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Chapter 12

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

King in Yellow

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TITLE: Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

AUTHOR: King in Yellow

DISCLAIMER: The various characters from the Kim Possible series are all owned by Disney. Any and all registered trade names property of their respective owners. Cheap shots at celebrities constitute fair usage.

SUMMARY: Best Enemies wraps up Ch. 9 Audaces fortuna iuvat Because Etherelemental demanded it, why the DOJ decided not to prosecute Shego.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: In the original plan, when this was a three story arc, the conclusion looked a little like the end of the previous chapter. Unfortunately another character managed to hijack the ending, and this became the result. Pretend that was the last chapter if you don't care for this ending.

Words: 1567

Finals had ended for Kim's sophomore year at Middleton U. Considering that half of February had been spent in total exhaustion she had done remarkably well. In a week she would be back with Global Justice and was excited at the prospect -- especially since she would be working with Ron again.

Shego had received a tentative letter of acceptance from the Law School, contingent upon her graduation in December. The requirement of a December graduation was spelled out in the acceptance letter. While the letter did not say it, she knew that the state trial coming up that fall could raise a serious problem for her. She planned to spend the summer dealing with the smaller charges against her in various countries to try and impress the court with her new life style. When the two sat on the porch swing, playing with the babies and talking about the future, neither would speak of the upcoming trial to the other.

The twins proved a demanding audience when Shego brought out her flute, and required that every concert end with a performance of 'Pop Goes the Weasel' if she wanted to obtain their smiles and laughter. Kasy and Sheki were starting to roll, and their mothers warned Kim and Shego that they would miss the doorstop phase once it was over -- it would be the only time they could be certain where the twins would be.

In a couple weeks Justine would take up residence in Possible Manor. Kim had relented slightly and was letting money from the 'tainted' furniture fund be used to install a prototype of Wade's new home elevator.

Monique and Will were seeing each other regularly again, but some tensions remained. Shego recommended they visit a counselor before becoming engaged instead of waiting until the conversation turned to talk of divorce after a marriage.

Some psychiatrists spoke of releasing Drakken from the Innsmouth Institute, but other therapists insisted that would only be allowed with some sort of supervision to insure he didn't stop taking his medication. Kim wasn't sure what she felt out the possibility of Drakken moving to the Middleton area, but it would provide her with the opportunity to crush him at Texas Hold'em.

Wade had recovered nicely from his 'accident,' and Shego now had free run of the Lair. One of the points on which both Kim and Shego could absolutely agree was that the young man needed a girl friend.

Monique and Will were out for a dinner and dancing, and Kim, Shego and the twins were spending the night at the Drs. Possible. Kim suspected the bridge game was simply an excuse for her parents to see the grandchildren. Ron was down watching television as Bonnie put her desperate plan into effect.

“Ron, come upstairs.”

“Where are you?” he called as he climbed to the second floor.

“Come into the master bathroom.”

“What's up, Bonnie?”

“Just come in here, will you?”

“Okay, I'm here. What's so special?”

“Have you seen the new Jacuzzi Shego had installed?”

“Yeah, I was here when they brought it in, remember?”

“No, I mean have you really seen it? Have you been in it?”

“No, this is their bathroom.”

“Come on, Ron. I have it all filled and ready. Why don't we give it a try right now?”

“Uh, Bonnie, I'm not dressed for--”

“Oh, hush. It's not a matter of dressed. It's a matter of being undressed for it.”

Ron should have run screaming from the room right then. But it is almost impossible for the average man to run from a pretty woman who is unbuttoning her blouse -- and even more difficult for him to run when she starts taking off his shirt.

“Bonnie, this really isn't a good idea.”

“Come on Ron, you're a gentleman. We've been living under the same roof for months now. I trust you not to take advantage of me. We're just two friends sitting in the Jacuzzi together.”

“Oh, yeah. Just two friends.” Ron closed his eyes and tried to find any non-erotic image to replace the sight of Bonnie's breasts after she unhooked her bra. The fact her fingers were slowly slipping down his chest didn't help.

And it is impossible to run with your pants down around your knees. And no matter how many times it had happened to him in the past this was definitely different.

“Oh, my,” Bonnie giggled. “Someone is happy to see me. I'll let you keep your boxers on if you want. Just get in the Jacuzzi now.”

Ron scrambled into the tub, hoping the water would help hide his arousal.

“Please, Bonnie, leave your panties on.”

“Don't be silly. I don't want them to get wet. Now I'll just get in the tub with you and we'll talk about whatever comes up. Oh, have I ever thanked you for the two times you saved me from Gill?”

“No thanks necessary,” Ron croaked.

“Oh, don't be modest. I really need to thank you properly…”

Ron lay on the futon in his dark room and stared up at the blackness of the ceiling. He pressed his cell phone to his ear and listened to what seemed an eternity of clicks as connections were made halfway around the world. Finally another phone began to ring in Japan.

“Oh, God, please pick it up, Yori. Please, pick it up, Yori. I really need to talk with you. Please God, let her pick it up…”

Translation: Aut viam inveniam aut faciam - I will either find a way or make one

----- The End -----


Thus endeth my original story arc -- well, except it had originally been Kim and Shego in the Jacuzzi -- just after it was installed. They were sharing a bottle of Asti, which was sweet enough Kim didn't object. I still don't know what happens with Bonnie and Ron and Yori. But Kim and Shego are where I want them for now: Happy with each other and in an ideal situation if I want to set more stories in this universe.

Kim will go to work for Global Justice after she leaves college in two years, which allows for further stories.

Shego will need a few trips to clear up legal problems in various countries around the world, sometimes with Kim's help. She holds at least one interesting job while in law school and has the potential for being blackmailed into government jobs as necessary. Without Betty Director's knowledge she also backs up Will Du on a mission that goes well enough the two might work together again.

Kim and Shego have a Jewish wedding in their future.

Wade increases Shego's retainer in return for her agreeing to do maintenance on the hovercraft. Lipsky and Load writes off a nice set of tools as a business expense and there is usually a hovercraft parked in the garage at Possible Manor for routine work. In the fall of his junior year Ron will haul his grandfather's 1947 Indian to the shop and Shego will help him rebuild it.

Ron remains impossible for me to pin down, as do Shego's brothers.

I don't have a sense of Bonnie other than some success after college on a Soap as a bad girl. I can't tell if she is deeply interested in Ron or simply finds him a nice guy and conveniently close. I'd like her to end up with Ed, but am afraid she is more likely to fall for Will. I would not put any money on Junior in the Bonnie sweepstakes, but they did have a good time and went clubbing again.

The White Lady's remains will be found during renovation of the basement. She does have a name. The girls like her, but in later years Kim (who can't see her) refuses to consider her as a baby-sitter.

Given Justine's dysfunctional family background Felix will need to treat her with a lot of TLC if there is any chance for them. She requires a lot of attention, and his may be divided now that he is back among old friends.

I think things will go better for Will Du and Monique.

Quite a number of characters might have a role in future stories. And if the final Jack emerges there will be two (hopefully) unexpected faces in Team Possible II -- the others can probably be guessed easily enough.

Kasy and Sheki could be a lot of fun…

  "And why did you think it was a good idea to teach four-year olds how to pick locks?” Kim asked.

  "You're never too young. Sheki is a natural -- no lock is going to stop her.”

  "No lock, as in, the lock on our bedroom door or as in the lock on our toy drawer in the dresser?”

  "Okay, maybe I should have thought that through… How about we stack a couple cinder blocks in front of the door if we want privacy?”

At age five Shego initiates the girls into the order of the pillow ninjas, only to discover that the students can best their teacher.

  Shego loved her daughters, and they adored their Eemah. But sometimes Kim reflected sadly, “It would be safer for me to just leave a loaded gun lying around the house for them to play with.”

And now, one final thought, Cur etiam hic es - Why are you still here?

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