Ties That Bind

Chapter 2


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TITLE: Ties That Bind


DISCLAIMER: I don't own Kim Possible & co., but I do own any OC's that may appear in this story. No copyright infringement is intended. Don't sue.

SUMMARY: Things aren't always as they seem. What happens when the absolutes in Kim's world turn out to be anything but. Especially when that includes someone she counted as an enemy.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3255

The elevator stopped at the ground level floor and Shego navigated her way through the various hallways to the central hangar. A nondescript plane sat outside and various agents were scurrying around, loading, refueling and doing last minute checks on the aircraft. She walked towards the plane, intent on checking on a few things herself when a familiar voice stopped her in her tracks.

“Hey Bean Sprout! Does security know you're in here? I hear they frown upon wanted criminals just waltzing around this joint.”

Shego turned and faced the speaker. “Well if you're any indication Frost, then they've got much bigger problems than me being here.”

A hearty laugh filled the airplane hanger. “Good to see you too, Galloway.” Garrett Frost's hazel eyes twinkled merrily as he walked towards her, carrying a large black bag. At 24, he was currently the world's top computer whiz with double doctorates in robotics and computer programming, along with holding several patents on gadgetry used by spy organizations all over the world.

Global Justice had recruited him in his early teens and when Dr. Director had nominated him for a top secret mission known only as ‘Subterfuge’, he had jumped at the chance to be involved in something truly heroic. Garrett was all too used to Shego's sarcastic repartee and actually relished their verbal sparring. It helped take some of the stress out of his job as her technical adviser and all around go-to guy. “Thought you were on vacation,” he commented, coming to stand beside her.

She shrugged, “I was. Still am actually, but - “

“Yeah I know, code Alpha. So, let's get to it eh?” He set the bag down and unzipped it, revealing a various array of technical gadgets. “Let's see what we have in our bag of tricks today.” He knelt and rummaged around, producing a tiny communications device. “New communicator, updated with all the new software plus a few extras.” Frost pulled it back just before Shego could grab it, “Try not to break this one, will ya? I got my ass handed to me by Dr. Director when you pulverized the last one.”

Shego rolled her eyes and reached forward to pluck the device from his hand. “Whatever. It's not my fault Kimmie plays rough sometimes. If Bets doesn't want shit broken, she should tell the nerd squad to make these things outta stronger stuff.”

“I love how it's never your fault things get smashed,” he said dryly and continued digging through the bag. “I heard you got the boss lady to tell the teen wonder the truth.”

“You heard huh?” Shego smirked, knowing the sandy-haired man's propensity for snooping. “Anyone ever tell you it's rude to eavesdrop?”

He shrugged and held up what looked like a ball point pen. “Only if you have something to hide. Ah, here we go.” He double clicked the pen and pointed it away from where he was kneeling. “Perfect. Here, use this to check the plutonium and fuel rods for leaks. Point and double click to scan. One click to shut it off.”

“How will I know if there's a leak?”

Frost grinned, “You'll know. The pen will start to freak out.”

“Is that the technical term for it, ‘freak out’? Some computer genius you are, Tweedle Dork,” she scoffed, taking the pen from him.

“Fine, the scanner will produce a high-pitched beep that will alert the agent to possible radiation leak and exposure to poisoning. Happy, bitch?” He shot her a look and went back to searching the contents of the bag. “So when do I get to meet her?” he asked while sifting through the items.


“Y'know, ‘Hotness’ Possible. She's here, isn't she? I figure it's time I introduce myself. Let her experience the Frost charm up close and personal.” He blew on his knuckles and rubbed them against his shirt, grinning.

“Dream on, geek breath,” she snorted. “Even if you weren't the biggest dumb ass on the planet, your wardrobe alone would discount you from having a shot with Kimmie.” Shego pointed at the loud Hawaiian print shirt the computer tech was currently wearing.

“Hey, I'll have you know this is the cutting edge in both fashion and comfort,” he sniffed, smoothing the shirt down with his hands.

“Real Hawaiians don't even wear those things, Frost. Doesn't that tell you something?” Shego shook her head, pityingly. Frost had insisted on wearing those hideous shirts since the day she had met him. When she had asked about them, he said it was because he was always stuck behind a computer screen and therefore should be able to wear whatever he liked. Not to mention, it seemed his flaunting of the dress code policy irritated Will Du to no end. One thing she and Frost were in perfect accord on was their dislike for the stodgy agent.

“Jealousy is unbecoming, even if you are green,” he shot back and offered her a slim black case. “There's an aerosol can inside. Spray it on the material, it'll encapsulate it in a protective film, making it safe for you to handle. Your gloves should help minimize the risk too.” Frost nodded at her, “If the pen beeps, there's a syringe in there that you'll need to inject yourself with to get a jump start on the radiation sickness treatment.”

Shego frowned, “Leave it to Drakken to steal something that could kill him without his realizing it. Idiot.”

Frost shrugged, “These super villain types don't think about stuff like that. What do you always say, ‘it's the minor details that are his downfall’?”

“Something like that. Anything else?”

He shook his head and zipped up the bag. “Nope, that's all the goodies for today, Greenie. You gonna give Frosty a kiss before you dash off to save the world?” He puckered his lips and waggled his eyebrows.

“Sure, my fist has been missing your face. Let's get reacquainted.”

Frost sighed, “You're no fun, Shego. I bet she is though,” he nodded towards the figure walking towards them. A low whistle escaped his lips. “Wow, talk about your jail bait temptation,” he muttered under his breath.

“I saw her first,” Shego growled as Kim walked up to them, her mouth set in a grim line. “Princess,” she said warily, greeting the teenager as she approached them. The look on the younger girl's face had her scheming to get them aboard the plane as fast as possible. She had a bad feeling about this introduction. If Frost opened his mouth, and he was sure to, she could be in a world of trouble. “This is Frost. Frost, Kim Possible. You've met, okay let's go.”

“What's your hurry, Shego? I haven't even had a chance to shake Kim's hand,” Frost smiled maliciously at her before schooling his features into a mask of politeness and turned to face Kim. “So you're the one that's got Harper all hot and bothered,” he grinned widely and extended his hand. “Garrett Frost, nice to meet you.”

Shego sputtered as Kim's eyes grew wide. You prick, she mentally raged while managing to keep a semi-calm exterior. Just wait asshole, I'm gonna get you for this. “I'd be careful Princess, you don't know where Frost's hand has been. He's awfully proficient at typing one-handed, if you catch my drift,” she smiled sweetly at the man who was now gaping at her. Two can play that game.

“How did you…?” His cheeks burned with embarrassment. “Never mind. Don't you have a broom to catch somewhere?” He mumbled sullenly, crossing his arms. Shego never could take a joke.

“C'mon Kimmie, let's leave Frost to take his toys and go home,” she reached out and grabbed Kim's arm, trying to usher her onto the plane before the computer whiz decided to retaliate again.

Kim jerked her arm away and glared at Shego. “Don't touch me,” she hissed. She might be forced to work with the undercover agent, but she was still not over the fact that she had been lied to and that the woman in front of her was not who she was supposed to be.

Shego's eyes narrowed. “You never seemed to mind before,” she shot back. She could understand Kim being angry but the temper tantrums were starting to work her last nerve.

“Excuse me?!” Kim was outraged.

“You heard me. Get over it already, we have a job to do.” She met Kim's glare with one of her own and they held the stare for several moments before the clearing of a throat broke the spell between them.

“Ladies, ladies, there's no need to fight. At least not without me video taping it in hopes of clothing being torn,” Frost interjected, breaking up the staring contest before it turned physical. “Clock's ticking, Harper,” he reminded her.

Kim glanced over at the techie who gave her a huge grin and using his hand to mimic a telephone, mouthed the words ‘call me’ at her. She rolled her eyes and boarded the plane without sparing another glance at her former nemesis.

Shego scowled at the sandy-haired man, who merely winked and waved, before boarding the plane herself.

Silence filled the cargo bay as the two women sat directly across from each other. Shego leaned back against the bulkhead, eyes closed in meditation while Kim sat with her arms crossed, her fury building with each passing minute.

How can she sit there, acting as if nothing has happened, as if nothing has changed? How could Global Justice keep me in the dark all these years when we could've been working together? Kim felt like a colossal fool which only served to fuel her anger even further. If there was one thing she hated, it was being lied to. Dr. Director had used her; Shego had used her, and all to meet some unknown objective. It galled Kim that she was so easily disposable in their eyes. Is that all you see me as Shego, a tool to use and toss aside?

Her view of the green-skinned woman had been solid, a picture that had been built over the years they had come up against each other. Shego was sarcastic and hot tempered, a skilled fighter and an intelligent foe. Kim could trust her so long as their goals were the same and while she might never admit it out loud, they did work very well together. Their fighting styles complemented each other and they could anticipate each other's moves with an ease borne from hundreds of encounters.

But the thief was also evil, stealing for Drakken, mocking her and Ron at every turn, going out of her way to try and really physically hurt Kim sometimes. It was hard to reconcile all the things she “knew” about Shego with the reality that she knew next to nothing about the double agent.

Which only infuriated her more. Dr. Director had flatly refused to share any pertinent details with her, stating that the less Kim knew about the whole thing, the safer Shego would be. Kim had argued, to no avail, that she had a right to know more about the woman who was an ally and not the arch nemesis she pretended to be.

She could still hear Dr. Director's refusal ringing in her ears. “I'm sorry Kimberly, but you are not cleared to know more than what you do already. In fact, you wouldn't even know this much, if it weren't for Shego refusing to cooperate unless you were told the truth.” Which brought up another thing, why was Shego so gung ho about her knowing the truth? The Shego she knew would've reveled in the knowledge of pulling one over on her.

But I don't really know you, now do I? she fumed silently at the agent. A small part of her questioned why she felt so betrayed in the first place. It wasn't as if they were friends. Something about it hurt though. Maybe it was the fact that at least as rivals, they were supposed to respect one another. It was that respect that made her feel that Shego should have somehow given her a heads up. Her gaze again settled on the woman across from her, Shego's calm exterior irrationally causing her anger to flare up again. How dare you be so calm at a time like this!

For her part, Shego was doing her best to ignore the heavy stare she felt weighing on her. From the moment the plane had taken off, Kim hadn't stopped glaring at her. It was making it hard for her to concentrate. “It's rude to stare,” she said, lazily opening one eye to glance at Kim. She was met with silence as Kim kept glaring. Sighing heavily, she opened her other eye. “What?”

“Why are you doing this?” Kim asked, surprising both herself and Shego with the question. She had meant to unleash a tirade on the older woman but now that it was out, she found she was curious to know the answer.

She waited a few moments and when it became obvious she wasn't going to get an answer, tried again. “Hello? I asked you a question.”

“I never said I'd answer,” came the flat reply.

Shego's refusal sent Kim's temper sky rocketing again. She opened her mouth, intent on delivering a scathing remark when a beep from her Kimmunicator interrupted her. “Not a good time, Wade,” she growled at the video screen.

“Sorry. I was just checking in, making sure you were okay,” he said, meekly.

Kim felt her anger lessen a bit. “Yeah, I'm okay. We're on our way now. Sorry for snapping.” She felt horrible for barking at her friend. It wasn't his fault Global Justice had been keeping secrets from her. It wasn't as if he'd known and gone along with them either. She needed to chill out a bit.

“No big, as you like to say. Do you need anything?”

Before Kim could answer, Shego called out from across the room, “Hey, nerdlinger.” She had a feeling Betty hadn't told Kim just who all exactly was in on the undercover operation and she meant to rectify that.

“Oh hey, Shego. Agent Frost said you were on vacation,” he replied without thinking. Wade paled as he realized his mistake a moment too late. “Oh crap.”

Kim's eyes widened in disbelief as her face turned scarlet with fury. She opened her mouth to speak but couldn't manage any words past the anger choking her.

“Um, uh, have a safe mission. Gotta go, bye!” His voice came out as a high pitched squeak right before the screen went blank.

Kim's hold tightened on the Kimmunicator until, with a guttural scream, she hurled it down the cargo hold.

Shego didn't even bother to open her eyes, having closed them after calling out to Wade. Better for her Princess to learn the truth now, than later when it could be really dangerous if they lost focus. In hindsight, she would acknowledge that she should have just left well enough alone. In the moment though, it never occurred to her that making a smart remark might very well push Kim over the edge. She opened one eye, quirking her eyebrow. “Those are expensive y'know. I'd think you'd take better care of your toys, Pumpkin.”

A low growl was the only warning she had as Kim lunged at her, hands outstretched and aiming for her neck. Just before the redhead's hands met their goal, Shego's left hand shot out to grab her forearm. Using Kim's momentum against her, she yanked the teen sideways. She brought her other hand up to pull Kim in towards her, her back settling firmly against Shego's front. Before the redhead could react, Shego pinned her legs with her own, effectively immobilizing her. The position put her mouth right next to Kim's ear.

Shego took a moment to appreciate, for the second time that night, the feel of Kim pressed tightly against her. I could get used to this, Kimmie, she leered silently, deciding it unwise to verbalize her thoughts as there was no telling what Kim might do next. That didn't stop a low chuckle from escaping her lips, which only served to enrage Kim further.

“Son of a -” The heroine had reached her breaking point.

“Kimmie! You kiss your mother with that mouth?” she murmured, not bothering to hide her amusement.

“- bitch,” Kim finished, struggling to get free.

Shego tightened her hold and placed her mouth directly against Kim's ear. “If I were you,” she said in a low tone, “I'd stop squirming and save that temper tantrum for Drakken.”

“Well you aren't me,” Kim seethed, still struggling. “You aren't even you.

Her hold grew even tighter and she gave Kim a little shake. “I am still me and you'd better fucking remember that unless you want to get us both killed. I know Bets clued you in, Kimmie. You know the rules: don't blow my cover, don't get in my way and don't think for a minute you know anything about me,” she hissed in Kim's ear.

She couldn't afford for Kim to keep up this spoiled brat routine any longer. Play time was over. It was time to get their game faces on if they wanted to get the stolen material back and stop Drakken. “You got that Princess? Or do I have to spell it out for you again?” Her voice was cold and ruthless. If Kim insisted on acting like a brat, then Shego would treat her that way.

The crackle of the intercom filled the air and a voice floated over the cargo hold. “Coming up on the drop point, Agent Galloway. ETA 2 minutes.”

“Possible, are we clear?”

There was a warning in the agent's tone that had the sarcastic retort on Kim's lips die a quick death. She nodded and Shego released her. Kim quickly scrambled to the other side of the plane to put some space between them. She eyed her warily as Shego stood up and stretched a bit. She'd always been able to break out of the many holds the woman used on her. But try as she might, she'd been unable to find any leverage to free herself. It brought an uncomfortable idea to the forefront of her mind. Has shebeen pulling her punches and taking it easy on me the entire time?

“You might need this,” Shego's voice brought her out of her musing. She looked up to see Shego standing over her, holding the Kimmunicator out. The same odd look she had seen earlier that night was back on her face. Kim reached up to grab the device and their eyes met and held for a few moments. She felt as if Shego was searching for something; she was looking so intently at her. Then the look was gone and the undercover agent was stepping back and heading towards the cargo bay doors.


The green-hued woman stopped and turned her head to the side, indicating she was listening.

“This isn't over,” Kim warned softly. She still needed answers and it seemed the only person who was likely to give them to her was the one about to embark on a dangerous mission with her.

“It never is with us. Is it, Princess?” Shego walked to the bay doors and grabbed one of the parachutes. After securing the harness, she opened the hold and sparing one last look at Kim, jumped out into the night.

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