Sealed with a Kiss

Chapter 5

The beginning of something new


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TITLE: The beginning of something new

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I don’t own the Twilight Zone either.

SUMMARY: 12 yr. old Bonnie was saved by Kim and they had a chance to become friends until Bonnie's sisters started making fun of her, so Bonnie decided to hate Kim. 4 years later, Bonnie starts to reconsider her feelings.

TYPE: Kim, Bonnie

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 5360

Kim and Bonnie had grown fairly close as friends. Bonnie was even starting to make an effort to get along with Ron, but that process was going rather slow because she was easily irked with his excitable nature. So, most of the time Bonnie was around the redheaded hero was when Ron was not around. At the moment, Kim and Bonnie were hanging out in Kim’s room, which was becoming normal for them. They walked to Kim’s house and did their homework together, which was good for Bonnie because a lot of the time she found it very difficult to make it through even a portion of her homework at home. Sometimes, one of Kim’s parents would drive Bonnie to her house when they were done or Kim would walk her halfway there; Bonnie refused to let Kim walk her all the way home as if she could not take care of herself.

At the moment, they were quietly reading The Grapes of Wrath for English class. They had two separate classes with two different teachers, but it seemed that the whole English department at their school decided that they were going to torment the junior class with that thick piece of text. To be even crueler about things, the students were all being tested about little things in the book to make sure that they did not just go read the spark notes; not that Kim would ever do that, although Bonnie was willing to cut that corner. The redhead simply talked her friend out of it.

They were both peeking at each other over the books every now and then, eyeing each other with some fascination in their gazes. They were both curious of the other, for different reasons. Their reasons did have a common thread, which had to do with Bonnie’s feelings.

After spending so much time with Kim, Bonnie was getting more and more certain that she liked Kim beyond the friendship border. She was attracted to Kim to the point where she did want to date her, but damn it, Kim was not only still going out with Mankey, but also probably straight as an arrow. Since she accepted her attraction Kim, Bonnie guessed that she was bisexual, but she was not too sure. All she knew was that she liked Kim and she really wanted the redhead to give them a chance a relationship, but she doubted that was going to happen.

Bonnie doubted that she and Kim would ever be more than friends because Kim never brought up the end of her letter. It would seem that the petite hero thought that if she ignored it then maybe it would go away. Well, that certainly was not working, but Bonnie would rein in her emotions since being friends with Kim made her feel quite good, better than she felt with her many shallow friends. It seemed like everyone needed substance in their lives and Kim was that for her.

The slender adventurer actually had not forgotten about the last bit in the letter, which was why she was stealing glances at Bonnie. She often sneaked peeks at Bonnie; much of the time the brunette girl failed to notice. She was trying to figure Bonnie out, like the tanned cheerleader was a jigsaw puzzle and she was not sure if she had gotten the whole picture or not.

She did not think there was some malicious trick coming her way, but she was still attempting to figure out exactly what Bonnie wanted from her. Friendship seemed to make Bonnie content and tamed her somewhat, but Kim could not help wondering if Bonnie was sticking around because she wanted something deeper than a friendship. And what did deeper than a friendship mean anyway?

Did Bonnie want a romantic, meaningful relationship from her? Did she want an experimental fling? Did Bonnie just want to fuck her? What? She could not figure it out, or at least she did not think she could because it seemed way too incredible. She certainly was not going to ask Bonnie about it, though.

It did not matter, Kim told herself. Bonnie was behaving for the most part and their friendship seemed to be enough for the both of them. Maybe Bonnie was just overwhelmed when she was writing the letter. After all, Bonnie had years of emotions that had been buried rushing to the surface when she wrote that letter. So, she could have just been overwhelmed and with that thought, Kim had another, a curious one. She was not shy in asking that one.

“Hey, Bonnie,” the redhead said out of the blue, or so it seemed to her companion.

“Yeah?” Bonnie replied, looking up instantly from the book. She was happy for an excuse to stop reading. Oh, she was going to have to try to get Kim to cut a corner with her because there was no way that she was going to be able to read the whole book.

“You never really told me the reason that you sent me that letter,” Kim informed her fellow cheerleader.

“No?” Bonnie asked as if she did not know. How could she tell Kim that she sent the letter because the sight of Kim with Josh made her physically ill and she had been trying to correct that? The sight still did turn her stomach, but she had found out that she was not alone since Ron was not too in favor of the couple now any more than he had been when they first hooked up.

“No,” Kim answered soundly.

“It wasn’t important,” the tanned female replied with a bit of a nervous grin.

“Wasn’t that important?” the redhead echoed incredulously. “Bonnie, whatever the reason was, it caused you to change your entire behavior toward me, so I would think it’s pretty damn important. So, c’mon, tell me why you did it.”

“Nah, it wasn’t important,” Bonnie insisted, now trying to hide behind her book. She was finally able to capture the elusive friendship that she wanted with the amazing girl that had saved her so many years ago, so she was not about to put that in jeopardy by making Kim uncomfortable with her feelings.

“C’mon, Bonnie. Don’t be that way, just tell me,” Kim tried to urge the brunette.

Bonnie looked at Kim. “You know the reason.”

“No, I don’t. If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking. So, what made you send that letter?” she asked again.

“What does it even matter now? I mean, it got my point across and you got to see that I wasn’t the bitch I kept acting like. It’s done its job, so let’s just let it go,” Bonnie huffed, ducking back behind the book. She was starting to get pissed that Kim was pressing the issue. Sure, they might be friends and she might be attracted to Kim, but the redhead still did things that got on her nerves.

“Bonnie…” Kim paused for a second, considering what she was going to ask. She decided that she was just going to have to address the one ton elephant in the room. “Do you really have like…feelings for me? I mean, like, beyond the whole friendship thing?”

“Didn’t it say that in the letter?” Bonnie countered in a bit of catty tone, showing that her patience was wearing thin. She wished that Kim would just drop the subject. It was clearly a one-sided thing and she would just have to live with that, she figured since Kim never brought up the end of the letter.

“Well, I thought that might have just been spur-of-the-moment or something. I mean, are the feelings still there?”

“What the hell does it even matter, Possible?” Bonnie huffed, showing her frustration beyond her tone by referring to Kim by her family name. “What are you getting a kick out of this or something? ‘Oh, I must be so hot since a girl has a crush on me.’ I don’t have to take this crap!” the tanned female declared while slamming her book shut and reaching for her school bag.

“Bonnie, hold up!” Kim reached out and grabbed her friend before she could flee the room.

“What! Okay, you had fun making fun of me—” Bonnie started, but the redhead interjected.

“I wasn’t making fun of you!” the hero promised. “I swear I wasn’t making fun of you. I’m just trying to figure out why you’re here.”

“I’m here because I thought we were friends, but obviously, I was wrong,” the brunette snapped.

“You weren’t. I am your friend. I was just wondering if maybe the things you said in the letter were still there or if it was just something that came out because you were maybe really emotional when you wrote the letter. I mean, are you sitting here, heartbroken just to be with me or are you okay?” Kim inquired.

“I’m not heartbroken,” Bonnie answered, as if she was angry and offended. “You’re not all that.”

“Okay, so you don’t like me like that?” Kim asked to be sure.

“Why? What the hell does it even matter? It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with you. It’s my damn problem.” She was too upset to realize that she had given herself away in that response.

“So, you really do have feelings for me.” That was a statement and there was no mistaking it.

Bonnie looked away, not particularly ashamed of herself, but annoyed that she had let things slip so easily. She punched at her book-bag while trying to decide if she wanted to look at Kim or just get the hell out of there. Well, if she wanted to get the hell out of there, she was going to have to break Kim’s arm more than likely, so she guessed that she was going to have to look at the redhead.

“What the hell does it even matter?” Bonnie inquired through gritted teeth as she faced Kim with a fiery gaze. “You’re with Mankey,” she said and Kim did not miss the disdain in her voice as she spoke his last name. “And you’re straight,” she added.

Kim could not argue that, but she really wanted to. She was not comfortable with being the object of Bonnie’s desire since she was not likely to return those feelings. She did not want to hurt her friend.

“You wanna know what made me send that damn letter so bad? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s because I hate seeing you with that bastard Mankey. It makes me sick, okay. And that’s not some figure of speech. I actually want to throw up every time I see you with him and that’s what made me send you the letter. I wanted to get rid of that feeling,” Bonnie said, as if her words were going to hurt Kim. Apparently, she was so angry that she could not even be rational anymore.

“How? What did you think I’d go out with you if you sent that letter or something?” Kim inquired in a confused tone. She was not seeing Bonnie’s logic, which could be explained since Bonnie was not really capable of logic at the moment because of her fury.

“No, if that was the point of the letter, it would’ve said that. The point of the letter was to explain why I was a bitch and how I wanted to be your friend. Mission accomplished, so leave me the hell alone about this or go the hell out with me,” Bonnie demanded.

“Are you ordering me out?” the redhead asked, sounding even more perplexed than before. She was starting to wish that she had not brought the subject up because Bonnie was getting worked up and she was just getting more and more bemused with what was going on.

Bonnie seemed shocked by that question and that sort of knocked her out of her rage; she obviously had been unaware of her tone from before. Maybe she should just command that Kim go on a date with her, she thought. She would be able to show the redhead a good time and express some of her emotions for Kim to see just how much she did care about the hero. Surely she cared more than Josh did and she could show Kim just as good or better time than the artist could.

“Would you?” Bonnie asked in a hopeful whisper.

“Would I what?” Kim countered, still bewildered by what was going on.

“Would you go out with me? I mean, just once,” Bonnie requested, still speaking in a low tone. She was scared of the answer and that was why her voice was so small.

“Are you serious?” Kim asked in disbelief. She could not believe what she was hearing, but maybe she pushed Bonnie to it since she had pressed the issue.

“Yeah. You think I’m saying all this crap for the hell of it? Go out with me just once. I mean, you might like it. If you don’t, I’ll never bring it up again,” Bonnie bargained with the hope that it would work. She would show Kim a great time, even if she only had that one opportunity. Maybe it would give her a chance to sort out her feelings and maybe learn to live with her emotions. Yeah, she was not usually a pessimist when it came to herself, but she doubted that Kim was going to fall for her over one date. Still, it was better than nothing at all.

“Bonnie…” Kim was not sure what to say, how to answer. She luckily did not have to go beyond saying her friend’s name.

“Come on, Possible. I thought you could do anything,” Bonnie said. “Besides, it’s not like I’m going to rape you when I get you alone,” she added with a laugh. The redhead laughed too because of the randomness of the comment.

Kim thought on it for a moment. She did not want to hurt Bonnie’s feelings, but she did not want to lead her cheerleading rival on by agreeing to go out on a date. There had to be some way out of her current predicament.

“Bonnie…you don’t think something like this could mess up our friendship a second time?” the redhead inquired with some reluctance in her voice. She was a bit afraid that such a thing could ruin their friendship, which she was actually enjoying. She did not want their friendship to come to an end because of a simple, avoidable act.

“Only if you let it. I mean, does it bother you that I’d like to date you? Stoppable probably wants to date you too, but you don’t seem to have a problem being around him,” the tanned teen pointed out. She could deal with what was going on because it was better than the circumstances she used to have to deal with, so there was no way that she would allow one date to wreck everything. It was all on Kim’s shoulders in her opinion.

“Ron never asked me out,” Kim grumbled in her defense.

“Well, Ron’s an idiot,” Bonnie countered with a shrug. She was not totally sure if she believed that Ron did want to date Kim, but she supposed that it was plausible and the blonde boy was just not smart enough to make a move.

“Don’t start,” the olive-eyed hero reprimanded her friend. She did not point out that Bonnie was making progress with Ron considering the fact that she had just used his first name.

“I’m just saying.”

“Bonnie, what if this makes things weird between us?” Kim asked with real concern. She liked being around her cheerleading rival now and she did not want to chance things going back to the way they were before with Bonnie being relatively evil toward her.

“Just try it. Think of it as two friends going out. Nothing deeper than that,” Bonnie replied.

“You’re not going to treat it that way.”

“Well, I’m not going to sneak a kiss or something like that. Geez, you worry a lot, Possible.” Bonnie rolled her eyes. Well, she was not going to sneak a kiss now anyway since Kim seemed so concerned about it being a real date.

Kim scratched her forehead. She really did not know what she should do. She would have argued that she was dating Josh and could not in good conscience go out with Bonnie, but she knew that would not fly because she was pretty aware that Bonnie disliked Josh, even before Bonnie said why she sent the letter. Bonnie often ranted with Ron about “the evil Mankey.” It was one thing that the brunette and blonde got along on completely.

“Bonnie, I can’t…”

“Why? What have you got to lose?” Bonnie inquired.

“Josh.” Well, there was him and maybe her new friendship with Bonnie, but she did not argue that again since Bonnie seemed to think otherwise.

Bonnie rolled her eyes again. “Josh doesn’t have to know. As far as everyone would be concerned, we’re just two friends hanging out. Am I going to have to write another letter to get you to agree?” she asked, practically snorting through the question because of her aggravation with the lovely hero.


The tanned female was done with hearing excuses. She put the idea out there and now she was going to have her way. It was something that she was used to, after all; well, it was something that she was used to outside of her home.

“No, we’re going out. You’re going to have a damn good time and that’s the end of it. It’s not going to be weird and it’s not going to mess up this friendship. So, you dress nice for Friday night and we’re going out,” Bonnie stated soundly and she noticed that Kim was about to say something, an objection no doubt. “And if you have a date with Mankey, cancel it.”

Bonnie grabbed her book-bag and marched out of the room before Kim could offer up some kind of protest that she just did not want to hear. They were going out, if only for her to see how it would feel. She could not help laughing to herself once she was outside as she realized just how ridiculous that whole thing had to seem to Kim because it was borderline crazy to her. She was forcing her friend on a date with her. Well, she never claimed that she was not forceful, only that she was not quite the bitch she had been.

Kim was quite incredulous as to what just happened and she did not know what she should do. She could not stand Bonnie up; it just seemed wrong. She also did not want to test Bonnie since she had been so insistent. Maybe it would just be like two friends going out, which would mean that she was not cheating on Josh and nothing would be weird between her and Bonnie after the fact. She had to say that to herself throughout the week to convince herself that was the truth to make herself comfortable for when Friday was upon her.


Kim scrambled through her closet, trying to decide on what to wear. She decided to dress somewhat casual since she was going out with Bonnie. She did want anyone to think it was more than two friends going to hang out. So, she put on semi-formal wear of maroon button-down shirt that hugged her just a little bit more than her usual shirts did. She put on black slacks and hoped that she did not have to put up with another tirade; that one would be directed at her wardrobe if it was not up to her friend’s high standards.

She did make sure that she looked as presentable as she did when Josh took her out, although she did not do so on a conscious level. It was a good thing that she did, though because if she had gone out looking plain, it would have insulted Bonnie. Kim’s parents had been ready to question where she was going when they caught sight of her, but when Bonnie showed up, Kim’s father relaxed considerably. He knew about Josh and, well, he did not like the boy much, but he did not like any boy if he was dating his little “Kimmie-cub.”

Bonnie, not being a boy, did not have to put up with the “black hole” speech, especially since only she and Kim knew that they were going out on a date. She was polite to Kim’s parents, greeting them with smiles as she often did since she had become friends with Kim and was over the Possible home very often. The two actually liked Bonnie quite a bit.

“You girls have fun together,” Mrs. Possible called to the pair as the teens exited the house.

“We will,” Bonnie assured the neurosurgeon with a very sweet smile, which made Kim rather suspicious.

The doctors Possible only laughed. They closed the door as Bonnie took Kim out to a car. The redhead focused her attention on the car rather her date, which was just bad manners in Bonnie’s opinion, but she was going to let it go. If they went out again, she was not going to let such an offense pass, especially when she looked drop-dead gorgeous in her little black dress.

“Bonnie, where’d you get this car from?” Kim asked in an amazed tone. It was a small, black two-seater sports’ car.

“Borrowed it. Hop in,” Bonnie replied while unlocking the vehicle with the button controller.

“Borrowed it from who?” the redhead inquired as Bonnie reached over and actually opened her door for her.

“Don’t worry about it. Just roll with the punches tonight, little Miss Hero,” Bonnie said with a small smile.

“Statements like ‘don’t worry about it’ make me worry about it.”

“I didn’t steal it for anything like that. We’re not going to be the outlaws, Bonnie and Kim or anything like that,” the tanned teen remarked.

Kim chuckled a bit despite her nervousness, but the joke was actually made to comfort her. They got in the car and were off for the night. Neither was sure what to expect, even though Bonnie had planned some good times. Was it going to feel like a date? Was it going to feel like a regular time out? What?

The answer came in an odd way. It was not like a date nor was it like a regular time out. It was a blend, but the important thing was that they had a very good time. They went to a movie and then to a restaurant. Not some small, family restaurant like Kim often went to with Josh, but to a fancy, needed-a-reservation-days-in-advance-to-get-into-it restaurant. It was during that time that they had a nice conversation about the movie they saw, which led to other discussions. The evening was not over there, though.

They went out to a club after that. They danced together, rather closely. Kim did not notice, but she probably would have chalked things up to the sway of the music. Bonnie did not notice either because she was just lost in the moment, enjoying herself immensely. It really was not until Bonnie dropped Kim off that they both realized just how much fun they had that night.

They were not really sure what to say to each other as they sat in the car outside of the Possible house. Bonnie was wondering if she should walk Kim to the door while Kim was wondering if she should thank Bonnie for the fantastic evening. Kim turned to the other cheerleader and Bonnie turned to her.

“I have to tell you, I actually had a great time,” the redhead admitted. She felt like she owed Bonnie the truth considering all of the resistance that she had put up about going out with the brunette.

“But,” Bonnie said, knowing that was coming. Something that sounded so promising could only be followed by a “but.”

“Well…I had a great time and I’d love to hang out with you more like this, but I don’t really feel the urge to date you,” the adventurer continued, making sure to speak evenly to not flare Bonnie’s inferno of a temper.

Bonnie nodded, as if she understood or expected that from Kim. “Before you make that decision, I’ve got one last thing for the night.”

Kim was puzzled. “What?”

Bonnie shot over to Kim and placed a passionate kiss right on her mouth before the redhead had a chance to react. Kim, while stunned for a few seconds, did not pull away once she got her head together. The redhead could not pull away and it was not because she was being held or restrained in some manner because she was not. The kiss just felt so good, so delightful and heavenly, that she had to stay there and experience it completely and fully. She had never felt something so electrifying and satisfying. Bonnie’s mouth was soft, demanding, and yet gentle at the same time.

The sweet embrace lasted a little over ten seconds before Bonnie eased away to catch her breath. She stared at Kim, who was not breathing at all now and had a dazed look in her olive eyes. Bonnie could not help smiling to herself. That was just as moving and wonderful as she had imagined it would be. She hoped that it was enough to get through to the hero.

“Um…that was…” Kim could not even think of words to tell Bonnie just what that was. Hell, there might not be any words to describe how that was, the redhead thought.

“Goodnight, Possible,” Bonnie said in a whisper of a tone with a small smile playing on her lips.

“Yeah…” Kim agreed and exited the car.

The redhead slowly made her way to the front door of her house. She almost felt dizzy and light from what just happened. Wait, what the hell did just happen? She had just experienced the best kiss of her life from Bonnie? It was surreal.

Bonnie drove off rather satisfied with herself. She was happy to have that one night. Even if nothing came of her and Kim as a couple, she was glad for the night and figured that it would help her get over Kim if it was necessary. At least the slender hero was not a fantasy anymore, something that would have been able to haunt her for all time. She could envision things thanks to that one night and it would help her cope if that was what she had to do. But, she really did not want to have to do that. She wanted Kim to give them a try. She was going to have to wait and see what happened.

(New day)

Kim and Bonnie were reading in again in Kim’s room. They were sitting on the floor, against the bed. Bonnie was actually reading while Kim was mostly looking over at from behind her book; they were still reading The Grapes of Wrath. The redhead was stealing glances at Bonnie because of something that had been plaguing her mind for days now. Well, not really plaguing, but she could not get it off her mind and her consciousness actually begged for more. What was stuck on her mind? The kiss that she shared with the tanned cheerleader.

“Bonnie…” Kim said, but she trailed off because she did not know what to follow that with.

“Hmm?” the brunette answered almost smugly. She was aware what was on Kim’s mind and that tickled her internally. She had been congratulating herself for days and was just dying to tell Kim that she wanted more of what Bonnie had to offer, but she was going to hold off. Now was not the time to be an asshole, after all; there were still some chips stacked against her.

“Um…” Kim rubbed her forehead with three fingers as if that would help her say what was on her mind. She could not find the right words, though.

“Just say it, Possible. I mean, I think we’ve gotten to a point where we can just come right out and say crap to each other,” Bonnie pointed out. God, she had admitted to having feelings for the redhead for crying out loud, so she thought that Kim should be able to come right out and say that she liked the kiss.

Kim looked away, almost as if she was embarrassed with what was going on. How could she just say it? She did not even know what she wanted to say. She felt so confused and lost, like she had been dropped in the middle of a desert from a plane without being told what desert and without any equipment.

Bonnie sighed and put her book down. She moved closer to the hero while Kim made sure to keep her eyes to the floor. Bonnie, deciding to be bold since she could practically read Kim’s mind, reached out and turned Kim’s head toward her. She leaned in close to Kim.

“I know what you want,” Bonnie whispered, her mouth was tantalizingly close to Kim’s lips. The redhead gulped and willed herself not to blush from embarrassment and nervousness.

“You do?” Kim muttered while forcing herself not to close the small gap between them.

“Of course, but before I give you what you want, you have to tell me something.”


“Are you willing to give us a try?” Bonnie asked.

“Bonnie…I’m not…” Kim could not get the rest of the sentence out.

“Gay? Me neither. Imagine that,” the brunette remarked. She did not think of herself as homosexual because she was pretty sure that she was attracted to guys as well as Kim. Maybe there were other women out there that would catch her eye, but for the moment, Kim dominated her thoughts.

“But, you like me,” Kim pointed out.

“I do, I really do. It doesn’t mean I’m gay. So, are you willing to give us a try?” Bonnie inquired again.

“I’m with Josh,” Kim replied.

“You’ll have to dump him if you want this,” the tanned female commented.

Kim thought about it. She had a decent relationship with Josh, but she could not get Bonnie off of her mind since that kiss. It felt like nothing she had ever had with another person. It was like she instantly connected with Bonnie and she would like to explore that. She would like to know what it meant, which she guessed meant that she would have to dismiss Josh.

Was she really willing to end a decent relationship with Josh to step into the unknown with Bonnie? Well, it was either that or let the kiss tear at her psyche for years and she knew that it would do that for at least years. She would probably regret not finding out just what the kiss and connection meant. She could not pass it up.

“I’m willing to give this a try,” Kim decided.

“Good girl,” Bonnie said with a chuckle before leaning in and giving Kim a kiss just as explosive as the first one.

The feel of the kiss told Kim that she had made the right decision; it felt such as wonderful as the first one, if not more so than the first one. She needed to get to the bottom of the emotions that she was feelings thanks to Bonnie. Could it be possible that she liked Bonnie just as much as Bonnie like her, but she never realized it? Well, she was going to find out. Bonnie was going to try to make sure Kim came to a positive conclusion and that they had a good, long relationship together.

The end.

So, who’s up for a sequel with no real plot, just a walk through of Bonnie and Kim’s relationship? If so, throw some ideas my way for it since I have an idea for just 10 chapters and those would not go anywhere really.

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