New Blood

Chapter 3



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TITLE: Unearthed

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, except for Adrian. Once again, I also don’t own Dracula.

SUMMARY: For the Halloween spirit. Kim and Ron go looking for missing persons, only for Kim to become one. Is it really because of a vampire?

TYPE: Kim/Ron, Kim/Shego, Friendship, Romance

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 7056

Kim was panting. She was exhausted. She wanted to get away from Adrian, but it was tiring to try. She was not giving up, though. She was taking a little break. She then noticed a light by the door of the dungeon and she instinctively shrank back. She realized that she was scared of the light.

She had rarely seen light in the castle, not natural or artificial light. Adrian had the windows all shaded as far as she remembered, but she did not trust her memory too much anymore. He did not seem to need light to get around and now that she thought about, she did not need light either. The dungeon was pretty much pitch-black most of the time. Adrian allowed a flashlight when he brought the little girl down to her to taunt her, but that light had not scared her. There was something about the new light though and it bothered her.

Kim wondered what brought the ominous light into the castle. She listened carefully and could make out footsteps and also a heartbeat. The heartbeat sounded so much louder than the footsteps. It was such a tempting sound. Come, her hungry mind begged. Come so that she might feed on whoever that was out there.

As the footsteps got closer, Kim began to lean forward, even though there was a light in that direction too. Her hunger topped her fear by far. She was going mad from lack of food and she was now almost certain that she could and would feed as long as the person was not a child.

“Ah, damn it,” a voice grumbled from outside the door of the dungeon.

The voice seemed familiar to Kim, but she could not place it and she really did not care. She just wanted whoever that was to come down into the dungeon and give her all of their blood. If she ate, maybe she would be strong enough to break her bonds, and then she could get away from Adrian without mutilating herself.

The door to the dungeon opened and the light came in along with the person. Kim turned away again while the person complained about the smell. There was something about that light that really bothered her, as if it could hurt her. She closed her eyes as the light got closer and she could feel a burning sensation on her skin.

“Princess?” Shego called. The light was coming from her hands. She could not believe how dark the castle was, even with the sun still somewhat out when she finally made it to the entrance of the place.

Kim turned to see who had entered. The voice seemed so familiar and the nickname sounded that way too, but she could not place them. She turned to see Shego and squinted as if she did not recognize the pale woman.

“Oh, god, Princess, you look like hell. I guess it’s good that you’re alive, though,” Shego commented with a smirk as if she was teasing Kim.

The villainess did mean it, though. Kim looked like hell, mostly because the girl had been trying to chew through her shoulder as much as she could with idea that she could then yank her arm off and free herself from the wall. She had not thought the plan through much. She did not have enough strength to devote to deep thinking it would seem.

Then there was the fact that the redhead looked extremely thin. Her new teeth were something that Shego took note of too. Could that crazy kid Stoppable had been right about the vampire? Because the teeth that Kim was sporting were looking suspicious. The strange look in her eyes was also supporting Stoppable’s nutty story.

“I know you,” Kim realized as she stared at Shego as best she could considering the fact that Shego was still using her powers as a flashlight. The light was frightening on some level that Kim could not please.

“Of course you know me, Kimmie,” Shego replied. It had only been eight months, after all. It was not like it was like eight years.

“Could you turn out the light, please?” Kim requested rather politely.

“Huh? Oh, sure.” The villainess powered down her hands as much as she could without shrouding herself in darkness. “Princess, what the hell is going on?” Shego inquired, accidentally sounded more concerned than she even knew.

“Shego?” Kim asked in a puzzled tone. That was who the green-skinned woman was, Kim realized. Her name was Shego. Was she real or was she having another hallucination?

“Yeah, it’s me, Princess. Relax. I’m going to get you out of here,” Shego said.

The green-skinned woman inspected the chains that were holding Kim to the wall and easily cut the through them with her claws. Kim winced, thinking that her hand was going to follow the manacle to the floor. Shego then went to the other arm and freed it.

Kim fell to the floor in a heap. Shego kneeled down to help the girl up. Kim then did something surprising; she embraced Shego. The image was solid, Kim thought. Shego was real. She was not some figment of her imagination; Shego was real. So, Kim held the solid person tightly, thankful for someone that she somewhat recognized and that the person was not Adrian.

“It’s okay, Kimmie,” Shego replied while returning the embrace to assure Kim that everything was all right. She turned his powers completely off to make sure that she did not injure the frail teen at all.

Shego felt several emotions all at once that she not expecting as she held onto the redhead. She felt relief now that she knew what happened with Kim and she could see that the girl was alive. She felt pity that Kim was being held captive for more than likely the eight months that she was gone. She also felt anger that someone would actually keep her Kimmie locked down. She was really angry that someone would hurt the teen hero and keep Kim from her.

Kim was happy and grateful for Shego’s arrival. And then that scent hit her nose. It smelled so good, better than any other blood that she caught a whiff of and it was right there. All she had to do was lean down and take a bite. A stream of beautiful blood was one bite away and she began leaning down for that one bite.

“Ah!” Kim screamed as she realized what she was about to do.

The redhead pushed out of Shego’s arms and crawled away from the pale woman. She looked extremely panicked, panting again with her mouth wide open and those fangs of hers on display. She had almost bitten Shego; the only person that could link her with the life that she had once had, the life that she quickly forgetting.

There was also something frightening about biting Shego, even though she was so hungry. She knew that she would be giving up her fight if she bit Shego. She could hardly remember what her fight was about. It had something to do with her not being a monster, but that was about all she could remember. Her mind was moving a mile-a-minute to tell her that she would thoroughly regret biting Shego, though.

“Princess,” Shego called while putting her glow back up for her to see what was going on.

“Stay away from me!” Kim warned the villainess as she crawled away, even further. She looked around the cell and noticed the stairs. She could get out and get far away from Shego and Adrian. So, she made her move toward the stairs, toward a freedom of some kind.

“Kim,” Shego called again

“Stay away from me! I’m a monster! I’m a monster!” the thin teen insisted.

“You’re not a monster and you know that. You’re a hero. You’re a hero that’s just tired and ready to get the hell out of here,” the thief tried to assure her rival, but the girl did not answer.

The redhead was not trying to hear anything. She was a monster. She just wanted to get as far away as she possibly could before she did something that she regretted. She had been so close to killing Shego just then. She could not completely recall who Shego was to her, but she knew that she did not want the woman to be a meal.

“Where are you going, my dear?” Adrian inquired as he appeared right in front of Kim.

Kim snarled at him, like an outraged lion, complete with a mouthful of dangerous teeth. He was not sure if he was amused or insulted that the gnat of a girl was looking at him so contemptuously. He could crush her with a wave of his hand if he decided and yet she dared look at him with such an intense look of disdain in her eyes, eyes that he had given her. He had made her and she dared look at her creator in such a horrible way. He supposed that he could be amused because she did not know any better. She was like any new pet and needed to learn her place.

“Darling, you really shouldn’t be moving around like that in your condition,” he commented with a smile on his face.

“Hey, who the hell are you?” Shego demanded to know when she caught sight of Adrian in the dark. It was hard to make him out, but she could see him vaguely and she could hear him clearly.

“Oh, dearest, do we have a guest?” Adrian asked, even though he knew the answer to that.

“Shego, run!” Kim screamed at the pale woman.

“I’m not going anywhere without you, Princess,” Shego answered. Like hell she was going to abandon the person that she came to save, especially considering the fact that Kim was alive. All of her work would not be for naught and besides, she always got what she wanted. She wanted her Princess.

“Oh, you must be the knight in shining armor if she’s the princess,” Adrian commented with a smirk.

“Shego, just run,” Kim pled and she began to pick herself up completely to stand with strength that she did not even possess. She was planning to attack Adrian to keep him from attacking Shego. She hoped that Shego would be able to get away before Adrian decided to add her to pile of bodies that were rotting in the corner of the dungeon, which was causing the stench that Shego complained about. They were there to bother Kim, but she had ceased to notice them months ago.

“I don’t run,” Shego replied.

“Good to know. Since my darling seems to know you, perhaps we’ll make you her first real meal,” Adrian announced as he slowly descended the stairs.

“Leave her alone!” Kim roared and she launched herself at Adrian.

The vampire lord put his hand out and Kim stopped in mind air. “Calm down, dearest. If you get worked up in such a state, who knows what could happen. I could get angry with you, after all.”

“Put her down,” Shego ordered as she marched toward to pair of vampires.

“Well, my darling, your dinner wants my attention. Let me gather your meal,” Adrian said calmly.

“Don’t hurt her!” Kim ordered him.

Adrian snorted and he waved his hand, which sent Kim flying back into the back of the cell. Kim grunted on hard impact with the wall and fell to the floor, too weak to move now. Adrian turned his complete attention to Shego. He thought that it would be good for Kim to feed on someone that she used to know. It would help sever her ties to the world that she used to know. She needed to be aware that she was in his world now.

“Miss, I don’t know who sent you or what you’re doing here, but you showed up at a good time,” Adrian said.

“Sir, I don’t know who you are or what you think you’re doing, but you showed up at a bad time,” Shego replied with a smirk.

“You should be running.”

“Nah, you should be running,” she said while holding up one hand.

“Your little friend there, she’s going to drink you almost dry. She might even chew through some of your flesh considering how long she’s been hungry. Who knows what she might do to your body,” Adrian commented. “Let’s feed your princess.”

Adrian sank into the shadows, planning to sneak up on her. Shego was as alert as she ever would be in a battle, waiting for Adrian to show up. He came up behind her and was totally surprised as she turned to strike him, not only with a claw move, but a flaming claw move. He backed away as Shego’s hands illuminated with her plasma.

“What manner of creature is she?” the vampire wondered as he watched her make fire with her hands. He had never come across such a being before.

“Come on, Dracula,” Shego urged him while turning up the plasma.

Kim curled up in the corner as Shego lit up the whole room with her powers. Adrian disappeared, trying to shield himself from the powerful light. Who the hell was she, he wondered. He had never come across a creature that could create a light that weakened him something like the sun.

“I’ll have to take care of this woman quickly,” Adrian silently decided as he reappeared behind the fire-starter.

The vampire lord was about to use his telekinetic powers against Shego, but as he moved his hand in her direction, Shego threw a plasma sphere at him. He hissed in anger as the blast came very close to burning his face off. It would seem that she was dangerous and serious.

“You see this,” Shego said as she held up her hands, which were flaming all-force. It danced as if she was holding two green bon fires in her palms. “Pretty much like having a star in my pocket,” she commented.

“To hell with you, girl,” Adrian replied as he snapped his finger and showed that he could create flames all his own. A fire wall sprang up right in front of the pale woman.

“Pathetic,” Shego insulted him as she sliced through his fire attack and came at him with her claws.

Adrian fell back, so Shego missed him with her slash move. Adrian’s face showed absolute disbelief as she had come so close again to destroying him. He had lived on for nearly a millennium, so he was not about to allow his life to be ended by one woman that had come after a stubborn girl that did not want to accept that she was now a vampire. No way that they would be his undoing.

“Foolish woman,” the vampire lord snarled.

“You take my Princess and call me a fool? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me,” Shego replied as she continued on the offensive, not giving Adrian a chance to use his magic. Her plasma stayed at full-force. She was going to get that bastard eventually, she believed.

Kim remained in the corner, still frightened of the burning, intense light. But, she noticed that Shego was fighting Adrian and if Shego won, they would both get to leave the castle. The vampire could not win, Kim told herself. If Adrian won, not only would she probably be put back on the wall, Shego would be drained and worse yet, she might be the one drinking from Shego…especially considering how good her blood smelled.

The redhead gathered up the courage that she knew that she was supposed to have. She crawled over to the battle, still too weak to lift herself up. And then she grabbed Adrian around his legs to stop him dodging Shego’s attack.

“What the?” Adrian looked down to see that troublesome little redhead was actually acting against him. He growled in fury.

“You shouldn’t be looking at her!” Shego informed him and her plasma-charged hands finally contacted his body.

The pale woman slashed through Adrian’s chest thanks to her powers and her gloves. He hollered in sheer agony as the plasma burned right through him and quickly spread through out his torso. Shego was not even looking to take any chances, so as Adrian’s chest began to turn to ash, she went for his neck. She shoved her flaming fingertips right into his throat and set his head ablaze. As Adrian began to burn, Kim started to move away.

Shego noticed Kim trying to retreat, but having trouble. She acted without thinking and she bent down and picked the girl up, making sure to power her hands completely down. She moved to the far end of the cell and shielded Kim from the sight as Adrian dropped to the floor.

The vampire’s body turned to ash moments after it hit the floor. The head actually separated from the body and they disintegrated a couple of inches apart. Some flames continued to dance on the pile of dust that was once Adrian. Shego turned back to see what was happening as she noted how dark the room had gotten.

“Is it over?” Kim asked, trembling against the body looking to protect her.

“I think so. Let me go see,” Shego answered and she pulled away from the nervous redhead.

The villainess brought up her glow slightly, just enough to make her way around the room. She inspected the ashes of the body and then of the head. The head was still a bit round, so she stepped on it to scatter the ashes. She doubted that he was making a comeback, but just in case, she kicked around the rest of the ashes. She also went into her leg pouch and pulled out some water that she was carrying. She poured the water on the ashes to further spread them apart.

“I don’t think he’s getting up for round two. Let’s get out of here,” Shego said while turning to Kim and offering her hand, which was still lit.

“The light,” Kim complained and turned away.

“Oh, sorry about that,” Shego actually apologized and dismissed her plasma. “So, ready to go?”

Kim thought about it and asked herself just where did she think that she was going to go. She was a monster now. She could not be trusted outside or around people. So, she shook her head to answer Shego’s question.

“What do you mean ‘no’? Come on,” Shego urged the girl.

“I can’t,” the redhead answered.

“Why not?” Shego asked.

“Because I’m a monster,” Kim answered and she began sniffling. She was going to cry. She did not want to be a monster. She just wanted to be who she used to, even though she could not remember who that person was. She just knew it was better than being a monster.

“Princess,” Shego sighed.

Kim turned her back to Shego and pulled her legs to her chest. The green-skinned woman sighed again. She did not think that it was right that she had taken time out of her life to rescue the kid and now the girl was refusing to go. It should have upset her, but it did not. It hurt her to see the girl curled up in a little ball, convinced that she was a monster because of what some bastard did to her.

The villainess walked over to Kim and she embraced the redhead, remembering how happy Kim seemed to be when she first recognized Shego and her first impulse seemed to be go in for a hug. She hoped that it brought Kim some comfort. She knew how it was to suddenly be changed and to think that she was a monster.

“You’re not a monster, Kimmie. You’re just different. Being different doesn’t make you a monster. It’s not your fault,” Shego promised.

“But, I am,” Kim insisted. She wanted to eat people for crying out loud. She had to be a monster.

“You’re not a monster. Being different doesn’t make you a monster. Actions make people monsters. People that purposely inflict unspeakable pain and suffering on others are monsters and you don’t do that. What you are doesn’t make you a monster. A lion isn’t a monster because it eats a zebra. You’re not a monster. You aren’t,” Shego insisted with conviction.

Kim did not say anything. She almost felt like she believed Shego’s words because they seemed to come from the green-skinned woman’s heart. So, she stopped muttering that she was a monster, but she did not give up the hug. Shego took it as a good sign when Kim went silent.

“Now, are you ready to go?” the thief asked.

“Where?” Kim asked. She had never thought of where she would go when she finally could leave the dungeon.

“Well…I don’t know actually. I guess to GJ. They pretty much think you’re dead and they’re probably the only ones that can help you,” Shego answered.

The pale woman had not expected Kim to be a vampire when she found the girl. She thought that she would be able to return Kim to her parents after finding her and then everything could go back to normal. Obviously, it would be a long time before anything would ever be normal again.

“GJ?” Kim echoed in a puzzled tone. It sounded familiar, but she could not quite place it yet.

“Yeah, GJ. Unless, you’ve got some other place you’d like to go,” Shego replied.

Kim shook her head, which Shego could make out vaguely, but she mostly felt it because the redhead was still in her arms. Kim did not know any place to go. She could barely remember anything at the moment.

“You’ll come too, right?” the redhead asked in a hopeful tone. She would feel better about everything as long as Shego was with her for some reason that she did not care to think about. She did not have the energy to spare to think about it anyway.

“Yeah, I guess,” Shego answered. She could not abandon the kid now, especially since Kim seemed so disoriented and thought that she was a monster. She wondered what horrors Kim had gone through over the eight months that she had been missing for her to seem so forgetful.

Shego was going to dread going to GJ HQ. It meant her certain arrest considering she was running from them for a whole heap of crimes. Still, she could not let Kim go it alone. So, they were off to GJ, taking the plane that Shego had flown in.

Shego walked into the office of Doctor Director. The head of GJ was sitting at her large desk and she motioned for Shego to take a seat. The pale woman complied considering the wild day that she had just had. She could use a moment or two to just relax, even if she was in enemy territory. She could not believe that GJ had not placed her under arrest yet.

“So, I hear you found Miss Possible,” Doctor Director said.

“Yeah, if you want to call it that. She was right where the blonde buffoon said she’d be and she was actually with just who he said she’s be with,” Shego replied.

“Really? Did you find my other agents too?”

“Yeah, they were all sitting in a pile in the cell Kim was in, playing rat food it would seem. I’m guessing he ate them,” the thief answered.

“So, how was it you were able to stop this…vampire?” Doctor Director inquired. She was hesitant to use the word “vampire” because she only had Shego’s word to go by.

See, when Shego came in with Kim, the sun was up. Kim had hidden underneath a blanket that was in the jet when the light came shinning in and by the time they landed, the girl was sleeping, like any vampire would be when the sun came up. The villainess gathered the kid up, making sure to completely cover her with the blanket, before she exited the plane. Shego told the GJ agents that came to “greet” her that Kim needed to be placed in a windowless room or they would all regret it, Kim especially. They seemed to take her word on it and then they showed her to Doctor Director’s office, so at the moment, she was on her own.

“Now, how did you manage to single-handedly take down an enemy that you claimed killed a dozen of my agents and kidnapped Kim Possible?” Doctor Director added to her question.

“I’m a natural vampire slayer it seems,” Shego replied while holding up a glowing hand.

“All right, if what you say is say true, why didn’t he kill Miss Possible?”

“Because he turned her into a vampire, doy.”

“Why only her? Why not the others?”

“Do I look like I know? I wasn’t there and I’m not some crazy vampire. I didn’t even catch the guy’s name, so I damn sure missed his m.o. and I didn’t see a diary lying around to fill us in. You need to just ask Kimmie when she wakes up, which shouldn’t be too much longer since the sun should be going down soon. Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you all around,” Shego said as she tried to get up.

“Not so fast. Let’s both go and see Miss Possible,” Doctor Director suggested.

Shego sighed, but she did not argue. She had been hoping to get away before they got around to arresting her. She had hoped thanks to her good deed of retrieving the great Kim Possible, they would let her slide, but it would seem that Doctor Director was only prolonging things.

The pair strolled to where Kim was being held and they were informed that the redhead was awake. It would seem that she woke up as soon as Shego had left. She was fidgety in the room, but they were not sure what to do. She did not even seem to know where she was, even though she had been to GJ HQ many times. Doctor Director figured that she would assess the situation and debrief Miss Possible.

“Shego, as of this moment—” Doctor Director started to say, but Shego cut her off.

“Yeah, I’m under arrest,” the pale woman grumbled.

“Indeed you are,” Doctor Director replied as a pair of GJ agents seemed to come out of nowhere.

Shego frowned and sighed; she saw that one coming. While Doctor Director entered the room that Kim was being kept in, Shego was placed in handcuffs. It was going to be the last time that she ever came to Global Justice if she needed help, that was for damn sure. Maybe it would be the last time that she stuck her neck out for someone else too; all right, she knew that was not true. If Kim needed help again, she would probably be right there, doing what no one else could it would seem.

The leader of Global Justice was surprised when she caught sight of Kim. The girl was hiding under the cover that she had been using when Shego brought her in. The room was too bright for her, so she was hoping to shield her sensitive eyes from it. Other than that odd sight, from what Doctor Director could tell, Kim was much paler than she used to be. She was close to chalk white now.

“Miss Possible,” Doctor Director called attention to herself.

Kim’s head snapped in the direction of the familiar voice. She squinted to look at the woman and Doctor Director noted the look of puzzlement that Kim was giving her. It was like the girl did not know who she was, but also something more. Kim seemed to be frightened of something; the something that she was scared was that she was going to launch herself off of the cot that she was curled up on and sink her fangs into that woman’s neck. Betty sort of picked that up a little because the other thing in Kim’s eyes was the look of a predator sizing up her prey.

“Where’s Shego?” Kim asked curiously and rapidly. She wanted Shego back. She knew Shego and Shego had rescued her. Shego comforted her, saved her, assured her that she was not a monster, and promised not to abandon her when they were on their way away from the castle. So, where was Shego?

“Kim, do you know who I am?” Doctor Director inquired, ignoring Kim’s question entirely.

“No,” Kim answered quickly and went right back to what she wanted to know. “Where’s Shego?” she repeated in a now slightly trembling voice.

“Do you know where you are?”

“No. Where’s Shego?” Kim’s voice was now shaking just as much as she was. She was now scared that she was alone.

Doctor Director was picking up on a little bit of panic in Kim. The redhead seemed to be trembling underneath her blanket. Kim did not know what was going on or where she was or anything at all. All she knew was that Shego was gone and some strange woman was asking her questions that she did not care about, both of which she did not like.

The brunette woman took a step closer to Kim. She thought that getting closer would set the redhead at ease, but as she came forward, Kim inched back. Doctor Director wondered what happened to the kid.

“Okay, Kim, do you know who you are?” the one-eyed woman inquired.

“I’m Kim Possible. Where’s Shego?” Kim repeated the only question she wanted answered.

“Okay—” Doctor Director was swiftly cut off before she could form her mouth to utter another word.

Kim did not want to hear anymore questions. “Where’s Shego?” she demanded to know. The panic in her voice was gone suddenly. She sounded forceful, as if she was the one in charge.

“You’ll get to see Shego if that’s what you want.”

“I want her now then. Where’s Shego?” Kim inquired with a growl. Something in her mind was telling her that she did not have to answer any of the puny human’s questions. She should just go get what she wanted, but another part of her was telling her that she needed to respect the woman in front of her. It was just so hard to do when all she wanted was Shego, well, and maybe for the light to be turned down some.

“You’ll see her later.”

Kim shook her head. She wanted to see Shego now! She raised a clawed hand as if she was going to use it against Doctor Director, but something in her mind told her to hold off. She shook her head more violently. She did not know what to do and she retreated further into the room because of her confusion. She did not know it, but she eventually ended up walking on the wall. Doctor Director was flabbergasted as to what she was seeing as she watched Kim retreat up the wall.

The new angle also gave Doctor Director a look at the teen hero. Kim was skeleton-thin underneath that blanket. She did not know what to make of the situation, but she thought that it might be best for her to bring Shego back. She got on her comm. unit and commanded the two agents that had been escorting Shego to the holdings cells that they were to bring Shego back to the room Kim was being held in immediately. The order was swiftly obeyed, as they usually were. Doctor Director met Shego outside the room.

“What happened? Being under arrest isn’t as long as it used to be,” Shego remarked.

“She wants you for some reason. All she did was ask where you were the whole time I was in there. She seems panicked,” Doctor Director informed the villainess.

“Yeah, being stuck in a cell with a crazy vampire and a pile of corpses for eight months will do that to a person,” Shego commented.

“But, why is she asking for you?” the one-eyed woman asked in confusion.

“Hell if I know. It’s not like I’m her friend or anything.”

“Yet you rescued her.”

Shego shrugged. “Ah, I was bored.”

Doctor Director scoffed. Now, while she did not know what Shego’s motivation was for going out and doing what no one else could, she was certain that it was not because Shego was bored. She guessed that she was going to have to debrief Shego too once she knew just what was going on and Kim was not so panicked when talking to her.

Shego entered the room where Kim was still on the wall. The redhead turned to Shego as soon as she came in. She practically flew at Shego to embrace her, but then as soon as she did, Kim started to smell Shego blood. God, she ached for the taste of that liquid. Just one drop, her body begged while her fangs moved to Shego’s shoulder. Kim seemed to reconsider a second before she was going to bite down and she pushed Shego away roughly. It all happened in a split second, so to Shego, she was being hugged and then thrown away, which was upsetting.

“What the hell, Princess?” the villainess demanded to know as she crashed into the door.

“Get out! Go away now! As far as you can!” Kim ordered as she ran back to the corner of the room.

“Princess, what the hell is your deal?” Shego inquired. She was tired and Kim was not helping by acting psychotic.

“Just go away!”

“Not until you tell me what the hell is the problem.”

“I’m hungry!” Kim blurted out in a roar. “That’s the problem!”

“So, you’re hungry,” Shego said with a shrug. It did not explain why she was getting shoved into doors by a kid that obviously did not know her own strength anymore and then she realized what Kim meant. “Oh…so, you want blood?” she asked.

“God, yes,” Kim answered and she began leaning toward Shego, teeth first. Then she suddenly slapped her hands over her mouth and turned her back to Shego. She hunched over in the corner with her forehead pressed against the wall and her hands clamped tightly over her mouth.

“Kimmie, when was the last time you had any blood?” Shego inquired. If Kim had been a vampire for the eight months that she had been missing, the thief was willing to bet that Kim had to drink some blood or she would have died a long time go. She guessed that was why Kim thought that she was a monster. She still disagreed with that notion since Kim could not help what she was or what she ate now, especially since the starved hero was obviously trying not to hurt anyone.

“I don’t know,” the redhead answered with tears gathering in her eyes. She was so hungry, but she did not want to feed, especially not on Shego.

“And you want my blood?”

“Yes! It smells so good,” Kim answered before she could think. She then put her hands back over her mouth because of that answer. She did not want Shego to know that she wanted to drink her blood. She did not want to look at the thief and see dinner.

Shego was not sure how to respond to that. She did know that seeing Kim curled up in a corner, fighting not to drink her blood, struck a cord in her. She wanted the old Kim back. The one that she could trade insults with and fight to her heart’s content. She wanted the Kim whose nerves she could get on and she guessed that if giving up some blood would get her close to that, she could part with a little.

“You won’t drink it all, right?” Shego asked.

“Huh?” Kim turned to look at the green-skinned thief.

“I mean, how much did you need?”

“You mean, you’re willing to let me drink your blood?” the girl asked in disbelief. It had never occurred to her that someone might give her permission to have some of their blood. That did seem so much better than taking it like some demon in the darkness.

“Well, enough to put some weight on you. You look like something out of a haunted house,” Shego teased and it felt a bit good to do it. It would have felt better if it was not so true.

“You’d have to tell me when to stop…” Kim said. She really did not want to sate her thirst with Shego, but damn it, she was hungry and Shego’s blood smelled so damn good. And the woman was offering.

“Don’t worry, I’ll signal by punching you in the head,” Shego replied with a smirk.

“I’ll bite you hard if you punch me,” Kim retorted.

Shego laughed a bit, despite how awkward the conversation was. She walked over to the cot that Kim had been lying on and she sat down. Kim got up from the corner and sat down too. They both looked away from each other.

“So…how should this go?” Kim asked.

“Here, bite the forearm, not the wrist,” Shego said while presenting her arm.


“I tend to flare up instinctively if something hurts. You bite my wrist, you’ll get burned in the face,” the villainess explained.

“Ouch,” Kim muttered. She guessed that she was biting the forearm.

Shego pulled her sleeve up and Kim leaned down. She did not warn Shego as she clamped down on her arm and Shego hissed in pain. Her hands did flare up just a little, but she quickly dosed the flame. Kim did not seem to notice the noise or the heat because she did not even look up. The teen moaned in delight as she drank Shego’s blood.

“All right,” Shego said while trying to yank her limb back. She was starting to feel a little lightheaded. Kim did not seem willing to part with the vein, though. “I said get off!” Shego hollered and punched Kim as hard as she could.

The redhead’s teeth left Shego’s arm and she was moved over thanks to the force in the punch. She turned to Shego and smiled, a thin crimson stream flowing from the corner of her mouth. Her fangs were on display and it was rather creepy to see. Shego wondered if she was going to have to do Kim like she did Adrian.

“Thank you,” Kim said sincerely.

“Don’t mention it,” Shego replied. It seemed like the kid was back to normal. She certainly was no monster now.

“You taste pretty good,” Kim commented as she licked her lips. There was already a noticeable change in her appearance, color came back to her face and her frail form did not look so breakable anymore.

“Believe it or not, you’re not the first person to tell me that. So, care to fill me on everything that I missed while you were having a time with Dracula?” Shego inquired.

Kim started to explain what she could remember, which was now a bit more than what she would have been capable before her drink. She explained that she had been chained to the wall because she tried to get away a few times in the beginning. She recalled not wanting to drink from anyone that Adrian brought to her, but he would sort of force-fed her to keep her somewhat alive. She was also able to explain why she was the only one that Adrian turned into a vampire despite all of the victims that he had.

It turned out that it took more than one bite for a person to become a vampire. Adrian had to drain Kim of all of her blood to turn her. He never completely drained his other victims. He would just have his fill until their heartbeats faded to the point he knew that they were about to die, but they still had some blood in their systems. He had no desire for a legion of vampires it would seem.

Shego then tried to get a grasp of what Kim remembered from her old life, but it all still seemed blurry to her. Kim’s optimism was still there though because she did declare with confident smile that she was sure she would remember soon. She figured that things could only get better now that she free from Adrian.

Shego then filled Doctor Director in on those things when Kim went to sleep at sunrise. Shego also presented her wounded arm as proof that Kim was a vampire, but Doctor Director was still skeptical. Shego guessed that Kim would have to bite the leader of GJ before she believed or something to that effect. She just hoped that someone believed her, so they could hopefully help Kim in someway.

As it turned out Shego was wrong on that matter and Kim was also wrong too. She was not free; she was now a prisoner for GJ. At first, she was angry, especially when they put up defenses to keep her in the room that they had given her. They were treating her as a threat because she was a vampire, which Kim quickly came to understand and accept. She was a threat. God, whenever someone from GJ came into her cell, she did not even see a person anymore. All she saw was lunch.

Kim was not the only prisoner in GJ HQ. Shego was being held there too. Kim asked for her every time that she woke up. Since Kim was behaving herself and they did not want to see what it was like when she misbehaved, they made sure Shego was close by and could be brought to Kim whenever the girl wanted her. Shego did not mind considering the fact that she had been tried and convicted of a few crimes and had a lengthy sentence to serve out. A backroom deal just meant that she got to serve her time in GJ HQ rather than some musty prison.

Next time: Shego and Kim’s time as “guests” of GJ.

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