Warriors of the Lost

Chapter 1

The Lost Grounds

StarvingLunatic, mouse and RavenStar

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TITLE: The Lost Grounds

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: We do not own these characters and we do not own this premise.

SUMMARY: AU. KP/s-CRY-ed fusion. Middleton has become the wasteland known as The Lost Grounds, where Alter users roam. It is here that Shego, an Alter known as the Fire-Shell Bullet, meets her match in Kim Possible - the top officer of Upperton's GJ police unit. However, they soon discover they may have a common enemy...

TYPE: Unknown

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: This is still being brought to you by three authors: StarvingLunatic, Mouserr2255, and RavenStarfire. Thanks for reading.

Archive Note: Collaboration between StarvingLunatic, mouse and RavenStar

Words: 5887

Ron relaxed into his seat on the plane. He was headed home. Well, actually, he was flying over his home at the moment. He had been born and somewhat raised in Middleton, which was now known mostly by the name “The Lost Grounds.” It was a sister city of Upperton, which was where he was headed now, but it was still close to going home.

He guessed the saying “you can’t go home again” might apply to him, even though he would rather not believe such a thing. He felt he could go home again, even though his home was buried under a giant pile of rocks, which was thanks to the total upheaval of Middleton all those years ago. He never really understood what happened that day, but he knew he’d never be able to erase it from his memory. There was so much tragedy in a single hour that he could hardly believe it was possible.

His house was under tons of earth and sediment. So why was he thinking he could go home again, especially when he wasn’t even headed to the same city as the one he grew up in? Why would he even want to return to such a place? Simple, he was going to be reunited with his best friend.

He had not actually seen her in years, but still considered her his best friend. They hadn’t contacted each other all this time, but he was certain they could pick up right where they left off. That was what being best friends was all about.

He cast his chocolate-coloured eyes out the window and looked down at his old stomping grounds. It was nothing like he remembered, mostly because he remembered when the ground was level, the roads were paved, the neighborhoods were neat, everyone had electricity, and the crime rate was low.

Middleton was nothing like that now.

It had reverted back to the lawless days of the Wild West, so far as he knew; well, at least, that was how the news reported it, anyways… The Lost Grounds was covered in native Alter-users who abused their powers and preyed on the weak. Middleton was stuck in the dark ages because of them, most people said. The Alter-users who acted like wild animals that refused to allow Upperton officials into the disheveled area to fix it up properly. The native Alters were so terrible that Upperton had to build a wall separating it from Middleton, and natives needed passports or working papers to get in. It was always the native Alter-users’ fault.

Ron wasn’t sure he believed that last bit. Maybe it wasn’t always the native Alter-users’ fault, but he wouldn’t put it past them if it was. Almost every day on the news, another brave GJ agent was shown traveling into the Lost Grounds to tame some fired up, hotheaded native Alter who was causing trouble and grief for the normal people of Middleton. So maybe the native Alters were forcing the government to stay out of the land, thus forcing people to live without running water in some areas, without power in others, and having to live off the land to survive. But, he just couldn’t believe any group of people could be so cruel.

There were reports that native Alters used the normal people of the Lost Grounds as serfs while they lived like feudal lords, but those rumors were never confirmed. A lot of myths surrounded the Lost Grounds, mainly because most people were loath to travel in there. The only people who set foot in The Lost Grounds aside from the natives were GJ agents; they only ones brave enough to go in there.

Ron’s thoughts were distracted when he saw something coming toward the plane from below them. For a split second, he dismissed it as his overactive imagination, and then realized that he might not be imagining things. No way would his mind ever come up with something so scary. A black-haired woman blurred into view, then shot out of view, too fast for him to tell what was going on. Almost simultaneously, the plane lurched to the side, and he forgot all about the woman, becoming more worried about the “fasten seatbelt” sign flashing, and the pilot hastily trying to assure them that everything was going to be fine as the plane began to descend ahead of schedule.

Shego looked down at the plane she’d just used to boost her jump. Fuck it that she’d just made a dent in its wing of the plane; all she cared about was getting to the money and fighting. She silently cursed Drakken and that jalopy that he insisted on driving everywhere because as expected, it had broken down again, and she’d been left with getting to the battlegrounds on her own. Well, at least she was by herself. Made her less annoyed about the whole deal than if she’d been with Drakken. She didn’t have to deal with any whining; well, except her opponents’, that was.

She checked beneath her to make sure that she was coming to the spot she wanted to be. Yeah, she was close. She fixed her body for a fast descent. She made out the house below and sucked her teeth. They get to live in a great house like that? While I’m stuck in a dinky little fucking shack? Oh, yeah. Life is sooo fair, she silently complained. Oh, and they have a fucking pool, to top it off. I hate them even more now.

The pale woman could hardly believe her emerald eyes as she stared down at the ranch-style house. No one had ranch-style homes anymore in Middleton. They had half-a-ranch style home, or something to that effect. Everyone in Middleton lived in remade versions of homes that were standing before the upheaval, or they just made their own small homes. None of those came close to the houses that were there before the land turned inside out, yet there these motherfuckers were all livin’ it up in a nice house with a freaking pool in a place where people were lucky if they even had some goddamn running water.

“Bastards…” Shego growled. She wished she could adjust herself in midair. Make sure she turned their roof into one big-ass skylight. Wreck a house they didn’t deserve, just to piss the little fuckers off. Bastards like them didn’t need a beautiful house with so much nice land in a place where both were almost unheard of. Unfortunately, she was going to have to make due with hitting their front yard. Well, at least she’d ruin their pristine lawn.

Her landing was just a few decibels below that of a bomb. Smoke and dust exploded into the air, covering her and her impact crater in a thick cloud. The house’s owners, all five of the bastards, came rushing out of to see what the hell had just happened. They were greeted by a giant plume of smoke, dust, and dirt where their once prizewinning lawn had been.

“Ah, man! That grass just grew in!” Robby whined loudly.

“Don’t worry, boys. The lawn’s the least of your troubles at the moment,” a haunting voice informed them from inside the dust cloud.

“What the …Who’s there?”

A small breeze blew the cloud of smoke away, revealing Shego standing tall in the middle of her crater.

“Boo,” she joked with a demonic smirk on her face.

“What the hell? Don’t worry, fellas. It’s just a woman,” said Roland.

“The Fire-shell Bullet, to be exact,” she corrected him. She wasn’t “just a woman.”

Her introduction shut the shitheads up. Shego grinned; the Fire-shell bullet was a rather infamous native Alter-user in Middleton. And they were so shocked… “I bet you can guess why I’m here?” She sneered as she cracked her knuckles. She’d been hired to go after these little punks – the Oh Boyz, as they figured to call themselves. They were native Alters, and they were causing trouble, using their powers to kidnap normal teenagers. She didn’t speculate why, but the village that forked the money over to hire her believed they were using the teens as slaves.

“There’s just one of you, doll, and four of them. So why don’t you just leave now before I have the boys take you out?” Roland snickered.

“Oooh, big talk,” Shego shot back. “You’re the one in charge, I take it. Probably don’t have any Alter powers, since you’re talkin’ ‘bout siccing these puppies on me.”

“Alright, boys, this dame’s gettin’ on my nerves. Take care of her, will ya’?” The boys silently obeyed Roland, starting towards Shego.

“Lemme warn you now, boys, whatever stories you’ve heard about me? They’re probably true,” the green-skinned woman informed them.

“Hah! You’re all talk, bitch. I’ll take you down and make you one of my little girls,” Ryan snapped.

Shego smirked. She really wanted to see them try. She liked it when her opponents tested her skills. It always reaffirmed for her that she was the greatest Alter-user they’d ever see.

Ryan put out his hand, which began to glow with a rainbow colouring. Shego stayed put. She wanted to see what his power was, at least.

“Eternal knot!” he cried.

Patches of the remaining grass disappeared and ropes suddenly formed around Shego’s arms and legs, growing taut and fastening her in place. The Oh Boyz laughed as the ropes covered her feet up to her ankles and wrapped around her wrists, chaining her to the dirt. She was trapped.

“Attention, Grounds Justice Unit #002: There is a plane going down in the Lost Grounds. The pilot has stated he will be able to land it safely. Emergency units are en route. You are to seek the probable cause of the crash: a native Alter, female with black hair.”

“So, who the hell’s gonna protect the plane, passengers, and emergency units while we’re hunting for this female with black hair, who, may I add, could be, I don’t know…anyone?” Josh wondered out loud.

“Doctor Director worries about that. You worry about our assignment only, Josh.” Kim’s even, almost cold tone of voice identified her clearly. Of course, they were all used to it. She had a habit of not putting emotion in her voice, not that it seemed she actually had any emotions to use…

“I’m driving!” Mego declared as he rushed to the vehicle that their unit always used.

“Says who? No one’s touchin’ my car. Get away from my car, you freaking dip!” Bonnie rambled as she grabbed Mego by the shoulder and threw him carelessly behind her. He slammed onto the ground rump-first, pouting over the disrespect he’d just received.

“I can drive,” Mego argued.

“Go drive your own car! You have your own car, don’t you?” Bonnie barked at the purple-skinned annoyance. One day, she was just going to put him out of her misery. She was sick of him always trying to touch her vehicle. Why did he have to be assigned to their team anyway?

“She’s right, Mego. Take your car and scout ahead for the suspect. Call in if you find her,” Kim ordered.

“Roger that,” Mego replied, saluting his superior. He picked himself off of the floor and dashed over to his little sports car. He required speed in order to scout out ahead of his teammates, which was his usual job.

“Bonnie, let’s get moving,” Kim commanded.

“All right, all right! Stop being so pushy! Why do you always have to be so pushy, Kim? Jeez! You’re always so pushy!” Bonnie replied in a huffy tone.

“Y’know, you should show a bit more respect. She is our team leader,” Josh pointed out to her.

“Whatever. You guys know I always shoot my mouth off too fast, anyways, right? Yeah, you do. So…Whatever. Where the hell’s the rest of our unit, if we’re supposed to be getting out of here? Huh? Where are they? Huh?” Bonnie inquired as she buckled into the driver’s side seat of their specially outfitted van, made for transporting their team as quickly as possible to wherever they needed to be. It housed mobile computers, weapons, and other things that the team might need while they were out battling rogue Alter-users. Yeah, their job was to deal with rogue Alters. GJ, which was the common moniker for Grounds Justice, which itself was shortened from Lost Grounds Task Force and its agents were Alter-users in charge of arresting criminal Alter-users. Their work was dangerous, especially since they often had to go into the lawless Lost Grounds where native Alters were acting up, or where city Alter-users fled believing they had avoided being captured. GJ agents had no problems going into the Lost Grounds; hell, many of them were from the Lost Grounds.

“Seriously, where the hell is the rest of our team, huh? They should be here by now. Dammit, where the hell are they already?” Bonnie wondered out loud.

“Leave them,” Kim ordered Bonnie.

The driver shrugged; it wouldn’t be the first time that she’d left behind their two teammates who were always late. She had no problem with leaving Yori. Yori always caught up to them, thanks to her Alter power. Tara, on the other hand, when she was left, she was left. The blonde had the bad habit of never being where she was supposed to be; the only reason that she kept her job was because it was good to know where an Alter-user was for the most part, and what they were doing with their life.

“Buckled up? Everybody buckled up? You sure? All right. Let’s roll!” Bonnie cheered, peeling out at a speed that jets would be envious of. She nearly crashed through the garage gate again. Damn things never opened fast enough for her. Her passengers all knew it was best to buckle up.

“I call first dibs on this one!” Robby declared. The Oh Boyz were sizing up Shego, who was currently bound by Ryan’s Alter power. The ropes that he had her in were stronger than any metal that existed, so they were beyond certain they had her right where they wanted her. The boys appeared so smug since they had her chained to the ground and immobile.

“I get her first! I’m the one holding her to the ground!” Ryan argued.

“Since when is that the way things work?” countered Nicky-Nick.

“Seriously,” Dexter agreed.

“I’m the one holding her! She’s mine! You guys can have fun with one of the other girls while I have her!” stated Ryan, as if his word was law.

“Boys, boys, boys…Let me settle this one,” Roland interjected.

“You’re not having her, Roland. You already have more girls than all of us,” Robby said.

“Yeah, and you never even do anything,” added Ryan.

“Let me see if I got this straight: when you kidnap these girls from the village, you make ‘em your sex-slaves?” Shego inquired, just to understand what they thought they were doing with her, and what they had probably done with the other girls. They’d kidnapped twelve girls from that village, and they had the nerve to be using them for sex? Talk about bad decisions. Especially now that she was there to rectify them.

“They’re our little kittens. Just like you’re going to be our bitch with them,” Nicky-Nick cracked.

“Complete with collar and leash,” added Dexter, putting his hand out.

“As much as I might like to be your whore, I think I’ll pass for today,” Shego shot back. Something told her that she didn’t want to find out what Dexter’s power was. He was about to fit her with a collar that would have her dazed and out of it, so she’d be a ‘good little kitten’ for them. Not the type of party she generally liked to attend. Besides, if she was busy being a mindless sex slave for them, how the hell was she going to collect her payment for rescuing those girls? “Now, let me show you dicks how you really use an Alter power.”

With that, Shego’s whole body glowed with the rainbow colour. The boys were a little shocked because it was rare for an Alter-user to have her whole body covered by the rainbow colours. Pieces of their home disappeared as she charged her Alter power up. Above her right eye, a jade bar appeared and surrounded her eye like a sharp, emerald “C.” Her right arm and shoulder was encased in armour of onyx and emerald. Five spikes sprouted from her left shoulder blade, giving the appearance of a fan at her back. Her hand was covered in complete black, and she had small claws now.

“Big whoop. You’ve got one of those close-range Alter powers,” Nicky-Nick huffed.

The pale woman smirked demonically. “I’d start running if I were you, guys. I didn’t exactly like that whole ‘little kitten’ comment.”

“Whatever. Ryan, you’ve got her, right?” Dexter asked.

“Yeah, I got her. Throw the collar on this kitten,” Ryan assured him in a confident tone. No one had ever escaped his Alter.

“You took too long. Flaming first BULLET!” Shego yelled, and one of the spikes on her back vanished. Her entire arm seemed to catch fire and burn bright green. She began to move forward, fast, tugging on her chains, pushing Ryan’s hold on his powers to the limits as he grunted.

“Ryan, what’s wrong?” Robby asked as he noticed Ryan visibly straining, making a tighter fist to hold his powers together.

“She’s gonna break through!” warned Ryan, but he spoke too late. He was hurled backwards as Shego burst from his bonds and rocketed straight at Dexter, not even giving the startled Oh Boy a chance to gasp before she crushed her fist on his chin so hard everyone had to brace themselves against the shockwave, and sent him flying several yards away from them. He finally stopped, but only because his back slammed into a large boulder blocking his flight path. Dexter crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

The boulder followed suit a second later, crumbling into specks of gravel.

Dexter was just lucky to be alive. Blood poured down his face, but his comrades didn’t see. They were all too busy gaping at Shego.

“Who’s next?” she asked with a dangerous smirk, like a tiger who had just found the perfect prey.

Mego and his little all-terrain hotrod practically flew over a pile of rocks as he made it into the Lost Grounds in record time. He liked beating his own records. He took a sharp turn, nearly flipping his tiny car over a small cliff, but he hardly seemed to notice how rocky and hilly the Lost Grounds was. Despite his speed, he was able to see the plane above him, and it did seem to be having a controlled landing. The wing was damaged to the point where they would not be able to make it to the airport, but everything else appeared all right. From what Mego could see, the emergency units had not arrived, but he had not expected them to make it there before he did. No one made it to the scene before him.

Unless Bonnie was driving.

He continued on until the plane was out of sight. He’d gone by so quickly the passengers failed to notice him as they stared out of their windows with the hope of having an idea of what the hell was going on. The magenta-haired GJ scout was trying to find a clue if the suspected Alter-user was still in the area. He had equipment in his car to detect the odd frequency of Alter users that would pop up in the area if there were any around showing off their powers.

However, the massive cloud of dust and smoke in the distance told him all he needed to know. After all, whoever could kick up that amount of dust could easily put a dent in the wing of plane.

“Hey, guys, I think I found who you’re looking for,” Mego reported into his communication device.

“Send the coordinates,” Kim ordered in her methodic, nearly ice-cold voice.

“Send the coordinates…” Mego mocked, making damn sure he wasn’t speaking into his headset mic. He reported where the disturbance was, then grumbled about how Kim never thanked him for all of the work he put in.

Bonnie floored the pedal even further to the ground once she had the coordinates. She blazed by the plane, which was now landing, and there still were no emergency units to speak of. Bonnie couldn’t understand why the units were always so slow. Why the hell weren’t they there yet? Jeezus, they were slow. How could they stand being so damn slow? But, then again, most things were slow to her. Painfully slow, at that.

The speed freak pulled up to a cliff, which she would’ve have no problem driving over, had they not reached their destination. She looked out and saw native Alters battling in a very nice yard by a very nice house, even though the house seemed to be missing a few sections and the yard did have a gigantic crater in it. The house was wasted out in the middle of nowhere…although all of Middleton was the middle of nowhere.

“Native Alters, halt your illegal actives and surrender now!” Josh ordered the fighting group over a loudspeaker.

The Oh Boyz and Shego turned their attention to source of the sound and noticed the GJ vehicle. They halted their fight, which was more like a slaughter of the Oh Boyz for Shego than a fight. Shego had already knocked out three of them and was about to make her move on the remaining two, which included Roland.

“Oh, no! GJ!” Nicky-Nick shouted.

“Oh, great, just what I need…” grumbled Shego.

Josh was not fazed. “I repeat: native Alters, halt your illegal actives and surrender now!”

“Surrender this!” Shego replied, flipping him off with her Alter-covered hand.

“To hell with this,” Roland declared, turning and running off. With luck, the GJ agents would be too busy with the Alter-users to notice.

“Halt!” Josh called through the megaphone to the fleeing ebony-haired male.

“I’ve got him,” Yori stood up from her seat. As expected, she’d caught up with the group and, luckily, had Tara with her. The ninjitsu expert put her hands together to form a triangle. A rainbow web materialized between her fingers, and she vanished from the van, reappearing in front of Roland, causing him to yelp in surprise. He fell to the grounds while trying to turn around to flee in the other direction.

“I do believe my colleague ordered your immediate surrender,” Yori spoke to all of the natives, and not just Roland.

“To hell with you!” snapped Shego.

“I’m not goin’ down now! Screw all you guys!” Nicky-Nick proclaimed, turning to flee the scene like his leader had just tried and failed to do.

“They do not plan on surrendering. Should I engage?” Yori inquired into the headset.

“Arrest the one fleeing,” Kim commanded from her seat still in the van. From her expression and body language, an onlooker might assume that she was having tea rather than commanding an assault unit. She looked bored and was sitting straight up in her seat, her legs crossed at the knee.

“Yes, ma’am,” answered Yori.

“I guess I’m up!” Tara giggled as she watched the guy running off. She looked so cheerful and eager to go after him.

“I could just hit him with the car. Can I just hit him with the car, ohpleaseohpleaseohplease?” Bonnie suggested.

Kim kept her stone face. “Do that, Bonnie.”

“Aw!” Tara pouted, plopping back into her seat.

Bonnie, on the other hand, grinned like a shark, put the van in gear, and peeled off after Nicky-Nick, pushing the vehicle to the limit. Nicky-Nick never knew what hit him. The chocolate-eyed female did not intend to kill him, and she hadn’t, but she did enjoy running him over; her job was so fulfilling. He was lucky to have been covered by some of his Alter, though; she would have seriously injured him rather than just knocking him unconscious if he had not been using his Alter. Not that Bonnie cared either way.

“Hey, how about I hit the other one while I’m at it. Ooh! Lemme hit the other one, too!” Bonnie offered, since Kim seemed to be in a giving mood.

Kim changed not a single facial muscle. “Knock yourself out.” It would subdue the suspected Alter that might have caused the damage to the plane, and she had no time or sympathy for a person who would so recklessly put that many people’s lives in danger.

Bonnie smiled again as she spun the van around and whipped it in Shego’s direction. The pale woman did not move as she watched the van rocketing toward her. She rubbed the knuckles on her armour-coated hand and smirked.

“Blazing second BULLET!” Shego called, and the second spike on her back faded away. A grass-green flame ignited on her whole shield-covered arm and a burst of energy blasted out behind her, hurling her dead-on the speeding van.

“You’rekiddingme.You’rekiddingme.You’refuckingkiddingme.Thegoddamnstupidnativewantstoplaychickenwithme?HAH!” Bonnie scoffed. She practically crushed the pedal through the floor to go faster; if she had enough space, she would’ve gone past Mach 1. Shego continued to come at her, and the two collided.

The van lost.


The shockwave that assisted Shego’s fist cracked the front of the vehicle, broke the windshield, and crushed the van back into the rock face of the mountainous area, all whilst the agents inside were knocked around like bowling pins.

“My car! That native bitch! I’ll kill her. I’ll kill her! I’LL FUCKING KILL HER, THAT STUPID BITCH!” Bonnie grumbled, trying to fix herself in her seat. She couldn’t believe some Alter had wrecked her vehicle. It was supposed to be stronger than a tank. It was supposed to be indestructible. How could some bitch like this do that?

“Josh, are you all right?” Kim inquired while righting herself. Her damned voice never changed. She was a stone, even when crushed into a rock wall.

“I’m fine,” confirmed Josh, pushing himself from the side of the van.


“I’m good.” The blonde girl brushed some debris out of her hair.

“I’m gonna beat the hell out of her. I’m gonna beat the fucking hell out of her. Nobody destroys my car and gets the fuck away with it! Nobody!” Bonnie rambled while attempting to open her door to knock Shego’s block off. Nobody, but nobody hurt her car.

“I’ll go,” Kim stated.

“What? No! I’ll go! She’s gonna get the shit beat out of her! Lemme go!” Bonnie asked.

“Yeah, Kim, you don’t need to go. Let Bonnie handle that native Alter,” Josh argued.

Kim stayed silent and simply kicking the back doors of the van open. Stepping out, she locked her gaze on the green-skinned native Alter.

“She’s gonna get it,” Josh whispered to Tara, who nodded in complete agreement. They were referring to the native Alter.

Shego frowned as the olive-eyed GJ agent stood before her as if she was made of steel in her obsessively neat indigo uniform. Too bad the little girl didn’t know how easily she could go through steel, Shego smirked.

“You’re under arrest,” Kim stated in an even tone.

Shego matched the tone almost perfectly. “Suck my left tit.”

“You’re no match for me, native,” the redhead informed the native Alter.

“What-the-hell-ever. I haven’t met a person yet that could stop my fire-shell bullets,” the green-skinned woman confidently retorted.

“Surrender now,” Kim commanded.

Shego made a fist; obviously, the little redheaded GJ agent wanted her skinny ass beat. She had no problem with obliging. In fact, she would have to do just that to make it back home. One false move and GJ would be putting the cuffs on her. To hell with that.

“How many do you think she’ll use?” Tara asked Josh.

“Probably four,” Josh answered.

“Wow, that’s it?” the blonde said, amazed.

Shego aimed her fist at Kim in a threatening manner. The redhead stood calmly as the native Alter’s third spike disappeared and Shego charged her with an arm seared in green flame.

Shego smirked. She was going to knock the GJ agent’s head off with her third shell bullet; the bitch hadn’t even called up her Alter yet. Kim stood with her arms folded across her chest, looking terribly bored as Shego blazed at her. The pale woman cocked her fist back to throw another devastating punch, only to have her knuckles slam into an invisible force-field barely a millimeter from Kim’s nose. The resistance caused the shockwave that normally amplified her punch’s ferocity to recoil and all the energy she’d just released came ricocheting right back at her, knocking her backwards a few yards.

“What the hell?” the moss-hued native Alter gasped.

“You native Alters are all brute force. Your Alter will not defeat mine,” Kim stated as if she were reporting the weather.

“What Alter?” Shego asked herself as she stared at her opponent, and then she noticed it. There were four small dark pink spheres floating in front of Kim, forming a square.

The redhead lowered her gaze. “Surrender. Now.”

“If I didn’t surrender before, what makes you think I’ll surrender now? Are you fucking stupid, or what?” Shego fired back.

Kim did not seem to find that funny; she frowned a bit. The emerald-eyed female was not deterred, and merely spent her next shell bullet, only to have the same result as before. Shego glared. Repelled twice by an aegis she hadn’t even noticed until it was too late. She only had one more shell bullet left, and if they weren’t cracking that shield, there was no way regular plasma was going to get through, even if her arm remained covered in armour.

“Are you done yet?” Kim inquired.

“Fuck no. Get ready for my next attack. It’s going to be a killer. Solar storm LAST BULLET!”

Shego’s arm ignited in an impressive blaze of green glory, the last spike on her shoulder disappeared, and she blasted toward Kim once again. The redhead remained standing with her arms across her chest as her foe collided with her shield again. Shego snarled like a rabid dog as she tried to force her way through the powerful force-field. Motherfucking thing did not want to budge at all. Shego was determined to go through that defense. Nothing had ever stopped her shell bullets. Nothing. She was certainly not going to allow some GJ bitch to get the better of her.

“Give it up, native.”

“Fuck you!”

“Stop acting so foolish. Nothing breaks through my Alter.”

“I’ll break through, and then I’ll break that pretty face of yours!”

Kim frowned. Such a wasted effort this one put forth. Most people would’ve run after the first time that they saw their Alter was useless against Kim; it was what they usually did. Shego had to be different and wanted to keep pushing, even when the outcome was already decided in Kim’s opinion. She was not sure which was more foolish, running, or continuing to try even if she knew she wouldn’t prevail in the end.

Shego broke out into a sweat as she continued to shove at the shield. Sparks began flying as she clawed and scratched like a cat - and then she was finally blown backwards from all the pent-up energy, exactly like how she’d sent Dexter flying minutes ago. She landed on her back, yards away from Kim.

“Are you done now, native?”

Shego scowled. She could not believe that it was going to end with her on her back. She was going to be arrested by those GJ bastards and possibly shipped off to Go City, as she heard was where captured Alters were taken. She also couldn’t believe she was taken down by a slender redhead who looked like she should be a cheerleader and not a GJ agent.

And then, Shego heard her saving grace.

The green-skinned woman looked to her left as she heard the distinct sound of Drakken’s car engine. Seeing the dust being kicked up by his car, she sprang to her feet. He sped over to the scene and she could only hope that he kept driving; he had a habit of passing where they needed to be, and she wanted him to continue that.

“Next time I’ll kick your ass, Princess,” Shego informed Kim and then she grabbed onto the door of Drakken’s jeep as he zoomed by.

“What the—” Kim frowned as the jeep disappeared from sight in a matter of seconds. “Yori. Chase them,” she ordered.

“I can’t go after what I cannot see,” replied Yori.

Of course, the team leader knew that, considering she knew her whole team’s powers as well as she knew her own. “Bonnie.”

“Let’s be serious. I couldn’t go after a rock in this thing. Do you think I can go after her in this? Do you really think that, huh?” Bonnie pointed out, standing next to her poor van. That native bitch ruined her precious work vehicle. She was going to kill that pasty green bitch the next time she saw her.

Kim sighed under her breath. She could not believe that pale native Alter was getting away. She stared off in the direction that Shego fled with scowl on her face and Josh strolled over to her.

“Don’t worry, Kim. It wasn’t your fault,” Josh pointed out.

“Yeah, it’s not your fault,” concurred Tara. It did not look like their words were getting through to their team leader.

“Cuff these guys and go to that house. Make sure its occupants were not injured by their reckless behavior,” Kim ordered.

“The house?” Roland echoed. Oh, that was going to be a pickle to explain, considering the fact that since Dexter was knocked out, his Alter had undoubtedly worn off. The twenty teens they had been keeping as slaves were going to be discovered and the worse part was that while Dexter’s powers allowed him to control the kids, they were aware of what was going on.

Oh, he and the Oh Boyz were in some trouble.

“Shego, what are you doing?” Drakken hollered in surprise when he noticed his green-skinned partner hanging onto the side of the car.

“Think you could stop for a moment?” Shego snapped. Only an idiot like Drakken would notice her almost a minute after she’d grabbed the car, and then wouldn’t stop to let her in, but rather ask moronic questions.

“Oh. Right,” the cerulean male commented, halting the jeep. Shego climbed in and took her place in the passenger seat.

“Shit…” she muttered.

“What happened? Where are the kids?” he asked. Her mission had been to retrieve the twenty stolen teens and yet there she was, empty-handed.

Shego growled. “Shit happened. GJ showed up.”

“GJ?” he practically shouted. They were lucky she got away.

“Yeah, GJ. They ruined my payday. Damn them!” she cursed in a low voice. She was going to have a lot of explaining to do now. Then again, she always had explaining to do, but it was so much easier when she had money.

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