Twentyfour Hours

Chapter 6

12:00 Noon

King in Yellow

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TITLE: 12:00 Noon

AUTHOR: King in Yellow

DISCLAIMER: Disney owns all the various characters from the Kim Possible series. Any and all registered trade names property of their respective owners. Cheap shots at celebrities constitute fair usage.

SUMMARY: When an unknown enemy captures Hego the Wegos draft Shego and Mego for the rescue. Mix in Team Possible and a retired Team Go enemy and entropy dictates the result will be chaos.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 388

12:00 Noon

Shego and the Wego called in within minutes of each other to say that Hellpike appeared to be behind Hego's abduction.

“She's moving again,” Wade told Kim.

“Should we follow her?” Will asked.

“Let's see where she was and what she did before we follow.” The hovercraft moved so much quicker than metropolitan traffic that Shego was on her way to find the Alchemist before Kim could trace her to the Nest of Aviarius.

“Should I park here,” Will asked.


“Perfect guys, that is the closest street. Kim, stay on the Kimmunicator and I can guide you and Ron to exactly where she was.”

Minutes later Kim and Ron found the spot Shego had used to get into the Nest. An angry looking Aviarius was straightening up some of the mess created by the talon gun blowing up.

“What did Shego want?” Kim demanded

“What do you think she wanted? Information. You people are as stupid as Team Go.”

“What happened to your hand?”

“She burned me. The nasty bitch burned me!”

“You got it bandaged up pretty fast.”

“She wrapped it up before she left. Called it a little souvenir of her visit.”

Christine's meeting appeared to be a Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Mego decided to have lunch himself. While he waited for his order to arrive he called the Tower. While he had nothing to report he hoped someone else had discovered something. He took the news that Hellpike was back in town philosophically, the man was probably a certifiable sociopath, but knowing his identity was still progress.

Will, Ron, and Kim were back on the road, heading in the direction Shego had already gone.

It was almost one before Shego found the drug store she was looking for. She looked in without entering, it had a lunch counter and the place was crowded with the noon rush. Since she wanted to do this quietly she glanced around the neighborhood. There was a Subway almost directly across the street whose windows provided a good view of the pharmacy. After getting a veggie sub and Diet Coke she found a seat that let her watch the street and ate slowly.

Across the city Eds traveling with police to check on leads took lunch breaks. Maintaining so many Wegos over such a large area was exhausting.

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