Black hole Philosophy

Chapter 3

What are we?


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TITLE: What are we?

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: An AU of my Pariahverse. Pretty much, the pairings have been reversed and Shin has a girlfriend. By the end of it, things should be in their proper order. Can it be done?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4220

Trin was sitting in her room with her laptop in front of her. She had long ago decided that she hated any and all required courses outside of the ones in her majors. They just took up so much of her time; any time was too much in her opinion because she could be doing other things. She wished that she and Shin had decided on a different way to split the work that term, but they were trying to be equal that term. Never again, she silently decided.

The blonde was taken away from focusing on the screen of her computer and turned her attention to her window because she could hear tapping on the glass. She could not believe her eyes and had to flip her glasses up to make sure that she was seeing right. She saw the same thing with or without the glasses, which was Shego at her window.

“What in the hell?” Trin muttered.

“Will you open this damn thing?” Shego demanded.

“What the hell are you doing out there?” Trin inquired while getting up off of her bed and going to open the window.

Shego stepped in from the nippy weather outside. “I was taking in the view, of course,” she remarked sarcastically.

“Don’t take that tone with me just because your simple ass is freezing outside my window,” the blonde replied while closing the window to prevent the biting fall air from further invading her toasty sanctuary.

“Hey, this is the thanks I get for deciding to grace you with my presence?” the green-skinned thief shot back.

“Oh, please. You only came here out of boredom. Your boss was probably ranting about something or another and you didn’t want to hear it.”

“Whether that’s what happened or not, I came here when I could have been a million other places.”

Trin went back to the bed and her work. “Excuse while I take the time to feel honored by your presence then. I’ll let you know when I’m done with that,” she commented.

Shego only rolled her eyes while taking her time to look around the room. It was painted a light pink, which did not surprise Shego since she had noticed Trin’s favorite colors seemed to be pink and yellow. Her bedspread was yellow, as were her pillows. The floors were a nicely polished light-colored wood. She had a dresser with a vanity mirror, which was a light, creamy pink. The nightstand by the bed was a matching pink. Despite the color, it was actually a well put together room and it was clear to a trained eye that the furniture was not cheap.

The green-skinned woman went to look at the things resting on the dresser. She spotted Trin’s perfume, which the blonde tended to smell like even after they spent an hour or so fighting. There was a tube of lip-gloss, but nothing else. Trin was apparently a neat-freak, which was expected. She did not even bother to inspect the closet, knowing what it would be full of, namely semiformal and formal wear. Instead, she went over to the bed.

“Do not sit on my bed in the clothes you were outside in, especially since you were just scaling the building,” Trin said. She thought that was so disgusting when people sat on a bed in the clothing that they had just been outside in because they were just littering the clean bed with outside everything.

“Okay, fine,” Shego replied with a bit of an attitude and she unbuttoned her pants.

“Oh, god, Shego, don’t do that,” Trin commanded, seeing the trouble that she just started.

“What? You don’t want me on the bed in my clothes. I’m just trying to follow orders,” the raven-haired femme fatale commented with a teasing smirk as she pulled her pants down.

“Damn it, Shego, were you raised by monkeys?” Trin inquired. She could not believe that Shego was actually stripping in front of her, even though she should have expected it since she kind of knew the emerald-eyed woman by now.

“Oh, you know you want to look at my sexy body,” Shego remarked while stepping out of her pants. She was so glad that Trin expected her to be wild because she got to do crazy things, like strip in front of the hot blonde. She was also thankful for the excuse to do so; all because of Trin’s big mouth. She wanted the younger female’s attention while doing so too.

Trin frowned and tried hard not to look at the practically nude body to the right of her, but the temptation was too great. Look, contrary to popular belief, she was human and she was a lesbian and Shego was gorgeous, so she felt it necessary to at least sneak a peek. So, she glanced at the villainess, who was in her underwear of a black sports’ bra and panties; she would have worn more flattering undergarments if she knew that she was going to be taking her close off in front of Trin. But, then Shego had to take things too far, in Trin’s opinion.

Shego sat in the bed and pressed herself against Trin, knowing full well that the blonde disliked the contact. Shego smirked as Trin tried to lean away from her without moving from where she was. Trin huffed when her not-so-subtle getaway was not being respected.

“Shego, do you have to be so goddamn annoying?” the nineteen-year-old inquired.

“Uh-huh,” the villainess answered, including a nod to be more irksome. She supposed that she should not enjoy getting on someone’s nerves so much, but Trin made it so satisfying.

“Get off of me,” Trin ordered while taking one hand from her keyboard to shove the thief away from her.

Shego resisted until Trin took her hand back to hasten her writing on her computer. The villainess took the opportunity to be even more of a pest and to creep Trin out. She leaned down, nuzzling her nose in Trin’s shoulder blade.

“You smell good,” Shego commented.

“Damn it, Shego!” Trin hollered. It was a good thing that Shin was out or he would have been in her room by now, demanding to know what the hell was going on, maybe even with a weapon because he might think that there was a threat in the house for her to uncharacteristically screaming. But, he had gone out to a club after she made sure he put on some acceptable clothing.

“What?” the thief asked with an innocent look that would make an angel jealous. She was pushed away and then given a look that would have slain a demon. She laughed, thoroughly amused with what was going on. She knew that coming to see Trin would entertain her.

Trin focused back on the screen of her computer while keeping watch on her uninvited guest out of the corner of her eye to make sure that Shego did not lean on her again. She hated touching so much and it did not help that she was in her pajamas, the top of which happened to be a camisole. So, they had skin contact because Shego wanted to be a smart-aleck and take off all of her clothing.

After a few seconds passed, Trin put most of her attention into her compute and work because she was getting into a flow. Shego waited for a while and then suddenly pounced on the blonde, pinning her to the bed, but not knocking the laptop off of the bed. Trin made a horrible noise; something that they were certain a trapped gazelle made when taken down by a pack of lions. Shego smirked.

“Damn it, Shego!” Trin screamed again.

“What? You know you like this,” Shego commented while rubbing up against the blonde woman. She knew that she was enjoying it, especially as she took another whiff of Trin. Oh, she did smell heavenly. It was a subtle scent to her that was different from her perfume and it was almost addictive.

“Let me do my paper,” Trin ordered.

“I’d rather do this,” Shego replied and she continued to push her body against Trin’s wonderful form. Oh, that did feel really good, she noted. She glanced down as she moved, watching their pale skin touch.

“Stop it,” Trin seriously commanded. The feeling had not been wholly unpleasant, but she still hated that they were touching. People outside of her family touching her in any way just bothered the blonde.

The villainess knew that Trin was being quite serious in the order, but she was hoping that she could change that since the sensation was quite delightful. Trin would have to be insane to not like it, she thought. She continued her movement and noticed that Trin was not trying to escape. She knew that she had to be careful with everything because if she was too forceful, she would frighten Trin away, which could be dangerous thing. Damn it, if only Trin was like every other human on the planet and just could stand being touched without it having to be a cause to fight, Shego thought.

Trin was trying her best to not shudder in disgust at being touched in some many different places at one time. It was not entirely repulsive, she told herself and she was more than likely acting up from force of habit. Her brain automatically disagreed with Shego made the surprise move of kissing her; Shego thought that enough time had gone by to do such a thing.

Trin’s brain commanded her to be completely grossed out and she obeyed almost instantly. Where had Shego been after all? How many other mouths had been kissed by the thief before hers? What had Shego eaten or drank before that? She did not know and she did not care. All she knew was that the mouth was one of the filthiest places on the human body and she would rather not have one come into contact with her own.

Shego noticed now that Trin was trying to subtly flee from her, so she tightened her hold on the blonde. She changed the tone of the kiss from near rough to almost gentle. She knew that she needed the contact to say that it was all right to stay. In the end, Trin’s resistance won out and Shego pulled away because she needed to breathe. She did make sure to keep her face close to her companion’s, in case the urge to start trouble again came up.

“Are you going to tell me you didn’t enjoy that?” Shego inquired with an arrogant smirk, as if she knew the answer to the question.

“And if I didn’t?” Trin countered. She could have liked it…maybe, if that disgusting kiss had not been added to the mix.

“I’m going to do it until you do like it,” the villainess replied with a smirk on her face. She would do it too until Trin got over her obnoxious phobia of being touched. Damn eccentric geniuses, she silently huffed.

“What are you saying?” Trin asked because she really was not sure what Shego was trying to accomplish. Did Shego want to be her girlfriend? She had her doubts that they would work out if that was the case and she doubted that was the case anyway. Why the hell would Shego want to be her girlfriend after all? And also, why would she want to be Shego’s girlfriend?

“I’m saying that I’m going to kiss you until you like it and want to kiss me back and then we’re going to keep kissing,” Shego explained. She wanted to do more than kissing, but she was going to have to build up to that with the blonde. It was a good thing that she loved a challenge.

“But, what would that mean?” Trin inquired.

“What does anything with us mean?”

Trin thought about that for a moment. What did anything mean between them? What were they to each other beyond stalker and stalked? If Shego did not seek her out, they might never see each other again and that was how they were with each other. What would adding the new dynamic do to them? Nothing, aside for make her want to vomit, her mind pointed out.

“I’m going to hurt you if you keep kissing me,” Trin promised.

Shego smirked; that sounded like a real good challenge to her. She came in again and Trin struck back. While the thief was kissing her, Trin grabbed Shego’s hand and proceeded to bend her hand backwards. The more pressure that Trin put on her wrist, the more pressure Shego put into the kiss. They knew that either Trin was going to run away from disgust or Shego was going to have a broken wrist by the time everything was said and done.

Shin was sitting at the bar of a little club that he knew and found himself coming to more and more often. He was looking out into the people bouncing around on the dance floor. He would have been out there, but at the moment he just wanted to think about things for a while. Some might have thought that it would have been wiser to choose a quieter area to do some contemplating, but he was right where he wanted to be.

He had actually thought at first to go drive to Middleton for a while to see his girlfriend. But, he knew better than to visit Tatsu late at night. He had done it once before and he had learned his lesson. He had shown up unannounced, which did not bother Tatsu. It was what he wanted to do that got on her nerves. He had driven all that way and asked if she wanted to go out dancing. She had looked at him as if saying, “You’re stupid and you should wear a sign that says so.” She made things so hard, he always thought.

Tatsu did not dance and she did not go out, as far as he knew, giving him very little reason to visit. When he had stopped by that time, she had assumed that he was there for something else, something that he had not even thought of. Tatsu had thought that he showed up for sex, which he vehemently denied as the reason; he was not sure if she believed him or not.

He would never show up at a girl’s house unannounced for the sole purpose of having sex. The idea for doing something like that seemed disrespectful in his opinion. And then, there was also the fact that he was not sure why, but he did not find himself, well, to be blunt, sexually attracted to Tatsu. He figured that he just needed to see her more often to clear that up because she was a pretty female, so he was not too alarmed by that.

He should have talked the harpy into coming out, he told himself as he did nothing around the club. Trin would come out clubbing with him sometimes; not too often, but sometimes. He had to smooth talk her a lot, but she would come out and they would do some dancing. He liked it because it got him a lot of attention to be dancing with a beautiful girl that moved well, once she got started anyway.

Shin decided to go be wild on the dance floor for a little while before he headed back home. As he got up from his seat, he noticed a guy looking at from the corner of his eye. He turned slightly to make sure it was not his imagination and, sure enough, there was a guy a few feet away, eyeing him. It was not the first time he ever caught a guy checking him out and he doubted that it would be the last. He laughed a bit to himself and then continued on his way.

Shin did not mind when dudes checked him. He liked the attention and such things stroked his confidence. He knew he was good-looking, but things like that confirmed it in his opinion. He was so damn sexy that he attracted both men and women. It was a win/win thing for him until guys tried to talk to him. Then things got a little awkward, not because he disliked it, but because he had to go into explaining why the fellow had wasted his time.

The half-Japanese teen hated to explain that he was not gay. He also detested it when people assumed he was. He just disliked being called something that he was not and he did not think, no wait, he knew that he was not gay. After all, he looked at girls all the time and he thought that no gay man would do such a thing.

He dismissed those things and went to get some dancing done. Well, he tried to dismiss those thoughts. He mind did continue to scoff at the very idea of him possibly being gay. As if something like that were feasible, he commented mentally. He had had too many girlfriends to be gay. He had more girlfriends than Trin, so he could not be gay, he told himself.

Sure, he never kept those girlfriends long and he tried them more like friends than anything else, but he was not a homosexual. He even had a current girlfriend, further proving that he was not a homosexual. Well, he was pretty sure that he was not. And then, he realized that he was devoting more thought to the subject than he liked, so he shook it out of his mind and started dancing his heart out.

Shin left the club late that night or early that morning depending on who was asked. He walked home; he preferred walking to driving because he felt like he was less likely to kill himself on his feet than behind the wheel of a car. When he got in, the apartment was dark and silent, which he expected. He peeked into Trin’s room to see if she was still up with the papers or if she was asleep.

Trin was still up, typing away at the computer. She greeted him by telling him to go take a shower since they had class in the morning and she refused to go with someone who smelled like smoke and sweat. He expected that and went about his business. Trin continued typing; she was glad that Shego had left a few minutes ago.

(New day)

Tatsu was buried in the front end of a car when a knock on the garage door distracted her from work. She went to the door and opened it, even though it was not locked. She was not surprised to see who was there, namely Kim because the redhead visited her almost daily. She was surprised by what Kim was holding, though.

“What’s this?” Tatsu asked while motioning slightly to the bags that were in the redhead’s hands.

“Oh, just some stuff I thought you could use,” Kim answered with a bright smile, hoping to smooth things over with her expression if it was a problem with her buy things for the mechanic.

“Like what?” Tatsu inquired while taking the bags from Kim and stepping aside in order to allow the younger teen to come in.

“Well, for starters, a couple of new tee-shirts,” Kim answered as she shut the door behind her. She had brought the older female some new clothing point blank because Tatsu needed new gear in her opinion.

“New tee-shirts?” the mechanic echoed and then she looked down at the bags, attempting to see the shirts.

“Yeah, a few of the ones you have, I noticed were kind of worn out and have holes in them, so I got you some new ones when I went to the mall,” the hero explained.

“Um…thanks,” Tatsu said in a rather uncomfortable tone. Even though she was used to Kim being nice to her by now, new shirts seemed a bit much. No one ever brought her new shirts. She had to take care of things like that for herself and her life had been like that for about a decade now.

“You don’t like them, do you? It was a bit much?” Kim asked because she had been worrying about that.

“No, it wasn’t,” Tatsu tried to assure the adventurer. “It’s just…I’m not used to this,” she added to show that it was not a problem.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. Thanks a lot for this,” Tatsu said with conviction to make sure she was believed.

The blue-eyed girl never knocked anyone for doing something nice for her since it was so rare and she could tell that Kim was sincere and did not want something from her like other people when they did nice things for her. She wished that she could return the favor, but she was not too sure how. And then, she thought of something.

“Want to go out for a movie?” Tatsu offered. From what she knew about Kim, the redhead liked the movies as much as the next person. She thought that it would be nice of her to at least pay for a movie and snacks, even though she had done so on three other occasions that they went to the movies.

“Spanking,” Kim replied with a smile.

“Okay, let me put these things away somewhere and then we’ll go,” Tatsu said and she went to put the shirts as well as whatever else was in the bags away. An idea hit her as she was returning to Kim. “I’ll drive us there,” the mechanic declared.

“Cool,” Kim said. She knew that Tatsu could drive and everything, but she hardly ever saw Tatsu do it.

As they went out, they both noted something that they dared not speak, but it seemed like they were on a date and that seemed to come across every time that they went out now. It was weird because whenever they went out, Tatsu would pay for everything, no matter how much Kim protested. And then there were the visits by Kim, where she tended to come bearing gifts and how she made sure that Tatsu stocked up on certain types of food, hoping to get the mechanic to eat right.

Tatsu and Kim watched each other out of the corner of their eyes as Tatsu drove Kim home after the movie. Tatsu was about to turn onto Kim’s block, but the redhead stopped her. Kim requested that Tatsu keep driving for a little while.

“Why?” Tatsu asked while continuing on, even though she would have preferred to drop the younger teen off and get back to her garage.

“I want to ask you something,” Kim explained.

“Go ahead,” Tatsu said with a shrug.

“Do we seem weird to you?”

“We…weird?” Tatsu echoed in a confused tone. She was not following.

“Like our hanging out, does it seem weird to you?” Kim asked.

The blue-eyed female shrugged. Hanging out point blank was weird for her. Other than Kim, the only person she allowed to be around her for hours was her boyfriend and she did not see him as often as she saw Kim. She was actually happy that she did not seem him as often because he could get annoying, really annoying. Kim was nowhere near as irksome as Shin was in her opinion.

Kim sighed; she guessed that she was going to have to spell it out. “Are we…dating?” she inquired.

Tatsu was not sure how to answer that, so she shrugged. Could she even be dating Kim when she was dating Shin? Well, she did pretty much the same thing with both of them, she commented mentally. Actually, she did more with Kim than with Shin, mainly because she could tell him “no” and it would not hurt his feelings. Shin would take the answer and keep on moving, being annoying in the process most of the time because he would still bug her about things.

“Is that what you want?” Tatsu asked. She had never considered herself bisexual or anything like that, but she had never thought about it. At the moment, her brain just pointed out that she dated guys when she could stand being around them for a couple of hours, so why not date Kim when she could stand her better than almost any dude? Her only problem was that she was still with Shin, but she did not even bring that up.

“Well…if it doesn’t change anything between us too much. I mean, I really like being around you and I think you’re great looking,” Kim explained. She did not add that she suspected that she was a lesbian. She thought that it might be a good time to start exploring that possibility.

“Okay,” Tatsu agreed with a shrug. It was unbelievable that she made it that easy, but then again, that was how Tatsu was once she was comfortable around someone. Kim could not help smiling; obviously, Tatsu had given the correct answer.

Next time: Shego is sporting an injury that Kim find curious while Shin is rudely rebuffed by Tatsu. Just a lot of weird behavior.

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