The Beast Within: Special Edition

Chapter 2

Quiet before the storm


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TITLE: Quiet before the storm

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters…well, two of them I do, but I don’t want to give away why this is the special edition. Just keep in mind how this is a separate universe from all my other works. I also don’t own the Mad Hatter.

SUMMARY: Just like the title says. Two people with super powers come into Middleton to take on Kim and Shego. Who are the new duo? Whose powers are better? Who will win the brawl?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 6358

“This place looks just as quaint as home,” Shin commented as he and Trin strolled down the streets of Middleton, trying their best not to do anything that could cost them their asses. They had actually been a little nervous about just walking down the street considering how easily they got into messes. Any little thing could be their asses, after all.

“Ah yes, the point of this place like home would be to hide a top secret global law enforcement agency. I don’t think it would wise if they had a bright neon sign saying such,” Trin quipped dryly.

“You know what, don’t you have a girlfriend you should be calling?” he countered since she wanted to be a smart-aleck. He knew that he was going too far with that, but then again, there was no “too far” in his opinion when it came to his sister. He would say or do just about anything to shut her up and win the argument.

Trin made a face that was a cross between outraged and horrified. “Oh, god, I told her I’d call her when we got here,” she muttered as if she was in a panic as she went into her pocket to retrieve her phone. It was almost like she had been told that she had less than a minute to find a bomb or she would be blown to ashes. She actually thought that she might be killed for her actions. She was already in enough trouble with being away, but not calling when she said that she would, could make things much worse.

Shin laughed a bit while Trin seemed frantic to hit the one button it took to call her girlfriend. The blonde really could not believe that they had been sent out for a training exercise at such a time and her girlfriend really was not taking it well. Damn it, why would the director do such a thing to her, Trin lamented internally.

“Baby, come on, don’t screen the calls. Pick up, please, pick up,” Trin quietly implored into her phone.

Shin got a chuckle in because his evil twin’s problem, although he did think it was a little wrong that they had been sent out at such a time. After watching his adopted sister squirm for a little while, the ebony-haired male decided to go have a look around, being bored with her troubles. It would be nice to be able to walk off for ten feet and not have Trin nagging him to death about something or another, so he might as well take advantage of that, he figured.

Trin noticed Shin stroll off and any other time she would have been on his back about not doing something stupid, especially since they had already been informed that that would be their asses if he did get into trouble. She did not have the energy to waste on him, though. She had to try to get her girlfriend to speak to her, so she was focusing most her attention and energy on that task. So, after the voicemail picked up, she left a message and also dialed again.

“Baby, come on, this isn’t my fault and I’m sure I’ll be there in time. Just pick up the phone,” Trin begged into the phone.

The blonde sighed, but she did not give up her fight. She was vaguely trying to keep an eye out on Shin, but after a while figured “screw him.” He was going to do something stupid regardless of how much attention she paid him, she thought. She was having a terrible time of pleading with her love’s voicemail and that deserved all her concentration in her opinion. Eventually, her girl did pick up, though that was when her attention was taken from her phone by the loud sound of screeching tires and a heavy thud along with breaking glass. She turned around.

“Goddamn it, Shin,” Trin sighed as she went to go help pick her brother out of a man’s windshield. She was often thankful that she was not genetically related to that thing in the glass.

The man that hit Shin…or the man whose vehicle Shin had ruined, as Trin saw it, got out of the car to help pull her moronic brother out of the windshield. The man was a bit panicked about crashing into Shin, especially at the speed that he had been traveling, but Trin easily calmed him down, pointing out that not only was her brother dumb as steel, but as tough as it too. Shin left the accident with a simple headache and some torn clothes while the man would be lucky if his car made it down the block now.

“You’re a damn moron, you know that,” Trin said to Shin and she was quite serious with her words. Her face maintained its usual aloof look, but she really felt furious with him for being so stupid. Five minutes on his own and he managed to get hit by a car? Such an imbecile, she mentally huffed.

“Shouldn’t Tatsu being devouring your head right now?” he countered since she was being snippy with him.

“Tatsu,” Trin gasped and she turned her attention back to her phone. “Hello? Baby? Hello?” she said only to greeted by silence. She looked at the screen to see that the call had been disconnected. “Damn it, Shin, this is all your fault,” she growled in anger, showing some emotion in her tone, which just let her brother know that she was quite livid with him.

“How is it my fault?” he demanded to know with a vexed expression on his face. Like hell he was going to allow her to blame him for something that was far from his fault! She was the one that did not know how to talk to her own girlfriend.

“I had her! She was on the line! Ah!” Trin shouted uncharacteristically, totally frustrated with her situation. She wanted to be mad with their boss, but she was mostly upset with just the circumstances and the fact that her girlfriend was being so difficult about things. It was not her fault after all!

“So, just call her back,” he replied simply with a shrug as he started shaking glass out of his hair. “Oh, and write the guy a check over his car,” he added as an afterthought.

Trin started grumbling incoherently under her breath as she went into her pocket. She pulled out her wallet and just yanked out a wad of bills. She did not bother to count them, just knowing that it was a lot of money, and just shoved them into the man’s hand. She did not care how much money it was and did not notice the man’s reaction of quite the wide and happy grin after he quickly counted it. Her only concern was Tatsu, who she was trying to get back in touch with. It was harder than before because she had left Tatsu hanging when she had to help Shin. Damn him!

Trin turned her back to her brother again, mentally declaring that she was not going to help him if a house fell from the sky and landed on him if she was able to get Tatsu back on the phone. In fact, she hoped that a house would fall on him; it would save her the trouble of having to kill him later on. She dialed up her girlfriend again, finding that she was not being answered.

The blonde eventually went to have a seat on a bench near by as she continued to call home with the hope that Tatsu would pick up. She lost track of Shin and she really did not care what he was doing, even if he was getting in trouble and that was their asses. Oh, and it would be their asses if he did anything that Doctor Director felt like reporting to their director, no matter how small the thing was. After all, they were supposed to be acting like they were raised right.

The nonchalant female really did not care if Shin did something where it would be their asses, though. If she could not get Tatsu on the line, it was her ass anyway. Tatsu was pissed with her, after all. If she did not get Tatsu to listen to her and believe her, she was going to be sleeping in the hallway when she got home…and it would be the hallway if she was lucky. Hell, if that was the case, she was going to stay at her parents’ house.

“Bet that would show Mom,” Trin muttered to herself in a heated tone.

Shin was keeping out of trouble for once in his life, watching Trin from a distance. He actually felt a bit sorry for her; hey, he was not some heartless monster and she was his sister going through a serious problem. He just refused to show his concern in front of her because she took it as pity and, for some reason that he could not understand, his sister disliked being pitied. He, on the other hand, typically took all of the pity that he could get if the conditions were right.

Trin was going through a lot of trouble because her anniversary was right around the corner and they had been sent out on the “training exercise.” Their boss could not have worse timing, especially since she was well aware that Trin had a special day coming. Shin wished that there was something he could do, but there was nothing really in his power to do something. So, he shrugged and walked off, figuring that he could find something to occupy his time while his sister waited to be cursed out when Tatsu finally did pick up the phone.

Trin was really ready to have a serious breakdown by the time Tatsu finally answered the phone. She felt like she was having a heart attack until the phone was answered. She was starting to believe that if she had to go through all of that again, she would probably pass out from exhaustion. She never realized how much stress wore a body out until that moment.

“Baby, please, listen to me,” the blonde pled into her phone.

“Why? You’re gonna miss it anyway,” Tatsu huffed; the attitude that she had was coming out full force in her mumbled voice. She had been pissed for days now and she just could not let it go. She wanted to be with Trin on their anniversary and no matter how many times Trin promised that she would be back by then, Tatsu knew it was not true.

“Baby, I told you, I will be there,” Trin insisted through gritted teeth. “You know I’ll be there and this one will be just as special as the past three.”

“Stop lying to me,” Tatsu ordered.

“I’m not lying,” Trin almost barked. She caught herself, knowing that meeting anger with anger was not the way to go about things. It was not the way that she usually did things anyway.

Tatsu only snorted in fury; if she could breathe fire, she would have done so right then and there. She knew that Trin meant her words, but she also knew that Trin would not be able to keep that promise. Sure, the blonde would try her damnedest, but it just was not going to happen. They were not going to be together on their anniversary and it was tearing her apart. She did not want to be alone on what she viewed as the best day of the year. She did not understand why such a thing had been done to them. Why had Trin been sent away so close to their anniversary? She did not know the answer, but the reality of it made her more and more upset with each passing moment and she knew that she should not be taking it out on her beloved, but she could not help it. The anger had to go somewhere.

“Baby, please, just trust me on this one. I’m not going to miss our anniversary. I will be there, like always,” Trin vowed wholeheartedly with conviction. Or so she hoped now, with the way her love kept contradicting her, she was starting to think that she might actually not make it.

“Stop saying that,” Tatsu said with an exhausted sigh. She did not want to get her hopes up that her blonde bombshell would be home when she knew that was not the case. No mission that Trin ever went on could be done in less than a week and that was not even counting the way that Trin traveled to and from most of missions.

“Baby,” the blonde sighed too. They had been having the same conversation since she left, which had been days ago. Before that, they had been having something like the prequel to the conversation because they had been informed a couple of days before she left that she had the training exercise thing. It was tiring for her and it was only upsetting Tatsu more.

“Just do your job and come home safe,” Tatsu muttered worse than the usual way that she mumbled. She was just choked up with emotion from the fact that she was not going to be spending their anniversary with her blonde bombshell. She would have preferred being placed on the rack rather than face their anniversary alone.

Trin could picture her lover’s face over the phone. She knew that Tatsu was pouting, which she was; her tanned face was hanging in despair, looking forlorn and disappointed with everything. She also knew that Tatsu was staring at the ground, which she was as if the tile would give her answers to their problems. And then, she was willing to bet that Tatsu was doing that thing where she rubbed her eye or forehead with the heel of her hand, which she was; it showed both frustration and sorrow with a situation that she had no control over. Trin sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose for lack of a better thing to do.

“Baby, please don’t be mad…” the blonde GJ agent implored her lover in a low, dejected voice.

“I’m not mad,” Tatsu grumbled, her voice betraying her to her love.

“Now who’s lying?” the blonde inquired. She really did not need the stress right now.

“Let’s just forget about it…” Tatsu suggested, still mumbling more so than usual.

“We’re not going to forget about our anniversary. It’s our anniversary. If worse comes to worse, we’ll just celebrate it when I get home,” Trin argued. She wished that solution would work, but she knew that it would not fly with Tatsu.

“It’s not the same…”

Trin could not counter that one because it was not the same thing. It was the best she could manage, though. She would shoot the works for Tatsu if necessary if they had to celebrate their anniversary on a day after the event actually occurred. Nothing would be too much for her baby if only that would make it as special as celebrating their anniversary on the day that their anniversary happened.

“Babe, I gotta go,” Tatsu informed her lover.

“Work?” Trin guessed. She hoped that it was work and that Tatsu was not just trying to get off of the phone with her, which she would not put passed the mechanic at the moment. Any other time, the only thing that could get the lovers off the phone with each other was seeing each other, but right now, with the way Tatsu was feeling, it was clear that she did not really want to talk to her blonde bombshell.

“Yeah, I dunno why this guy keeps crashing these hovercrafts,” Tatsu muttered in a tone that suggested she was shaking her head, which she was. Some of the agents around their town were so stupid, she thought with the way that they wrecked their vehicles. Sometimes, she thought that they had to steer things with their eyes closed or with their feet the way that machines looked when they got into her care.

“Okay, have fun fixing that. Love you,” Trin said rather sincerely.

“I know. I love you too. You take care,” Tatsu replied and she disconnected the call.

Trin sighed when the call was over. Once again they had not really solved the problem. She suspected that things would not be better unless she actually was home for their anniversary and that was that. She was just going to have to be there, which meant that she might have to disobey orders or even worse yet, get on an airplane. If the training exercise did not occur in a few days, she was going to leave and then just come back, even though she was certain such actions would get her into deep trouble with her boss. But at least that way, she could be with her baby. She was more than likely going to have to take a plane to do that.

Trin actually avoided taking airplanes whenever she could. Shin teased her about being afraid of heights, which she always denied, even though a GJ doctor had diagnosed her as acrophobic. She was not one to believe doctors often, especially when they agreed with her idiotic brother. But, things that she did spoke on her fear in Shin’s opinion, like the fact that she used her powers to travel and forced him to go along with her in such a manner rather than taking planes. They had not even taken a plane to Middleton; they walked most of the way thanks to Trin.

Thinking of Shin, Trin cast her sapphire eyes out, trying to locate him. He had not gotten too far away. He was parked underneath a tree and seemed to be catching a nap. That car accident had taken a bit out of him and the headache was bothering him. He was hoping to sleep it off.

Trin signed and figured that she needed to make contact with Doctor Director again for the boss to arrange a place for her and her evil twin to camp out until the training exercise got underway. Instead of storming the command center again, she made a simple phone call; storming the center earlier had actually been Shin’s bright idea. He wanted to see if they could make it that deep into another GJ stronghold. Of course, he had been tickled as they achieved that goal.

Doctor Director told Trin that she and Shin could stay at a hotel that was not too far from where they were. The hotel was set up in case the occasional tourist came through Middleton. They were supposed to be able to mimic being a normal little town, after all. It was also there just in case visitors from other GJ divisions came to stay; they would need places to sleep, after all.

Trin picked her brother up to take him to the hotel. She might have been taller than he was, but he was certainly heavier than she was and she disliked having to support his weight. So, she woke him up for him to at least walk to their room on their own. He was grumpy, which was expected. He was always grumpy if she woke up no matter what, but it was made worse because he had that minor headache. He was such a baby, she thought with a frown.

Doctor Director was sitting in a viewing room with Shego and Kim. They had been joined by Mim, Kim’s aunt and teacher. They were waiting to receive footage of Trin and Shin from the Japan division of Global Justice. Doctor Director had an open line with the director of that branch, who was the one sending them the footage. The director was also trying to find out how the visiting agents were behaving.

“They showed up acting crazy, huh?”

“You know they did,” Doctor Director answered in a tired tone. It was no surprise at all that those two had come in ruining things, as it was their usual method of doing most things.

“Can’t send them anywhere without that happening. Okay, you should be getting the latest feeds from them in training rooms in a second. It’s going to take a little longer for the mission footage. I’m trying to find something where you don’t see Shin acting like a moron and Trin losing control thanks to him to the point where she’s actually stopped to strangle him in the middle of a gunfight.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Doctor Director deadpanned.

“I wish I was. I wish that didn’t happen every few missions too. They’re driving me crazy.”

“I can believe that,” Doctor Director muttered.

“I figure this little exercise should do everyone involved some good, though. I mean, the best should take on the best every now and then, just to learn new things.”

“There’s that,” Doctor Director sort of agreed. She knew that the exercise was also a punishment for Trin and Shin. She could only wonder what they had done to deserve their boss wanting to take a clean, hard shot at their pride. Their director knew about Kim’s dragon powers to a point and seemed to get the feeling that Kim would be able to take out whoever was placed in front of her, including professional, arrogant maniacs like Trin and Shin. It would be good training for everyone involved, though.

“All right, I just sent everything you should need. If you want anymore, let me know.”

“How much do Trin and Shin know about Kim and Shego?” Doctor Director asked curiously.

“Everything you ever sent me and everything you ever kept on file considering the fact that they do make it a point to hack every GJ headquarters that they can when they’re not doing anything. You know how they are, after all.”

“Boy do I,” Doctor Director muttered. She really wished that she had no clue how the evil twins were, but at least she did not have to deal with them on a daily basis like their director had to. She was willing to bet the reason that they were able to get into the main building and make it all the way to the command center was because of their great hacking skills, which only served to make them more annoying.

“All right.”

The communication was ended without any formal or informal farewell. Doctor Director turned her attention to the monitor and cued up the files that were just sent to them. She could see that they were all in a good order, so she just had to let them play. They were going to watch things through first, taking notes, and then analysis things on the second time around while comparing and contrasting their notes.

“Boring,” Shego chimed in with a yawn as film on Trin had been playing for all of three seconds. It just showed the blonde agent doing basic ice moves along with some martial arts techniques blended in.

“Why don’t you just shut up and watch for once,” Doctor Director suggested. She knew, having seen Trin work more than one, that the monotone blonde was far from boring. They were just going to have to make it passed the basic footage first.

“Because how much can she do with ice? It’s basically a defensive power for water elementals, but she can’t use water, so she probably just a defensive fighter, which is boring,” Shego declared loudly, throwing her arms back for dramatic effect.

“Just watch,” the boss ordered impatiently.

Shego made a mocking face at the leader; Kim and Mim quietly laughed because they always thought it was funny the way the boss and Shego interacted. They all turned their attention to the monitor now that they knew Shego was going to sit quietly, at least for a few minutes. They continued to watch the video as Trin went through basic moves with her ice powers, using them as a shield or a method to counterattack, which was all ice powers were good for as far as most people were concerned. It was a power best used by those that could counter on instinct more often than not because they could quickly move into an offensive move right after, but ice was still nothing to write home about in most people’s opinions.

While they watched Trin go through the basic moves, Doctor Director decided to fill them in on some background information about Trin and her style. All of her life, she did have to deal with people thinking that she was going to be mediocre if she was going to be anything at all because of how limited her powers were. It did not help matters that she had been abandoned as a child, which only made people look down on her even more, believing that she had achieved her status simply because of who she was adopted by. Well, she worked hard to prove people wrong and at the moment, no one in the Japan division would say that she was a mediocre agent or that she did anything else than achieve her current status on her own merit. They were about to see why.

The footage moved on showcasing how strong Trin was with basic ice moves. She put up a shield that stopped bullets, rockets, and any other high speed projectile that came her way. She was then attacked at all sides with those weapons and easily was able to throw up the ice shield in time to avoid getting hit with any projectiles.

“Okay, so she’s an expert ice-user. Big damn deal. It’s not a threatening power,” Shego stated soundly, chopping at the air with her hand just to emphasize her point.

“Give her a moment,” Doctor Director replied while glancing at the two redheads. She wondered what they were seeing as they watched the videos. She was not about to find out since she did not want the headache later on and she did not need to know that badly.

The footage then showed Trin turning what was primarily a defensive power to counterattack. She easily produced sharp, icy spikes to back up people attacking her. It would not have been a big deal in Shego’s opinion until she started to notice just how fast Trin worked. One of the problems with ice powers were that they were slow, but Trin seemed to use her powers within a blink of an eye. Shego was suddenly intrigued and it almost showed.

Mim and Kim did show their interest by leaning forward, as if that would help them see more. As the video continued, Trin continued to show beyond excellent control of her powers and it would seem that no one told her that ice powers were supposed to be only defensive and that they were slow. She used her ice with almost unfathomable speed and attacked with it if she was given the chance without hesitating.

And then they got to see Trin being creative with her powers. She used it to climb walls, freezing her hands to surfaces. She stood ceilings. She created ladders, bridges, and pillars right underneath her to get her to high places or across chasms. And she made weapons of all kinds, which seemed to be unbreakable against other weapons, which was not something most others that controlled ice could boast about. And there was still so much more to see.

“I’d melt her crap,” Shego declared confidently. No way ice would ever beat her plasma. She just would not let it happen.

“I wouldn’t be so sure. I’ve been told she can pack her ice tight enough for it to be as hard as diamond,” Doctor Director replied. She had witnessed Trin use that ice against some rather tough items and the ice never seemed to be on the losing end.

Shego rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth. “I’d take care of that blonde bimbo, no problem.”

“What about the guy, Shin?” Kim asked curiously.

“Yeah, what the hell is an ifrit anyway?” Shego jumped in. She really wanted to know about that one. She had been on plenty of missions for both GJ and WEE and she had never come across such a thing.

“It’s one of those rare powers. Not as rare the dragon, of course, but rare just the same,” Doctor Director answered.

As soon as the question of Shin was brought up, the footage changed to show him doing his own basic moves. Shego and Kim waited to see what he was capable of. It just showed Shin doing martial arts moves at first, running through basic things. It then moved on to showing how fast he could move, which was quick enough for it to look almost like he disappeared. Then there was footage of him punching through metal with ease, balling up steel beams, and things to show off his strength.

“I could do that,” Shego muttered, refusing to admit that the feats were just a little impressive.

“This still doesn’t tell me what an ifrit is,” Kim commented.

“Wait for it,” Doctor Director stated, knowing the answer would come soon enough and it was something that needed to be seen rather than said.

Kim nodded and they waited for a while. And then they finally saw just what an ifrit was. Everyone but Doctor Director’s jaw almost hit the floor. They could not believe what they were seeing.

“That is one ugly bastard,” Shego remarked to hide her shock. She felt like she was telling the truth, though.

(New day)

Trin was staring down at a golden pocket watch that she carried whenever she wore a suit. She was once again in a pink three-piece suit; it was darker pink than her other suit. Her vest was golden as was her tie and she had on a white shirt. An onlooker would find it very difficult to believe that she was about to be in a fight.

Shin glanced over at his adopted sister because that was the twentieth time in ten minutes that she had looked at her watch. Her mind was far from what they were about to do. She was thinking of Tatsu and their anniversary, which was tomorrow. She was lamenting that she was actually going to miss their big day unless some miracle happened. He did not like that she was allowing those things to settle and sizzle on her mind. Shin punched his sister in the arm, rather harshly too.

“What the hell?” Trin demanded to know, turning to glare icy daggers at her brother for his uncalled for action. She had her left hand balled into a fist, showing that she really just wanted to deck the crap out of him, but she held off because she was vaguely aware that he needed to conscious for what they were about to do.

“Get your head in the game. If we lose because you’re a lovesick pup, I’m going to split your forehead open with a tree branch,” Shin commented, sounding lighthearted yet serious at the same time.

“Try it and I’ll put an ice pike through your eye before you make to me, dog-boy,” she countered.

Shin rolled his eyes. He would like to take Trin on in a real fight just to see if her little corny powers were as good as she made them seem. He would beat her, of course; well, he thought so anyway while she would probably argue otherwise. But, he would still like to see. Their father would allow it, but their father was not the highest authority in their lives, so it seemed like they were never going to get to really test each other to find out who was better.

“Are you two done yet?” Shego asked impatiently, speaking to the evil twins. She wanted to get to kicking their weirdo asses so she could get home and then do things to Kim’s ass. Not to mention, she wanted to get to the fighting in order to knock all of the teeth out of Shin’s smart-aleck mouth.

Shego and Kim along with the evil twins were standing in the GJ training ground for agents that wanted to work on their powers. It was the size of four football fields with boulder-sized rocks littering the cement ground as well as pebbles and various-sized stones mixing in a thin level of dirt. There were high concrete walls to protect any spectators from any debris that would undoubtedly be flying up, even though there was a transparent shield that could be put on. There were not too many spectators around, though; in fact, there were only two at the moment and they were not near the ground.

Doctor Director and Mim were far away from harm in a tower that over looked the training grounds. There were monitors in the tower as well as windows to look at the fight live. The battle that was about to go down was being recorded, but other than that, there were no other people watching. No one was really invited, except for Kim’s family and they were not really into fighting. Doctor Director and Mim actually thought that it was best for everyone to stir clear of the place considering all of the footage that had seen of Trin and Shin, not to mention how much Shin had been pissing Shego off that week. Boy, that kid had a mouth on him and they would not be surprised if Shego used her powers full-force on him as soon as they were given the signal that the exercise was to begin.

“I need to try to call one more time,” Trin muttered, mostly to herself. She pulled out her phone and was about to push the button to dial up Tatsu, but Shin snatched the phone from her. Trin would have hit the ceiling if there was one. “Hey!” she barked.

“Look, she’s pissed and you’re whacked out of your damn mind. Just do the thing we came here to do and you’ll get to her soon enough to have her shoot you in the face for missing the day, okay?” Shin pointed out. Sure it was heartless, but it was the truth of the matter, the way he saw it anyway, and he wanted her to get her head in the game to make sure that they did not lose.

Trin shot her brother a look of pure venom while icy mist came from her mouth as she exhaled harshly. Did he not get it? She did not care about the stupid training exercise! She was trying to keep her relationship together. Something as irrational as her girl’s current fury and her being the very definition of bothered right now could follow them for years like a time bomb before blowing up in their faces. The last thing she wanted was for a couple of years to past and she and Tatsu end up at each other’s throats over the missed anniversary. She was about to let Shin have it verbally for being so brazen as to prevent her from calling Tatsu, but Shego beat her to speaking.

“Look, can we just get to this sometime today? I’d like to go home and get laid,” Shego commented quite seriously. She was in between missions right now and the last thing she wanted to do was waste her time with two clowns that she was certain she and Kim were going to wipe the floor with anyway.

“Shego,” Kim scolded her lover over such rude and private words.

“What? It’s not like I told them I’d be banging you,” the green-skinned woman remarked with a devilish smirk.

“See, sis? You’re not the only one with relationship problems,” Shin quipped while motioning to their opponents with a flick of his hand.

“You’re so lucky this isn’t a free-for-all,” Trin said while cutting her brother a wicked glance. “But, let’s get to this, so I can kill you afterwards.”

Shin grinned. “Ah, you know you love me.”

“I’d love to watch you breathe your last breath,” the blonde commented.

“You’d have to see it from Hell considering I’d have killed you long before then,” he shot back.

“Do you really think I’d go to Hell knowing you’re going to be there anyway?” Trin countered.

“You’ll have taken it over before I get there,” he remarked.

“Are you two going to do this all day?” Shego huffed.

“Fine, let’s get to this,” Trin said.

“Let’s go!” Shin cheered, practically howling at the end.

Shin, as expected, did not wait for the signal that they were supposed to get when things were ready to begin. He dashed toward their opponents and shocked the other pair by going after Kim and not Shego. The petite redhead had to leap back to avoid having Shin punch her whole head in. Shin wasted no time and chased after her.

“What the hell? You get back here so I can beat your ass!” Shego called to Shin in a huff. He was the one that she wanted because he was the one that was a wise-ass for the most part. Plus, she thought that he was the stronger of the evil twins since all the blonde could do was control ice.

“I think you’ll have to get through me if you want to go after him,” Trin commented while cracking her knuckles. There was wicked, frosty glint in her eyes.

“This’ll be easy,” Shego remarked. Despite the fact that she had spent the past few days seeing what Trin was capable of, she still did not think much of the blonde. Her powers were mediocre at best and she looked like the type that would whine over a broken nail, so Shego figured that she would be able to walk right through the blonde.

Next time: the fighting rages on and the end.

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