Chapter 2

The chosen


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TITLE: The chosen

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters; those Disney people do.

I don’t own these characters, except for Trin, Shin and his family, and Tatsu.

SUMMARY: Set in the Pariah universe. A Possible has been chosen to save the world from the apocalypse. Wait, it's not Kim. It's Trin? We're as good as dead.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: The same warning from the first part applies here, maybe even more so than the first part, especially the blasphemy warning. For those of you still reading, enjoy and let me know what you think.

Also, this thing was long, so I cut it in half. So, there will be one more chapter after this.

Words: 4588

Trin was curled up on the sofa, halfway through her thick book and she had her headphones covering her ears. She had decided that it was a good day to just relax for once. She could not remember the last time that she had just sat down with a good book of her own choosing. It seemed like the perfect time for it since Shin was going to be gone all day, doing whatever it was that he did when she was not there to keep a sharp eye on him. She had the house to herself and it did not need cleaning for once. So, she had grabbed a book that she had been aching to read, threw on her headphones to drown out the rest of the world, and began some heavy-duty lounging.

The blonde was oblivious to the world and thought that she would be like that the whole day; things did not go according to plan, of course. Suddenly, three people appeared in front of her, two men and a woman. She glanced up at them with a bored look in her sky-colored eyes, which shocked the trio amazingly enough. She was the one that should have been surprised in their opinions; after all, it was not probable that everyday a trio just appeared out of thin air in her living room. She had seen many things in her life, though and it took quite a bit to shock her now.

“I tell you guys what, the door is that way,” Trin commented in a calm tone, pointing toward to the front door as she turned her eyes back to her book. “If you use it on your own within the next five seconds, I won’t make you leave forcibly through that window,” the blonde continued and she casually pointed to the window on the far wall.

Trin did not know who the people were and, quite frankly, she did not care to know. She just wanted them out of her home and she had no problem with tossing them out of the window to make that happen. She was not interested in how they appeared out of thin air, even if it did not happen on a daily basis. She only desired that they were gone; she was supposed to be relaxing after all. She did not have any time to waste on them. Her day had been dedicated to her book.

“What an upstart human. Are you sure she’s the one?” the blonde male of the trio inquired. He looked around Trin’s age, between twenty and twenty five. He was speaking to his ebony-haired counterpart. The blonde was dressed in an Angels’ jersey and dark blue jeans. His blonde hair was hanging freely to his shoulders and he had signs of a goatee trying to grow in.

“She is,” the ebony-haired male confirmed. He was much cleaner looking than the blonde male. His face was clear and his skin looked perfect. His hair was short and brushed back. He was dressed in black slacks and a matching vest with a powder blue shirt that matched his eyes. He appeared the same age as the blonde young man.

The silent female was standing behind the male duo. She was a brunette with her hair flowing freely down her back like a chocolate river. Her eyes were a light green, like watered down jade. She was dressed in a white and red button-down shirt with red pants. She had her hands in her pockets. She watched her companions with a dull expression on her face as they went back and forth about Trin being “the one.” Her companions were speaking about Trin as if she was not there and the blonde one was not being kind with his words.

“How’d we get stuck with this one?” the blonde male inquired with an attitude that Trin had had enough of.

“I’m guessing that you guys prefer the window. I hope you have wings…well, not really hope,” Trin remarked as she removed her headphones.

“Actually, we do have wings,” the ebony-haired male commented and huge glowing, white wings sprang out of the trio’s shoulders. Trin did not look impressed, even though that was quite a sight.

“Then let’s take those for a test flight out the window,” the blonde Possible proposed as she placed her book down.

“Wait,” the ebony-haired male said. He had no idea that she would be so difficult. “I am the archangel Gabriel, this is Michael, and she is Raphael. We have come to you with a message from God,” he informed Trin and he still was not sparking her interest.

“Yeah, tell God to email me next time,” she replied, still set to force them out of her house.

“Do you think that this is some kind of joke?” Michael demanded to know. He did not know what her problem was, but he was not going to let her continue to act so brazenly when there were serious issues that needed to be handled.

“Do you think I give a damn if it’s not?” Trin countered.

The trio could be telling the truth, the blonde woman considered; wings did just sprout out of their backs and everything. But, even if they were, she did not care. She was not looking to do anything that involved her leaving the couch and her book.

“How is she the one, seriously?” Michael asked Gabriel in disbelief.

“Trin Possible, you have been chosen to save the world,” Gabriel announced to her while ignoring Michael.

“Sounds more like something for my little sister. She lives down the hall, apartment 402,” Trin replied and she pointed to the door once again.

“We need you to save the world from your little sister,” the ebony-haired male added.

Trin looked at them all for a moment. “Look, you’re not selling this plan to me by telling me things like that. How would I save the world from Mini-me?” she inquired. She really just wanted to know what her little sister had done because she did not believe that Kim was capable of harming someone for no reason at all, so she really was incredulous to the world needing saving from her sister.

“You have to kill her,” Gabriel stated.

Trin nodded. “Yeah, this plan is really starting to smell like pure bullshit. Get out,” she ordered them.

The blonde woman was not willing to hear anymore of what was going on because she did not even care anymore; not that she cared much to begin with. Kill her little sister to save the world? Yeah, and then right after that she would kill herself. How would she be able to live with that on her mind, on her conscious? Please, the world could and would go right to Hell long before she raised a hand with the intent of hurting her little sister, so killing the redhead was seriously out of the question.

“Wait, let me explain it to you. Your sister has been possessed by a powerful demon. This demon is looking to become one with your sister and regain enough of her own power to march to the locked gates of the Abyss to release all of the fallen angels, especially her prince. They plan to resurrect Pandemonium in Eden, in other words here on Earth. The demons would rule this planet and kill off any humans not looking to serve them. The demons just want to be back in the light. They will destroy as many humans as necessary and enjoy it because they hate man most of all,” Gabriel said.

“Giving us something in common. Why don’t you go tell God to get off of his sorry, all-powerful ass and do something about it?” Trin suggested.

“Because you were chosen, like Kim was chosen,” Michael snarled. He had lost the little patience that he had with the human. Their Lord had assigned her a task and she needed to just do it and shut up. He was not used to interacting with people without fighting being involved, which might explain why he was a bit on edge.

“All right, so what you’re saying is, God chose Kim to destroy all of humanity? Who am I to go and interfere?” Trin remarked and she turned her attention back to her book.

Gabriel could not believe the woman that he was working with. How could someone so indifferent to life it seemed, possess the very virtues that they needed to save the world? He was not one to question his job, but she seemed to be serious about not caring that the world was going to be bathed in human blood and demons planned to take over. She seemed to lack virtues and, yet, she was love and fortitude.

Michael was fuming because of Trin’s nonchalant attitude toward the whole situation. He reached for her book, fully intending to throw that offending object out of the window to get her complete attention. Gabriel stopped the blonde archangel; there was obviously a reason why Michael was not the spokesman of the group by now.

“Trin, you have been chosen to save humanity. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?” Gabriel inquired.

“No and hell no if it means killing my sister. I would never, ever hurt Mini-me,” Trin replied in a dead serious tone to let them know that no matter what they said, she would not change her mind. “And if God was as all-knowing as people claim, he would know that.”

“You selfish bitch, one life for billions is nothing!” Michael barked. How could she throw away the whole of world just for one person?

“If the life is my sister’s, it’s more than anything else you can throw at me,” the pale woman retorted.

“Even if she kills your family?” Gabriel asked and he had finally hit a point that Trin cared about immensely.

“What do you mean?” the blonde Possible demanded to know in a guarded tone. She wanted to see if he was just trying to get to her or if he was being truthful. Although she suspected that an angel could not lie.

“The demon inside of your sister is going to have her slaughter everything that is precious to her because without any ties, she will resist less. The demon’s powers will grow and soon she and your sister will be the same. And then, at full power, your sister will be lost as the demon opens the Abyss and brings Pandemonium to Eden, condemning the whole planet to death,” Gabriel reported.

Trin seemed to think on things. “You sure seem to know a lot about this demon inside of my sister. Who is it?” she inquired curiously.

Gabriel thought that it was good thing that Trin suddenly desired information about things, so he decided to supply her with what she wanted while he had her interest. “The queen of darkness is in your sister, Lilith. She searched for the perfect form to hold her for eons and it seems that your sister fit the profile,” the blue-eyed archangel replied.

Trin continued to think on things. Her sister was possibly possessed by the mother of all demons. She was going to kill all of humanity, their family included, or rather their family especially. She balled her hand into a tight fist and frowned deeply. She hated what was happening, but it was her little sister.

“I cannot do this thing that you ask of me,” the blonde Possible confessed. If they spoke nothing but the truth and she could sense that they were, she would be honest in return because that was what she was.

“So humanity means nothing to you?” Michael snarled in anger.

“She doesn’t mean it that way,” Raphael finally spoke up.

It was always a bit painful to watch Michael in action when there was no action for Raphael and she did not see how Gabriel kept his composure around the blonde angel. He was a fanatic about the cause, almost like a demon, but he was signed up to a different cause. She supposed it was good that he was on their side, but if he could act just a little more civil about matters, she had no doubt that it would be helpful.

Raphael took a step forward and stared at Trin. She understood the blonde just as much as her male counterparts, namely hardly. But, she knew why the young woman had said that she could not do the task.

“She doesn’t think she’s strong enough to slay her own sister,” Raphael told Michael.

“Of course she’s strong enough. She’s God’s chosen,” Michael pointed out.

“I don’t mean it that way,” Raphael sighed. He thought with his sword too much in her opinion.

“God picked her, so she has to do it,” the blonde archangel argued.

“To hell with God! I can’t and won’t kill my only little sister! The first person to love me unconditionally, the first person to make me feel special, the first person to make me believe I have worth! I won’t do it!” Trin declared in the loudest voice that she could muster.

How dare they even ask such a thing of her, Trin silently fumed. They were talking about her little sister, her redheaded clone, her Mini-me. They were talking about the girl that she used to read to, that she used to give snacks to, that she used to hold as carefully as possibly. They were talking about the girl that let her know that she was not some thing, some useless, unloved, pitied creature.

So, how dare they have the audacity to tell her that God had chosen her to kill Kim! She would sooner be able to eat the world than to slay her sister to save it. She would let Kim destroy a hundred worlds if that was her desire, as long as her sister remained alive.

“Blasphemous bitch!” Michael shouted and he drew his sword on her because he was so upset. His weapon appeared out of thin air.

“Michael, calm down and put it away,” Gabriel said because he knew that his blonde partner was not going to use the sword. He was just not helping matters.

“Since you three are so hell bent on doing something, why don’t you go kill her?” Trin suggested, not that she was going to let them out of her apartment if they agreed with that idea.

“We cannot. An angel is not permitted to touch a human, even if she is possessed. That was why Lilith bound herself to your sister. She needed a strong body that would hold all of her powers that we could not touch,” Gabriel replied.

“Why my sister? Why not someone else? Kim’s righteous, good, and pure. Why the hell would this demon bitch take Kim’s body?” Trin inquired.

“Despite all of those things, your sister is strong in every way that Lilith needed a vessel to be strong—” Gabriel tried to explain.

“Don’t talk about Kim likes she’s a thing. She’s a person, not some car for a demon bitch to highjack and fuck up her life. Can’t a priest or something like exorcise Lilith from her?” the older sister inquired.

“No,” Gabriel answered bluntly. “She is bound to your sister like her skin is bound to her bones. You have to kill your sister to free your sister,” he stated.

“Well, humanity and the Earth had a real good run,” Trin commented. “One was just ruining the other anyway.”

There were just no words in existence that could make Trin do what they requested that she do. If it was true and Kim was killing everyone, the best that Trin would be able to do was serve herself up to her little sister to get the slaying out of the way. She was not built for what they wanted her to do.

“Trin, I cannot pretend to fathom the weight of the matter to you. An angel and a human are two very different creatures, so I won’t even patronize you by falsely assuming anything about what this must mean to you. But, I can ask you, do you think that your sister would want to live this way? Somewhere inside of her, she realizes everything that she is doing. She knows that she’s killed thousands of people and will kill millions more. She knows that she has brought unimaginable pain and suffering to the world, single-handedly and in a single day. Would you leave her to that? Would you leave her to kill billions of people? Could you leave her to such psychological torture? Isn’t it your job as an older sister to save her?” Raphael pointed out.

“I suppose I am my sister’s keeper, but you wish me to save her through death. I can’t do such a thing,” Trin replied. She could not slay her little sister no matter what. She just was not mentally strong enough to do such a thing.

“Would you prefer that someone else do it because someone will eventually,” Raphael stated. Pandemonium could not be brought to Eden; it just was not going to happen, but it would take time to stop, especially without Trin. It was best that the act be done out of love and with fortitude because then Kim would be saved and as would the person that stopped her.

“No one will ever kill my sister,” Trin snarled.

“Then it must be you now or someone else later on. The decision is yours,” Raphael stated.

Trin’s face looked conflicted. How could they expect her to slaughter her little sister? But, if Kim was aware of her actions and she had done what they said, she would eventually crack under the unspeakable pressure from the deeds that she had done. And if someone was going to kill her sister, it would have to be her because she would not allow anyone else to do it. What an extremely fucked up situation, she thought.

“Take me to Kim. Until I see with my own eyes and judge everything for myself, my little sister isn’t to be touched,” Trin decided.

“Judge for yourself? God already decided,” Michael stated. What was with her and thinking that she was someone, he wondered.

“Fuck God!” Trin hollered in pure fury. She was tempted to lash out physically at the other blonde in the room.

What part of “they wanted her to kill her sister” were they missing? They were acting as if they had not just come in and asked the impossible of her, as if they had not asked her to betray everything that meant something to her. It was her little sister for crying out loud!

The trio did not, could not plausibly conceive or comprehend what Kim meant to her, what it meant to be a big sister. She was a protector; she chased monsters away for crying out loud. She could not destroy what she had sworn on her own soul to protect. She would be damned in her own eyes if she did something so unforgivable, so apprehensible. But, she could not let Kim damn herself with such heinous actions. She would see what was going on and she would decide what was best.

“Just take me to her,” Trin pled in a quiet, sorrowful tone. It seemed as if she already knew what would need to be done, but she was fighting it. Kim could not do something so horrid that she would have to kill her, right? It just…it just was not possible.

“We are only the messengers. We have things to deliver and you will have to go on your own,” Gabriel replied.

“So, you’re only here to tell me to kill her? You bastards,” the blonde Possible sucked her teeth.

“No, I said we have things to deliver. That was just one of the things. We must also give you a blessing to be able to take her on. She is no longer an ordinary human. She’s not the little sister that you could take down so easily. So, we have to give the blessing and hopefully it is enough for you to take her down,” Gabriel replied.

“What-the-hell-ever. I just need to get to Kim,” Trin stated. She needed to see if it was true and she wanted to get to Kim before the redhead killed their family if it was true.

The three archangels surrounded Trin. They formed triangles with their hands and began chanting. Three circles of light appeared underneath the blonde woman and then the angels hands began to glow.

Kim tossed away Tatsu’s lifeless body. The mechanic had died attempting to find out if Trin was still alive and to protect the Possible family from Kim’s lunacy as they tried to flee the house. Kim had left Tatsu for a moment after mutilating the quiet woman by tearing off her right arm and putting a hole in her stomach. The redhead had gone after her fleeing family, who stood even less of a chance than Tatsu.

Kim had cut her family down almost effortlessly. Almost. As she was about to do something to the twins that she always threatened to do, namely tear their heads off, her mother pled with her to stop and spare the boys. Her mother was crying while begging her to not hurt the twins. And she hesitated for a very long moment.

They were in her path; she needed to remove them to stay free. But, she could not do it. She could not kill her brothers no matter how irksome they were.

“I can’t…” Kim whispered to herself. “I can’t…I can’t…I…” she growled in frustration.

No, she could kill them, the former hero assured herself. In order to continue to be free of everything and feel such a wonderful thing, she would have to kill everything. She had to remove everything in her path to stay free.

And with that thought, Kim Possible unceremoniously slaughtered her whole family like lambs. They were far from a challenge and she noticed that. At least other people offered up some resistance, but her family had died too quickly for her taste. She had come to like it when her victims lingered for a moment; a perversion of her natural “Kim-ness.” It was fun when her victims kept coming back for more, like Tatsu. So, she had returned to Tatsu and tormented her sister’s beloved for a few agonizing minutes before the mechanic’s body simply shut down from too much trauma and blood loss; her questions about her lover remained unanswered and her duty went unfulfilled.

With the Possible family out of the way, Kim moved on to her next destination, the Stoppable residence. On her way there, she murdered whoever was in her path, mostly armed forces. Nothing halted her as she went in search of the one with mystical monkey powers. She laughed; mystical monkey magic versus demonic powers that had been building since the beginning of time. She knew that outcome already, but she bet that it would be fun finally seeing what the buffoon could do.

Ron was actually waiting for Kim, as if he knew that she would come for him. He had a look of determination on his face as he gripped the lotus blade in his hand. The second that the word spread that Kim Possible was on a rampage, Yori came to Ron’s side to see if he would require assistance. He had sent her away as soon as she showed up; he had seen on television what sort of damage his best friend was causing and he would never forgive her if she hurt Yori.

“Kim, buddy, I don’t want to hurt you,” Ron said while holding up his weapon. Kim laughed loudly, as if he had just told a great joke.

“Please, try. Make it interesting before I tear your intestines out,” the former hero replied.

“I’m not kidding,” he said.

“Me neither. Come on,” she urged him.

Ron went at Kim with his weapon tightly in his hand; his fingers might as well have been glued to the blade. The sword began to erode as he got close to Kim. By the time he went to strike her, his sword looked like it was millions of years old. And then when the blade touched her, it crumbled like dry bits of wood. Ron could not believe what happened and he did not have time to think on it.

Kim grabbed her best friend by the throat with impressive speed. She pressed her now talon-like nails into his neck. She smiled at him as a little of his blood trickled onto her thin fingers.

“This isn’t interesting. You really are just a buffoon,” the redhead declared.

“Let him go!” Yori ordered as she flung several shuriken at Kim. The weapons never made it to the possessed girl; the midnight aura that clung to her turned the blades to memories before they made it to within three feet of her.

“You,” Kim said as she turned her attention to the Japanese young lady. “Yori, right?” she asked in a very polite manner.

“Yori, run!” Ron ordered. Damn it, he told her to get the hell out of town earlier and she did not listen. Damn it.

Yori silently cursed. She had just broken the first rule of ninjitsu; she had revealed herself to her enemy. That was quite possibly the stupidest thing that she had ever and would ever do in her life.

Kim tossed Ron rather roughly to the ground, deciding that she would get back to him later. Right now she wanted to play with the person with all of the energy and the nerve to get in her way, Yori.

“Leave her alone, K.P!” Ron ordered through a series of coughs as the possessed redhead started taking some methodical steps toward the female ninja.

The kunoichi(1) was frozen in place. She had never seen eyes like Kim’s, cold, dead, nothing mattered. She had seen some of Kim’s handiwork of the day and to be face to face with the person that caused such indescribable carnage was overwhelming. Something about Kim’s presence was fear-inducing on its own, but to know what she had done to so many people, it was enough to make the bravest run.

Yori drew her sword once she noticed how close the murderous redhead was to her. She gulped and her weapon did not last very long, of course. Kim cut Yori down with a mere flick of her hand; invisible wires ripped through the Japanese female. Her body dropped to the pavement in a few pieces.

“Yori!” Ron cried and he recklessly charged in his best friend in a blind fury only to be grabbed by the throat again.

“Put the buffoon down,” Shego commanded as she stepped onto the scene. Getting to Middleton had been a bitch considering almost every vehicle in town had been ruined and GJ was gone, so she could not get into touch with someone that might have been willing to give her a ride. She had lucked out by catching a ride with some old associates, Doctor Drakken, Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan, and Professor Dementor. They were headed for Kim because how could they rule the world if she destroyed the whole of it?

(1) Kunoichi: female ninja

Next time: the conclusion, really. I mean it.

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