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Chapter 2

I Shall Acheive in Time

King in Yellow

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TITLE: I Shall Acheive in Time

AUTHOR: King in Yellow

DISCLAIMER: The various characters from the Kim Possible series are all owned by Disney. Any and all registered trade names property of their respective owners. Cheap shots at celebrities constitute fair usage. NoDrogs created Kasy Ann and Sheki Go Possible in his story “A Small Possibility.” I altered their origin completely in my stories.

SUMMARY: The things Shego must endure to keep Kim happy… Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. Indeed, some things are better kept in bed. Kim and Shego get busted, twice, while trying to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. B.E. Universe.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2614

Kim swept the grounds with night vision binoculars. As expected, she found no signs of activity. According to her research the last of the custodial staff left at ten, more than an hour ago. The building would be empty for the next six hours… Well, it would be empty if no one broke in.

“Come on, Shego,” Kim patted her partner on the leg. “Time to move. There's a security camera at each door -- do you want to disable one or should we go in over the top?”

Shego sighed, “Over the top.” It was more exciting that way. When the two had started to date Kim's mom worried that her daughter was only interested in the older woman because Kim loved thrills and Shego represented excitement. Even after several years together Shego remained so insecure that she feared Jean's analysis was correct.

Shego's ideas for romance involved candlelit dinners, quiet walks along the beach, holding the one you loved on the dance floor, or sharing a bottle of wine while curled up in front of the fireplace. Kim never seemed to enjoy these activities as much as Shego. For the younger woman spontaneity in time and location appeared to mean more than careful planning, and sex in a new and different place always gave her a thrill. That little fear of getting caught just added to her excitement. Shego sometimes tried to put her foot down, but she always feared Kim would find someone else; her insecurities kept her from believing Kim felt as satisfied with her as she felt with Kim.

“I don't know about this Kim, what if someone is in the building?”

“The place is empty. A big empty school, just you and a cheerleader who lusts after your body.”

A gawkish, booky nerd in her high school years, Shego had long nursed a resentment towards the cheerleaders who had taunted and humiliated her a decade earlier. It had taken Kim a great deal of effort, including a few sessions of letting Shego spank her while she was dressed as a cheerleader, to help the older woman work through her animosity. The ‘therapy’ sessions succeeded in curing the older woman's deep-seated hostilities. Now Kim knew that a cheerleader pleading for Shego's attention was a treat and temptation the other woman could not resist.

A feeble, “This is not a good idea,” represented the only protest Shego could muster as Kim slipped out of the car. Shego followed quietly.

Kim's grappling hook caught the edge of the roof and the redhead began her climb, closely followed by Shego. A third floor window, carelessly left unlocked, gave them entrance into the classroom of the Spanish teacher.

“Let me give you a tour,” Kim invited.

“I've been here before.” She caught herself whispering, even though no one could hear her.

“Yes, but you've never had a guided tour of all my old classrooms.”

Shego seemed nervous as they prowled the darkened hallways of Middleton High. Kim attempted to relax her and get her in the mood as they worked towards Kim's goal. The embraces and kisses gradually worked their magic. And the little questions Kim whispered in the pale green ears like, “Do you ever fantasize about making love to a cheerleader in school?” drove all thoughts of safety from Shego's mind.

By the time they reached Kim's old homeroom Shego couldn't keep her hands off the younger woman. She tried several times to slide a hand up under Kim's sweater, but the redhead giggled and playfully slapped her hand away. “Not now, later.”


“Very soon, I promise you.”

A couple minutes later Kim paused to get her bearings. She had not been in the school often in the last few years. “Please,” Shego begged patting Kim on the rear, “you're about to get spanked for being a tease or we're going to be making love in the hall.”

“No, this is the room,” Kim announced, opening a door.

They walked in. Shego looked the room over, to her it seemed no different than any other classroom. “This isn't the room I had that week when I taught here, is it?”


“Then why is this room so special?”

Kim moved to the back of the classroom and pointed to a desk. “This was where I sat in homeroom my Junior and Senior year. Here I would sit and ponder in my innocent girlish way what dashing knight would come and sweep me off my feet and take me to live happily ever after in a magic castle.”

“And instead you got me.”

“Hey, I was a cheerleader. I had a lot of offers. Everyone wants to make it with a cheerleader. You reached the ranks of the chosen few -- and you didn't even play sports.”

Shego raised one eyebrow, “Are cheerleaders really as hot as people say?”

Kim thrust out one hip. She licked a finger, put it down on the hip and made a hissing sound. “Oh, yeah,” she laughed, “that answer your question? We're so hot we sizzle. Or would you rather get your information first hand?”

“First hand,” Shego replied, running her hand up Kim's leg. The redhead shuddered slightly as the pale woman's hand went under her skirt and traced its way up her leg.

Kim moved, rubbing herself against Shego's hand, “Is this what you've been wanting?” she asked.

“Umm, you are hot… Wait a minute…” Shego moved her hand around under Kim's skirt."Okay, what happened to your panties? I know you had them on when we were going up the side of the school.”

“These?” Kim asked, pulling the blue panties from her shoulder bag and twirling them around on one finger before tossing them to Shego. “You admit to peeking under my skirt when we were climbing the side of the school?” Kim clucked her tongue in mock disapproval, “I'm surprised and ashamed of you.”

Shego raised one eyebrow, “Surprised and ashamed?”

Kim grinned back, “Okay, not surprised and not ashamed. I came in the window first. I took them off while you were maneuvering into the building.”

“So you were…”

“Walking around with a bare ass under my very, very short skirt, and you never even noticed.”

Shego groaned, “Why do you do this to me, Kim?”

Kim leaned over and licked the pale green woman's ear before whispering into it, “Because it makes me all hot thinking about what you're going to do to me when you find out. What are you going to do with me? Punish me? Or will you drive me crazy, using your tongue to reduce me to a quivering lump of lust who screams your name and begs you for more? Do you want me to be your slave? Do you want me on my knees in front of you? Do you want my tongue in you? Say the word Shego, anything you want from me… anything… I'm yours.”

Shego shut her eyes and took a deep breath. “God, Kim, some days I think you really are crazy. What am I going to do with you?”

“You may be right, I may be crazy,” Kim sang, “but it just may be a lunatic you're looking for. And the answer to your question is that you are going to make love to me.”

Kim sat down on a desk. She spread her legs slightly and pulled Shego against her, kissing the other woman deeply.

Despite their years together Shego still marveled that they enjoyed such different styles of lovemaking. Shego wanted it gentle and slow. Kim preferred things direct and now.

Shego's right hand went under Kim's sweater, lifting it over her breasts and then pulling the bra aside. Kim smiled. If she were to undress she'd just be another naked woman. But leaving the cheerleader outfit on, simply giving Shego access to her body while she wore it, always drove the green woman into a frenzy.

More quickly than the pale woman would have appreciated it, Shego's tongue tickled Kim's lower lips, then slipped ever so slightly inside. Kim gritted her teeth in ecstasy and grabbed Shego's head.

Shego worked her tongue deeper into Kim as the younger woman moaned.

When Kim relaxed her grip on Shego's head for just a moment the older woman looked up, “You are definitely an acquired taste.”

“Less talk,” Kim panted.

Shego found Kim's sensitive spot and sucked on it.

Fortunately Kim's legs protected Shego's ears. Her screams of pleasure could have been heard in the gym if anyone else had been in the building.

When the screaming finally stopped Shego held Kim tightly as the younger woman twitched, shuddered, and worked on catching her breath.

“I know I've never heard you scream like that before,” Shego told her. “Was I that good?”

It took Kim a couple minutes to catch her breath before she could answer, “You were… great… And too much company… at home…” she panted, “gotta watch it… And this was… really exciting.” She took another minute to resume normal breathing. “And I don't want to hear a little voice asking, ‘Mommy, are you all right?'”

They laughed together. “You need to make yourself decent, so we can go.”

While Kim pulled down her bra and readjusted her clothing Shego eliminated any evidence she could note of their presence. When Kim looked presentable Shego threw the redhead her panties. “Here, get these on. We need to leave.”

“Leave?” Kim smiled, stuffing the panties into a shoulder bag she had brought with her, “I don't think so.”

“You got your homeroom fantasy. This wasn't my school. I don't have any need to do something here.”

“Oh, but I think you do,” Kim gave her an evil grin. “I'm pretty sure you violated all kinds of school rules just now. Having sex in homeroom. Sex with a cheerleader. Failure to have a hall pass when breaking and entering--”

Shego giggled, “I don't think there was anything to break when I entered you.”

“Double-entendre! I'm sure that's a crime in seven states.” Kim gave her sweater a final tug and smoothed it down. “You're going to the principal's office young lady. You really need to be punished.”

“I really don't think--”

“Hush,” Kim said, putting her arms around Shego, “you think way too much.” She gave her a long kiss. “You just made me feel incredible. I want the chance to do the same for you.”

Shego cursed her inability to say no to Kim as they headed for the school office.

Neither the lock on the outer office door nor the one on the door to the principal's office itself offered any sort of challenge.

Shego shivered from what Kim feared was nervousness rather than anticipation. It raised the degree of difficulty, but Kim would not rest until Shego felt as incredible as the older woman had just made her feel. Compounding the difficulty even further, however, was the fact that getting Shego out of her clothes always appeared to be some sort of game, and Kim possessed only a rudimentary understanding of the rules. She knew the basic rule: do not rush things. Which meant don't even think about touching a zipper until there had been sufficient kissing and fondling. At home Kim sometimes made life easier for herself by waiting until they were getting ready for bed and making her move after Shego was already undressed. Tonight, Kim resolved, she would proceed so slowly Shego could not possibly find fault.

Fifteen minutes of caresses and kisses managed to calm Shego down. As Kim sucked gently on her throat Shego moaned softly. Another fifteen minutes of massage and running her hands over all of the pale woman's clothed body and Kim cautiously pulled her zipper down a few inches. Shego responded by holding Kim tightly and sending her tongue deep into the younger woman's mouth. Kim massaged the pale woman's back. When Shego relaxed her grip Kim moved slightly away and pulled the zipper down another couple inches. This allowed Kim's lips access to the base of Shego's throat. That brought a definite moan from the green woman. Kim smiled, the game would continue, but the road to victory lay before her. Another small tug of the zipper and Shego's collarbone and shoulder lay bare and open to attack from Kim merciless tongue and lips.

It required even more time before Kim finally had them both undressed, but Kim regarded it as time well spent. Shego's warm skin grew hypersensitive under Kim's gentle ministrations until the touch of the younger woman's fingers, the feel of her lips and tongue, the soft raking of fingernails, the rubbing of Kim's body against her own, brought a range of sighs, moans, and whimpers from Shego. She became like a living musical instrument and Kim delighted in the variety of sounds she could produce.

Eventually Kim paused from playing musical Shego. “I want you to know how sorry I am I was in Europe and couldn't be home for our anniversary. I bought you a present.”

“Wha?” Shego moaned in a daze.

“I got you a present.”

“A present? Why didn't you give it to me?”

Kim laughed, “Oh, I was waiting for a special time to give it to you.” She reached into her bag and pulled out a pink strap-on with red hearts on it.”

Shego laughed. “That's the silliest thing I've ever seen.”

“No, it's not,” Kim shushed her, “it's terribly romantic.” She began to put on the toy. “And you are really, really going to love it.”

Steve Barkin, principal of Middleton High, could not sleep. It happened every time a large envelope filled with money and checks hit his desk. The most recent collection of funds represented a band trip. He knew he had placed the envelope in the safe. He had double checked before he went home. But his dreams were filled with the envelope lying on top of his desk, knocked off and swept up by a careless janitor, or stolen by some vandal. He looked at the clock, after one in the morning. Maybe if he went down to the school and triple checked he'd be able to get a few hours of rest before classes started in the morning.

As he walked down the hall towards his office he imagined he heard voices. At first he dismissed it as imagination, but as he got closer to the central office he realized they were not the products of his imagination. “Secretary left the radio on again,” he decided. “Going to start taking money out of her pay check for the bill.”

When he arrived outside his office door Barkin froze, the sounds came from inside his office… It would either be some of high school kid trashing his office or some thief trying to break into the safe. He listened for a few seconds; there were more likely two individuals than one. He thought of calling the police, but had no idea how long it would take them to respond. Besides, Steve Barkin, USMC ret., wasn't afraid of sneak thieves, and if they were his students he wanted to handle the punishment himself. Fortunately he kept the hinges of his door and the latch well oiled. There was no sound as he turned the knob and threw open the door. He thought he was prepared for anything he might find in his office. He was wrong.

“CHEESE AND CRACKERS! What in the hell are you doing in my office!”

Perhaps that exclamation was poorly worded. It should have been perfectly obvious to any observer what the two naked women were doing on his desk.

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