Twentyfour Hours

Chapter 20

2:00 am

King in Yellow

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TITLE: 2:00 am

AUTHOR: King in Yellow

DISCLAIMER: Disney owns all the various characters from the Kim Possible series. Any and all registered trade names property of their respective owners. Cheap shots at celebrities constitute fair usage.

SUMMARY: When an unknown enemy captures Hego the Wegos draft Shego and Mego for the rescue. Mix in Team Possible and a retired Team Go enemy and entropy dictates the result will be chaos.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 666

2:00 am

Team Go began to assemble and set up their command point about a block from the old factory. The three searchers, who had all been awake and on the move, were the first on the scene. Despite the ease of Mego's initial search they weren't sure what sorts of security devices Obtinus might have left behind and didn't want to tip Hellpike off prematurely.

“Come on, partner,” Shego said to Ron, “I think we're the two best for disabling alarms and traps.” She turned to Mego, “We will be back within a half hour -- even if we come back to say we need more time to finish the job. If we're not back in a half hour you know we're in trouble too.”

The patrolmen who had brought Ron to the scene radioed for two ambulances. They, and three backup police units would arrive quietly at the assembly point and wait for word from Team Go.

There was an all night gas station and convenience store half a block from the lot where they were assembling, and Mego bought a ruled notebook and a cup of coffee that wasn't nearly as bad as he expected.

While he drank the coffee and waited he sketched out the area where Hego was being held.

The Wegos and Al pulled up ten minutes after Ron and Shego left to disable the alarms.

Dexter seemed nervous with the number of police cars around. It eventually became apparent that it had been so many years since the Alchemist had worked with the Gang of Evil that none of the police even recognized him. Dexter wasn't sure if he should rejoice in his anonymity or feel resentment that he had been forgotten.

“What's wrong,” Ron whispered as he and Shego worked on the buildings security system.

“It's not as complex as I expected from Obtinus. I know that is what Mego said, but he doesn't know enough about security systems for me to trust him. I think we're missing something.”

“Maybe we just got lucky. If no one ever discovered his hideout he may never have loaded it with as many alarms as you expect.”

“God, I hope you're right, Stoppable. But if a cage springs up around us I'm going to laugh and say, 'I told you so.'”

As they finished their sweep of security systems she spoke again, “Thanks for leaving the buffoon act in Middleton.”

“No problem. But if you and Kim don't lighten up I may dig it out.”

“Keep your pants on at least.”

“Actually that isn't part of the act. It's the old Stoppable curse -- or blessing. Mostly we figure it’s a curse. It got great-grandpa shot, but I think that's because of where they found him with his pants off.”

“And some Stoppables consider it a blessing?”

“It makes a lasting impression on the ladies. Only two filed restraining orders this last year.”

Mego glanced at his watch. It was almost time for Shego and Ron to report back. Before they appeared, however, George pulled up and he and Kim got out of the car.

“How are we doing,” George asked.

“Great in the sense he's still alive and we found him. The woman is still alive and doesn't appear to have been harmed. Hego has taken a lot of punishment. He's got to be hurting but he's so strong he can hold up longer. With any luck, though, he won't have to.”

“Where are Shego and that young man?”

“My name is Ron! Can't anybody remember my name?”

George smiled, “I actually remembered you complaining about that last February. I saw you and Shego coming… Where is she?”

“She headed over to the convenience store for some bottled water -- said we'd all be needing some by the time we were done.”

“Gentlemen, and lady,” Mego said, nodding to Kim, “we have a rescue to plan.”

Shego arrived with two small cases of bottled water as Mego described the floor plan.

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