The Matrix: Revelations



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TITLE: The Matrix: Revelations

AUTHOR: beeftony

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and all related characters are the property of the Disney Company. I own this work of fiction. I make no profit from this. The Matrix is the property of Warner Brothers, © the Wachowski brothers.

SUMMARY: Kim discovers that she has been living in a dream world her entire life, and that she is the only one who can maintain the peace between the humans and the machines. She also finds herself feeling more than hate for her former archenemy.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2025

Ring! The sound of a phone pierced the silence of the dark room. Quiet feet made no sound as they treaded over to the cause of the disturbance.

Ring! The phone sounded for a second time. A hand reached down and gently removed it from the receiver.


“You’re in danger.”

“Yeah, thanks for the tip. I already picked up the agents on the scanner. And why is that the only reason you ever call me? Can’t you just call to say ‘what’s up?’”

“We don’t have time for small talk. You need to get out of the lair now.”

“Already got my escape pod ready. Just gotta wake up Dr. D.”

“There’s no time. Leave him.”

“But the mission—”

“Forget about that. He’s no longer important. You have to get out of there before those agents find you and kill you.”

Sigh. “It’s been a long time since I’ve stared down the barrel of a gun. Almost ten years, in fact.”

“You still remember your training?”

“Yeah. I’m not gonna use lethal force unless I have to. Not that they can die anyway.”

“Just focus, Shego. You have to make it out. Otherwise we may never get her.”



“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“You’re sure this line is clean?”

“I never said it was. You have your orders, Shego. There’s an exit at a payphone just outside the lair. Now go.”


Now to get the hell out of here,’ Shego thought.

Bam! The impact was so great it left a fist-shaped indent in the thick metal door. Shego knew that she should probably leave like the man on the other end of the line had said, but she was still concerned about Drakken. He didn’t deserve what was about to happen.

Bam! Shego took that as her cue to start moving. The agents would penetrate at any moment and then she would be left without a chance to escape. She had to get Drakken out of there.

The lock to Drakken’s door was easy enough to unlock by punching in a code, but Shego didn’t have time for that. Igniting her hand, she drove her fist through the control panel, shorting it out and causing the heavy blast door to open. She hurried inside.

The blue man was laying there sleeping like a baby, sucking on his thumb and clutching his teddy bear close to his chest. Shego rolled her eyes at how a man old enough to be her father could still be such a child. It hadn’t been her choice to work with him. She was just doing her job. Still, she had grown somewhat fond of the blue guy, at least enough to not want to watch him die. Perhaps if she could free him….

Bam! Shego snapped out of her daze and rushed over to the bed, shaking the blue doctor awake.

“Huh, wha? Five more minutes, mommy!” the mad scientist groaned.

“Drakken, get up!” Shego yelled angrily.

“Wha?” Drakken sat up, focusing his attention on the green lady who was now glowering at him. “Shego! What have I told you about waking me up?”

“Dr. D, we don’t have time for that!” Shego exhorted with a look of madness in her green eyes. “We need to get out of here now!”

“Shego, I told you not to drink so much coffee before you went to bed,” Drakken said, still not getting why his henchwoman was so riled.

“Dr. D, we need to get the hell out of here! They’re coming!” Shego grabbed the blue doctor’s hand and began to tug.

“Who’s coming?”

BAM! THUD! The entrance to the lair had no doubt come crashing down.

Shego closed her eyes. “Shit,” she whispered.

The unmistakable sound of loafers echoed across the stone floor of the lair, an eerie mechanical rhythm accompanying every step. They were getting closer. Giving a hand signal to Drakken to keep quiet, Shego slowly turned around.

Three men in black suits now stood in the doorway. Although it was dark, each of them still wore a pair of tinted sunglasses. A clear earpiece hung from each agent’s ear, allowing them to communicate with each other. The middle agent spoke.

“It’s her.”

The agent on the left spoke next. “One of the anomalies.”

“Do we proceed?” asked the agent on the right.

“Yes,” lefty answered.

“After all, she is—” the agent on the right began.

“—only human.” The middle guy finished, stepping forward.

“I beg to differ,” Shego retorted, holding up her now ignited hands. She smiled as the agents took a step back.

The middle agent was once again the spokesperson for the group. “Anomaly has activated abilities. Initiate protocol.”

“The blue doctor is insignificant. Our only objective is to neutralize the anomaly,” righty spoke.

“Insignificant?” Drakken objected. “I am Doctor Drakken! Mad scientist? Evil genius? Surely you’ve heard of me!”

“Save it, Doc,” Shego snapped. “You have no idea who these guys are.”

“I don’t have to,” the mad scientist said arrogantly. “Because they’ll all be dead once I activate my laser cannons!” He held a remote in the air, and moved his finger towards the button.

Shego’s eyes grew wide as she saw one of the agents produce a small device. “No, Dr. Drakken, don’t!”

But it was too late. The mad scientist pressed a button, causing four laser turrets to descend from the ceiling. The barrels pointed towards the agents.

“You see, Shego?” Drakken declared with a smile. “Who needs to fight when you have traps like these?”

“Indeed,” the agent agreed, pressing a button on the device. The cannons were suddenly pointed at Drakken

“Dr. D, get down!” Shego yelled, tackling him to the floor just as the lasers started firing. She quickly rolled under the bed, pulling Drakken with her.

“You idiot!” she whispered harshly. “I could have taken ‘em! Now we’re trapped!”

“Indeed you are,” one of the agents said. Shego heard what sounded like the hammer of a gun cocking, and saw a pair of black-suited legs step up to the bed.

Before the agent could fire, however, Shego rolled on her side and swept his legs, knocking him to the floor. She grabbed Drakken’s arm and slid out from under the bed, dragging the mad scientist towards the door. The other agents had drawn their guns and were now firing bullets in their direction. Shego lit her fist and shot a couple of plasma bolts back at them, smiling in satisfaction as it hit both men square in the chest, killing them.

“Shego, who were those people?” Drakken asked worriedly as Shego dragged him to the escape pod.

“Agents,” the green woman huffed, not used to having to drag her boss. Well, he was technically running, but if she hadn’t been holding his hand he wouldn’t have been able to keep up. “No time to explain. Right now we gotta get out of here!”

They arrived at the escape pod a few seconds later. Shego turned her head to see if they were still being followed.

They weren’t.

What the….’ She turned her attention back to Drakken. “Where the hell did they go?” she wondered aloud.

The blue doctor shrugged. “Maybe you killed them for good?”

“I doubt it,” Shego replied. She shook her head. “It doesn’t matter now. We’ve got to get out of here. Get in the—” She stopped when she saw Drakken’s face start to contort. “No,” she whispered. “Oh, please no.”

But it was too late. Lines of green ran down Drakken’s body as his entire structure changed. His signature blue lab coat changed to a plain black suit. His black hair, tied back into a pony tail, turned brown and shortened up. Finally, his blue skin turned normal, and a pair of sunglasses now covered his eyes. Drakken had now become an agent of the system.

Shego leapt back. ‘Shit! Shit, shit, shit!’ she cursed internally. She turned to run, but stopped when she felt a powerful hand grab her by the shoulder. Turning around, she clocked the agent square in the face, but only succeeded in hurting her hand.

“Gha!” she screamed as the agent grabbed her by both hands and attempted to pull her in close. Activating her powers, she succeeded in making the agent let go. What made it all the more creepy was that the man did not howl in pain like a human would have. She lit up again, hoping to hit the agent in the face with a right hook.

The agent raised his left arm and grabbed Shego by the unlit portion on her wrist. He then drove his fist into her midsection, causing the green woman to spit blood all over his suit. Repeating this several times, he finally swung her by the arm in a one-handed hammer throw, flinging her across the room.

Shego lay on the ground for several seconds, coughing up blood. Seeing the agent coming towards her once more, she stood up quickly and started to run.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” she cursed, admonishing herself for her stupidity. Drakken couldn’t be saved. He was just another pawn in this twisted chess game. She needed to get out.

Bang! The sound of a gun being fired. The wall next to Shego shattered as a .50 caliber round impacted the concrete. She ran faster, incorporating a zigzag pattern into her run to compensate for the fact that she was now being fired upon.

After about thirty seconds of running, she saw the exit in front of her. She picked up the pace even further, running as fast as her lithe, powerful legs could carry her. She was almost there.

There was just one problem.

Before she reached the door, an agent she had incapacitated earlier blocked her path. Shego turned around and saw that the other agent was still in pursuit. With no time to think, she leapt high in the air, clearing the agent’s head by a good ten feet. Landing hard on her boots, she picked up running once more, barely avoiding the flurry of bullets.

There! The payphone was right in front of her. Only about fifty yards to go….

Which was more than enough time for a bullet to bury itself next to her shoulder blade. “Gyahh!” Shego screeched as the projectile burrowed into her, burning her muscles. Despite this, she slowed down only slightly. She needed to escape.

Ring! She was almost there. Ten yards to go….

Then she saw it.

One of the agents, the one she had not dispatched, had managed to start a garbage truck that had been parked across the street from the lair. He revved his engine and pointed it at the phone booth.

Why do they always do that?’ Shego wondered, before taking off running to the phone booth. The truck started to move as well, barreling down on Shego’s only means of escape.

Ring! Only two yards to go….

Shego reached the phone booth and rushed inside, picking the phone up off the receiver. Placing the phone to her ear, she extended her middle finger to the man in the garbage truck.

The very next moment, the truck plowed into the phone booth, sending it crashing through the wall. Stopping the engine, the triumphant agent stepped out of the vehicle and examined the wreckage. His two companions stepped up beside him.

“She got out.”

“It doesn’t matter. We have the name of their next target: Kim Possible.”

“We’ll need a search going.”

“It has already begun.”

Yes, yes, I know that I’ve got other stories to finish, but this plot bunny just wouldn’t let go. I realize that crossovers with The Matrix are common in the KP fandom, but I’ve never really seen one done from a KiGo perspective. The only option, of course, was to write it myself. Not that I mind at all. I should have the first chapter out once I’ve updated some of my other stories, but for now, enjoy this prologue. I promise, this will be a take on The Matrix like you’ve never seen before. Please read and review. No flames, please.


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