. He was such a liar, she thought when he used that voice. He tried to sound like he cared when she knew that he did not care about anything, except for himself.

“The girl?” Kim inquired in a weak voice. It was the best she could muster in her current state.

“Is asleep in her bed. I think I’ll save her for you. When you finally accept what you are, you can have her first,” he replied.

“I won’t,” she vowed.

“You will,” he growled. “You’re a vampire now and you will eat,” he informed her in a forceful tone.

It was not the first time that he seemed frustrated with her. Usually, he was so entertained, but every now and then, he would get irked with her for some reason. As amusing as it was to watch her suffer and fight the urge, he wanted her to move passed that stage. She needed to accept what she was and he could get an idea of how long he would end up keeping her around.

Kim shook her head. She refused to believe that she was a vampire. She was Kim Possible, she reminded herself. She had lost track of most of the other things in her life. She was no longer sure how old she was or if she had a family or friends or even if she used to have a life outside of the dungeon Adrian kept her in. But, she knew that she was Kim Possible and that meant something. It told her to be strong and resist. She had to stay true to her principles, even though she was rapidly forgetting what those were.

She still had her delusions, but she could not even remember who some of the people were that showed up in them. She would talk to the illusions and ask who they were, but they typically could not provide her with that information. She might not be able to remember them, but she knew better than to listen to Adrian.

“Darling, you do need to eat or eventually you’re going to die,” he pointed out. He figured that since she was still trying to act like she was human, her human survival instincts would kick in if death was brought up. She would then eat when she figured out that she needed the blood to go on.

“So be it,” she replied. She would rather die than live as a monster that took the lives of children to sustain her own vile existence.

“I won’t let you,” he vowed. He wanted her company and he would have it, whether she liked it or not. “You’re mine until I’m ready to let you go, darling.”

Kim shook her head to disagree. She was not going to stay with him. She was going to get away. She refused to be a monster.

Shego landed in the woods that Stoppable swore was the last place that he saw Kim. It was the last afternoon. She did not see any signs of any kind indicating that Team Possible had been there, but she did not expect any since Kim had been missing for eight months. She could not believe what she was doing, namely looking for Kim Possible.

She had always wondered what life would be like without the little hero around. She thought that she would run wild and fancy-free. She would steal anything she wanted or anything that Drakken was paying her for. It would be like the greatest free-for-all, stealing spree ever, but no.

She did not even feel like stealing anything. She did not feel like fighting anyone. She did not even know where the hell Drakken was after they escaped GJ that last time. She just wanted to know what happened to the petite killjoy. It seemed like she needed Kim around for anything to be fun because Kim was the one that made it all challenging. It was fun to have a single rival rather than a whole freaking organization bent on her destruction. All in all, she missed Kim.

She was aware that it had to seem sick in the head for her to miss someone that only last year kicked her off of a building into an electric tower, but she did. She missed the teasing and the taunting and the one-on-one combat. Kim had faults like everyone else, but she supposed that she accepted Kim’s faults and the fact that the kid had gone wild on her over a plan that she did not even have much input on. She just wanted Kim back and for everything to go back to normal, so she hoped that the girl was still alive.

Shego scanned around the forest for a while and guessed that no one had been in it for a while. She thought that was odd since GJ was supposed to be looking for Kim and their missing agents, but it would seem that they had just decided on the lot of them being dead. Shego would only believe that when she saw a body or at least a skeleton and then the skeleton would have to tell her that it belonged to Kim.

She eventually turned her attention to the castle off in the distance. It was the castle that Stoppable claimed a vampire lived in. She supposed that it was as good a place as any to start looking, especially since according to the GJ file that she stole, the castle was the last place that they knew their missing agents to be. They thought that something was up with the castle, but they could not figure it out since some agents went in and came out, declaring that it was just an old stronghold like any other castle while other agents just vanished. It would seem that GJ did not know what to make of the castle and were backing off until they could figure out how the castle figured into the missing people.

She took off in the direction of the castle without thinking twice about any danger that might lurk in there. Hiking up the high hill that the castle was on was a serious and dangerous trip because it was a steep, rocky hill, but she did not care about that. She just wanted her Princess back. She would get her good girl back and then go back to being a bad girl and everything could go back to normal.

Next time: Shego goes to save the day.

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