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Chapter 8

Apudne te vel me?

King in Yellow

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TITLE: Apudne te vel me?

AUTHOR: King in Yellow

DISCLAIMER: The various characters from the Kim Possible series are all owned by Disney. Any and all registered trade names property of their respective owners. Cheap shots at celebrities constitute fair usage.

SUMMARY: Best Enemies wraps up Ch. 9 Audaces fortuna iuvat Because Etherelemental demanded it, why the DOJ decided not to prosecute Shego.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

WARNING: This chapter is largely a gratuitous sex scene, I will claim it was done to please an individual who sent personal messages insisting that M fiction have more “good stuff.” Seriously, it's more of an experiment to see if I can even write that sort of material - and the answer is I can't. No consenting adults were harmed in the production of this chapter. You're better off going to chapter 9.

Words: 2518

Kim really thought Shego would have volunteered for the 2:00 a.m. feeding, but when Kim had awakened her she simply begged off, “Please, Kim, tomorrow morning, I promise.”

Kim sat in the rocker and nursed the two, then changed diapers. Before she could go back to bed, however, she heard what sounded like a small crash downstairs. Small creaks and groans are common in old houses, but this sounded like something falling. She considered waking Shego, but finally decided to go down and check it out alone.

The entryway light gave enough light to give a fast glance into the downstairs rooms. She saw nothing obviously wrong and wondered if something could have fallen in the basement and made a noise loud enough to carry. Kim missed the figure hidden in the shadows who carefully watched her moves and waited. Convinced that everything was fine Kim turned off the lights to go back to her bedroom, which is when the lurker struck. Two strong arms encircled her, drawing her back against her assailant, and a voice whispered in her ear, “Do what I say, Princess, and you won't get hurt.”

Kim submitted meekly as her assailant tied a blindfold over her eyes, then followed orders when told her to put her hands behind her back. Her captor loosely bound her wrists, then picked Kim up and carried her to a destination Kim could not see. The redhead briefly panicked as her captor seemed to drop her, but after only falling a few inches she landed facedown on a bed. She rubbed her nose against the sheets and realized with a start these weren't the sheets that were on her bed.

She pulled one arm free from her loose binding and reached up to pull off the blindfold and see where she was. But her captor appeared to be waiting for the move, Kim's arm was captured. A soft, but strong rope was fastened to her wrist, she was rolled over onto her back, and the rope was tied to what Kim assumed was the headboard.

“That's against the rules,” her captor told her. “You tried to cheat.”

Her second arm suffered the fate of the first. Then, with her arms tied over her head so she couldn't remove the blindfold, her captor tied her legs, leaving Kim spread-eagle on the bed. Kim giggled.

“What's so funny?”

“My mysterious captor left my panties on.”

“Oh, they won't be staying on very long.” Unable to see, Kim almost jumped as the cold steel of a pair of scissors slid up her leg under one side of her panties.

“No Shego, No, don't do that,” Kim whispered.

But the metal blades neatly snipped through the thin material on her left side. The cold metal touched her right leg and slid under the panties there, cutting them also.

“See, Kimmie… No, you can't see, that's right. But trust me the panties are no longer a problem.”

Blindfolded, Kim could only wait to serve her captor's desires. Fortunately she did not have to wait long

Her captor began by slowly kissing her way up Kim's legs. Kim waited eagerly for her partner to arrive at the top, but the warm tongue licked around her pubes in a teasing fashion. Kim arched her back, “Please, it's been more than a month.”

“All the more reason to take it nice and slow,” her captor told her. Kim let out a little yip of surprise as teeth gently nipped around her navel, then moved up

Oow, not so hard,” Kim complained. “My nipples are more sensitive now that I'm nursing.”

“I can see why the girls like this”

Then warm lips pressed themselves down on Kim's mouth. Kim's lips opened, and her tongue discovered that the captor was sharing a bittersweet chocolate with a mint center with her. While they kissed deeply her lover's fingers tickled their way up Kim's thighs, then slowly stroked her slit. Kim wiggled and arched her back again, trying to bring more pressure to bear on her clit. Instead the hand withdrew. The kiss ended, and Kim was warned, “You have to learn patience.”

A few seconds later, “OH! What was that?”

“Is cuub inna mouf”


Shego spit it into her hand, “Ice cube in the mouth.”

“That one's going on the list with the Spanish Inquisition.”

“It hurt you?”

“No, silly, because no one expects it.”

Shego groaned and slipped the ice cube back in her mouth.

By the time Shego finished her tongue's exploration of erogenous zones Kim was begging Shego to bring her to climax. “Please, stop the teasing,” she moaned.

“It's not teasing. It's just getting you ready.”

Kim felt baby oil being squirted on her lower stomach, then heard a faint buzzing. “Is that what I think it is?”

“If you mean the Oster, yes.”

+Product explanation: The Oster hand massager is strapped to the back of a person's hand and turns the entire hand into a massage tool. It can be found in many spas and is a serious tool used by professional masseuses. It may be also be found in many nightstands as a recreational toy.+

“I'm right on the edge, you're going to kill me with that.”

“What a way to go.”

With a very light, circular motion Shego began to rub the oil lower, down Kim's abdomen and into the folds of her vagina. Kim shuddered and let out a shriek faster than Shego had expected, “Damn, she really was on the edge.”

It was loud enough to wake up Bonnie, who pulled her pillow over her head. “Damn, Kim's recovered and they're at it again.”

Shego silenced Kim as best she could, with her own mouth on Kim's. She was a little concerned about whether the redhead would be able to breathe, but the eagerness with which Kim sent her tongue into Shego's mouth suggested she was just fine. Shego's hand continued to move further down, her palm was now at Kim's clit, the circular motion bringing Shego's palm in contact. Shego was increasing pressure as well, Kim was whimpering and moaning as best she could with Shego's mouth covering her own. Shego's middle finger continued to rub oil down between Kim's ass cheeks, and Kim spasmed as a second orgasm hit.

Shego kept a slow circular motion with her vibrating palm while her finger continued to tickle the younger woman's ass as they continued their deep kissing. She was increasing the pressure as she massaged Kim's clit, and the younger woman was gasping with pleasure. Shego reluctantly left Kim's lips so she could breathe. Shego sensed Kim was about to climax yet again, and she bend down and began sucking a nipple.

Kim stiffened, moaning “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” as nerve endings all over her body went off. She wasn't sure if she was having a series of orgasms or one which didn't want to end. She finally went limp and Shego withdrew her hand.

“Seems like you died le petite morte several times there,” Shego said.

Kim was incapable of coherent speech for the moment. The ex-teen was looking dazed and glassy-eyed when Shego took off her blindfold and threw the ropes off her wrists and ankles. “Happy birthday, Princess!”

“I thought I wasn't getting my birthday present until tonight,” she finally moaned.

“It's after midnight, so it is your twentieth birthday.”

“I was going to wear an old pair of panties.”

“Gripe, gripe, gripe. This was your idea, remember? I really had trouble with this sick and twisted little fantasy.”

“It would be sick and twisted if I really wanted an unknown attacker to assault me. If I know it's you, and you're doing it because I asked you to, then it's only a game. I thought you were in favor of letting consenting adults do what they wanted in the bedroom?”

“I still think it's sick and twisted.”

“Says the woman who wants me to get into my cheerleading uniform, without panties, for some sort of spanking game.”

“Look, I've really had this thing about cheerleaders since they gave me a hard time in high school.”

“Oh, yes,” Kim said in a soothing tone, “and so it would all be just a form of therapy if you put me over your knee and paddled my bare bottom?”

“Uh, exactly.”

“Sounds pretty sick and twisted to me.”

“Not the same,” Shego said softly. “I've been forced into sex. I can't begin to tell you how awful it is. That's why I didn't want to tie your wrists and ankles -- I don't think I could have gone through with it if you were really tied…”

“I notice you just sort of looped the rope on me. I couldn't struggle because nothing would have stayed in place. It bothered you that much?”

“Yes, it did.”

“It never used to bother you to tie me up.”

“First, we weren't lovers. Second, I was never planning to rape you. The idea of tying someone up for sex really bothers me.”

“I'm sorry I asked you for that fantasy. You can have your spanking the cheerleader. Do you want it for your birthday?”

“No, I had something else in mind for my birthday.”

“Okay, but if you get it as general fantasy I want you to stop giving me grief about meeting your family that first night.”

“You deserted me in my hour of need! You threw me to the wolves at my Mom and Dad's; telling them we were sleeping together and you were carrying my kids -- then hiding in the bathroom and letting me face the pack alone.”

“True enough. And you've been giving me shit for three months because of it. Now do you want to keep ragging on me for it for the next fifty years or you want to get back at all those naughty cheerleaders who made you miserable in high school?”

“I promise to stop bringing it up -- after you play cheerleader. Oh, and Princess? After you play naughty cheerleader. I'll do that little trick with my tongue you love so much. Will that make it all better?”

“That will make a lot of it better. Oh, if you get a special fantasy for no particular reason, can I have one too?”

“What is it,” Shego asked cautiously. “I don't want another one like this.”

“No, nothing like that. We'll slip in to Middleton High some night and have sex in my old homeroom.”


“No, seriously. I spent a lot of time there wondering in my innocent schoolgirl way if there was life after high school. It will be fun.”

“Do your parents have any idea how wild you really are?”

“Probably not a clue. Besides, I'll just say you're a bad influence on me.”

“It's breaking and entering!”

“I'll wear the cheerleading outfit.”

Shego laughed, “And you're devious and manipulative too. Maybe that's why I love you.”

Kim yawned, “I'm so tired I should go back to sleep, but two questions. First, when did you change the sheets?”

“While you were nursing. Then I went down and knocked over a chair to get your attention. I knew your curiosity would make you check.”

“Okay, and second question is, what do you want for your birthday?”

“I want romance. You're not going to get off as easily as this. If you want into my panties you're going to have to work for it. When you pick me up for dinner I want to feel you undressing me with your eyes. You'll take me to a nice place, make sure I have a couple glasses of wine -- hoping it will make it a little easier for you later in the evening. You'll stare at me while we eat, and tell me I look beautiful. If you say it with enough passion I'll slip one foot out of my shoe and run it up the inside of your leg. Then you'll take me dancing. You'll hold me close and tell me I'm a wonderful dancer--”

“Lie to the partner, check.”

Shego glared at her. “You'll tell me I'm a wonderful dancer. You'll hold me close; rubbing your body against me on the dance floor in a way that tells me what you want to do with me later in bed. After dancing, and another undressing with your eyes, you'll take me home. But we stop somewhere for dessert on the way. You order something rich and chocolaty, you will feed me exactly two small bites off your fork while I gaze adoringly in your eyes. I'll have a glass of a sweet dessert wine to remove any inhibitions I have left. We finish the drive home and you walk me to my door --”

“Mine too!”

“Are you hoping to get any on my birthday or to spend the night on the couch?”

“I'll be good.”

“You'd better be. Anyway, at the door you give me a goodnight kiss. You'll give me one hell of a goodnight kiss and I'll ask you to come inside with me. Once inside I'll complain about feeling stressed out after a hard day. You'll offer to help me relax with a back rub.”

“I'm starting to like this one too.”

“Good! They're the most fun if we're both happy. Anyway, you'll massage my back, turning me to putty in your hands. We'll start kissing on the couch. Your hands will start to wander… You'll be rubbing my front now also -- but don't try getting into my dress yet. You'll whisper you know a way to help me relax all over, and I'll ask you up to my bedroom.”

“Am I supposed to pretend I don't know the way? Or would you rather I swept you off your feet and carried you upstairs? You seem to have this awfully well planned.”

“I'll let you surprise me. Once in the bedroom we kiss again, and you'll whisper softly, asking me if I'm sure this is what I want.”

“That's really important for you, isn't it?” Kim asked seriously.

“Yes. That's why I had some trouble with your little fantasy.”

“I'll try and remember that.”

“Anyway, I will assure you I'm ready. Then, and only then, you can start to unzip my dress. Kiss me all the way down my back as you slowly unzip me. Once I'm out of my little black dress you are allowed to improvise anyway you want.”

“Really? You aren't going to tell me how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”

Shego glared at her. “That is why I have to give you a road map through the romantic part. You're great with the sex part, but you have to remember to make me feel special. You get me feeling special and we'll be making love all night long.”

“That should give me happy dreams,” Kim said drowsily as she slipped back into sleep.

“Happy birthday, Princess,” Shego said as she lightly kissed Kim's forehead.

Translation: Apudne te vel me? - Your place or mine?

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