Before the Dawn

Chapter 1


King in Yellow

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TITLE: Triage

AUTHOR: King in Yellow

DISCLAIMER: The various characters from the Kim Possible series are all owned by Disney. Any and all registered trade names property of their respective owners. Cheap shots at celebrities constitute fair usage.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Cognitive Dissonance. Dull and out of character I can't decide whether to write a sequel to this or delete it and start over. Really requires Cogntive Dissonance be finished before reading.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Friendship

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Kaguya and Dr. Kono are real, if you missed that in biology class. And I checked out most of the medical terms, drugs, and procedures -- so expect this to be dull. Nothing kills a good idea like trying to get the facts straight.

At the end of Best Enemies I projected a happy ending if I did a third in the series. I didn't mean to lie. But the happy ending and little piece of dialog at the end of Best Enemies got pushed back into a fourth or fifth story if I keep writing. And I'm not sure if anyone will want to read more after the endings of Cognitive Dissonance and this. You can also blame someone who said I could have done more to maintain suspense in Best Enemies. I've tried to overcome that shortcoming here.

This begins immediately after Cognitive Dissonance.

There is a chance I may delete this at some future point. It is too obviously derivative and everyone can tell where it's going. I'm really not sure what to do at the moment. It will be awhile before I either continue on this tangent or trash this and try a new direction.

Words: 776

In the background there were two more shots, and a scream of pain as a trank took out Gemini, but Kim heard none of it.

The medics found Kim, cradling Shego in her arms. Kim's emotional shock was almost as deep as Shego's hypovolemic shock and they literally had to slap her across the face to get her attention and make her release the pale woman.

“She's… she's going to die, isn't she?”

“We're all going to die. But I'm hoping it isn't today. Damn. She's in bad shape. Vitals don't look good. Hold the plasma bag for us.”

A third medic joined the first two. Kim tried her best to stay out of the way, but refused to leave.

“What in the hell is going on with her blood type?” Kim heard one of the medics ask another.

“I don't know. I've never seen anything exactly like it -- we're going to have trouble getting a good match.”

Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator.

“Kim, what happened?”

Kim held the Kimmunicator so it showed Shego. “Shut up Wade, you have to find someone in Go City. Fast. Let me spell the last name…”

Organized teams of Global Justice agents began to go through the building -- checking names and looking for any remaining victims of the neuro-compliance chips and any WEE agents who might have been trying to hide among the Justice agents. Kim surrendered her battery pack and disrupter to a search team.

Kim saw two more grim-faced medics headed her way, but they went past her and continued down a hallway.

About half an hour -- it seemed more like days -- after Shego had been shot Ron found Kim. He held her in his arms and she began to cry on his shoulder, he patted her back, trying his best to be supportive, but having nothing to say.

Will and Betty Director swept by, apparently in too much of a hurry to say anything.

Some twenty minutes later a shaken Dr. Director returned. The enormity of her brother's actions had caused her to put Will Du in charge of the mopping up.

“Well, we've found Drakken.”

“How is he?”

“He's going to lose his left leg. It looks like he didn't want to cooperate with Gemini's plans, he was tortured. They'll probably amputate this afternoon.”

Ron felt sympathy for the Doctor. Kim was too focused on the drama surrounding Shego to experience any other grief Betty Director waited with them, asking the medics for Shego's vitals and seeming to understand the significance of their answers about pulse and respiration rates better than Ron or Kim.

Some two hours after Shego had been shot the medics had her stabilized enough to try and move her to a real medical facility. As they loaded her onto a gurney Shego's eyes fluttered open.

“K-kim?” she whispered softly.

“I'm here,” Kim knelt by the woman she loved.

“Did they find the Doc? How is he?”

Kim bit her lips, she didn't want to tell Shego the truth, but had to say something.

“What's wrong?”

“He… He was tortured. He's going to lose a leg.”

“Don't let them amputate, Kim. Promise me! Don't let them cut --” Exhausted, Shego slipped back into the darkness.

“Why had Shego focused on Doctor Drakken and his condition? What was the link between these two? And why did Shego think Kim should stop the amputation? Shego wasn't a doctor. She had no idea what condition Drakken was in. The medics surely would do their best if there was any chance of recovery…”

“Oh, my God! Dr. Director, you can't let them amputate Drakken's leg.”

“What are you talking about Kim?”

“Drakken is the Wile E Coyote of all the villains we've faced. I've seen him take electrical shocks, explosions, and falls that would kill a normal man. When Shego is mad I've seen her hit Drakken with plasma bursts that looked lethal. He heals. The doctors need to put the bone fragments together -- they can use pins, plates or superglue. Drakken will heal.”

“That sounds crazy.”

“They have to try. They can't leave him a cripple if he could heal.”

“I'll call the hospital. But if he contracts gangrene…”

“He won't, and they have to try.”

Dr. Director left to make the phone call from her office.

“I don't know, Kim. Drakken has always seemed like a big chicken -- he always hides and lets Shego do the fighting.”

“I didn't say he was invulnerable to pain. I just said he heals. He's got some sort of power… And he's got blue skin… I wonder if he's another child of the comet?”

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