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TITLE: Comprehension

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Oh, yeah. I don’t own these characters…I don’t own anything really. I’m starving for a reason, no money.

SUMMARY: Shego sits and thinks about a certain girl that can do anything.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2602

A/N: First time writing something, so be kind while reading. And enjoy.

Shego stared at the sleeping redhead, as she usually did in situations like the one she was in at the moment. She guessed that the hero was rather tired, which always amused her. She didn’t think that the mighty Kim Possible ran out of energy, but she was always the one sleeping at the end of the day. The raven-haired woman didn’t understand it; she didn’t understand Kim.

Shego figured that was why she continued to meet with Kim like as she did, because she desired to understand just a little bit as to what Kim was. Who was the girl that could do anything? Shego was not sure if she knew to that very day.

Well, Shego knew who she was of course, but the redhead was still quite the mystery, especially lately. But, ever since she had first met Kim, Shego had been intrigued to say the least by the girl. She had to be, she felt anyway, because a girl four years her junior was able to not only stand against her, but win a great deal of the time if Shego was not at the top of her game. At first, she had held back against the girl because she didn’t want to seriously injure a person that could prove fun for her in the future. It was good thinking.

In the beginning, Shego often wondered why Kim did what she did; the whole hero thing, she meant. She understood the adrenaline rush that was involved and even doing a good deed every now and then. She didn’t understand why Kim did it for little more than a smile and a thank you. It showed short term thinking in Shego’s opinion and she expected better from the offspring of a brain surgeon and a rocket scientist.

The raven-haired woman didn’t think that the younger female saw the big picture of how the world worked, which amazed her considering how worldly Kim was. She often bet that when it came time for Kim to choose a career, which she knew the girl would do because she always tried to be normal, she figured that Kim would be an a scientist of some kind, be a social scientist like a anthropologist, or a biologist; she would just be something where she could explore and examine things around the world. But, now she was digressing in her thinking. Where was she? Ah yes, Kim didn’t see the big picture.

If the redhead did see the world for what it was, she would know that money made the world go round first and foremost. She would charge for her services, like Shego did. Instead, she did it for free. Why? She provided an excellent service, saving idiots from assholes. Shego was certain she could rake in some big bucks if she charged just a percent of what she was really worth.

Now, Shego knew it was odd for her to think in such a manner, as she was one of the aforementioned assholes. But, she was realistic at least. She wasn’t living in a whole other world like Kim seemed to be doing. Kim needed to learn so many things, like taking care of herself. Kim needed to figure out that she had to take care of herself before anyone else because if she was gone then there wouldn’t be anybody to say all of those helpless idiots.

Yeah, Kim certainly needed to learn to take care of herself before anyone else because that was why she was where she was right now, Shego thought; not that she was about to complain since the redhead was lying next to her and purring like a content kitten. But, the way they got into their current circumstance was the thing that got to the older woman.

It was a strange day, the strangest up to that point anyway, the first time that they had spent time together without something illegal or dangerous being involved. She had the day off and had been relaxing when her cell phone went off. She never would have guessed in a million years that it was her favorite nemesis on the other end. She had been mildly curious about how the teen had gotten her number, but then again she recalled that the girl could do anything.

The weirdness of the day didn’t end with the phone call, but continued on as a conversation stirred up after Shego decided against disconnecting the call. Hey, she could be curious sometimes; there was nothing wrong with that, she told herself. Kim invited her to spar sometime soon and she accepted, telling herself that she was just going to kick Kim’s butt and move on with her life.

Shego told herself over and over that she didn’t care why Kim called. They met up at a gym, which was pretty much empty. They had a good, long round of non-lethal combat before going their separate ways. Shego convinced herself that she didn’t care what that was all about and she thought that she would just go back to her life until she met Kim at the proper time; namely, when she did something that involved trying to take over the world. Then, Kim called her a week later requesting another round.

After that happened three times in about a month, Shego decided that she had better get to the bottom of why two enemies were getting together for recreational time. It didn’t make any sense; in fact, it was sick and wrong. It only added to the fact that she didn’t understand Kim and doubted that she ever would, but she was trying. Damn curiosity, she growled.

The next time that they met up to spar, Shego gave Kim an ultimatum, which was to tell her what was going on or she was going back home. Kim glanced away and lied, saying that it was nothing. How could it be nothing if she was calling her rival like they were good friends? Well, Shego hadn’t brought the lie and she had gone home after Kim didn’t offer her anything more.

Two weeks went by before Kim called Shego to explain what was going on. Apparently, the stress of college freshman year had been getting to Kim and she just needed some way to vent. She figured that there was no better way to relax than going toe to toe with Shego, which was about the only thing that the older woman understood about the redhead. But, that was about the only thing that Shego did understand and just when she was about to put a point on the board for herself in the imaginary score that she was keeping in her head, Kim went and perplexed her again.

Just as Shego accepted the random sparring because it was fun, Kim went and got weird on her again. She invited Shego to a cabin by a lake side for the weekend. The redhead didn’t offer much in the way of an explanation, just that she was asked to housesit and she didn’t want to do it by herself.

Shego had been a little suspicious; she didn’t really know why. She did suggest that Kim take that idiot that she always hung around, just to see what the younger girl would say. The teen didn’t miss a beat, simply responding that he had exams to study for. She then seemed to sense Shego’s hesitation and added that it would have a nice beach that they could spar on, as if that would sell Shego on the idea. The strange thing was that Shego drove out there to meet up with the redhead.

As the raven-haired woman recalled all that information, she was starting to think that she didn’t understand herself right along with the redhead because she was doing some pretty stupid things and she didn’t want to think why that was. She could only offer herself that one explanation that kept her going with the madness that she was involved in and that was that she was trying to understand the complicated creature that was snuggled up next to her. That was all.

While they house-sat the cabin, they did get in a lot of good fighting on the beach and then Kim decided to cook dinner. Shego wasn’t surprised that Kim could cook, but after she tasted the food, which was chicken and rice, she settled on the fact that she had found something that she was definitely better at than the girl that would do anything.

“How’s the food?” Kim had asked.

“It’s all right,” Shego had simply answered.

Kim nodded and looked down at her plate. “That’s good to know. I thought it’d be horrible. My boyfriend says I shouldn’t quit my day job whenever I cook.”

“Really?” the older female inquired as if she cared. But the damn redhead had managed to spark her curiosity yet again. If she had a man, why not bring him on the quaint little lakeside retreat? She had to ask. “Why didn’t you bring him?”

“You wouldn’t like him,” the redhead answered.

“No, why didn’t you bring him instead of me?” Shego clarified.

“Oh…” Kim looked away.

Shego knew that the hero was going to try to ignore her, so she dealt out what would be her usual threat for a little while. She informed Kim that she was going to leave if she didn’t get some answers. She was going to have to learn to stop asking questions because the more answers she got, the more puzzling the teen became.

Kim explained that her boyfriend, who remained nameless to that day, was what many considered the perfect man. He was handsome, intelligent, and athletic. He was the type of guy that everyone expected Kim to be with.

The problem was that Mister Wonderful had two faces and Kim often got to see the face that no one else did. He was the most arrogant, condescending bastard (she had actually used that term and surprised the hell out of Shego) that she had ever met in her life, which said a lot considering what Kim did as a hobby. It turned out that she was with him because her parents really liked the guy and everyone expected her to be with him.

Why did Kim feel the need to please the world? Shego doubted that she would ever know. It seemed so exhausting and stressful to have to be what people expected all the time. She failed to see the reasoning behind doing such a thing.

Shego wondered if Kim realized just how special and unique she was. The redhead should have been proud of that, boastful about it if anyone bothered to asked Shego. But, no, Kim was always attempting to fit in and she was modest to certain extent; anyone that bragged that they could do anything was a little conceited.

Kim always seemed to be trying to do what was socially normal for the most part, which explained why she was the guy that she hated. Screw socially normal, Shego thought. Doing the right thing all the time was enough to drive anybody loony and Shego would know, which she often tried to explain to Kim when they were sparring. It was in one ear and out the other with the princess, though. She really needed to learn to take care of herself, Shego thought.

They started talking more while they sparred as Shego tried to convince Kim to be a little selfish. After the trip to the lake, they always ended the day with one of them cooking dinner for both of them at one of their apartments. The more time they spent together, the more Kim became an enigma to Shego.

The older woman learned that Kim was going to one of the top colleges in the country, which she expected. What she didn’t expect was that Kim was an English major. She had to know why because it was the last subject that Shego expected Kim to study. The redhead explained that she really liked classic literature and she wanted to study it thoroughly. Shego decided to stop making inquires about the subject; at least the girl was doing something that she liked and not what people expected of her. But, that was the only thing that seemed off to Shego.

Kim did have a 4.0 GPA, which Shego expected. Hey, the girl was the daughter of a brain surgeon and a rocket scientist. She could probably get a 4.0 in her sleep, even though she assured Shego that it was hard work. She informed Shego that she spent a lot of time studying, which didn’t surprise the villain.

Another thing that didn’t surprise Shego was that Kim didn’t do any drinking since she started college. It was because it was illegal and unhealthy. Dear, sweet, merciful hell, Shego thought; she would never understand that teen. How could a person that would dive out of a plane without a parachute think of anything as unhealthy? Shego felt it was her mission from then on to corrupt the princess just a little bit.

Shego challenged Kim one night when they were at the older woman’s apartment because she knew that Kim could not back down from a challenge. Shego pulled out some tequila and introduced the hero to liquor. On that night, she thought that the redhead grew exponentially more complicated.

After a few shots, Kim attacked Shego that night and not as she would usually attack. She assaulted the raven-haired woman without warning or hesitation with her soft mouth. Shego didn’t stop her either, even though she was certain that the younger girl was drunk; ten shots tended to do that to lightweights. But, Kim looked so coherent when she launched herself at the other female.

At the end of that night Kim was sleeping next to Shego in her king-sized bed like it was something that she did everyday. Shego had expected the girl to freak out, even if she was drunk. Shego was left awake, thinking, pondering, contemplating just what the hell Kim was, just like she was doing at that very moment.

So much for the girl doing what society expected of her, Shego thought. So much for her being holier than thou. So much for her making any sense what so ever.

After that night, Kim quit two things; tequila shots and her boyfriend. Shego could understand the tequila shots. The boyfriend, though she did not get at all. She guessed that Kim thought that they had something going, but Shego liked to believe that they were still nothing more than rivals.

Kim always seemed to look like she knew that there was more to whatever was going on, even now, Shego thought because Kim had a small smile on her face that said she knew everything that was going on. It pissed Shego off to high heaven to be one-upped yet again by someone four years younger than her.

Shego was going to figure everything out one day and that was why she kept coming back. She was just determined to figure out what it was that made the redhead tick, what made her do the things that she did. She glanced down at the resting younger female and noticed that she was smiling even more.

Shego sighed; Kim was such a puzzle and it seemed like she knew that if she kept doing bizarre things, then she would keep her rival around through sheer intrigue. No, she wouldn’t do something that, right?

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