Chapter 3

The omega


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TITLE: The omega

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters; those Disney people do.

I don’t own these characters, except the ones I usually claim. Disney gets the rest.

SUMMARY: Set in the Pariah universe. A Possible has been chosen to save the world from the apocalypse. Wait, it's not Kim. It's Trin? We're as good as dead.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: The warning, of course, still applies.

Words: 5220

“Shego, sweetie,” Kim smiled her usual smile. Her girlfriend had just shown up to save the day, she guessed anyway. She had come with some playthings for Kim, as far as the redhead was concerned. The toys were some old foes of Kim’s and it seemed that everyone had switched roles since they were looking to save the day from her.

“Cut the shit. My Princess doesn’t have fucked up horns growing out her head,” Shego stated.

The pale woman did not believe that that person was Kim. She thought that it was a messed up clone or something, but Wade had scanned her and promised that it was Kim as far as he could tell. He could not explain the horns, or the fangs, or the blackened aura around her, but he swore up and down that it was her. Shego still did not believe it.

“Shin said the same thing before I pulled his beating heart out of his chest,” Kim replied.

“You killed Shin?” Shego asked in disbelief. Her Princess could not, would not kill Shin. He was like a big brother to the slender redhead, so there was no way that Kim could do such a thing.

“Yeah, and his parents. Not to mention, my parents and the tweebs. I even got to Tatsu. Next is Ron and you and with you guys out of the way, nothing will ever block my path again. I’ll be free of everything. I’ll be free,” Kim declared.

Without any of those attachments, she would be able to grow to full strength. After she finished with Ron and Shego, she would go after her big sister and take care of her. Once Trin was gone, then nothing would block her path. She would be free and she would be able to move to the next part of getting what she desired, what she believed she deserved.

“You couldn’t have…” the pale woman shook her head because she just could not believe that the former hero had done any of the deeds that she said she had done. Her lover, her Kimmie just would never…No, if she spoke the truth, then that was only proof that the person before her was not her Kimmie. She was looking at some kind of inhuman monster, a demon, a devil, but not Kim.

Shego ignited her hands and ran at the creature that was wearing her girlfriend’s face. Kim flung Ron to the side again and dodged Shego’s attack with greater ease than anyone ever had, but that did not stop the raven-headed woman from continuing to go at the possessed girl. She eventually kicked the former thief to the side once she was bored. The power behind the hit was something that the green-skinned female had ever experienced before. It sent her flying and she only stopped after hitting a house, which was reduced to rubble on impact and collapsed on Shego.

Kim turned her attention to the others as Drakken and Dementor opened fire with rockets while Duff Killigan added to the firepower with his exploding golf balls. She would have thought that they would have figured out by now that regular arsenals just would not work on her anymore; they were supposed to be geniuses after all. She threw her hand out and aimed her palms at the weapons. The machines were blown away, which frightened Drakken and Dementor. She then made a sweeping motion with her hand in the scientists’ direction and their eyes went wide. Blood oozed out of their eyes, ears, noses, and mouths before they collapsed. They died without being physically touched; an invisible force just tore through their bodies.

Duff Killigan attempted to make a run for it before he was hit with whatever Kim used on the scientists, but he did not make it far. She aimed her hand at him and he met the same fate as Drakken and Dementor. Killigan dropped to the ground like a stone, but he was dead before he hit the ground.

Ron and Monkey Fist attacked Kim together, deciding to give her a double dose of Tai Shing Pek Kwa. She shook her hand and grabbed both of them, Ron’s wrist and Monkey Fist’s ankle. They tried to pull away from her only to discover that it was not possible to get away.

“Some mystical monkey masters. This was just pathetic,” Kim declared with a smile.

“We’ll show you,” Monkey Fist retorted.

“I doubt it,” she replied.

“You’re going down, K.P,” Ron stated.

Kim laughed. “You two, you’re both pitiful, you know? All this hype over such weak power. I’ll show you what real power is. It has nothing to do with monkeys.”

The redhead smiled like the demon she had to be and then the pair of martial artists began yelling. The smoke-like aura that surrounded her was wrapping around her hands, circling their captured limbs. Ron’s whole arm began to burn as black as a raven’s feathers and the same thing was happening to Monkey Fist’s captured leg. She released them and they tried to go at her again, despite the fact that their limbs felt as if they were engulfed by pure magma.

The pair found out that even without her holding them, her attack spread through out their bodies. They collapsed from the pain and their flesh began to fall away. They were only bones within seconds. It did not even take half-a-minute for the masters of monkey kung-fu to become dust.

“Shego, baby, you still alive?” Kim called to the house that she had thrown her lover into.

“Now, you’ve pissed me off,” Shego replied as she crawled out of the debris of the house. She ignited her hands while ignoring the fact that her face was covered in blood thanks to the attack.

“Nice fire. Let me show you the flames of Hell, though,” Kim commented.

The earth began to shake and lava sprang from the ground like a fountain right next to the former villainess. Shego jumped to the side in order to avoid the blazing gusher of molten rock and then Kim was suddenly in her face. She turned to put her hands up to block the attack that she knew was coming, but the redhead was just too swift. Kim punched Shego into the ground and the force behind the hit was so great that when the pale woman landed, the impact created a crater.

“Come on, sweetie. You’re supposed to be better than that,” Kim taunted her lover.

The green-skinned woman tried to get up quickly, but she made quite a few discoveries while making that move. It turned out that her possessed girlfriend had broken her arm with that one assault. She coughed in pain and blood came from her mouth. She clutched her right side with her good left arm and winced. Okay, correction, her girlfriend had just broken her arm and several ribs with one punch. Incredible.

The former hero watched as Shego finally climbed to her feet and staggered out of the hole that she had been in. The redhead found herself hesitating as Shego stood before her, bleeding and injured. She knew that she should finish Shego off, but she really wanted to help her hurt lover. She wanted to go to Shego and hold her until medical attention arrived.

Instead, as Shego was about to come at her, Kim moved within the blink of an eye and grabbed Shego’s good arm. She snapped the limb and cracked the shoulder blade with great ease. The pale woman cried out in pain and she realized what things were going to come to. She had to stop her lover, no matter what or Kim would not only kill her, but countless others.

Shego did something that Kim had never seen her do; the raven-haired woman plasma-charged her entire body. She usually did not do such a thing because it took a lot of energy and concentration. She could only do it for a very limited amount of time or she would end up not only evaporating her blood from the heat, but she would simply boil her own body because of the heat energy.

Shego went to kick Kim, who easily slid out of the way to avoid the hit. The older woman continued her assault with her legs, but she could not touch her lover. It did not take long for her to start to feel the affects of overusing her powers, but she refused to stop just because of that. Before the moss-hued woman killed herself from using her powers much too much, Kim decided to go work. Shego kept up her kicks to keep Kim at bay because she could see the amused look in the redhead’s eyes that she knew was not a good sign.

“I knew you’d be a challenge. This is fun. It helps me realize just how free I am. It makes me stronger,” Kim informed her girlfriend.

“I’ll take you down. I’ll stop you from ruining Kim’s good name,” Shego promised.

“I am Kim,” the possessed female stated again. She was getting tired of repeated that. She was Kim.

“No, you’re not!” Shego shouted and then she gasped in shock. She looked down and saw Kim’s hand in her abdomen.

“I am Kim,” the redhead repeated in a whisper as she leaned forward and kissed Shego softly on her lips as blood trickled out of her mouth.

“No…” the pale woman refused to believe it, but her last conscious thought was that the kiss felt just like one that her lover would give before running out of the house.

Shego went limp in Kim’s grip and then it dawned on her that Shego was dead. She had killed her beloved. She choked back a sob as she removed her hand and embraced her lover’s burning hot corpse. She held onto Shego tightly and began to cry.

“Shego! No! Don’t leave me!” Kim pled. “Please! I’m so sorry! I’m sorry, don’t die!”

“I think we both know that isn’t going to work, little sister,” Trin commented and her voice caused Kim to turn around to face her big sister.

When Kim laid eyes on her big sister, she saw a very strange sight. Trin was glowing in an almost ethereal manner. Everything about Trin looked eerily light, almost as if she was being bathed in diamond dust. She was dressed in plain clothes, for her anyway, which were a pale yellow button-down shirt and a pair of pink slacks. Her clothes were not so odd, but the fact that she had her katana on her hip was. She was also sporting a pair of pristine, almost glass-like wings. Kim suddenly smirked.

“Big sister, you’re the one that’s supposed to stop me? A misanthropic lesbian? How the quality of chosen ones has fallen,” Kim remarked.

“Look, whoever the fuck you are, get the fuck out of my little sister’s body,” Trin ordered, even though she had already been told that such a thing was not possible. Lilith was now Kim and Kim was now that demon bitch. What a extremely fucked situation.

“I am Kim and she is me,” the redhead told Trin what she already knew.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing anyway? Why the hell did you kill Shego?” the blonde demanded to know.

“To be free. The same reason I killed Mom, Dad, the tweebs, Ron, Shin and his parents, not to mention Tatsu. Well, actually, I killed Tatsu just to upset you. After all, she means nothing to me,” Kim replied.

“Tatsu?” Trin gasped. No way did her little sister kill their family, both of their best friends, and both loves of their lives. “You couldn’t have…”

“Why don’t you go check,” Kim suggested. “Most of them are by the house,” she informed her older sister.

Trin could not help it; she had to see it for herself, as Kim knew that she would. The redhead needed the time to compose herself if she was going to take on her now vastly improved big sister. She would have to focus and forget about everything else. She needed to be free.

Kim growled, angry that her sister was suddenly so powerful. Sure, it would be fun to move her from her path. It was would be nice to show that she was the better martial artist in the Possible family, but she would need to be at the top of her game to rid herself of that annoyance.

The possessed female unceremoniously dropped Shego’s body, deciding that she was now over that death. All she wanted to do now was remove her big sister from her path. Without Trin, nothing would be able to hold her back and she would reorganize the whole of existence while being totally free.

Kim abruptly grunted in some discomfort. She grabbed her shoulder and noticed the lump on her shoulder blade. It was happening again, she realized. It was like when her horns grew in, but now, she knew what was coming because she was getting settled into her form. She roared in agony, showing off her fangs, as a pair of leather wings the color of fire and blood tore out of her back.

“Yes, big sister, now we can play together,” Kim said as she stretched out her wings. She had an impressive wing span.

Trin had run to the house almost quick enough to create a sonic boom, forgetting about her new abilities. The trio of archangels watched the blonde woman from the air; she did not know that they were there. Michael griped about how she was not doing her job; she was supposed to engage and destroy Kim before anything else happened. The other two ignored him as Trin arrived at her destination. She came across their family first and she could not believe her eyes.

“Mini-me couldn’t have…she couldn’t have slaughtered our family like this. No one deserves this…not even the lowest of the low, so she couldn’t have…” Trin said to herself as she stared at the body of their little brothers. Their heads were missing, but she knew their clothes.

When the blonde saw their parents, she could not even control herself; she vomited immediately. She could not take the scene and had to escape it. She was not looking where she was going and tripped over another body. Trin turned to see who the victim was and she gasped; it was Tatsu.

“Baby?” Trin fell to her dead lover’s side. She collected what was left Tatsu in her arms and clutched her tightly. She began weeping, not her baby. No, not her baby.

“What’s the matter, big sister? Don’t cry over Tatsu, even though she did die waiting for you to save her. She died cursing your name for not being here to protect her and our family. She said you’re worthless,” Kim commented as she slowly approached the distraught blonde.

The older Possible began to shake as she felt herself being overcome by a new type of fury, something completely unfathomable. The gentle glow that had surrounded her began to darken and her wings began to change into a harsh grey color, like concrete. Her teeth began to grow into fangs and her nails were turning into talons. Her eyes turned in the scarlet color of blood.

“Is she corrupting holy power?” Gabriel asked in disbelief as they stared at Trin. The angels had never seen or heard of such a thing.

“Can she do that?” Michael inquired because they really had never run into such a situation. Since the dawn of humanity such a thing had never happened.

Trin snapped mentally and went at Kim like a bat out of hell. In her mind, that thing could not possibly be her little sister. Her little sister would never do such vile and evil deeds. Her little sister was kind, pure, and selfless. That bitch in her skin was a monster of unthinkable malevolence and it was going to die a horrible, painful death for killing her lover, her best friend, her family, and stealing her sister’s body.

“Die!” Trin hollered in stark anger as she attacked at the speed of light and kicked Kim so hard that she flew about a mile down the road.

The redhead’s body did not stop as she hit the ground and she tore up the pavement as she continued to skid thanks to the strength of the blow. Trin chased down her sister’s body and jumped on her before she even came to a halt. Kim groaned in pain as the blonde’s feet collided with her abdomen. The punishment was far from over, though. Trin wailed on Kim like a madwoman, which she was at the moment. She continuously punched the former hero in the face with all of her might.

“This isn’t good,” Raphael commented.

“What’s the problem? She’s finally doing the job,” Michael pointed out.

“No, it’s not the same thing. She’s overcome by wrath, not love. If she kills Kim in this state, she will only continue on killing, allowing this whole incident to drive her completely mad, not to mention Kim would be damned. We would still have to worry about humanity’s survival considering the fact that she’s just as powerful as any demon and there isn’t anyone lined up to stop her,” Raphael argued.

“She is practically a demon in that mindset,” Gabriel concurred.

Trin worked on Kim until she kicked the redhead away from her like some offending soccer ball. Kim coughed as she crashed into a pile of rubble, which was pretty much all that was left of the town of Middleton. The blonde stalked over to her sister like a tiger on injured prey. Kim was trying to crawl away, but she did not make it very far before Trin was stepping on her back to keep her from going anywhere. Kim cried out in pain and then she began weeping.

“Stop hurting me, Trin,” Kim begged.

“That won’t work,” Trin replied, thinking that the demon in her sister was trying to fool her. She was not about to fall for that sort of trick. Her sister was gone. There was no more Kim Possible and she did not have to listen to any pleading.

“Please!” the little redhead implored her big sister as she began weeping.

Trin frowned; those tears looked so real. She backed off for a moment, unsure if her sister was being sincere or not. Maybe Kim still was in there, somewhere, like the angels had told her. Maybe it was Kim that was crying for her to stop.

The blonde calmed down a bit as she saw honest tears trailing down Kim’s face. She bent down to her little sister and stared at her for a moment. Yeah, maybe her little sister was still in there. She wiped away Kim’s tears.

The angelic trio observing the scene were pleased to see that Trin had regained control of herself. Her eyes returned to normal as did her teeth and nails. The wings that she was sporting went back to their faultless appearance. At least they did not have to worry about her becoming a demon now and it did look like she could defeat her little sister, thus save the world and Kim.

“Don’t cry, Mini-me,” Trin said.

“It’s all wrong. Everything’s all wrong,” Kim cried.

“I know.”

“And you’re going to kill me. I don’t want you to…”

“I’ll do it quick,” the blonde promised.

“It just isn’t fair. None of this is right….”

“I know. I’ll do it quick and I’ll be right behind you,” the older sister vowed.

Kim wept for a few more seconds; it was gut-wrenching for Trin to watch because she knew that her sister was not crying because of the physical pain that she was in, but because of what she had done. It seemed that her little sister was still in there and was very aware of what she had done. Trin knew what had to be done then; she was going to have to do what had been asked of her. She had to.

“I’ll be right behind you,” Trin said again to comfort her little sister.

“No, I refuse to die!” Kim snarled and she lashed out at Trin with her claw-like nails.

The redheaded Possible clawed her big sister in the side. The older female gasped and backed away while the former hero pulled a good deal of her flesh away. She put a hand to her wounded side while Kim climbed to her feet. Trin steadied herself while Kim frowned at her. The younger sister pointed a blood-covered finger at the blonde. Trin was far from intimidated by that.

“I’ll make it painless, Mini-me,” the blonde pledged.

“I’ll make it painful,” Kim retorted as her sister’s blood dripped off of her finger.

Trin laughed as if she had just been told a rib-tickler of a joke. “Whoever you are, you are in there with Kim, so you should know me better. She’s mini-me for a reason,” the farsighted woman commented.

“You think highly of yourself for a woman whose birth parents didn’t even want her,” Kim riposted.

The blonde did not take kindly to that cheap shot, but she let it go. It would not do her any good to lose it or Kim would slay her and then go back to hacking away at the rest of the world. She would not let that weigh on her little sister, so she remained calm because she had to stop Kim right then and there.

Trin put her hands up and got into a defensive stance. Kim ran at her and they clashed. As blows landed, the energy that the sisters were emitting blew away whatever was left around Middleton. Kim growled as she tried to land a significant blow, but Trin’s defense was stronger than she thought.

“You’re not on my level,” Trin pointed out. If Kim could take cheap shots at her, then she could state the truth of the matter.

“To hell with you,” Kim spat.

“Probably,” Trin agreed.

“Haughty bitch,” Kim growled.

“Yeah, you probably should’ve possessed me from the look of things,” Trin remarked.

Her little sister actually was not fighting completely like herself, Trin noted. She was relaying too much on her new demonic powers and it seemed like that would not cut it, not that Trin thought anything would cut it. Kim did know that if she held out for a while, her big sister would weaken from her wounded side. Trin was aware that Kim was already weakened from the beating that she had just received a couple of minutes ago.

“I’m fine with this perfect form. You’re far from perfect. This is perfect, though. I’ll destroy you to remain free and then I’ll go bring those who have fallen out of the dark and up to the light. I’ll bring back my beloved,” Kim declared.

“Sorry, Mini-me, but it ends here. Doing anything more would keep you out past curfew,” Trin replied.

The older sister decided to switch to offense the moment that she had the chance. She went with her skill rather than relaying on the power that she had been granted. Kim tried to dodge and counter everything that was coming at her to the best of her ability, but Trin was not even playing around. Kim ended up on the ground from some footwork that she never even saw. The redhead was astounded that she had been dropped yet again.

“You know, I never liked you,” Kim said while trying to ignore the pain that she was in thanks to that attack.

“I’m not even falling for that bullshit,” Trin commented.

“I always thought that you were annoying, crazy, obsessive, and nosy,” the younger sister said as she climbed to her feet with her nose dripping with blood.

“It’s not going to work,” Trin repeated. She was way too focused now; she knew just what she had to do and she was going to do it. She was not going to let Kim be damned anymore than she was already.

Kim staggered on her feet as she got back into her fighting stance. She was certain that she could take down Trin. She knew more styles than her big sister, after all, and she used her skills more often than her big sister. She had to be able to take down Trin; it seemed logical to her.

The redhead continued to talk to her sister as she went at her; she spouted nonsense as far as the blonde was concerned. She went on about how she never liked Trin and never really thought of her as a sister. She talked about how she did not care about what Trin thought and all other types of things. And then she landed a blow, right in the farsighted female’s injured side.

Trin grimaced when the shot landed; she had not been hit because she was distracted, but because her sister was a grand martial artist. Kim took that opening and tried to go at her sister while she had the chance. She was planning to punch Trin with all of her might, but Trin caught her fist.

Kim growled and went for another punch, but Trin caught her fist again. They were in a strength struggle for only a few seconds before Trin decided to show why she was going to win the fight in her opinion. She lifted the redhead up in the air and then slammed her into the ground several times with ease.

The former hero quickly put an end to that by kicking her big sister away from her. Trin winced as she was pushed back from the power in the hit. She touched her side to assess the damage and laughed a bit. She was asking for that, she thought. She had not been guarding her side as well as she should have.

Kim went at Trin, thinking that she had really injured the blonde. Trin blocked everything that her little sister came at her with. Kim was becoming frustrated; how in the world was her sister taking some of her better moves with her power? Trin decided that she was actually playing around with the battle instead of ending it as soon as she could.

The blonde Possible flipped away from her little sister and drew her sword. Kim laughed as soon as she saw the weapon. She informed her big sister that such puny weapons were useless against her and then she gasped. Kim looked down as she felt something cool slide into the side of her chest. She could not believe it, but Trin’s katana was in her chest and her blood was running down the blade.

“I guess having Gabriel bless the sword before I came here worked,” Trin commented. She could not believe that she had just impaled her sister on her sword, but she had to do it. If she did not, who knew what Kim might have done, aside from eventually kill her anyway.

“Sis…wait,” Kim pled because she knew what was coming next.

“I’ll be right behind you,” the blonde promised.

Trin had to turn her head as she tore her sword out of Kim’s body, only she went upwards, and sliced through Kim’s shoulder to remove her sword. The redhead screamed in pure agony and fell to the ground. She held onto her wound, but that was not going to do anything. She tried to move, but she could not. Trin fell to Kim’s side and gathered her little sister in her arms.

“Trin…I’m so sorry,” Kim apologized in a low voice.

“It’s not your fault, Mini-me. It’s not,” Trin tried to assure her little sister. It was not like Kim asked to be possessed by a demon bitch looking to bring about the apocalypse.

“I didn’t mean any of this,” Kim wept while trying to reach out to embrace her big sister. She would feel so much safer going if she could just hold Trin.

“I know,” Trin while tearing up herself and she noticed her little sister reaching for her. She gently wrapped Kim’s arm around her.

“Thank you so much.”

“Why?” the blonde asked in a puzzled tone. She was being thanked for slaying her little sister by her little sister? It just did not make any sense to her.

“For stopping me. For loving me. For holding me. I’m so sorry…”

“I know.”

“Forgive me. Love you…” Kim said in a voice below a whisper and she began to gasp for air.

“I love you too. I do forgive you. I’ll be right behind you. I promise, I promise,” Trin vowed as her olive-eyed sister drew her last breath.

Trin broke down into gut-wrenching sobs as she held her sister’s body to her. She had killed Kim and she was not sure how she had managed the strength for that, but she was spent. She could not go on living with the death of her little sister on her hands. She did not have anything to live for anymore anyway. Everyone was gone and she wanted to be with them. Trin shifted her sister’s body in her arms and her sword in hand as the trio of angels appeared in front of her.

“You did the right thing,” Gabriel said.

“Yeah, I guess the right sister was chosen,” Michael admitted; it seemed to pain him to say that.

“Shut the fuck up! I just killed my fucking sister!” Trin shouted through a typhoon of tears. “I can’t… I just can’t….”

“You can’t kill yourself,” Gabriel objected.

“I can and will. I promised her,” Trin replied. She had decided back when they were telling her what she had to do, that if they spoke the truth, then she was not going to live more than a minute longer than her sister.

“One who is chosen cannot commit suicide. The burden is never so brutal,” Gabriel argued.

“Whoever said that probably didn’t kill her little sister,” Trin replied. “So, you just try to stop me,” she dared them.

The angels could even not call her bluff, as they were going to do because it was as Gabriel said, no one who was chosen had ever committed suicide as far as they knew. Other things happened to those who were chosen, but they never committed suicide. The burden was never supposed to be so heavy, but Trin would beg to differ.

The blonde slit her throat with her own katana before the angels could open their mouths. She settled down next to her little sister as her blood mixed with Kim’s. She smiled a bit and rubbed Kim’s still warm cheek. She would have said something, but her wound was too deep to speak and she just closed her eyes. She could feel her heart beat slowing down and it seemed to be growing cold quickly. There was a last breath and then there was nothing at all. Darkness and cold, but then there was a light and warmth. She could feel it. She opened her eyes to see it.

Was it a dream?

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